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Goro Tanaka
Goro Tanaka
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It's Always Sunny in Kirigakure [P, Daiko] Empty It's Always Sunny in Kirigakure [P, Daiko]

Sat Oct 02, 2021 11:16 am
It was, like, super rainy. Which was good for all the water nature havers, Goro supposed, but he was sorta put out as someone who notably preferred to stay dry. It'd be difficult to get charcoal like this since it had to be manufactured in a specific way- he was still on laboratory time out, and as such he'd have to do it in a reasonably empty space. But... he scratched his head. 

Bad weather, bad vibes. 

He couldn't let this get him down, though. Don't let the weather win and all that. 

Sooner or later, he found himself under a large overhang, wondering what he'd do if it was sunny. Apart from the charcoal, that is- he didn't really have any friends other than Murata at this point. He wasn't sure what Koutaku thought of him outside of the realm of usefulness, and Shoko seemed to find him irritating. But, like. That was to be expected. 

He let out a low whistle as he waited for the rain to let up slightly. Maybe he could make a mad dash to some store or another and spend an afternoon in the training facility's holodeck technology? Surely they wouldn't ALL be in use.

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