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[MISSION] Unpeaceful Protest [MISSION] Empty [MISSION] Unpeaceful Protest [MISSION]

Tue Dec 17, 2019 12:03 am
Mission Name: Protest Control
Rank: B
Type: Secure 
Character Requirements: Kumo Nin
Mission Location: Streets of Kumo
Word Count Requirements: 3,000
Challenges: N/A 
Repeatable? Yes
Reward: 7 ap, 3,000 ryo
Task: A protest over the new leader of Kumogakure as started on the village streets. You are ordered to go to the are and bring an end to this event as reports are showing that it's beginning to get ugly. Shops are being vandalized and people are getting hurt. Stop the protestors before things get out of hand and seize any who resist.

[MISSION] Unpeaceful Protest [MISSION] TEH6rV0
Personally, Rayul loved the Raikage. Although he's never met him personally, the village overall was at a state of peace, and he knew that Kumogakure was governed by a powerful Shinobi well capable of defending it.  He was shocked to hear that a protest was occurring downtown regarding the leadership of the village. Some folks were not happy with the current Raikage, and surprising to the Genin tasked with settling the crowd down, things were starting to get violent over there.

He wasn't the only ninja tasked to that mission today. Others were tasked with crowd control as well, but they had already given up due to not being able to mentally handle the hundreds of people mobbing throughout the street.  Uproars of angry civilians demanding that the Raikage be removed from office thundered the village, and as Rayul patrolled, he would come across those who chose to take matters into a more mischievous approach. Occasionally he'd catch someone vandalizing the sides of walls with graffiti, name-calling the Raikage. Other times he would notice groups of hooligans throwing objects through the windows of shops. The Uchiha boy would do his best to contain as much violence was occurring, but alas he was only one person. Or so he was at first. Eventually, Rayul grew tired of not being able to be in multiple places at once, so he raises his hand, weaving the seals for Clone Technique. Two clones appear, and already being briefed on their task, Rayul commands them to different locations of the street.

They monitor the crowd from 3 different angles: One clone taking to the rooftops to watch from a higher viewpoint, while Rayul and the other clone monitor from street level, communicating to the main if any situation unfolds nearby. With it being 3 of him, it did make the mission at hand easier, however, he was still out numbed by a few hundred. The protest grew in size as the day elapsed. It seemed as if more and more people started to hate the Raikage as they heard about the ongoing mob of villagers demanding new leadership. A fight broke out somewhere near the back of the crowd, and rushing to its location, Rayul arrives to find a mosh pit occurring. There are about 20 civilians in a circle, all swinging their arms frantically, hoping that they'd hit whatever was in front of them. Not wanting to have to jump in and break up the fight, knowing he'd be hit and angered, he looks over at a nearby water-hose attached to a florist nearby. He grabs it, and turning on the high-pressure hose, he aims it towards the moshpit, wetting the crowd in front of him causing them to disperse. Realizing how effective this technique was with ridding the mob, he turns 360 degrees, spraying all those unfortunate to be soaked in water by the now laughing Genin. With his fun now coming to an end, he heads upwards into the crowd, keeping his eyes peeled for anything going on that requires his immediate attention. The sheer volume of people gathered in revolt against the village's leadership expands his thoughts on the Raikage. "Sheesh, what's going on with the Kage?", he thinks. "I mean, there's a reason these people are gathered. It nearly looks like the whole village is here.". Realizing he's thinking too hard, he remembers how great the mighty Kutari Uchiha his. He has heard countless tales of the bravery and strength the Thunder God possessed. Never in all of his life would Raikage challenge such a powerful being, nor did he want to. He hoped that one day, he'd be the apprentice of such a master, and learn how the Kage was able to reach such a high position of power. As he daydreamed about being the Raikage's favorite, a potato flies by and hits him in the head. Confused and startled, he looks around for the culprit, and notices protestors raiding a produce kiosk as they vandalize its name with the words "DUMBKAGE". He picks up the potato, and infuses it with lightning chakra, allowing for him to send the potato flying back towards its originator with high speeds. As the potato hits the middle-aged man in his head, making him land face-first into a bushel of blueberries, the rest of them averts their attention towards Rayul, staring the Ninja who just knocked the guy out with a vegetable down. Rayul picks up a rock, and juggles it in one hand, looking back at them. "Y'all don't want no smoke..." he says, as he pretends to launch the pebble towards them. In fear of ending up in the same position as the unconscious man lying below them. They all scatter into different directions, dispersing into the huger crowd that was the protest in which Rayul was sent to maintain.

An hour passes, and the protest marches on. "God, do they ever get tired?", he said to one of his clones. "Ion know, chief. You'd think they'd have better stuff to do rather than yelling about something that's never going to happen.", his clone joked. "Yeah!,", the Clone on his right laughed, "I mean do they think any of this is going to get rid of the Raikage?". To help pass the time, Rayul ended up playing a couple of games of spades with his clones while the protest was currently in a rather peaceful state. Of course, the yelling and constant demands of change rang on throughout the voices of the villagers, but there weren't any sack-heads raiding the potato stash anymore. Every-so-often, he'd leap up and calm down a more riled up section, or he'd send one of his clones to do so on his behalf. This task was helping Rayul learn how to manage a crowd, a trait he feels that all great leaders are proficient at. Slapping down cards as he reveals a winning hand, he finishes his game of spades against the clones, and they disperse as they have to accept losing against themselves. Getting up and stretching, Rayul overlooks the still rallying protestors. Wishing that they'd just pack up and go home, he leaps off the building and grabs an apple that was on the ground. He blows the dirt off, and blesses it, before taking a huge bite. Walking along the sidewalk, he overhears a terrifying scream. He notices a group running towards him that seems to be getting away from something, or at least, someone. As they move out oh path of sight, a lone civilian stands over another with a bloodied kunai in his hand.

"Help...Help!", the lady screams as she grips her side, bleeding.
"I told you I don't like those who appreciate the Raikage. What has he ever done for you, huh?", the angry assailant says. "Is he gonna come save you?"

"No...", Rayul says as he approaches them. "But I am.". The man looks at him, startled, and then grins. "Back up, kid. I wouldn't want to have to slice two people in one day.". Rayul chuckles and begins reaching inside the weapon pouch he keeps laced inside a loop on his pants. "Naw, buddy... I wouldn't want to have to slice a civilian today.". Taking it as a threat, the man's face crunches up, and he leaps Rayul. With no hesitation, pulling a kunai from his weapon pouch, he shifts his body to the left, causing the attack from the man to miss. Brining his Kunai to the level of the man's face, with precision, he gashes the man's cheek as he uses his leg to trip the thug, causing the man to land face first. Watching as the guy moans in pain, gripping his face, he places the Kunai back inside his pouch. He squats down beside the man and lifts his face by his hair. "Naw, Sir...You don't want any problems with me.", he tells him, before releasing the grip on the hair, allowing the man to hit his face on the concrete once again. A few guards nearby were watching the confrontation, and as Rayul finishes up they rush over and apprehend the buffoon who chose the wrong day to mess with a Genin. Rayul takes hold of the injured woman he rescued, and allowing her to use his shoulders as support, walks with her to a nearby clinic to receive aid.

After delivering the woman to the medical center so that she could be treated for her wombs, Rayul returned to the protest to continue the assignment. It had slowly begun to die down it seemed, with fewer people than earlier as the street could be more visible. At first, it looked like a black mass of ants when Rayul viewed the mob from the rooftops, but now he was able to see sewage drains and what-not along the street with ease. Hoping this mission would soon be over, as it was more mentally draining than physically, he begins practicing weaving hand signs. Mumbling jutsu names under his breath, he practiced a variety of seals for various lightning release jutsus, one of the ones steadily repeated being the Chidori he heard famous ninja-like Kakashi and Sasuke used gracefully in battle. His mini-training session was interrupted a few times, however, due to a few more fights breaking out among the crowd. He'd rush over to them and de-escalate the situation rather quickly, the same goes for any verbal confrontations he came across as well. Normally he kept a bottle of water on him at all times for whenever he was parched, but underestimating how long this what seemed at first to be a simple mission would take, Rayul was extremely thirsty. Remembering the water hose he used earlier, he makes his way through the slimming crowd of protesters towards the florist shop it was located. Upon reaching it, he turns the hose on and drinks from it. Footsteps approach him, and looking out the corner of his eyes, he sees a pair of red heels. He looks up, and it's the librarian he met a few months back. Still as beautiful as ever, she had noticed Rayul as he moved through the crowd on his way to the florist, and followed him over. Blushing, she waves at him with a huge smile on her face, showing her perfectly straight teeth. "Remember me?", she asks him. Turning the water off, he smiles back, looking the woman up and down. "How could I forget such a beautiful woman such as yourself, Ms.Librarian.", he teases her. Stretching her arms out as if signaling for a hug, Rayul copies the gesture and wraps his arms around her. She asks him was he apart of the protest as well, in which he answers no, and is shocked to find out that she was apart of it. He learns that she was only protesting to ask for a higher pay since she believed that her line of work was not paid accordingly compared to the amount of work she does daily. Understanding her values, he chats on with the lady, until eventually, she realizes that it's getting late and heads of, but not without telling Rayul to stop by the Library sometimes. He tells her that she'll be seeing his face around more often, and as she walks off towards the south, he takes yet another drink from the hose, as the steamy conversation has heated him once more.

The night was approaching, and by now the protest had been reduced to a little less than half it's the initial size. Fights were no longer occurring, but verbal altercations were still at large as those who loved the Raikage protected his title against those who sought to strip it from him. Half asleep at this point, he would wander back and forth alongside the crowd, hoping that nothing would require his attention anymore. He tried to stay awake by shadow-boxing, but that only made him more tired. He took a break and sat down alongside the curb, picking up a picket fence left by a protestor that read: "PIG LIVES MATTER!". Confused on whether this sign was left by an animal or a civilian, he drops the sign and lays back on the ground, gazing up at the stars beginning to reveal themselves in the night sky. if it wasn't for all the yelling the mob was doing, he might've been able to catch a nap, but maybe it was for the better, for yet another fight has broken out. Overhearing more commotion, the Shinobi sighs as he pulls his body upward into a sitting position. Sitting with his head in his hands, he just listens to the fighting for a few before deciding to go see what all the fuss was about. Making his way over to the brawl, he pushes back the crowd of on-lookers to reveal two midgets scrawling over a bowl of ramen. "What the hell?", he thought. "Hey! Guys...Seriously?", he asks them, and they look up puzzled. "THIS IS THE LAST BOWL OF RAMEN IN THE VILLAGE THAT HASN'T BEEN APPROVED BY THE RAIKAGE AND IT'S MINE!", Midget #1 screeches. "NO, IT'S MINE I'M THE ONE WHO EVEN TOLD YOU IT WAS THE LAST BOWL, TO BEGIN WITH!", Midget #2 yells back. As they bicker and babble over the bowl of instant ramen, Rayul shakes his head as a headache forms and chooses to allow the confrontation to run on, as breaking up a fight between two dwarf men over a bowl of Ramen was not in his pay grade.

Eventually, The protest had died down to a mere 100ish people. People were realizing that it was an ineffective way of getting their point across and we're realizing that it's best to count their loss and head home. With a newspaper over his face, Rayul laid once again on the side-walk, this time able to catch a few Zs while it was relatively quiet. When he woke up, he stretched and felt more rejuvenated, and noticed that even more of the protest was gone. Happy that this mission would soon come to an end, he took time to visit a few more of the protestors, trying to understand their reasoning in revolting against the Kage in the first place. Listening to various opinions, he gains knowledge on some common issues that are existing among the village, some of which do seem as if they require the attention being sought. Some, just like the guys fighting over "Un-approved" Raikage Ramen, was just preposterous, and eh simply wished them Good Luck in accomplishing their endeavors. Noticing that the remaining protestors were soon to leave, as night became more difficult to see through(Since the Raikage ordered the lights on the street to be turned on a later time than usual, in an attempts to woo the crowd into leaving earlier), he took refuge beside a shop that had a small light outside still on. He sat there and reaching inside his backpack pulled out his Jtusu Encyclopedia, and begin touching upon various Jutsus. The shop owner came outside to shut down for the night, but as the older lady notices Rayul reading, she shows him where the switch for the light is located outside the shop and asks of him to turn it off whenever he is done reading. He thanks her and acknowledges her request, and he continues with his studies. The protest has finally had it's last few members depleted, and as he finishes the last chapter of the book yet again, he looks over to the now-empty street, realizing that his mission is now done. He stands up, and reaching up under the extended beam that hosted the light, he reaches behind it and flips a switch, turning them off just as the lady asked of him. He puts his book back inside his backpack and does one last check of the street to make sure nobody is dead from any fighting he might've not noticed earlier. The coast is clear, and he lets out a sigh of relief, pulling a blunt from his pocket and sparking it up. He sits on the corner of the road, hoping no guards come by as he smokes, and thinks about the long and exhausting day he has had mentally. This blunt was well needed, and as he finishes it, now high as a kite, he is as hungry as ever. Hoping that his favorite ramen spot is still open, he takes off towards the southern region of the village, hoping to be able to grab a bite of food to quench the munchies he's been cursed with.

Reaching the shop just a few minutes before closing, the owner recognizes it's a daily customer and happily greets Rayul as he takes a seat. After a couple of seconds, the fast chef prepares the Shinobi his favorite: Cheesy-Raku Ramen with extra Kobe beef and lots of naruto. Inhaling the wonderful aroma of the food before him, he breaks his chopsticks in half and goes to work, filling his stomach up with the delicious meal rather quickly. "Another one, boss!", he asks, and before he knows it, he goes through 6 bowls of this high-calorie noodle. His belly fully, nearly poking out, he thanks the Owner for such a glorious feast and tips him, waddling back slowly in the direction of his home. As he walks up the steps of his house, he leaves his boots outside the door as he enters. Locking the door behind him, he passes through the living room and greets his Aunt, who asks about the mission and if he's eaten anything. He lets her know that he is as full as a tick, and the mission was a success and asks if she would be able to clean his Kunai off for him after getting it bloodied having to teach a civilian not to pick on a Genin. He laughs at hearing the story and tells him to leave it on the counter. As he reaches his bed, he doesn't even remove any clothing, being too tired to do so. His mind was pushed to its limits today...dealing with so many verbal confrontations proved to be rather exhausting. He gained a new respect for leaders of the country as he got to witness some of the things they go through daily, and as he drifts asleep, he wishes he was able to get the librarian's address before they parted ways.
TOTAL WC: 3,086

  • 1,770wc towards v6 Chidori (Was previously 730/2500, bringing total to 2500/2500 req. to Unlock)
  • 1,316wc towards Raijin: God Of Thunder (Was previously 596/2500, bringing current total to 1,912/2500 req. to Unlock if this is approved.)
  • +7 Stats: +5 health, +1 Stamina, +1 Strength
  • +3,000 Ryo (+100 from Genin wages)
  • 7AP

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[MISSION] Unpeaceful Protest [MISSION] Empty Re: [MISSION] Unpeaceful Protest [MISSION]

Tue Dec 17, 2019 1:15 am
can you link me the other topic where words were done for Chidori? I'm blind and couldn't find it :3
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[MISSION] Unpeaceful Protest [MISSION] Empty Re: [MISSION] Unpeaceful Protest [MISSION]

Tue Dec 17, 2019 1:47 am
Here ya go! <3
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[MISSION] Unpeaceful Protest [MISSION] Empty Re: [MISSION] Unpeaceful Protest [MISSION]

Tue Dec 17, 2019 11:17 am
ty :3
Also forgot to address it the first time but just like the other mission, it's 400 words per stat making the total claimable amount 7 stats. Edit this and it's approval ready!
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[MISSION] Unpeaceful Protest [MISSION] Empty Re: [MISSION] Unpeaceful Protest [MISSION]

Tue Dec 17, 2019 8:31 pm
[MISSION] Unpeaceful Protest [MISSION] Kiraap18
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