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Ash & Rei Sun
Ash & Rei Sun
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holy helpers Empty holy helpers

Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:56 pm

Mission Name: Holy Helpers
Rank: E
Type: Diplomatic
Character Requirements: Genin and above
Mission Location: Hoshigakure City Square
Word Count Requirements: 1, 000
Repeatable? Not by the same person
NPC? -
Reward: 500 Ryo, 1 AP and 1 CD post with Village Leader

Well. HEre we have quite the predicament dont we. The two girls had decided to sleep in today, enjoying a bit of time off before getting back to the grind stone. They argued for another hour and a half, Ash complaining that they were doing absolutely too many missions and how it was cuttng into her valuable cosplay time, Rei yelling back that she'd almost ruined their last mission by forcing so many people into her cosplays, how their job was to do missions and train first and worry about secondary ideals and hobbies second, and more importantly that it'd taken them a day and a half after their mission to find all of the people they'd met the day before, disolve the super glue she'd used to ensure the cosplays couldn't be removed, appologize to the people, and get her precious outfits back. It was.... Quite the enjoyable experience.

"Now. Ash. I swear to the goddess above.... If you screw this up for me. We need to keep this one on the low. There will be no use of chakra strings, no puppets, NO jutsu, and no cos...." She wasn't fast enough dear readers. Not by a long shot. As the girl spoke through Ash's door, waiting for her to get ready, ash had began to dress not in normal hoshikagure attire.... But in another cosplay. She was now dressed in long flowing white robes that drug on the floor as she walked, the door opening leading way to a horrific scream by her sister followed by a sigh and then soft sobbing. "Just once. Just once I wanted to do something good for the village. Not sort of good. Not like.... Good but with negative effects. Ash. IF you screw up they will kick us out. The religious institutions within Hoshi are very anti ninja."

"And that's why I'm dressed as a holy figure and not a ninja. I figured this would help them relate to us better and ensure that they accept our gift even if you screw things up." The girl was insane. I can not even dance around it anymore. She is completely bonkers.

"Fine. Just get our stuff and lets go. " THey walked out the door and off to the mission center, walking through the large white wooden door and strait to the collection agency. There they met a tall black haired ninja who gave them a calm nod.

"Ashareial and reial I presume. Here is your package." He took a second look at Ash, simply standing there for several minutes before finally his ninja training took over, allowing him to get control of his now gaping maw and speak to them. It was safe to assume he expected to be getting the supplies back shortly after they left due to the blonde haired ninja's attire. Still he knew even if they were doomed to fail it was his responsibility to allow them to try. Somehow they'd found a way to not screw things up so far on the various missions they'd been on. Rei took the parcel, nodding to the man who returned the gesture plus a look that screamed i'm sorry for waht you have to go through, and the two girls left.

They moved quickly down the long winding streets towards their destination, which Ash had somehow figured out already. Rei went through the course of events quickly trying to figure out when she'd tipped her sister off that they were going to be visiting a religious institution, and more specifically when exactly she'd said which particular religion. The girl had far too much information, being able to in under a night craft an incredibly remarkable outfit that fit the style of the church she'd planned to go to up to and including the symbols for their diety. Then it hit her.

"Sister. Dearest. Have you been reading my journal again...." She was pretty pissed. For a moment she wondered how the white robes would look with spatterings of red spread across the chest. Oh if it was that easy.

"I think the more important question is how long will we take to get to the church of holy light. The answer is we're almost there. Any other questions like if I picked the lock to your journal, kept in a false bottom of the second drawer from the bottom in your dresser....... Really should be left for later or like... Not asked at all. Hey look we're here." They took each of the tall marble stairs slowly, their short legs having a bit of trouble traversing the long stairway. They were two small girls in a world far too large for their taste, but work had to be done. Thankfully the door was open, a sign of hospitality to those seeking to worship the beliefs of the curch. They walked in quickly seeking out someone who would listen to them.

"Pardon sir." Ash started, bowing low to a man in bright red robes trimmed in black and silver. This was literally a nightmare for Rei. She watched in slow motion the situation which could only end not only in them not accepting their hospitality, but in yelling and being kicked out. As ash continued she visibly cringed. " I'm Sakun of the church of holy light within Sunakagure. I was sent on a diplomatic mission with supplies for our body within Hoshi and to inform you that you all are as always welcome within our place of worship as i'm sure we are in yours." Ash bowed, her hands shifting across her body in a few strange ways before clapping them together. It must have been what she assumed to be a greeting for these people. Rei felt like she could cry. This was it. This was the big blow up that would end their mission and their career as ninja an.... he accepted them?! The man returned the exact gesture that Ash had just done, taking the parcel and disappearing. SOmehow they'd done it. Good job girls.

(TWC 1009 claiming 500 ryo, 1 ap each, and 1 post of cd with village leader)
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Akihana Akari
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holy helpers Empty Re: holy helpers

Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:07 pm
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