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Madrigal Kaguya
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I'm Not A Holy Helper, I'm A Madrigal (Private) Empty I'm Not A Holy Helper, I'm A Madrigal (Private)

Sun Mar 28, 2021 1:18 am
Mission Name: Holy Helpers
Rank: E
Type: Diplomatic
Character Requirements: Genin and above
Mission Location: Hoshigakure City Square
Word Count Requirements: 500
Challenges: Stealth
Repeatable? Not by the same person
NPC? -
Reward: 600 Ryo, 1 AP


Many of the spiritually inclined of The City Blessed by the Stars tend to distrust Shinobi and their "unholy" powers, yet they are still people who need food and supplies. Your job is to approach any one (1) building of worship in Hoshigakure with food, clothes and medicine for these people. Be sure not to use any jutsu or display any chakra affinities around them as this will result in them refusing your help and possibly even attacking you.

Madrigal found it funny that the mission requirements he had been given had been to specifically bar him from utilizing any jutsu or chakra affinities for the simple fear of showing off that he was a shinobi. As if the headband wasn’t enough of a clue for...well anyone. Either way he went with the assumption that the headband was to be hidden for obvious reasons and thus for this particular mission he went without it. Instead keeping his arm bare. The tall man moved through the afternoon streets of Hoshigakure, the sunlight from on high casting shadows from the buildings and causing some streets to be absolutely covered in them due to the height of the buildings on the sun side. His normal attire was upon him, sans the headband of course and so he was dressed in a sleeve black muscle shirt with black shinobi pants and boots. He had an incredibly intricate tattoo on his back that went down across both his arms and onto his chest. The tattoo was of a bird of prey, the wings of it stretching down each arm with the body upon his back. The head of the bird wrapped around and settled over his heart from his left hand side. A short jawline beard and wild black hair that was kept in a loose ponytail and amber eyes completely his look. 

He honestly did not care one way or another about whether or not these people knew he was a shinobi or not. However the mission required him to give them assistance and to not be identified. So here he was, moving down the street toward a small church of people who didn’t trust shinobi and wanted them gone with a large crate of food, clothes, medicine, blankets, and other such things for them. Of course if they suspected he was a shinobi their ‘religious’ requirements would suddenly make it so they had to deny the supplies and even possibly attack him. As if he had committed some crime by trying to be helpful. ‘Honestly the backwardness of people astounds me at times.’ He would think to himself as he moved toward the building. It was a small wooden church off the beaten path. It could probably only hold about twenty people or so and that made one of the smallest churches in the city. The name of the church didn’t really matter, or rather the name of whatever religion they practiced didn’t. Madrigal didn’t care about any of that stuff. All he really cared about was helping people when called upon to do so, and getting the mission done so he could get paid and go home of course. Moving to the door of the church, Madrigal would drop the full crate of goods off with a note attached saying they were from a helpful civilian wanting to make a charitable donation to the church. Then he would knock loudly on the door a few times, before turning and leaving. Moving down the path as he heard the door open. Another mission done, easy money, maybe tonight he could get a better mission. 


WC: 522

Claiming 5 stats (Strength) putting me at 35 when considering the link below. 
522 words towards Eight Inner Gates which puts me at 1,060/2,000 when combined with claims from here
1,000 Ryo from E rank Mission
5 AP from E rank Mission, putting me at 260 total AP when combined with claimed from the above hyperlink.
Global Mission Rules for reference again. 
5 Kunai due to completion of an E rank mission as rewarded from here
Yuuma Fujiwara
Yuuma Fujiwara
Stat Page : Link
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 116770

I'm Not A Holy Helper, I'm A Madrigal (Private) Empty Re: I'm Not A Holy Helper, I'm A Madrigal (Private)

Sun Mar 28, 2021 1:51 am
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