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Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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Hajime no Ayato  Empty Hajime no Ayato

Wed Oct 19, 2016 4:56 pm
The silver disks of the red alarm clock ringed in the morning light, waking Ayato from dreams long forgotten by then. Turning on his bed’s sheets he reached out with his hand to once again put it on the snooze. He didn’t want to leave the comfort of his bad but he had to. Even if he didn’t it was not possible to go back to sleep since he was back to his senses he could feel his entire body hurting everywhere.  “Seven Heavens Breathing Method.” He let out yawning. It took him a real effort to manage to stand up, his body screaming in pain, but it was a sweet pain; the kind that you receive after you work your body to the limits. And waking up at 6:00 am was part of that training routine. Not only play the part of the early riser but also train his body to the extreme.
The morning alarm clock clashing with the warm and cozy bed. The battle went on for the past ten days.  Ayato always managed to lift his groggy legs from what he wished to be the endless slumber. There is little time to waste as you have a full goal to achieve.  Life was not going to hand out a break. Nor get any easier. But he decided to dedicate all his effort into the basics that included running every morning, hitting the weight room and working his taijutsu. By undergoing that intense training, Ayato could learn how to increase his lung capacity to a great degree allowing him to surpass his own physical limits. Such Jutsu though had massive effects on the user's appearance due to the immense amount of chakra flooding the body all at once, drastic changes can occur upon the user's body. Ayato had to build muscle in order for his body to handle the extreme strain that the Seven Heavens Breathing Method put.

So here he was again, in his house struggling to put on his black jumpsuit with white strips and matched running shoes. He would drink only water this morning. A plate of oatmeal with nuts and fruits would fill his tank soon after he returned from his run. There was no need to fill up the tank before going out. Tying his shoelaces firmly as for not to trip he set out to the morning mist for his run. Starting with soft jogging at first he picked up a decent pace a few minutes later. Today he wasn’t planning on sprinting like as if there was no tomorrow; he had learned to take it easy. Training the body to go longer, it’s important to run relaxed. There was no need for Ayato to worry about the pace; he should be running at a pace that feels comfortable, conversational like he could maintain it forever if he had to. At his first running workout he made the mistake of going out too fast; a surefire recipe for injury and burnout. Next thing he knew after finishing the workout he was feeling demolished and demoralized. It took him a hundred times the effort to get out for the next drill. Just focus on covering the distance for the day feeling strong, exhilarated, with enough energy and desire that he would be psyched about proceeding to the next part of his workout.
As he made his way through the silent misty streets of the City of Haven he realized why he enjoyed running during the hour of the dawn. The air is cooler and more comfortable for running in the morn­ing and also a scarce number of people had left the comfort of their beds to populate the streets. That would change in a few hours but it still brought enough comfort to Ayato, since by then he would have finished.
Approximately ten minutes into his run he felt both his lungs and the shanks of his legs screaming in pain. This was his body telling him it was time for a walk break. But Ayato knew better than fall for that particular temptation. “Ever forward!” Without realizing it he had spoken that embarrassing line out loud. Instantly his eyes swept back and forth as ran checking if someone had heard him. Luckily for him the sidewalk was empty. That was a close call. Ayato said to himself this time not to the spirits of the air, at the same time partially unzipping the top of his jumpsuit in order to free the end of the towel he was carrying around his neck. As he wiped the sweat from his brow he felt someone’s presence, closing the distance between him and Ayato quickly. Ayato almost moved out of the way to let the other early riser pass. He figured the other person had to be running to too, perhaps a courier on his way to deliver a letter.
“Naru-chan! Good morni-ng~” To the sound of those words Ayato felt the color of his flesh flushing in anger. “Could it be could be? The experience they call runners high~” Azusa Uzumaki let out playfully as she ran beside him in a comely manner. He turned his head to the side to face her “Shut up Azusa! I’ve told you a million times my name is not Naru-chan!” Ayato said his eyes fixated on the girl that ran beside him. Today wore a teal sleeveless blouse with vertical lines, and a pair of short dark navy shorts along with gray open toed boots that appeared to be brand new. Her auburn hair tied into a long a ponytail, few braids reached to her face and between her sparkling blue eyes.  The sight of Azusa Uzumaki would always make young boy’s heart beat a little faster. She even seemed to have grown a little taller, more woman like. Ayato had not seen her ever since his graduation ceremony at Hoshigakure Shinobi Academy.  It felt as if it only happened yesterday but apparently a while had passed ever since. “I mean what you are doing here? How did you know where to find me?” Ayato said in a calm tone, he had regained his composure by then. Azusa looked at the sky half interested as she ran beside him “I suppose I just wanted to check up on you. I’ve been watching you running from the window of my house the past few days. ~” She said with her usual playful tone. “So..since you’ve been watching me. Could you tell me honestly have I…grown faster?
“Nop. You are actually getting slower. You do your best to look cool, though; I’ll give you that, even if you fail miserably. Honestly Naru-chan you are such a narcissist.” She giggled at Ayato, enjoying her small victory over him.  That was raising his expectations only to sucker punch him in the end.  But Ayato decided to brush off the comment since he could not help but feel that something was off about her today. He was not going to get caught in her pace. “This is the hour before the dawn and you are not dressed for running. If you want me to believe you came here just to mock me, I’m afraid you have to do better.” For a moment silence befell. “You don’t miss much do you Naru-chan.” Azusa finally said with a courteous tone unfamiliar to him. “I’m heading towards the village gates. My team is departing on a mission soon. “Ayato was taken aback; Azusa Uzumaki had become strong enough to take on missions of great importance outside of the village on her own. Being deployed on the field brings great honor to the shinobi himself, his village and his family.  Additionally for a Genin like her to take part in one signified that he was at least Chuunin material. Always a step ahead of me. Indeed, there was nothing new there. Azusa was a natural genius that excelled in her studies and was an amazing fighter, stronger than any other student in the Academy. For all her strength she didn’t choose a solitary road, she always made everyone who knew her want to follow her. Ayato always envied that; in a sense, she was everything he wasn’t.  He wanted to hate her from the bottom of his heart but for some reason, he could never bring himself to. Instead, he found himself drawn to her admiring her, like everyone else. 
Ayato began to slow down a bit “Well you don’t seem to be too happy about it.” He said in a serious tone “What are you saying of course I am! Naru-chan you stupid!” She yelled at him in a comic manner, but she had the courtesy to blush at least. “It is just…I am bit scared. Not for my sake only and my teammates but also of what I’m leaving behind.” She made eye contact with him with misty blue as if she was about to burst into tears. “I mean Naru-chan if something happens to me...are you going to be alright?” Ayato realized he was an ass before. It was obvious she wasn’t going to be celebrating her deployment. Taking missions outside is a great honor and not a walk in the park. Every shinobi who is up to the task is always in immediate danger; worse than receiving a scratch or losing a limb they are risking their own life. Ayato felt fear coiling around him like a snake. Azusa was his one and only friend in the Academy, perhaps even before that. She had always been there for him ever since Ayato had walked into the city with a small sack on his back. Playfully calling him Naru-chan due to a narcissistic behavior she had noticed Ayato display. Even though Ayato denied such facts and he was always quick to anger whenever called that nickname it was only thanks to her presence he never felt solitude at heart.  
Just as they reached a crossroad Ayato’s movement came to a sudden halt, when she noticed, Azusa proceeded to do the same. If they kept going north from here it would lead to the City Square but it  they headed east the destination would be The Village Gates. He knew it was the time they parted ways. If something happened to you, I would be alone again. Is this what you are afraid of? What I am afraid of? Ayato posed the question to himself and his hands had curled into fists without he realized. He could hear his heartbeat pounding loudly into his chest. He searched for words that did not come. He mustn't let Azusa see he was worried. He had to say something in a really cool way. To  assure her everything will be fine. He could do at least this much. Taking a deep breath he attempted to ease the tension from his person. He straightened his back as to appear taller and then turned to face Azusa with his chestnut brown eyes. “Nothing is going to happen to you Azusa. You are strong. Besides, your Jounin-sensei is going be there to protect you. There is no way you are not coming back. So don’t make that face Azusa!” Ayato said with a wide smile, it was difficult for him, he didn’t smile often. “No use worrying about me neither. I’m in the process of learning a very special jutsu. What do you think all this secret training is for?” Ayato let out and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “But you are only running.” She said with a straight face much to Ayato’s dismay. “Roadwork is part of the process." Clearing his throat he continued “As I was saying this is a jutsu called Seven Heavens Breathing Method. To use it I have to learn how to gather up large amounts of oxygen to increase my lung capacity fourfold greatly enhancing my strength and speed-
Lame.” She interrupted him with a half-interested look on her face. He had enough of her teasing then. He had started getting caught in her pace. “You won't make fun of me for long. Through dedication and hard work I’ll grow stronger. You will see. Next time we meet I’m definitely going to beat you!” Ayato lashed out, his yelling startled a flock of birds on a nearby wooden bench. She burst into laughter then “I see Naru-chan! That is why you said out loud the words “Ever forward” before.” Teasing him once again with her words she deepened her voice at the end. "Weren't you embarrassed, though?" Ayato blushed and looked away. “You heard that one?” He mumbled under his breath. The fact that the impersonation of him was as terrible as Ayato’s calligraphy skill gave him an opening to throw a jab “Shut up! I don’t sound like that at all.” The red haired girl kept laughing, to which Ayato found he was smiling as well. Perhaps deep down there was part of him that enjoyed being caught in Azusa's pace. 
Holding her tummy that apparently hurt from the laughter Azusa struggled to make an attempt to speak a few moments later “Naru-chan you are right there is no need to worry about anything.” She barely managed to say, enough for Ayato to understand. “Alright." She held back her laughter completely this time. "Next time we meet each other let us fight to our heart's content. You are going to lose, though.” She announced passionately, her blue eyes sharper than ever.  Ayato he reached out to bump fists.  “I am not the same person I was back in the Academy. I meant it when I said this time victory will be mine.”  He proclaimed  the knuckles of his fist brushing softly against hers. To that, the red-haired girl only nodded with a smile and bid him goodbye. She then proceeded to make her way towards the Village Gates. The road that leads to Chuunin. Ayato thought as he watched her disappear in the distance. Time to get back to training The roadwork that day finished faster than ever, thanks to that dose of daily motivation. He headed back to his house where his meal expected his return. "I must eat well. Don't want to look scrawny when she returns." He thought as the combined taste of oatmeal nuts and dried fruits engulfed his mouth. He did not know it then; Azusa Uzumaki was never going come back to Hoshigakure.


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Hajime no Ayato  Empty Re: Hajime no Ayato

Wed Oct 19, 2016 5:14 pm

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