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Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
Stat Page : Hikari no Tenshi
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 276150

Halloween Missions E-A (Yes, I just did that.) Empty Halloween Missions E-A (Yes, I just did that.)

Thu Oct 31, 2019 11:04 pm
Mission Link

Our story begins with our young deputy kage sitting on top of the royal palace, legs crossed with her byakugan eye closed. The blonde was going back and forth between chakra signatures she had memorized in the surrounding area using her Eye of Heaven technique. Her first mission since coming back to Hoshigakure was a very strange one. An older gentleman going by the name of ‘Jack Skelington’ requested to find a rift in space time that was somewhere in Haven country. This portal seemed to be randomly jumping around the world, and would find its current home somewhere in the northern desert. When the Fuinjutsu Mistress of Light first heard of this mission, she almost laughed it down. A random portal that was just appearing and disappearing around the world? A laughable concept at best, this had to be the ramblings of a mad man. However, when reports of random disturbances in the fabric of reality was coming up from the barrier team, the blonde felt like she had no choice but to at least attempt to investigate it herself.

The Deputy Hogokage didn’t feel like she needed any help on this mission, so the Alpha decided she would take this mission on her own. It wasn’t like chasing around rumors needed more than one Nova Operative on the job, and honestly, if anyone besides  Valen had accompanied her, they would probably just slow her down.

Sitting cross legged on top of the royal palace, Hikari was wearing her normal black leather Alpha uniform, her mask would be wrapped tightly around her face. She would be making the sign of the Ram to help her focus her chakra. The Eye of Heaven didn’t require one to use that much chakra, but when used in rapid succession like this and for such a long period of time, the woman would find her stamina reserves running dry pretty quickly. Her long blonde hair would be tied up in a tight bun. Every couple of minutes or so, a yawn would escape the woman’s lips. No one was watching her right now, so there was no reason to remain formal, and this spying on other people’s lives business was boring work. Right now, she was watching two middle age gentlemen drinking in a local bar to the south of the Star village.  Never mind the fact that it was way too early in the day to have drink, but the men were talking about a lot of vulgar topics public in the middle of the day. Hikari couldn’t wait long enough to change the area and quickly looked around the bar and the surrounding area. Nothing was in the area, so the woman would move onto the next area.


The next target the Jinchuriki would be looking at was a group of children who was playing in the wildlife reserve.  A far way from home to say the least! It appeared like the group of school boys were playing with some rabbits in the reserve, they were a good distance away from the center of the building, so it was most likely that the group wouldn’t be in danger of running into any of the more violent animals in the forest. With luck, they should be fine.

‘Ugh…. What time is it? What day is it? Where am I?’

The next person Hikari would cast her gaze upon would be one of the cute Librarians from the Kozai Yuuki Archives. Even while at home, he was in a full suit and tie, sitting next to his girlfriend, with a book in his hands and a cute little puppy curled up in his lap. A small flame would be illuminating the room from the fire place. It was quite a heart warming scene honestly. The blonde really wished she could just drop this mission, head back to Lux Athrena, change into something more comfortable, snuggle up with Valen and…..

‘What the Hell is going on here!’

The woman would blink and nearly fall down on her back. Who was that? The woman would quickly turn on her byakugan, looking around for the cause of the voice. Nothing. The sound though…. It sounded like it was coming from the inside of her head.

“…. Hello?” The Lady of Light would quietly ask out loud.

‘That voice, is this the voice of that slut Hikari Namikaze?’

Namikaze would be taken a back, “Gobi?”

‘Don’t waste your breath speaking out loud.’ The Gobi would groan out. ‘I can hear your thoughts. So don’t look like a blithering idiot talking to herself.
‘Oh… Ok…’ The Fuinjutsu mistress would think to herself, her mind was racing trying to figure out what was going on, had her mind control seal faded off of the Gobi? Or was this some kind of alternate personality split off as a result of the beast’s new memories? ‘Um…. Gobi, are you feeling Ok? You have been out for quite a while.’

‘What does it mater to you, woman?’ The creature would spit out in a hostile manner. ‘If I am inside you now, then you must of defeated me after my old prison bit it. Which means you have no care of me outside of my power.’

Hikari would nervously fidget, pressing her two fingers up against each other as she talked. ‘That…. That isn’t true. Sealing you into me was more to prevent you from being sealed by Konoha or Kirigakure, and to stop you from going on a rampage on the people of Sunagakure. It wasn’t like I was left with much of a choice besides to seal you in me.  Also, Valen isn’t dead, he was revived shortly after you came to.”

‘….Tell me, are you the harbinger of bad news? Do you enjoy making me suffer? Is that what wakes you up in the morning?’ The Gobi would say in a voice that if the Jinchuriki hadn’t of known better, she would assume to of been a sob.

The deputy kage would start to get to the mission, spying on  dozens of other people’s personal lives to get the information she needed. ‘So, I assume you have regained your memories then, Gobi?’

‘Mostly,’ The creature would say in an almost a bored manner ‘The last thing I recall is being in a hearing about how you were tortured or something. Thought you had died and was enjoying the thought of that. Thanks for ruining that.’

‘Stay aggressive or be passive aggressive.’ Hikari would tell the beast. ‘As far as I am aware, you are not nor have you ever belonged to Kumogakure, so you have no excuse to be going back and forth like this so much.’

‘Sorry Prison-Hime’ The Creature retorted. ‘I didn’t think about how my holding cell would feel about my insults to it. I apologize greatly M’lady. Tell me, how would you like me to insult you in the future?’

‘Whatever way will get you to stay quite sooner.’ The Deputy Hogokage would explain. ‘Now be silent, I’m working on something.’

‘Hm?’ The beast would mutter out. “What? They are putting you on missions instead of training? Shouldn’t your higher ups be trying to groom you to be able to use my power more?”
‘You are joking…’ The Saint of the Stars would ask ‘Surely you don’t think that Hoshigakure has the man power to allow someone on my level to take a near 8-month break to come back and just give them more time off? No, I’m being deployed on missions left and right. I need to be on another tonight so if you don’t mind, I need to wrap this mission up.”

‘Hmmm… what is the mission? Cause right now it looks like you are just sulking and looking down on the village since you don’t have any friends, probably considering how easy it would be for you to kill all these pathetic people beneath you. People who have taken what the actions you have done for them for granted. Tell me, are you looking at the school now? Trying to see how you can cut off as many escapes as possible to force the children to come to you? Are you looking at the hospital, trying to figure out how many of the worthless sick and elderly that you can slaughter before someone notices what you are doing? Or maybe you are looking at the church, the epicenter of wealth in the village now. Perhaps  you wish to make them pay to help the village’s financial crisis you are in? It would only be fair, after all, that Ryo would be in the hands of bandits right now if it wasn’t for you. You have a right to it. I say take it. Kill. Them all. Slaughter them. This world can belong to you. Everything is yours for the taking!’


‘You…. Don’t actually expect me to say yes to that… right?’ Namikaze would ask. ‘Like…. What? That had no lead up or anything. I knew you would be trying to corrupt me, but that was actually sad….’

‘I don’t know you.’ The beast would respond. ‘I don’t know how you would react to things, so I just wanted to see if I could tempt you from the start. Don’t worry, You will let me out of here in the same manner that your 3rd Hogokage did.’

‘Not if you don’t put some effort into it.’ Hikari would tease as she saw something. About 10 miles away from the village, the Deputy Hogokage would notice a group of travelers walking away from the village, but off the beaten path stood a small portal, about 1 meter in Radius. It was  strange, Hikari oculdn’t see any sort of creator of the portal, and it didn’t look like it was closing anytime soon.  ‘Say…. Gobi, can you see what I am seeing?’

‘Hmmm?’ The creature would say. ‘If I wish to yes, why do you as…… Huh… what is that thing?’

‘My target.’ Hikari would answer. ‘Or at least I think so. I’m supposed to find a door or portal that is leading toward a land called Christmastown. Once I do that, I am supposed to….’

Hikari would be cut off by a loud ringing of laughing in her ears. ‘Ha ha ha….. You can’t be serious, Christmas town?’

‘I know.’ Hikari would say her eyes narrowing and focusing on the portal. ‘I asked for the mission to be thrown out as a joke, but there was enough of a disturbance in the fabric of realty in around Hoshigakure. So… they decided to send someone to look into it, and I’m the only one who is in the village that could deal with a problem with the concept of reality if it came up, so that is where we are now.’  

‘Well… sounds like you should be moving right now.’

The deputy kage would allow her essence to dissolve into butterflies as he sent her presence over to a point about 5 meters away from the portal, reaching into her weapon pouch, she would pull out a clean Kunai knife and hold it in a reverse hand grip. She would slowly make her way until she was one meter away from the portal. It was hard to see on the other side of the portal, due to a large amount of snow, but the Akari knew she would need to step in. Zipping up her suit all the way, the woman would press forward against he wind and step through the portal.

To say that Hikari had entered a winter wonderland would be an understatement. The first thing that the Saint of the Stars would notice was that despite it snowing heavily the Akari didn’t feel any sort of coldness. The second thing the woman noticed was off in the distance, a small village, with a large fire burning in the center of it. The streets were littered with candy cane lights, and the population seemed to be made up of smaller humans…. None of them being over 5 feet tall.

‘Well, this sure looks like a Christmas town.’ Hikari would think.

‘I suppose so.’ The bijuu would say. ‘By the way…. Where are we? Is this an alternate dimension?’

Namikaze would look up toward the sky, allowing her dimension to triangulate her location from above. “I don’t think so….’ Akari would respond ‘I think we have found ourselves to the far north of Haven. Like… FAR NORTH. About he same distance from Konoha and Haven North.’ Hikari would sigh, not beliving what she was about to say. ‘I think…. This is the north pole.’

A moment of silence would hang in the air, nothing but the sound of the winter chill could be heard for about a minute as the pair started to digest what was said.

The gobi would be the first person to step up and say something. ‘You must be joking…. Right? Like seriously, where are we?’

‘Not in the slightest.’ The Lady of light would respond, as she started to utilize her byakugan to memorize the layout of the small town. ‘So yes… creepy….’

‘Agreed, well, I suppose you want to try to make contact with the town and try to figure out what is going on?”

‘Not my M. O.’ The Akari would respond. ‘My job is just to confirm the existence of said town, and it looks like I just have. I shouldn’t make contact since I have no idea what he client wishes to do with this information. Maybe he wants to establish a trade route? Perhaps he wishes to attack the town? Or maybe he wishes to study…. Whatever it is that is going on right now. Either way, we don’t have enough information that we can do so safely, so pulling out and awaiting further instructions would be for the best.’

‘Maybe we can just slaughter them?’ The demon would ask, ‘No follow up missions about this place, and we can just claim we found it like that. Would make our job a lot more simple.’

‘Stop throwing out violent ideas to just to mess with me.’ The Akari would ask, taking another few minutes to confirm the layout of the town. Stasified with her result, the woman would pull out a kunai, and after preforing the proper handsigns would place a Flying Thunder God seal on the flat of the Knife and burry it under some of the snow. Once she was sure that no one would be able to spot the knife, Hikari would allow herself a small smile before turning into countless butterflies again and flying away.

Through a swarm of butterflies, the Alpha of Hoshigakure would reform her body inside the strange town. It was quite a weird place, this Town of Halloween that the girl would find herself in. It was not to late in the afternoon when the girl had teleported, but now it seemed like the sun was going down already. The Deputy Kage of Hoshigakure would cast her Gaze around the village, the towwn seemed to have been designed by someone who had a love for gothic architecture, made all the more creepy by the fact that the town seemed to be rundown and dirty. Honestly, if weren’t for the dozens of people in the village, Hikari would of just assumed that the town had been abandoned. Speaking of the people…..

The townsfolk felt as out of place and weird as the town the woman found herself in. Haven natives were known for having a healthy skin complexion compared to other countries, with either blonde or dark hair, and often had blue eyes. This wasn’t the case for all those from the country, but it was famous for this. This town which was located on the northern edge of Haven should have had people matching this description, but instead the people she noticed all had pale, almost sickly skin. Their hair was fading grey, almost as if they were all above the age of 50, even those that were small enough that hey were probably under the age of 10. Due to all this, the alluring Archangel could understand why the town would be called the Town of Halloween. The woman would start to move on the grey brick road she found herself on. It wouldn’t take long before the woman would find a young man, tall and skinny with similar pale skin as compared to everyone else in the road. “Um…” Namikaze would speak up as she approached him. “Hi, I am looking for someone by the name of Jack Skelington. I don’t have a physical description, I was just told to find him and talk to deliver something to him. Any idea where I could find him?”

The man would grunt a little bit barely turning to make eye contact with Hikari, before stating in a low and growly voice “On Richardson, down 3 blocks and take a left. His house number is 42.”

As a natural reaction, Hikari would attempt to speak up with a smile to thank the man, but before she could, the pale figure would start to walk off.

‘Strange….’ Hikari would think to herself, forgetting that she no longer shared a mind just to herself.
‘Ah, so you noticed it as well?’ The Gobi would return Hikari’s thought.

The girl would nearly jump back before calming herself down. ‘What do you mean?’ She would ask ‘Of course I noticed! Like, everyone here is creepy and dark and moody, it feels like I wandered into of those weird dark fantasy novels Valen likes so much.’

‘GUH! Don’t speak his name!’ The beast would mentally yell into Hikari’s mind. ‘It is way to soon to make me think of my old container. But no. I mean the dark chakra force.’

“Dark Chakra?” Hikari would whisper under her breath before taking a look around, the Kunochi felt many chakra presences that were around, but none of which the woman would consider Evil or Dark in nature.  

‘Bah, so you can’t sense it?’ The Gobi would ask, ‘A damn shame. I was hoping you would be more competent than your predecessor.’

Hikari would get a little flustered hearing this.  ‘Valen is very competent, what are you talking about?’

‘Please.’ The wihite stallion would respond. ‘I tempted him with just a fraction of my power, and the man bended his knee and betrayed everyone he ever loved or cared about. And all for what? To die a meaningless pointless death in the desert of Sunagakure? Instantly, in a way he could not defend himself. Its pathetic if you ask me.’

‘You ran from him on sight.’ Hikari reminded ‘remember when we first fought? And he took you out in a blink of an eye. And don’t forget that I did the same thing, honestly of the 3 of us, you seem to be the least competent.’

‘Silence Woman.’ The beast would snarl. ‘It was dark out that first time, I couldn’t see how many enemies were coming or his approach. And I had just been released from my prison when we fought, surely you can’t assume I was at full strength at that point, could you?’

‘One of the nine bijuu of legend.’ Hikari would giggle. ‘was forced into making nothing but excuses. Tell me, have you ever won a fight against someone in the last 100 years?’

‘Of course I have!’ The Gobi would retort. ‘I defeated a Kirigakure Anbu operative shortly before I fought you! I defeated him so decisively, that I made him run back to his village crying!’

This would cause Hikari to pause in her place for a second. ‘Wait…. You made a Kirigakure Black Opp, one of the coldest most battle hardened and experienced Shinobi in the world…. Run away crying?’

‘Er…. Well, it might have been a Jounin….’




‘Fine.’ The Demonic entity confessed ‘It was a Gennin, but I did win and make him run back to his village crying.’
‘You let a Gennin return to his village where he could report on your location and where you were rather than killing him and tying up loose ends?’ Hikari would ask. ‘AWWWWW Gobi! I knew you had a heart somewhere underneath all that hatred and bloodlust!’

‘Bwah, like I would ever do something so retarded!’ The legendary beast would respond. ‘I did it so that village would know that I should not be messed with. That I am the essence of rage and destruction. That I and my brothers are something that humans should be trifled with and feared. That we are…..’

‘People questioned if giant monsters were strong enough to take out genin?’ Hikari asked in a teasing manner. ‘And I thought that Bijuu already were known to….’

‘Enough Woman!’ The beast would rage. ‘I have had enough of this conversation. I attempted to help you, and this is how you repay me? Ungrateful Bitch. I will be returning to my slumber. Don’t attempt to wake me.’

‘Rude….’ The woman would respond, hoping to get the bijuu to respond, but to no luck. It didn’t really matter though, she was getting distracted at this point.

It wouldn’t take five minutes before the Deputy Kage would find the house of which she was looking for. A two story wooden gothic structure that appeared to be well over a century old. A wind would blow by the house, rattling the whole structure as it felt like it was going to give in to the weight of the wind. This startled the young blonde, surely no one was actually living here, were they?

The woman would  knock on the door to the building, the Deputy Hogokage was well known in Haven for laxing on her physical training and needing help with carrying stacks of books, but she froze after her first knock, scared that the weight of her fist would cause the house to crumble.  After confirming it was safe, the woman would continue to knock on the door. It would take about half a minute before an older gentleman would approach the door and open it. He was dressed in a suit that appeared to be many centuries out of style. His skin was old and crusty, looking like he was nothing but skin and bones. Underneath his tall top hat was a bald head, his body looking like it was void of any hair besides a curly mustache around his upper lip. The man was tall… Like… nearly six and half feet tall, but if the man weighed less than 100 pounds it would have not come to a shock to the young woman. A warm smile would appear on the man’s face. “A little bit early for trick or treating, isn’t it girl?”

“Excuse me?” The Alpha would ask. Wait, Alpha. Alpha mask. “Oh!” Hikari would say, quickly taking off her mask to reveal her face. “My mask! I’m sorry, sir, but I am no child. My name is Hikari Namikaze. Sir, I’m with the Nova Corp that you hired from Hoshigakure?”

The mans eyes would grow big with delight “Good Heaven’s girl! Why didn’t you just say so! Please come in! Yes. Do come in!” He would say and reach his long thin arm around Hikari and usher her in. Honestly, if the Kunochi hadn’t been used to hanging out with tentacle monsters, she may have thought twice about going into a home with the gentleman. But missions were missions, so Hikari would accompany him inside. The man would escort Hikari to a large older style of dining room, with a large round table in the center. The man would pull out a chair for Hikari, showing how much of a gentleman he was. The blonde would sit and allow herself to be pushed back to the piece of furniture. He would then go to a cubard and call out to the Alpha. “Can I interest you in a drink? Water? Soda? Lemonade? Some Juice? A little bit of the bubbly?”

The Saint of the stars would blink. “Um… nothing for me thanks. I’m required to limit my intake on liquids while on missions for various reasons with my health.” A lie, sure, but Hikari wasn’t sure she  trusted old friendly man quite yet. The man would pull out a large bottle of wine that appeared like it was older than this town. He would pull out an expensive looking wine glass and poor some dark red liquid into the glass before placing the alcohol back into the cupboard and taking a seat about two feet away from Hikari. “So… I assume since you are hear you have found Christmas town? Correct? You have, right?”

The woman would be taken aback by the man’s enthusiasm. Wow, this was fast. “Um…. Before I can answer that, I need to confirm, you are my client, correct, Mr. Jack Skellington?”

“Yes! Of course I am! Now you have found the town correct?”

“Um…” Hikari would start to explain, “Well, I found the rift in space time like you said there would be….”

“The door to Christmastown!” The man would exclaim excitedly.

“I can’t confirm for certainty, but I believe so sir.” Namikaze would say. “I stepped through the rift and found myself to the far north. Like… towards the top part of the globe.”

“Christmas town is at the North Pole?” Jack Skellington would ask “Why had that idea never crossed my mind? Of course, it is! That just makes sense!”

The Deputy Hogokage would continue, “Well, yes sir. I confirmed that a town was near that, and it had a lot of Christmas themes and décor around the town even though it is still the Fall months. Sir. I did not bring anything back from the town, I felt like it would not be in your best interest if I refrained from making contact, but I did leave a seal there that will allow me to transport back instantly if need be. I also spent enough time observing the town that I got enough of an understanding that I could draw a map if need be. If you wouldn’t mind getting me some parchment and a pen, I would be able to draw you it now.”

“Amazing!” the man would state ecstaticly. “After all this time! We have located Christmas town! You know what that means?”

Hikari would be taken aback, just a bit. It appeared like the man was actually expecting an answer. “Um…. No sir. I do not understand. Honestly, I don’t understand anything that is going on. This is all a very strange experience sir. All this talk of Christmas Town… Halloween Town…. Honestly this sounds like a book my Third Hogokage would be writing if he was under the influence.”

The man would look shocked at Hikari. “Wait… were you not given some sort of debriefing about the situation before put on the mission?”
“Yes,” Hikari would confirm “I was sir, but it was a very short one. Like less than 2 minutes long and it…..”

The Princess among the Queensgaurds would blink very surpised by what she just heard. “A… a thousand pages? Sir?”

“INDEED!” The man would say, getting out of his chair and leaning in closer to Hikari, which she would fall back to the back of her chair in response of. “A BREIF HISTORY OF THE HOLIDAY TOWNS! It was well summarized I think. Only the most important of details were stated in there, but what was needed for the mission.”

“……. Well, maybe it was an oversight?  Since I finished the mission and such?”Hikari would ask, her eyes would grow big as she saw Skellington taking a deep breath, which Hikari would cut off “Or…. Could you give me a summary of the summary? Or even better, the summary of the summary of the summary’s summary?”

The old man would close his mouth for a second, scratching his mustache, before continueing. “Well, you see, there are 4 towns around the world, each of these holds a towns have someone that holds a special type of chakra that effects the area around them, the towns are Easter Town, Thanksgiving town, Halloween Town, and Christmas town. The effect is that it will change everything around them to fit the theme that their town is associated with.”

“Excuse me.” Hikari would cut him off, “I’m having a problem with seeing how this works, Chakra that passively effects the area around them? Where did this chakra come from? Is it based on a bloodline or something? How does it affect others? I don’t seem to be effected by this, why is that? And how long has the towns been effected by this.”

With a grin on the man’s face, the gentleman would start to speak out again. “OH, so you do want the full long story! Very well! You see, it all started in the year 442 B.V…..”

Quickly the woman would shake off the gentleman. “I’m sorry, that might be a bit to much information! I got it, Chakra is affecting the surrounding area. Ok, Please continue on that point.” This would seem to kill the mood the man was in as he relaxed his shoulders. “Ok…. Well, these four chakra’s have agreed to bind themselves to a town so that no one outside of said town would be effected by the festive nature of the chakra. For the longest time, these towns have remained separated from each other. However, I have recently discovered something. A way to possibly rid us of this cursed chakra! I have created a ritual seal that if used on one of these chakras, we may be able to remove the chakra source from the host and be able to turn all the towns back to normal.”

“Do the towns want to be turned back to normal?” Hikari would ask. “Also, why are these people in towns? Couldn’t they just choose to leave instead and just leave those with the chakra alone as hermits? How did you come across a method to remove a chakra network from a human, shouldn’t that lead to the death of someone? Also….. On second thought, I never mind. I understand. I don’t need the thousand page backstory you are going to give me.” She would pause, but then would continue, “Actually, hold up, one quick question. If each of these towns are caused by the interference of a chakra network, I can only assume that there is someone in this town making it feel all….. well….  ghostly and scary. No offense meant sir. If you had a way to fix things, wouldn’t you want to try to fix it?”

The older man would chuckle. “Why, yes obviously we would want that. Which is why we are in the process of removing the chakra from this person as we speak!” Jack Skellington would explain, “It is a multi-week ritual, we can’t just rip out something as important as someone’s chakra network without being careful.”

The woman would nod understanding this. It makes sense. “So…. I suppose your next step is to fine this Christmas chakra infused man and to move him back to Halloween town for the ritual? I can take you to him if that is your wish, shouldn’t be to difficult… I left a seal on the outskirts of the town, so I can fairly easily go to and from with people if you wish….”

“Yes….” The gentleman said, as he stood up and started to pace around the table. “Here is the issue though. I don’t think the man afflicted with the Christmas chakra will be that co-operating with the ritual.”

“Huh?” The Princess among the Queensgaurd would be taken aback, “Wh… why? The way it sounded the Christmas chakra signature is a curse. To force everyone around you to act like it is a certain holiday year round….. why wouldn’t you want that removed from yourself?”

“A simple reason really.” The man would state, as he continued to pace around the table. His chairs shoes making a clinging sound as he marched. “Lady… Namikaze, indluldge this old fool for a second, would you? You seem like a well mannered polite woman of good taste. Tell me, why do you dawn the mask that you do? Why are you a kunochi? What gives you a cause to fight?”

Once again, Hikari was taken aback by the man. What did he mean what was her reason for doing this? “I… I don’t see how this relevant for the conversation at hand, but if you must know sir. I fight to end the fight. I don’t find pleasure in killing or slaughtering for sport, I pick up my arms in order to force others to put down theirs. I fight to find a world of peace. That is the only reason why I draw my blade, Sir.”

“Exactly! And how often do you draw your sword on holidays? How often do you kill and fight on a day of peace?”

“More often than you would think.” Hikari would think, thinking back to last Halloween and last Christmas “But I see what you are saying, people usually don’t get into conflicts on days that are supposed to be dedicated to peace. So what you are saying is that this man feels like as long as he holds the power of Christmas, that no harm will come to him or those around him?”
“Exactly! So he is willing to force people around him to live a way they do not want to live, but they have peaceful lives and no crime! So to some degree, I can see why he would do this. But at the same time, he is putting those around him in strain. We have to stop this! Please! Mrs. Namikaze! I implore you, bring to me Santa Clause so that we can save the citizens of Christmas town!”

How many times would the young kunochi be taken aback in this conversation. “…….. S…. Sorry, did you just say Santa Clause?”

“What else would you name a man that has been infused with the essence of Christmas?” The Pumpkin king would ask.

“I mean….. is that his actual name?”

“Probably.” The man would say “He enjoys Christmas and is the cause of it, so why would he not?”

The woman would place her face in her hands, almost groaning at this point. Ok…. So… mission went from finding a strange portal somewhere in the land of Hoshigakure, to a stealth infiltration mission in order to capture Santa Clause. Worst. Mission. Ever. Letting a bit of a groan out, the woman would look up and look at her client “Sir…. I… I don’t know if I have the authorization to do this mission.” The Hogokage would state. “It goes way outside the spec of the normal mission that I was assigned, and I don’t actually have a full team to attempt a covert mission like this. I don’t know if I by myself have the manpower to infiltrate another village and capture its leader without there being any casualties. I would prefer to go back to Hoshigakure and reorganize and get a full team on this. It may take a week or so before I can actually continue on the mission.”

“Ah, yes…. About that…” The ghostly man would explain. “Unfortunately, time is not on our side for this mission, and you will not have time to go home and regroup.”

The blonde would let out another low groan. “Let me guess, the portal between the two towns will only be open for a couple of days, and tonight is the last night that the stars are aligned and we can travel through it. Something like that?”

“Oh no, nothing quite that magical.” The man would wave Hikari off. “No, on the contrary, it is a very basic reason. We may have a mole amoung us.”

“Mole?” Hikari would ask “What do you mean.”

“Oggie Boogie.” Jack would explain, “He is a native of Halloween town, but some time ago he left the town to look for a different type of festive town. He knew we were developing a way to remove the festive chakra from those inflicted by it, so I can only assume he would be heading to warn Santa of our intentions.”

“Ok…. Let me get this straight, Mr. Skellington.” Hikari would ask. “You want me to enter into an unknown area hostile area, with an unknown level of technology or combat level, who may or may not be aware that I am coming, capture their leader, transport him out of the village, and bring him to you alive. You want me to do this without any backup, and not properly armed to deal with a stealth operation mission of this magnitude, and you want me to finish it quickly, is that what I understand is the mission?”

The man would pause for a bit of time. “Might…. Not be the best mission to take up come to think of it. But it is a mission that must be done. What can I do to convince you to take it?”

The woman would think for a second, “This will be classified as an SS Rank mission, which will cost you a lot of money….”

“Ryo is of no concern to me.” The slender man would respond, “Saving the lives of those in Christmas town is all that matters to me.”

The Deputy Hogokage would give a great sigh, she couldn’t actually believe she was doing this. “Well then sir, between having such a large reward attacted to the mission, and the fact that innocent lives are on the line, I don’t have much of a choice but to agree to the terms of the mission.”

“EXCELLENT!” The man would say, making his way over to Hikari and grasping her two hands between his and giving it a sake with a firmness that was so powerful, The young woman didn’t think a man with a lack of muscles would be able to do. “I really do appreciate this! Now, I am sorry to rush you, but I would like you to leave post haste! Under normal circumstances you would be invited to stay for a while and enjoy the activities and such, however, I would like us to start operating on Santa Clause as soon as possible. So if you wouldn’t mind…”

“Oh, yes sir!” The alpha would say, giving a bow before placing her mask back on properly. She wasn’t much of a party girl, so she would turn herself out and teleport back to where she had placed her Kunai Knife before using the Flying Thunder God technique.

When Namikaze returned to the lands of the far north, there was something quite a bit different about where she teleported in. She had been expecting to teleport into a rather large clearing 100 meters outside of Christmas Town near a portal leading her to a point not far outside of home village.  Where she ended up was in a rather large and spacious cave. There were walls of Ice around, but the area was for the most part 20 meters from wall to wall. Activating her Golden eye, she would see an entrance point about 45 meters away from her location. Looking around, the woman’s eye would see on the ground various shiny objects littering the cavern floor. A variety of objects, some of which included presents, toys and a variety of kitchenware. Before the woman could even fully understand her thoughts, a foul odor would fill her nostrils that would make Hikari realize she wasn’t alone.
A roar, unlike something that was heard anywhere in Haven would fill the woman’s ears. The roar of a beast. The young alpha would quickly start making hand signs to draw a blade, but even at a speed of 100, wasn’t fast enough to finish the motions before a massive force collided with her back and sent her flying through a nearby pillar and crashed by a nearby snowy wall. Taking a second to collect herself, the woman would cast her gaze towards the direction of the attack.

‘What is that thing?’ She would hear the Gobi ask in her head. Not in a super carring manner, but in the kind of “I really could care less about this, but I am kind of curious so I am going to ask” kind of voice.
‘Oh! So nice of you to wake up now!’ Namikaze would respond to the sleeping giant.
‘Hard to sleep when the cage you are in gets rattled! But seriously, what is that thing?’

The creature Hikari was looking at wasn’t what someone would call normal by any stretch of the imagination, standing at nearly 4 meters in height, the creature had snow white fur that made it hard to notice with all the rest of the white snowy background. The Foul scent of body odor was overwriting the woman’s sense of smell. Messy while fur was tied in knots and had many mud stains on it. The creature appeared to be human in shape, but much larger. It had wide shoulders and large muscles. It had a mustache in the way that made Hikari think of a certain Hogokage.  Wait…. Bustling muscles…. A mustache… and a horrible workout odor…. And a desire to hit Hikari while she was wearing some less than modest clothes?

“Lord Kyousuke?” Hikari would ask hopefully  

RAWWWWWRRRRR!!!!” The creature would scream out, a loud and powerful scream that the entire cavern would shake.

“Lord Kyousuke!” The Deputy hogokage would say excitedly.


‘Wait…’ The gobi would ask from inside Hikari. ‘Lord Kyousuke….. Kyousuke Snow? Like… that Hogokage with Son Goku sealed inside him?’
“Yes!” Hikari would respond with Glee. “I am sure that is who he is. HE reminds me so much of him!”

‘You can’t be serious.’ The white stallion would respond with a groan ‘You can’t think that he is your old leader? The one that died? The one that went ape shit crazy and killed dozens of people.’

“Well obviously.” Hikari would respond, looking at the creature. A twinkle could be seen in her eyes as he spoke, “But the resemblance is to similar, it must be his reincarnation!”
RAWWWWWRRRRR!!!!” The creature would yell again before starting to charge at Hikari.
*THUMP THUMP THUMP* The creature would start getting closer and closer to the pair.
“Well….. You know…… we don’t know how reincarnation works. It might work in a way that allows one to possess an animal or plant that is already alive that doesn’t have a soul!”
‘Wait a second…..’ The beast would think for a second before continuing ‘You… Woman, you aren’t of the same religion of Hoshi, you are Cahtolic, are you not?”
“That is correct.’ The woman would respond, firmly placing her two feet into the ground and preparing for the charge of the monster.
‘Catholic’s don’t believe in reincarnation, do they? Its either heaven, hell, or purgatory for you when you die, correct?’
“It is implied in the Book of Mark that there might be a way to achieve reincarnation” Hikari would respond. “But most people consider that heresy, so no, no we don’t believe in it.”

The creature would roar out again and attempt to shoulder charge Hikari, to which the woman would thrust out her arm at the beast, causing a force of wind to connect with it and send it flying back deeper into the cave
“Are you looking at it?” the Deputy Hogokage would ask. “How many shinobi/humans do you see that is that big, muscular, and fluffy, it has to be. Kyousuke, there is no other option!” The beast would slowly start to stand up, shaking the snow off of it, before reaching down and grabbing a large pile of Snow and chucked it at Hikari. With a quick sign of the tiger, the woman would take a deep breath, allowing air to enter her lungs and transforming it into light chakra, before expelling it as a ball of light at the snow, causing the two to collide and destroy each other.


“There is only one way to know for sure!” Hikari would say placing her feet firmly on the ground as she spoke. “We must bring it back to Hoshi for testing, to confirm for sure if it is him or not.”

The beast would lower itself and start charging at Hikari again, this time looking to spear the young woman it appeared with his full body, something that Namikaze had no doubt would cause her to be split in two if his will came to pass. Hikari would quickly pull out her right arm and send another chakra blast into the monster’s splined area, forcing him to its knees, the monster would scream out before grabbing some snow and throwing it like a bullet at Hikari. Namikaze would side step the projectile and slowly make her way toward the monster. “Hey Kyousuke….. do you remember me?”
The creature would scream out, grabbing some more snow and tossing it at Hikari, she would choose to phase through the attack this time, utilizing the light transference seal on her lower back. She would reach out her hand and ask the creature, “Its me…. Hikari Namikaze, I was a Jounin under your care during your last life…. Do you not remember me?”
The monster would scream out, and lashed out at the Deputy Hogokage, she would side step these assaults, ducking and weaving in between the strikes of the beast. Namikaze would continue to try to make the beast remember. “Kyousuke... we fought like this before, remember? In my Jounin exams? You gave me my rank….”
‘HE ISN’T KYOUSKE!’ The white steed would scream out. ‘WHY DO YOU KEEP ACTING LIKE HE IS!?’
“I want to bring you back.” The woman would respond, “I want to restore your memories. I want you to go back on missions with me. I want you to go back to preforming Jounin exams.  I want you to sleep at the foot of my bed.”
‘Wait a second….’ The creature would say… ‘you don’t think he is Snow! You don’t think he is human! You don’t buy this reincarnation shit! You just see a fluffy creature and want him to be your pet!’
“Whaaaaaa…..?” Hikari would respond, a bit of sweat starting to fall from her face, “Noooooo……. I would never lie to Lord Yasaki to give me an excuse to keep a possibly dangerous monster inside Hoshigakure….”
“NO!’ the Bijuu would scream. ‘NO IT ISN’T!’
The furry creature would continue its furry of strikes attempting to take the young girl down. That being said, the creature didn’t appear to have the same level’s of stamina as Hikari, and would find itself quickly running out of energy and slowing down. Come to think of it…. Didn’t Kyouske before he had the Yonobi shoved in him have a low stamina reserves? A punch would come flying at Hikari, and the Kunochi would take advantage of this, instead of dodging placing her arms up to block it, and as the fist would make contact with the woman’s slender arms, the woman would place a Mark of the Converted seal on him, reverting his memories to something that would follow Hikari’s orders. The punch would cause her to skid back a couple of feet before coming to a halt. A smile would appear on her face as she did this. “Got you!”

The creature would take a look around, almost as if it didn’t recognize where it was before sitting crisscross and looking at Hikari, as if waiting for orders. “Ok… awesome…. I should probably come up with a way to actually kidnap Santa.”
‘I still don’t approve of you kidnaping this creature and forcing it to your will.’ The monster would assert. ‘It’s inhumane, to put a creature out of it’s misery and end its existence is one thing, but to enslave it to your will and to strip it of every joyous memory that it has ever had the pleasure of knowing before? Your Kind calls me demon, but perhaps you should look into a mirror before you speak.”
“Gobi. We are talking about an unintelligent mystical creature that we found some distance outside of Christmas town that we want to use in order to help us kidnap Santa Clause.” Hikari would remind her prisoner, still out loud so that the large harry creature would be able to hear. “I don’t think the laws of animal cruelty applies here.”
‘Doesn’t make it right.’ The creature would say again before giving out a sound that the woman could only guess was a yawn.
“So… what do you think the plan should be?”
‘Walk up to the center of town with this thing, and slaughter everything in sight. Kill, murder, death, pillage, loot. Not in that order.’ The Gobi would speak in almost a bored and tired voice. He knew that the blonde wasn’t going to do something like that. However…..
“You know Gobi…. That isn’t the worst idea I have heard.”

30 minutes later
“IT’S THE SNOW FIEND!” One of the soldiers would cry out.
“WHAT IS IT DOING HERE?” Another would yell, passing a spear to one of his comrades.
“I DON’T KNOW!” Another would yell. “The Snow Fiend has always minded its own business for the most part. It would only attack those who trespassed on its land! I have never seen him even come close to the town before!”

The Snow monster would be in the center of town throwing some snow balls at soldiers that would  be preparing to charge at it. A confident smirk would appear on the woman’s face hearing the monsters name. About 200 meters from the situation, Hikari would be kneeling on top of the capital building. Watching it from afar with the byakugan. “I told you that it was Kyousuke.” She would whisper under her breath to the Gobi.
‘That is a fluke and you know it.’  The creature would spit back at Hikari, ‘We both know just because your Hogokage’s last name was Snow, and we are in the Snow right now, does not mean your village leader was born again here.’
‘But it could. <3”

The woman would sigh. “You just don’t know how to have fun Gobi.” Namikaze would look down at the building she was standing on. “Anyways, we probably should actually get on with the mission. Kyousuke has orders to distract and not kill anyone, so he is holding back. As such, I don’t know how long he can last. We probably should get this over with quickly.” She would start to phase out of reality and drop down through the roof. Before Hikari could even get a sense of her surroundings, her heart would sink into her chest.
Yes Sirrie! This is obviously a ploy by Jack Skelington to distract us with dealing with a monster while someone comes in to kidnap you!
The room that Hikari found herself in was a small office sized room. A small fireplace illumiated the faces of 4 men standing around a large work desk in the center of it. 2 of which our obviously body guards that seemed to mean business. Short military crop haircuts with clean shaven beards and were nearly as buff as Mr. Yeti outside.  The third which was siting at the desk was obviously the target Mr. Santa Clause. Hikari would take note of his long red robes, long grey beard and glasses. He appeared to be just like the Saint  Nicholas of legend. The only exception was that he wasn’t as large as how he was portrayed in stories, On the contrary, the man seemed to be of average build, if not a bit smaller than average.

The outliner was the forth man who Hikari could only assume was Oogie Boogie. He had long slick grey hair, similar to that of the style of the civilians in Halloween town. The only difference was the majority of its civilians were small and fragile looking, this man was large, like… fatter than how large one would think Santa would be. His body oozed of sweat and smelled horrible. The Akari didn’t want to be in the same room as the man, but she was left with little choice at this point.

“Surely, You jest!” Santa would respond, “I know you have been warning me of this day for months… warning me that he may come after me. But Jack Skellington would never do such a horrible act as to attempt a kidnapping! Not in our wildest dreams! We have lived in harmony with the other holiday towns for years!”
“Yes and he craves power!” O. B. Would explain, “He wants all of the power of the holiday’s for himself! He wants everyday to be Halloween. He needs it. He lust for power. He feels entitled to it. If you don’t do something, then he will steal you and steal Christmas as well! We can’t allow him do that!’

Namikaze would hide herself behind some Boxes before rematerializing pulling out a couple of Senbon as she did. Her golden eye illuminating, and her Byakugan would allow her to keep and eye on her targets without having to risk revealing herself. When she had some spare time, she would need to thank Kenshin again for transplanting her with this dojutsu transplant, was working like a charm. “You are right…. Now tell me, what do I need to do to be able to save myself and my city.”

“Leave at once.” The slimy mess of a man would explain. “You must leave at once, and not return until we know it is safe. Anywhere that Jack and his men can’t find you will work. A cave on the outskirts of town, a wearhouse in the Stone village, in some dunes in Wind Country. ANYWHERE BUT WHERE THEY KNOW YOU WILL BE!”

“Ok…. Just give me 30 minutes to collect my things….”

“5.” Oggie would explain. “Max. No more, No less.”

The older man would sigh, and agree without much of a fight. “Alright then…. I’ll just gather my essentials.”

“Thank you.” Oogie boogie would say, “I have my children that will keep watch on you, they are waiting outside of the Townhall. They will take you….”
This would be when Hikari would make her move, she would quickly pull out the senbon she was using and step out of hiding at her maximum speed, throwing the medical needles with exact precision, aiming each needle to land in the neck of one of her victims. This strike wouldn’t be enough to prove fatal, but it would be enough to knock out all of her targets so she could extract the target with ease. Three of her targets would meet its mark, the two body guards and Santa would fall. The fourth one however would not meet its mark, Oogie Boogie somehow dodging the strilke even though he was the closest to it. “Wha…. Jack?! Is that you?!” A massive 2 handed battle axe would be summoned into the man’s hand greasy hands. “You made a mistake coming here Jack. A big fucking mistake.”

After forming the proper handsigns, Hikari would summon two short swords into her hands made up of light particles. She hated close range combat, absolutely hated it, but she knew that throwing around any of the Holy blades of Hoshigakure or the Chains of Virtue would probably cause the deaths of the unconscious parties, but in order to retrive the target Oogie Boogie would need to be eliminated. So, that what Hikari was going to do, walk up to the man 5 times her size and eliminate him. Simple enough right?

“Jack Skelington sends his regards.” Hikari would explain, divulging a client’s name was a horrible thing to do in the Shinobi world, but the Alpha had already had it revealed to her that they knew who was the client was, and as such it was pointless to hide the name. “Now no one needs to get hurt Boogie. Jack isn’t going to kill Santa, he just wants to extract the Holiday chakra that is infused in his body. That is all he wants, Santa can return as soon as that is done. Please, put down your weapon, we don’t need to fight.”

A wide horizontal strike would be the man’s starting assault, a powerful strike that Hikari knew she had no chance to stop the strike with pure strength, so instead she dodged the strike of the man by ducking under it. While midts swing, the woman would attempt to make a counter attack, sending one of her shorts swords towards Oggie’s hand, and trying to lob off his right thumb, hoping to make it impossible for him to wield his weapon any longer. Oggie apparently saw the attack coming though, and lowered the hilt of the axe, sending the bladed part flying way above Hikari, but moving the protectory of the strike to prevent Namikaze from hitting flesh. While the blade was being swung wildly, the woman would continue her assault, with the momentum from her thrust, Hikari would attempt to take another lunge forward in hopes to connect her blade to the triceps of the man hoping to force him to disarm again, but the man backed up to prevent Hikari from doing that, however, due to the momentum of his earlier swing, he would find himself off balance and would fall on his butt. Hikari would quickly follow up moving in and pressing her blade up against the man’s neck, able to end his life in an instant if HIkari wished it.

It would take Oggie Boggie a mere second before realizing the situation he was in. He would drop his weapon and hold his hands up. “I… I surrender….. Please… don’t kill me, I have children at home that I need to care for.”

Hikari Namikaze  would kick the man’s weapon away and get a closer position of the man, making sure he can’t escape. “Don’t worry, from the sounds of it, I think your family would be just fine without you, they seem competent. But I won’t be killing you, I just need Santa Clause. No one more, no one less. Now, stand up turn away from me slowly, face the wall hands up.”
The man would comply, his sweat coming out more profusely now. “Wo…Woman…. Please… you can’t do this. If you do….. please…. It isn’t going to be pretty…. Santa gives life to this town, protects us form Jack and others. If he leaves…. Jack is going to kill him. He is going to rip out his christmast Chakra and enfuse it with Halloween chakra. He is going to use that and try to take over the world through the spirit of Halloween. You have to see through this! If you don’t, a lot of people are going to die!”

“Silence.” Hikari would say, moving being the man and placing a five elemental seal on the back of his head, forcing him to fall unconscious. “How desperate are you? Spouting nonsense like that thinking I would waiver from my mission. It would never happen.”

Hikari would walk over and place a mark seal on Santa. Before teleporting herself back to Jack’s residence and summoning the pair back to his house in Haven.
A few hours later
The festivities of the after party were grim to say the least. Even though the people of Halloween town had scored a major victory, they still seemed solem and Gloom.
Hikari was offered to take part in the festivities, but she turned down the offer from Jack, instead deciding to watch the party from the roof tops. Alpha uniform and all. She Looked down at the people….. they seemed so miserable… after Hikari risked her life for them. After she went through hell and back for them.

“You actually kidnapped santa clause…” The Gobi would say. “You actually did it…. You kidnapped a Saint Nick.”
“That was the mission.” Hikari would say coldly. “I have done worst.”
‘Yeah… but all that stuff he was spouting about… all that stuff about how Jack was lying…. About how Jack might be trying to take over the world. None of that even phased you?’
‘It did.’ The Kunochi responed, moving back strand of her hair that had fallen back into place, ‘Honestly, to some degree I believe it. Jack is obviously the dark chakra that we felt before, he is the one making Halloween town like this, which means he isn’t trying to fix the problem. He must have some sort of alternative motive for doing what he is. Right now…. There aren’t a lot of other choices but to listen to Oggie Boggie at this point.’
‘Then why did you complete the mission?’ Gobi would ask.
‘If I hadn’t, then Jack would probably of had another village of taken over the mission. We need to keep Skellington Close right now.’ She would explain. ‘We need him close enough that we can either restrain him or kill him on a moments notice. This was the best course of action to do that.’
‘Still… you sacrificed two innocents to keep this relationship alive.’ Gobi would respond. ‘That is cold.’
‘Both of which were targets.’ Hikari would explain herself. ‘Santa was the head of his village and as agreed to be a victim for others to target. As for Oggie… first, when you are THAT disgusting, you deserve to have some sense knocked into you. Also… he fled his country to become a Rouge and help another group stab his friends in the back. If you do that, then you are asking to be taken out. It really is that simple.”
‘Harsh.’ The Gobi would respond, ‘but it isn’t my place to judge you for what you are doing, I am mearly here to observe.’

“And to wait for an opportunity to escape.” Namikaze would remind the Gobi that she still remembered their relationsip. She was the master and the tailed beast was a slave that was trying to escape. Dissolving into dozens of butterflies, the woman would make her way back to her home. She had done her mission, and now it was time to move onto the next one.

TWC: 10560
Ryo: 10,500 for mission compltion
Aditional 1.5k for Anbu Captain doing an A rank.
Dropping 10 stat points in health for 10 Stamina Points
26 Ap
2500 WC to storage
Hunting Knife Mission reward
2250 words to Steam Gunshot completing it with the Hoshi Archives Discount.
2250 words to Tailed Beast Shockwave completing it with Hoshi Discount.
2250 words to Steam Geyser completing it with Hoshi Discount
2475 words to Chains of Divine Invigoration copmleting it with Hoshi discount
1135 words to Chakra Chains
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Stat Page : Ayato

Mission Record : Link
Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Legendary Equipment : Raiment of Eternal Fortune
Stone of Gelel
Remove Taijutsu Remove Sensory Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 435700

Halloween Missions E-A (Yes, I just did that.) Empty Re: Halloween Missions E-A (Yes, I just did that.)

Fri Nov 01, 2019 1:36 am
Good job completing this. However, no WC discount is applicable during missions, not even those coming from Hoshi Library. Please remove Hoshi discount and redo your claims at normal jutsu cost
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
Stat Page : Hikari no Tenshi
Remove Remove Remove Remove Fuuinjutsu Remove Ninjutsu Sensory Space Time Default
Remove Remove Water Lightning Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 276150

Halloween Missions E-A (Yes, I just did that.) Empty Re: Halloween Missions E-A (Yes, I just did that.)

Fri Nov 01, 2019 5:50 pm
I can't find that in the rules, but since most members of staff agree with you, I'll go ahead and do it.

Re-done claims:

Ryo: 10,500 for mission completion
Additional 1.5k for Anbu Captain doing an A rank.
Dropping 10 stat points in health for 10 Stamina Points
26 Ap
2500 WC to storage
Hunting Knife Mission reward
2500 words to Steam Gunshot completing
2500 words to Tailed Beast Shockwave completing it
2500 words to Steam Geyser completing it
2750 words to Chains of Divine Invigoration completing it
310 words to Chakra Chains
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Stat Page : Ayato

Mission Record : Link
Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Legendary Equipment : Raiment of Eternal Fortune
Stone of Gelel
Remove Taijutsu Remove Sensory Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 435700

Halloween Missions E-A (Yes, I just did that.) Empty Re: Halloween Missions E-A (Yes, I just did that.)

Fri Nov 01, 2019 10:24 pm
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