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Always Sunny in Kirigakure [Kots] - Page 2 Empty Re: Always Sunny in Kirigakure [Kots]

Thu Jun 06, 2019 5:25 pm
The duo stood alone beside the monument in his likeness, a stark contrast to their initial meeting. Xyxer had initially taught Kotsuzui a lesson on death, and now Kotsuzui educated Xyxer on space-time. The trade off was appreciated, and although the man was demonstrating the jutsu that he wished for Xyxer to learn, there was one thing prominent in his mind. Once he'd finished demonstrating the techniques, Xyxer would memorise them for later before speaking to Kotsuzui, "Your assistance has been very helpful. I see a great deal of use from you, Kotsuzui, which is why I wish to show you the gift of Old Kirigakure. Watch this kunai." While Xyxer spoke, he withdrew a single kunai and threw it in an arc up towards the sky, requiring the male to crane his head if he wished to keep tabs on its trajectory.

During this frame of time, Xyxer moved across the grass and soil without any disturbance, his breath seemingly ceasing while he moved with short, hidden steps towards Kotsuzui. Once he was close to the male, he snatched the arcing kunai from the air, returning it to his pouch before stepping backwards. "Focus on your breathing and control your movements, shift your feet outwards when you move, light on the feet. In Kirigakure, we moved like wraiths. We were so silent, some enemies considered us apparitions of death. In the library there are many scrolls detailing this process if you feel like you'll need more education, but the key is the breathing. Through the gut." There was a brief pause before he continued, "With this knowledge, Kotsuzui, I wish for you to be my assassin. Together we will shape the world. You will be informed on a series of gestures which will have different meanings, I expect you to memorise them for the future. Good luck" With the words spoken, Xyxer slowly departed from the lesson, moving elsewhere.

2857 WC

Vanish, Portal, and Gateway can now be learnt at half cost.
Teaching Kotsuzui Lost Arts
2000/2000 Vanish
800/2000 Bijuu Energy Well
28 AP gained
Kaguya Kotsuzui
Kaguya Kotsuzui
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Always Sunny in Kirigakure [Kots] - Page 2 Empty Re: Always Sunny in Kirigakure [Kots]

Thu Jun 06, 2019 11:13 pm
claiming exit because im lazy
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Always Sunny in Kirigakure [Kots] - Page 2 Empty Re: Always Sunny in Kirigakure [Kots]

Fri Jun 07, 2019 4:05 pm
Sure Xy and Kots
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