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Storm That Building Empty Storm That Building

Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:42 pm
The growing fire was the most prominent of his concerns.
First he searched the crowds until his eyes met a peculiarly dressed man; bright purples and greens, offsetting the vibrancy of the moment's dazzling colours.
Tamaki rushed over to the man whom he had seen leaving the burning building and handed him the package with an over exaggerated wink before also garnering the odd words, "Get help!"
Not knowing whether this would work or not, he was surprised to have the wink over zealously returned and the conspiracy was made pact, he had resolved a part of his mission.
First, he would have to evacuate the remaining person or persons still within the building.
Second, he would have to control the flames so as to not have it spread through the city's central square.

If it hadn't been such a difficult task to do alone he may of hesitated but seeing as how he had made it this far, he may as well do his best to curb the situation into a peaceful resolution.
Dragon Tiger Hare Tamaki's hands interlocked together and fluidly drifted from designation to designation, the jutsu slowly becoming a well-known chore; Water Release: Water Trumpet Jutsu!
He exclaimed as he busted the door in with a stream of water and doused the flames in his path, flooding the bottom floor of the building was easy and Tamaki waited patiently for the civilians; who were no longer trapped by the inferno, to drudge through the waters and out the door.
His concerns had elevated to fever pitch, sweat lining his brow and poisonous smoke gushed out of the windows of the building spiraling high into the air forming great black clouds.

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Storm That Building Empty Re: Storm That Building

Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:23 pm
This was one of the worst scenarios a town could face up against. A shop had been set on fire and now people were trapped inside and other buildings were in danger of catching fire and some people were kind of panicking all over. Running around like headless chickens what made it difficult to get to where the problem was. While she was running she took her headband and wrapped it around her mouth and nose. Then in the middle of things she saw something that was kind of familiar to her. A pale haired boy that was shooting with water to clear off a doorway for some people to come out of the inflamed building. Some of the windows were burst with flames higher up in the three story building and calls of desperate people could be heard from within. It was more than clear someone needed to go in to help and she was sure to be the one. Although fire was still harmful but only recently she had thrown a big speech about how she would protect each and everyone. Now was the time to show that she really meant what she said. So she went to the Senju she knew so well and grabbed his shoulder. "Tamaki-kun! I want in could you soak me?", she looked at him questioning her voice dimmed a bit by the cloth in front of it while the house was still crackling and the fire made this scary kind of windy sound as it was burning up the oxygen around and tried to grow bigger and bigger.

She turned her head to look above seeing some hands frantically waving. "I need to get up there without burning like a crisps...", then she paused and hugged him, "Nice to see you by the way be careful around the fire", she grinned at him because she was the one to talk, she planned on going into the fire, not him.

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Storm That Building Empty Re: Storm That Building

Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:04 pm
Tamaki would spray water where he found fire, left and right sweeping to and fro.
He turned to see Sanae wearing her headband over her mouth; would her strange behavior ever cease to amaze him?
Her request was odd as well but none the less he relented, he performed the monkey sign and his mouth filled with water.
Spraying her with a stream of water using Ou Tsuba he drenched her clothing, adding considerable weight as her clothing sponged in the water.
Tamaki ceased his frantic searching in the flames and admired the image of the woman before shaking his head free from the day dream he turned his attention to the next floor and the roaring flames.
He nodded his head in confirmation of her plan and he started to walk the sodden, burnt floor.
The flames were roasting the floorboards and the wall paper was peeling away to reveal the infrastructure behind, Tamaki reached the stairs and was forming hand signs again filling his gut with water.
He sprayed water as he took the flight of stairs to the next floor as the way he walked, pausing every few seconds to jet water at spots of fire he saw.
He almost lazily was expending chakra, like a chore that bored him.
His dull eyes moving across the room as he walked, the second floor was almost completely surrounded by flames.
The flames had crept up the walls and everyone was standing in the centre of the room.
Tamaki cleared a pathway to the stairs for the refugees.
He would tend to the flames after he saw Sanae gain access to the second floor, waiting for assistance to see what techniques she may possess that could quell fires.
More out of personal interest than recuperating his chakra reserves, he waited patiently for the people of the second floor to pass him and go down the stairs.
Where they would then find the first floor quenched of flames and the front door busted in.
Tamaki watched as steam hissed viciously at him, coating him in a humid and uncomfortable dampness.
It had seemed only twenty seconds had passed since he had reached the second floor and he was already occupied with who may be on the roof floor.
Tamaki asked a passerby if anyone was left in the building, their replies were worrying.
Reports suggested that there were at least eleven people still left inside, upstairs waiting for the fires to consume them.

Tamaki had been sitting out the front having lunch before the fire, some spicy noodles in broth with vegetables.
He had been enjoying the last of the noodles when he auspiciously looked up to see two men arguing.
The debate had been over something as scathing as an affair and the two seeming civilians resorted to their fists.
One was a shinobi as it so happened.
Tamaki slurped up his last noodle as a fireball careened into the building adjacent him, he wasn't paying attention so it didn't register until well after the fact.
Slamming his hands on the table he yelled, "That is seriously not cool!"
Rising clamour from the crowd suggested that some one pay for it, then a chorus of laughter from the rich, a never ending cycle.

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Storm That Building Empty Re: Storm That Building

Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:28 pm
He did not really question her motives or her actions because maybe he had grown to trust her a little with her kind of crazy ideas sometimes. She turned herself a little while her was dowsing her in Water thankful for him being here because despite of her being an amazing shinobi there was not much for her to do against a fire despite maybe tear down the building itself, but not with the people inside it. So she let the water soak into her clothing it felt cold and heavy now, but that was okay dripping with it she then nodded at Tamaki raising her hand and then rushing to climb the wall. Having aquired the skill to walk a surface was helpful with this because she could just run upwards and her speed helped with keeping her save from the flames. This way she would easily reach the top of floor of the building grabbing a person reaching out of the window, telling another one to jump her back and then running down again.
There was a rush of adrenalin going through her veins while she was running and so much new weight was pushing onto her. Without the ring she had recently bought she would not have been able to carry that much weight with her. A little jump at the end and she would deliver the two people to the ground just going up again and then climbing in through the window. If there were more they could not tell, because they had not gone to look themselves so it was up to her to search in every room to see if there were people left to save. With a kick she tore down the door closest to her, it was already burning therefore easy to get rid of, but the room was filled with flames. He calls seemed even distant to her, it was like she was only hearing an echo of her own voice while she was going around the room as far as it was possible before she turned to check the next one.

Blood was pumping through her veins and her heart was at unease. A simple mistake could cost lives, precious lives belonging to innocent people and she might not be able to stop it from happening. No, she shook her head she could do it she could rise above all of this and fullfill her duty as a shinobi of Hoshi or she was not worth it. Why was she even in this place to begin with? Her father had send her shopping and she was about to go home. A bag with groceries was what she had left behind somewhere on the street. Walking towards her home she had seen the sudden burst of flames and therefore dropped everything on the spot right away, turned around and ran to help. For a moment she had herself wondering, would her mother be proud of her? Would she be glad her daughter chose the path she had taken? Since it was obvious for now she had left because she could not take the pressure put on her anymore for being a shinobis mother and who would blame her in a place like this. A sudden burst of flames almost string her face brought her back she had cracked open another door finding a young man and woman inside the room behind it. Time to act again.

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Storm That Building Empty Re: Storm That Building

Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:03 am
As he peered through the window he noticed Sanae surface walking up the building and down carrying people.
She was stronger then last time, I wonder how thought Tamaki.
Sanae seemed to be managing the top floor herself, but, Tamaki would lend a hand.
He brushed past the next room flourishing his chakra to coat the walls and roof with water, dousing the flames and the evil smelling smokes that were expelling from them.
A new jutsu he had been learning came to the fore front of his mind, he split his chakras into two seperate pools; water and earth, and blended them together within himself to make wood.
The wood separated from himself into another entity that looked impressively like Tamaki, "Wood Clone Jutsu"
The clone would look and act like Tamaki.
He motioned for the clone to do the monkey hand sign and they both began to spray water around the room.
Clearing the second floor in what seemed like moments, they ran up the stairs to the third and final floor to immediately be greeted by Sanae braving the flames rescuing a man and woman.
The clone began to soak the floor while Tamaki focused on the ceiling.
The closed doors to the various rooms echoed cries for help behind them, Tamaki busted in the door with his foot and swept the room with water trumpet jutsu.
The water level gradually rising to window height in this room, it was safe to say that the fire was extinguished.

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Storm That Building Empty Re: Storm That Building

Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:59 am
Sanae was looking at both of the being endangered by the flames. To clear them a path she would flip over a shelf that was not already burning and shouted to the two people: "Come over!" One after another they would quickly run towards her and she would send them towards the window so that they would get some fresh air before they would start to get smoke poisoning. While she looked around for more people to rescue she could see Tamaki come up the stairs and practically drown every flame in water. This was really a job where he could shine the brightest and she was truly happy to see him. A sudden rush of happiness struck her as she would see him helping her. So she would grab the Tamaki closest to her not realizing that there were two of them and embracing the clone she had grabbed in a tight hug: "You are the hero today without you this would all be worse", and after saying that she would kiss that poor clone on his cheek and then tend to the other two taking them swiftly out of the window. Maybe to get out of the way of probably awkward questions but well this people needed to be taken to safety. Well they could have walked down, but maybe the stairs were damage or flooded like the hallways. So here was no risk to be taken. She nodded to herself as if she needed confirmation that she was doing the sensible thing here. But after she had set the two of them down she once again climbed the building almost feeling like a monkey. She then climbed in through the window again. "Are you through? Is there someone else still here?!", she called out to her friend whom she thought of being still up here.

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Storm That Building Empty Re: Storm That Building

Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:48 am
Sight through his clone revealed Sanae hugging and kissing him, if only it had been his flesh beneath those lips and not animate wood.
The sentiment was there though and that dazzled the young man briefly incapacitating him, he succumbed to the acrid smoke and fell face first into a puddle.
The last of survivors of the burning building fled downstairs while Tamaki regained his feet beneath him, his heart beating in his throat as he noted how sore his esophagus was from breathing smoke.
The clone came busting through the door on fire, Tamaki doused it with water and allowed it to help him down the frail stairs.
Floor boards succumbed to his weight and more than a few times he had to pull his foot out of a hole that had hungrily opened up to swallow him.
The clone was invaluable in escorting himself to safety and after the conflict it stared dumbly at Sanae, Tamaki was hanging limply from the clones arms as it set him down on the cobblestone.

"I believe that's everyone, the clone did a thorough sweep of the building, are you okay Sanae?"
His voice was concerned yet distant, calculated yet uncertain.
"I wonder if we'll get paid for this?"
He noticed the flames of the roof spreading to another building, and spoke again, "Maybe we're not finished just yet?"

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Storm That Building Empty Re: Storm That Building

Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:29 am
She could not find him inside so she looked outside again. There was he, dangling in the arms of his clone. He did not really look so good so the next thing she did was just jump out of the window to rush down the wall and hurry towards him to be there as the clone was setting him down on the pavement. She looked at him worried from top to bottom. Gently she brushed his hair back out of his face and then pulled down her head band. "I'll have a look at this", she said without leaving him time to say no. "Paid for this, we are shinobi we do this to protect people", she shook her head as she was activating the medical Ninjutsu she had learned from Hikari engulfing her hands in a green light gently running her hands over his body closing all his minor scratches. She signed as she saw that she was not that good and that there was still room to improvement. "I will get better for the next time, I am sorry do you feel any better", she was looking up, "I could use your help up there a lot." She could carry him up, but she was not such a good fire extinguisher. Well she could just tear down the roofs but that was not what was expected of her was it?
She got up again looking at Tamaki again her eyes clouded with worry about his condition because he did not seem so fit anymore and he had already done so much. She remembered the corridor been flooded knee high or even more that had to be a lot of water and he made it all by himself. Her Fuuton was no use it would just fuel the fire more and that was not what needed. Slowly she ran her hand through her hair putting it back and also her head gear back onto her face to cover it. "We can do it, we are shinobi, we do the impossible every day after all", she winked at him.

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Storm That Building Empty Re: Storm That Building

Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:53 pm
Wearily getting to his feet the young genin was uncertain of so much, he felt ill and disorientated.
At the touch of her hands there rose a fire within him; a deep warmth that relieved his tired limbs and ravaged lungs.
New vitality seeped into him as he breathed, correcting his posture he performed the three essential hand signs for water trumpet jutsu.
A large stream of water washed over the over lapping roofs dousing the flames, there was no more threat to any other of the buildings.
With the last of his chakra expiring he fell to his knees, it had been a long ordeal and he had put out the flames while Sanae had rescued the civilians.
The clouds that were gushing out of the building had ceased and Tamaki spoke, "I'm out of chakra Sanae, is everyone safe?"
His pants were short and his concern only for the other civilians who had been caught in the flames.
It would take some time before he was capable of forming any semblance of a sentence, he was drained completely and his breaths came short.
If he were to fight someone now in this state, no doubt he would lose.
He turned his attention to the wood clone and Sanae who were standing close by,
"Can we get something to eat now?"

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Storm That Building Empty Re: Storm That Building

Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:01 pm
As her companion started to use his water jutsu again to clear the buildings off the fire she nodded at him with a smile and then hurried towards the buildings. Quickly she was climbing the front of the building and looked into each and every window. When she found one open window she climbed in without any fear, because she knew her friend was outside extinguishing the fires. She was save in here while she was looking around. Well as save as it could be at least. The workers seemed to have done a good job evacuating the buildings around the shop so in the first two stories of the building she could not find anyone on the first floor she found a kitten that she would take along but no one else was in that building. As she was stepping outside a young girl was rushing towards her calling out a name you would give a pet. The kitten had a quite positive response to that so she handed it over to the girl.
After that she rushed over to the other building where the roof had collapsed a little this time she went in from bottom to top looking around and finding someone who had already returned to the house whom she had an argument with because he did not really think it was all that important to get the hell out of a building that could still go down or fall into pieces. After screaming at him like a drill sergeant he would see the fault in his doing and go out while she went up the stairs and looked around closely. As soon as she could see that there was definitely no one else around here that could be in danger she went out again. There she could see Tamaki and her steps got a little faster as she was walking towards him.
"You have worked so very hard today", she praised him while kneeling down to wrap an arm under his arms pulling him up to his feet. "I have dropped my groceries somewhere along the way from here to home", she smiled at him, "When you come along to pick them up I will invite you over to my house to have dinner with me and my father today, you could even choose between some different noodle or rice recipes I can do", she promised to him while she would get ready to drag him along if he agreed.

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