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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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New beginnings [Ayato] - Page 2 Empty Re: New beginnings [Ayato]

Fri Sep 03, 2021 4:37 am
The Silver Fang continued to gorge on the various food and drink in front of him, he did not have a stomach in the traditional sense of things and therefore could eat as much as he like without actually getting full. The next dish he tried was sweet and desert-like. After he had at least tried a bite of everything he ordered he decided he would stop eating, he called for doggy bags and boxes to take any food that still had a meaningful amount left with them.

"I would appreciate any help with that, also if you could direct me to a place I could set up to stay that would be good," Ishi said as he finished packing up the leftover food. Having somewhere concrete and with four walls to stay was only of secondary concern to Ishi, he was more than comfortable sleeping rough, after all, he had spent decades of his life doing so already, and he had done it in much less comfortable places than this village. Ishi stood up and forked over a wad of cash covering anything he ordered for himself as well as a generous tip for the waitress.

The mention of his samurai sword arm triggered an unwanted memory in The silvered fox, and he subconsciously muttered a reply in a low tone "The sword must be an extension of your arm..." Ishi shook the painful memory from his mind and look up "Training would be good, I've done nothing but traveling for so many months". Ishi was interested to see the way the folks around here fought, after all, the ninja way was a bit foreign to him. Ishi stood up and moved towards the door with his boxes and bags of food as well as collecting his travel pack, he would follow his new friend to the training area and continue this good day.

WC: 315
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Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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New beginnings [Ayato] - Page 2 Empty Re: New beginnings [Ayato]

Wed Sep 08, 2021 8:26 am
The Chuunin reached for the storage displacement dimension and summoned a black leather wallet. The magic of space-time feels like the everyday world around them. “I put it there, don’t feel like carrying a leather suitcase in my back pocket.” Toneri japed as Ishikawa attempted to pay his portion, but the Golden Hyuuga had already reached for the check by then. “Please, this time will be my treat. No guest of mine at the table will have to pay. But maybe next time, you’ll get your chance if you’re fast enough.”

Unless a drawn-out fight were to be made of this, Toneri would prove today once more he was a waitress's delight, with how well he tipped. As for Ishikawa, he muttered something in a low voice. So low that it felt like Toneri needed enhanced sensory capabilities to hear it. It seemed he had struck a chord. “The sword must be an extension of your arm,” before immediately snapping out of it and accepting Toneri’s invite to the training yard. 

Toneri was the first to rise from his seat and buckle his sword belt. The grizzled vet across him gathered his belongings. The duo took the long road towards the pools and fountains of the Water Gardens. The older man had accepted his offer for training. Toneri was thankful for that; few men dared to challenge him, some sycophants dared to suggest that people wouldn’t dare risk injuring the Kage’s own brother. Although never to Toneri’s face.

TWC: 2,273

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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Stat Page : New beginnings [Ayato] - Page 2 S02EsjX
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New beginnings [Ayato] - Page 2 Empty Re: New beginnings [Ayato]

Wed Sep 08, 2021 5:24 pm
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