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Holy Helpers [Mission,P] Empty Holy Helpers [Mission,P]

Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:56 pm

Hoshigakure was unique among the other villages in many ways, but Lucian's favorite difference lay in the mornings. The mornings in Hoshigakure were something special and something a shinobi from Funkagakure could only marvel at. First off the mornings in Hoshigakure started much earlier than those of other villages. An hour before sunrise every manner of bell would toll, big, small and every size in between.  Each toll beckoned the faithful from their beds and to morning mass. Naturally, the chorus of bells also roused more than the faithful of Hoshigakure. Lucian Nazar was one of these people. 

Naught but two days had passed since Lucian made his bid to join Hoshigakure. His bid had been one of necessity, he needed the money and only Hoshigakure could provide it for the time being. Though borne of necessity, Lucian had not been averse to joining Hoshigakure. It was new and exciting. Yes, even being woken up before the sun was exciting. In fact, he was quite impressed at how much he could get done. So, as he lay in the bed Wuark had so graciously provided he listened to the toll of each bell until at last the sound dissipated into the dawn.

Then, much like many across Hoshigakure, Lucian forced himself out of bed. Time for another day. Getting dressed in his usual attire, the genin splashed some water on his face and walked past his sacked out roommates. Normally his morning were like this and he would go out and pick up breakfast to avoid imposing too much on his host in Hoshigakure, Wuark. However, this morning was different. Just inside the door there was a package, a small manilla package. Whats more, the package had Lucian's name on it.

Like any normal person, Lucian picked up said package and, after giving it a tentative shake, broke the seal to reveal the contents. The first thing the Nazar's hand found while fishing through the package was something metal. Pulling the object out he found it to be a headband with the insignia of would could only be Hoshigakure engraved on it. The sight of the shining new headband caused a smirk to slip across the boy's face. Pulling down his collar ever so slightly he tied the headband loosely around his neck. It was official, he was now a shinobi of Hoshigakure. 

The slight giddy feeling almost made him throw the package back in the trash, almost. He came to his senses just as he was about to release the package to the trash. Running his hand back inside he found quite a few sheets of paper. Pulling them out he scanned over each rather quickly. Most of them were bureaucratic mumbo jumbo except the last two which had detailed lists of approved missions. Now, this was what Lucian had been hoping for, no, dreaming of. He could finally start making money. He could finally start helping others instead of going on a solo journey to help only himself. 

With a new spring in his step, Lucian left home and made a beeline for the academy. The first mission on his list seemed quite simple: deliver medicine and supplies to the houses of the holy. A simple enough task. The pick up point for these supplies was, oddly enough, the academy. Of course it was an odd place to get supplies from, but Lucian did not question it further. After all he had a job to do. As per the requirements of the mission he would shy away from using any shinobi arts. Thus, he had regrettably left his beloved puppet, Delito at Wuark's apartment. 

Upon arriving at the academy, Lucian was directed to the backlot where a large box of supplies was waiting. The box itself was manageable, but would be a bit cumbersome to carry. Thanking the shinobi who gave him the box, Lucian went on his way. He had a job to do and the sun was only just now peeking its head over the horizon. 

With the golden rays of sun only just now filtering through the sky Lucian hoped to beat the rush of street vendors. Hoshigakure, among other things, got to be quite busy when people began bustling about to jobs, mass and god only knew what. The genin did not mind people in the slightest, but it would be much easier to navigate with no one in the streets.

Much to his delight the traffic was light today. All the faithful were already at mass and the vendors were busy setting up their shops to harangue him. So, Lucian walked through the streets uninhibited until he arrived at a building. Well, not just any building. Calling it a building would do it a disservice. This small cathedral had four long spires in each corner that stretched to the sky.  Truly, it was a work of art. 

As chance would have it people were filing out of the place of worship just as Lucian arrived. Taking this as his cue, Lucian stepped through the door. Alas, he only made it to the threshold before a voice called out at him, "You! You! You are that Shinobi with the supplies? Leave them by the door and begone. We do not want your kind here!"

Stunned Lucian did as he was told and bowed at the diminutive woman who had yelled at him. He was not about to get into an argument with an old lady. Confrontation was not in his mission parameters. Plus, sure the lady had ejected him from the place of worship, but she had not turned down the box altogether. Steps, acceptance would come in steps. Lucian was glad to be a part of the first few steps into the right direction. For now though, there were no more steps to take. He had completed his first mission for Hoshigakure. Now all that remained was to return to the mission center for the village and get paid. Well, first he decided he would get breakfast first. ONe did have to have priorities and having breakfast with what little money he had was high on that list.

[1025/1000, Mission complete +500 ryo and +1 ap.]
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Holy Helpers [Mission,P] Empty Re: Holy Helpers [Mission,P]

Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:16 am

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