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Punching Bag Time (Kotetsu, Valen, Cole, Priv)

Madrigal Kaguya
Cole Uchiha
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Punching Bag Time (Kotetsu, Valen, Cole, Priv) - Page 3 Empty Re: Punching Bag Time (Kotetsu, Valen, Cole, Priv)

Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:18 am
Cole Uchiha
Cole Uchiha
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Punching Bag Time (Kotetsu, Valen, Cole, Priv) - Page 3 Empty Re: Punching Bag Time (Kotetsu, Valen, Cole, Priv)

Thu Nov 30, 2017 3:41 pm
(Sorry guys for taking so long, I got my internet fixed now :) )

Kotetsu made it over to cole before he was able to catch his breath. Asking if cole needed any help from the kick that Valen had given him. Cole barley realized that their was another person that had showed up by the time Kotetsu had started to give cole medical attention using the basic medical jutsu. It didn't take long for cole to start to feel good enough to stand cole knew that Kotetsu was no medical ninja, but he appreciated the thought anyway. Plus it did help him a lot as well. When cole started to pay attention to what was going on again he saw that their was another pale and scarred ninja standing in the door of the church. He was talking to Valen but it was so low from the distance cole was at that he couldn't hear what they was saying, but cole did notice that valen had gotten his sword back and was ready for a battle. Cole didn't know if Valen was getting ready to defend him and Kotetsu or not. After the visions of his death over and over while being in pain. Cole thought that he was really going to die. Cole wiped the blood from his the side of his mouth from his nose bleed he had gotten during the visions. Cole wiped the blood on his pants leg, and started to pay attention to what was going on. He didn't know if Valen would need any help or not, but he was wanting to be ready if things went for the bad.

It was at this time that cole saw Valen lift his hand so fast cole couldn't even really see it. He just saw that Valens hand was by his side and then it was straight in front of him. Cole saw what appeared as a flash of light but he couldn't tell what it was. Till he looked closer at Valens hand and noticed the crossbow. Cole figured that he had shot some kind of arrow out. Cole noticed that it didn't really affect the new comer and instead their was just a tiny hole that had already started to heal up by the time cole had noticed it. Cole then saw that their was what appeared to be threads in the new shinobis arm. Cole had no idea what that was, but he was going to research it when he got the time. Cole knew that they worst weakness that a shinobi should have is being unprepared. Cole was going to watch very carefully on what happened next and would take notes on it mentally. Cole then watched as the man got a very disappointed look on his face. Cole couldn't tell at first if it was because of the attack that he was disappointed like he expected more from Valen or what. Cole then noticed that sound of a bird flying through the air. He then watched as Valen simi let his guard down and the the new ninja call for the bird. By lifting his arm up and whistling for the bird to come down. The bird was a brown and white hawk it was quit beautiful cole thought to himself as he watched the knew ninja pull a small scroll from the leg of the hawk.

Cole watched as the man told Valen that they would have to continue this another time he had to go. With that cole figured that Valen and the man knew each other, but cole thought that it was kinda weird that they would act like that if they was friends, so cole figured that they must be either rivals or enemies. Cole wasn't for sure if he wanted to know which one or not. He knew that Valen was strong and for this man to stand like he did against him he knew that he had to be on Valens level at least. Which meant that he was way out of coles and Kotetsu's league. Cole watched as the man left. Cole couldn't tell which way he went and really didn't care either. Valen then came over to were cole and Kotetsu was standing, and told them that he had things to do as well and if they wanted to continue the training another day he would be happy to help. Cole gave Valen a nod thanking him and letting him know that he would probably take him up on that offer. Cole knew that the best and fastest way to get stronger was to train with people that was stronger than you was, and Valen fit the bill just perfect. Once Valen was gone Kotetsu asked if cole was ok, and cole told him he was and thanked him once more for the medical treatment. With that cole and Kotetsu left the training grounds.  

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Yasahiro Yagami
Yasahiro Yagami
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Village Leader
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Punching Bag Time (Kotetsu, Valen, Cole, Priv) - Page 3 Empty Re: Punching Bag Time (Kotetsu, Valen, Cole, Priv)

Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:59 pm
Looks good, approved.
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