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Youta Shinkou
Youta Shinkou
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Holy Helpers  Empty Holy Helpers

Tue May 12, 2020 6:41 pm
[url=Holy]]Holy Helper[/url]

Soma Shin woke up early today for his mission. He knew today would be especially challenging because he had to work with the church.  He knows how the priests and priestesses view the shinobi.  He knew that he could give them any reason to attack or be spooked by him. So he got up and went to go get the supplies that he was supposed to be delivered to the church.  He went and picked up the clothes, food, and a little bit of water from some water skins.  
After he picked up all the supplies he traveled to the district with all the religious buildings in it.  He found the church he was supposed to deliver to. Soma Shin knocked on the door and waited for an answer.  After a little bit of time passed someone finally answered the door. ”How may I help you today?” Soma Shin saw him notice the headband and change his tone and posture. Soma Shin then bowed and replied ”I have a delivery for this church. Should I give it to you or bring it in for you?” The priest looked at him like he was crazy. ”We did not order anything, especially not from shinobi.” Soma Shin took a deep breath and calmly replied ”It is a gift. It's some food, water, and clothing for you all. I really mean you no harm. We are just trying to help everyone.
 Soma Shin remembered that he should try to keep as calm as possible. The church does not really like shinobi or the powers that they can use. Even though he does not have much experience in working with the church. His grandfather told him stories about when he was a shinobi. Apparently, he had quite a few run-ins with the church.  He was told stories about how his grandfather was walking down the main street after drinking with some friends.  When a group of religious people attacked him. He was not sure if it was the priest or not.  This all kind of scared Soma Shin when he started to recall these stories. 
The priest replied ”Well tell your superiors thank you. These will go to helping us feed and clothe not only the priest and priestesses but also some of the poor and homeless in the village. This will help change someone's life and make their day brighter.Thank you again and god bless you. ”. Soma Shin stood there for a minute then bowed respectfully again.  He then said ”We are always glad to help everyone in Hoshigakure.  We all try our best to make sure everyone is safe and try to help in other ways when we can.” The priest took the supplies but made sure that Soma Shin could not really see inside. 
Soma Shin was proud of himself; he thought he might have made a difference in the way that the church views the shinobi. However, he is not naive; he knows that he could not change the whole church's opinion with one simple delivery but this might help relieve some of the tension between the two organizations.

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Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Holy Helpers  Empty Re: Holy Helpers

Thu May 14, 2020 6:38 pm
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