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Emilia Kaneko
Emilia Kaneko
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Halloween Eventures Empty Halloween Eventures

Tue Sep 28, 2021 9:45 am
Mysterious Figure (E):

”There’s been reports of a mysterious cloaked figured wandering about the village. We need you to check these rumors and see if anyone knows this person’s whereabouts. So get going, genin.” These were the words of the ninja that gave the orders to Emi at the mission building. The mission itself was only classified as an E rank.. which means there would really be fighting or harm done on this mission. All Emi had to do was find some evidence or even find the cloaked figure and get back-up.
Emi dashed off as soon as she had received those orders, making sure that she would find this cloak figure as fast as she possibly could. There’s no telling what sort of problems that this “person” could cause within the village, especially amongst the civilians. Given the fact that it was also in the middle of the night, this wasn’t going to be an easy task. Emi had been given a list of places that had potentially seen this cloaked individual and figured she would probably hit the closest place up first for information.
”A noodle shop, huh? It’s fairly open to the street.. so if they said they saw something then they probably did.” Emi’s eyes widened a bit as she came upon noodle shop and walked inside. The person working behind the counter we to go ask what they could get her but quickly realized she wasn’t there to eat some of their famous noodles. Emi gracefully walked over to the counter where there wasn’t a lot of people and called to the worker.
In a rather hushed voice Emi ask, ”Where did you see this figure and did you see where they went?” The noodle shop workers eyes turned off Emi and glanced outside. He then pointed with his finger in the direction that he last saw the cloaked figure. It was right smack in the direction of the next place that Emi needed to visit too.
”Thank you sir, I really appreciate your time and I’ll be back under more normal circumstances to a bowl of your famous noodles! I promise.” The young girl gave off a kind smile to try and let the shop keeper know that everything would be alright and that she is going to get it taken care of. He smiled back her and just waved as he watched her exit his noodle shop and head in the direction in which he pointed. ”Good luck, dear,” he whispered as Emi vanished from his sight.
”It looks like the next place on the agenda here is near a bar and it’s sure to be crowded there. I’m wondering how anyone actually saw anything if they are all inside the bar.” The golden eyed girl picked up her pace quite a bit to try and get there quickly. It had already been thirty to forty-five minutes before the search party began, which is a ridiculous thing to begin with. As the young girl approached the bar she was heading towards, she could make out a person standing outside the bar smoking a cigarette… ”Wonder if he’s the one who noticed the cloaked figure?”
Emi had barely even just made it to where he was standing and he was already point in the direction in which the cloaked figure went. The genin sent a small gaze upon him to make sure that he wasn’t absolutely incoherent and was able to actually tell or “point” to the truth. She had determined that he must have been in his right mind because he was able to easily stand on his own and his didn’t look glossed over. She nodded her head in thanks and darted off in the direction his middle finger had been aiming. ”Good luck young lady,” the man had stated as he watched Emi depart to an area of the village that was sort of secluded.
”I need to stay sharp around here, this part of the village is not heavily populated and it’s likely the cloak figure is hiding out somewhere around here.” Emi’s eyes intently wandered around, taking notice of the things going on around here, which really wasn’t much and she wasn’t seeing anything – at least not until she came upon a small hidden alley.
”What is that down there?” Emi’s head peaked around the corner and stood watching, making sure that there was no one down currently and she could safely investigate. After a moment, the genin had decided that no one was in the area and so she made her way down the long alley. What she stumbled upon was not only weird… but it seemed like some sort of ritual symbolization. She needed to report this to the higher ups and let them handle it – she wasn’t sure what this led to but it was clear that there was a human sacrifice right in this spot. There was blood all over this symbol and it looks like the cloak figure even left behind a souvenir… the tongue of the person he sacrificed.
The young genin made sure to notate everything that she saw and dashed back towards the higher-ups to report what was there. They would have a better way of handling this as this mission from this point out.. was much higher than E rank.

WC - 870 (First mission done)
Emilia Kaneko
Emilia Kaneko
Stat Page : Emilia Kaneko
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 14000

Halloween Eventures Empty Re: Halloween Eventures

Tue Sep 28, 2021 10:36 am
Trick or Treat! (E):

It’s officially Halloween… which means there will be lots of people out in the village tonight. Crazy to think that just last night Emi was searching for some cloaked figure and tonight she will accompanying a couple of kids while they knock on doors and get a bunch of candy that they will probably never finish eating in there life. ”The people in this village give out so much candy.. it’s like they are trying to make you go away with how much they give. These people aren’t stingy enough to be honest.” The young genin chuckled a bit as she finished putting on her costume and headed for the door.
Emi has always been a fan of the horror genre… even as a kid. She remembers sneaking out of bed to watch horror films in the living room when her parents were asleep. Luckily she was never caught as her dad would have absolutely killed her on the spot if he knew that. So in true horror fashion, Emi wore a really creepy clown like mask with fake blood on it, clown shoes with blood on them, and she also carried a fake katana with blood on it.
”Knock, Knock.”
Emi took a few steps to her door and noticed that he was the kids she  was supposed to be taking out tonight for Halloween… they were already out trying to get candy. ”Trick or tre…..” They could barely even get to treat before the screams started. What made it even more wholesome was the creepy high pitched laugh that had been performing just for this sort of moment. ”Ahehe hahah hehe. I’m…. gonna get ya!” Just as she stated those words she brought her fake katana down upon the kids.. who were probably six or seven years old. The horror in those kids eyes was nothing more than magnificent joy. Though Emi figured she should probably stop the scare tactics and actually get on the road with them and get them some candy. She handed each kid ONE candy bar.
”You have got to be the most stingy person in this village… what a creep.” The two kids were in complete unison on that line and were just about to regret ever saying those words. Emi had decided to take it easy on them however and slipped off her clown mask to show them it was her. ”I think I had my fun for the night you two. But can you help me understand what you both are supposed to be?”
”I’m a pirate.. see? Argghhhh Matey” The young boy stated as he pulled his hooked hand in front of body and bent his leg. He was really getting into the swing of things and Emi was here for it.
”And I am a princess… you may call me Miss Princess Ami.” The young girl fluttered her eyes as she held out her hand and gave a “queen” like wave. Neither of these kids were short on acting skills and were going to make for a fun night regardless.
”Alright Pirate Amoi and Princess Ami… Let’s hit this road and terrorize some folks into giving us some candy. What do ya say?” Emi slipped on her clown mask and the three left the area. Each toting a large pillow case that would hold all the candy they would get from the villagers. They even came up with their own plan to scare people. Princess Ami would be the one to appear first, followed back Jack… then Emi would slide out and bring her bloodied katana down. It never really worked like they had hoped… but the people usually played along pretty well.
”Well I don’t think we caused the mischief we were expecting too tonight… but we got tons of candy and that should be good enough!” Emi looked at the two kids… who were steady searching through their pillow cases for the best candy to eat. Amoi then popped his head up and had the most ridiculous question.
”I know.. why don’t we go steal other peoples candy!” He had the widest grin on his face and Emi couldn’t tell if he was serious or not… which didn’t matter. ”If you say that one more time I will go get a real katana and cut that tongue right out of your mouth.” Her golden eyes peaked through the clown mask as she inched closer to Amoi…
”I’m so.. sorry. I.. I shouldn’t have said that!” The young boy could barely form a sentence… all the while Princess Ami was sitting there laughing at the horror that had overcome Amoi.
”Time to get you kids back home! Hehehe… “ Emi had attempted her creepy laugh once more as they all got up. It just didn’t hit right this time and she decided that was the end of that. The three disappeared… hopefully heading in a right direction.

WC -805 | TWC - 1,675 | Claiming 2k Ryo, 10 AP, and 4 tickets for Emi | Claiming WC for stats and Exiting topic
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Halloween Eventures Empty Re: Halloween Eventures

Tue Sep 28, 2021 5:58 pm
So many coloooors <3
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