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Storm That Building - Page 2 Empty Re: Storm That Building

Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:37 pm
Had there been another fire, it would have to wait.
Sanae was inviting Tamaki to dinner, not just something to eat but something she's cooking.
He would have to remember to be polite, not just for her sake but also for the sake of her father.
Running down town the clone quickly stooped by to pick up her groceries, chasing an orange that had rolled down the street Tamaki watched the clone hopelessly kick it here and there.
Lacking the proper coordination was always something appropriately funny.
Staring down at Sanae's feet, he shuffled his own feet a little in the dirt stirring up some dust.
"Is there anything I should mind or mention?"
First and foremost he was polite and conscientious of his surroundings, he had hoped her father's temperament wasn't too hard to handle.
He propped himself up with a stick and stood at his full height, looking around he saw small groups of people gathering around to witness the burnt out building's reconstruction.
The day had been around noon by the time they had finished and bare wooden installations worked through the walls and a new door had been bought and fitted.
The clone returned with the groceries and stood beside Tamaki, standing a bit taller than himself he took the bag of groceries from the clone and handed them to the stronger Sanae.
"I like noodles. "
He said stupidly as he handed the bag over, he had meant to say I like you but it had come out wrong, perhaps more appropriately to his luck he soon found the toe of his shoe incredibly interesting to hide his befuddlement.
He gestured for the clone to leave, rather than waste the chakra in dispersing it only to make another later.
Wood clones lasted indefinitely and would spend their time waiting to be called upon up to a mile away, this wood clone had been one of his first as he was practicing the jutsu for the upcoming chuunin exams and further.
Their ability to use jutsu was essential in this mission, the flames requiring two water hoses to control at the thickest of it.
Water trumpet jutsu also had been essential for success, expending a large amount of chakra quickly had been debilitating but with team mates it was manageable.
Sanae had done her part to save a kitten and some of the civilians like she said she would, she was a superb example of what a ninja should be thought Tamaki to himself.

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Storm That Building - Page 2 Empty Re: Storm That Building

Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:53 pm
She thought about what he asked while she watched the clone follow the stray orange around and chuckled at the site of his. Then she turned to Tamaki and smiled. "Well my father is kind of chilled. So don't worry too much. He might try to intimidate you a little, but don't worry he is all bark and no bite. He has never harmed anyone I brought home with me, not even boys", she said softly speaking and thought about it. Maybe just because it was like he always said, he would not go up against weaker opponents if it was not needed. And in this state Tamaki would surely be seen as a weaker opponent even if she knew he could be strong. As he handed her the bag and said he liked noodles she nodded. [color:abc2=2e2efe]"Good then I'll make some noodles for you I have a special Idea for the noodles with coal in the soup and carrots shaped like roses and so on", she started blabbering about as she took him away.

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Storm That Building - Page 2 Empty Re: Storm That Building

Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:58 pm
How many boys did she invite over for noodles before him he wondered, a deep warmth in his belly would indeed  be welcome and so he followed Sanae as he spoke.
Coal was impalpable; I hope she knew that, it didn't sound particularly appetizing but the notion of being cooked for was too good to miss, even if it sounded odd.
They departed in each others company.


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Storm That Building - Page 2 Empty Re: Storm That Building

Sat Oct 14, 2017 12:40 pm
Approved @ Sanae, Tamaki, app in mission rewards to your claims bud. Also when you claim the remainder of a tech's word count toss in a link to the original thread you started the WC in. And any in  between threads if there were more than just that. 

Also, please toss in the mission details (Or just a link to the mission) in the first post of the mission thread :) Thank you. Tamaki, edit in your mission rewards and I'll come by and approve you.
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