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Day training (training, nk 4 ppl) - Page 3 Empty Re: Day training (training, nk 4 ppl)

Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:46 pm
Salzem nodded as each gave their general move-set. Nothing too useful at all against someone like yen... he only hoped he'd be holding back somewhat for the youngster's sake and his. Apparently, that wasn't the case, however, as a dense fog fell over them, a light buzzing noise starting swarm from within it as well. Immediately before the binding effect could take hold (as with how it's written, it appears gradual), the lycan slammed his hands together in the tiger-sign (speed 125, chakra 70), his chakra flooding through him and dispelling the soon-to-be utterly disturbing genjutsu before it could take it's full effect. Salzem knew exactly how Yen was, what with his preference to mess with people's heads. He also knew how much he favored genjutsu and suspected that would be the very first thing he tossed out onto the field. Granted, if he had waited a second later, Salzem would've been captured along with these kids and their fight would've been a lot more complicated... The kids, however, were completely immobilized, staring off into the near-distance as if something terrifying was right up in their faces. Of course, they were entranced in the genjutsu, the power of which exceeded their chakra by a mile. Salzem quickly placed a hand on either of their shoulders, flooding his chakra into them at speeds of 125 (faster than yen's web could reach them), awakening them from the illusion. By now the spider-net was nearly upon them and Salzem took his arms back, glancing at mr. Suiton, charging his strength in his hands. He took a deep breath, his eyes glazing over white and a yellow aura.

"Get your best water jutsu ready!" Salzem commanded, beckoning for the kid to charge up his jutsu. "When I hit this thing, fire it right at Yen!" Right before the webbing struck, Salzem shoved his hands forward, throwing out a massive Wind-blast in the shape of a tigerhead, it's width and height and power just enough to push through Yen's spider-net, the rest either entrapped by the Daytime Tiger, or falling away a safe 20 meters away from it's intended target. (Power 73, Speed 98, width 50 meters). The blast would rip across the ground, taking Yen with it most likely, given it's insane difference between his strength and its. He expected Ban would throw his own little jutsu a moment later, taking a second or two to realize what had just happened given their difference in speed.

"Puma, stay behind me and wait... See what he does next..."

AP: 977
-65 AP

-40 Daytime Tiger
-25 for 3 Genjutsu Release (5 on me, 10 for the other two.)
Alister Yama
Alister Yama
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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Day training (training, nk 4 ppl) - Page 3 Empty Re: Day training (training, nk 4 ppl)

Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:02 pm
Yen smiled as the sound of salzem would quickly bark out instructions. As sal had suscessfully dispelled the genjutsu on both genin as quickly as it came. The mist dispersed as the aburame noted an interesting sight of a tiger made of wind moving close to as fast as yen could track it.

nice sal!

Yen thought as the tiger of wind overtook yen, as he stood up chakra surged to his feet and yen stood put due to the rooting power of surface walking tecnique. (Surface walking: rooting power= to yens chakra stat)

 but due to his health the wind merely caused no harm to the aburame. As his cloak and hat flew off revealing his jouninn jacket. 

"Veeeerrrryyyy nnnnniiiiicccceee"

Yen would say as he maintained his balence and awaited for the wind to subside. Still aware of how far the trio were from him. He smiled at sal and awaited the genin and his buddy to act.

His mind suddenly thought of another idea. See normally yen relied of a combination of things. So if he could produce and focus his grey aura from body and soul. Perhaps, just perhaps he could find a way to avoid the sever costs of using the technique. Hence focus it as a thing of its own. Supported by other things, not just inhabited. Then the possibilities,would increase. 

A simple idea in disire to be tested. It was worth the use. He had a large enough reserve and creativeness to utilize an nice protective feature.



Jutsu used

Tree surface walking: -5
Ban Senju
Ban Senju
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Day training (training, nk 4 ppl) - Page 3 Empty Re: Day training (training, nk 4 ppl)

Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:38 pm
Ban figured he should do something soon or else something bad might happen. He tried to think of anything he could do to help out. His mind couldn't conjure anything up. And just as he thought there was nothing he could do, a voice called out. It told Ban to get his best water jutsu ready. The had come from the newcoming guy that was to lead the other kid and Ban against Yen. He had to assume that the voice was meant for him so he immediately took action without wasting any time. Ban put his left and right hand together forming the tiger hand sign. Two water clones formed from the water vapor coming from the mist. He set the clones, one to his right, and one to his left 18 meters ahead. Only 2 more meters and they would have reached their maximum distance from Ban. He had them begin the hand signs for the water needles jutsu. Ban himself began the hand signs for the water needles jutsu. His hands shifted from rat to bird hand sign, weaving both with care. He and the clones drew water from the mist forming the needles. All three of them prepared for what would happen. Ban ran forward returning to the other two he was with and watched waiting. The newcomer had used some type of jutsu, it blasted away the incoming spider web and the hidden mist jutsu too. Now Ban could see where Yen stood. Ban send needles flying at Yen with a power and speed of 20 from left right and his front. He delayed each one of them so they would not collide if missing, they would continue to go on until reaching their maximum range. "Alright let's do it now!" Ban and his clones launched the water needles at Yen. One clone on his left flank and one on his right. The real Ban was in front of Yen shooting. They all let off 5 water needles in hopes of taking down Yen.

WC: 335

Water Clones (AP 130-20= 110)
Water Needles (AP 110-30= 80)
Clone Water Needles (80-20=60)

[Mid Thread Claims]
WC: 3,129
Earth Element
15 stats

Last edited by Ban Senju on Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:44 pm; edited 11 times in total
Madrigal Kaguya
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Day training (training, nk 4 ppl) - Page 3 Empty Re: Day training (training, nk 4 ppl)

Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:58 am
Approved mid thread claim @ Ban

Day training (training, nk 4 ppl) - Page 3 Empty Re: Day training (training, nk 4 ppl)

Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:14 am
The Uchiha was lost in the gen-Jutsu he let himself act naturally. Things happened truly quick as some Jutsu gone left and right. Puma was in the gen-Jutsu which was set up by Yen And then all of a sudden his accomplice Sal got him out of the gen-Jutsu. He opened his eyes and didn't comprehend what to do. All of a sudden, Sal discharging a huge Jutsu which was obscure to the youthful Uchiha. He looked as everything gone in one movement. He pays attention to Sal's words as he instructed him to remain behind yet the Uchiha would answer. " Is it since I am weak for sure? Or, on the other hand, that being not able to assault. What about the things you taught me wouldn’t that be good enough?”

The Uchiha began to feel as though he was forgotten to be a useless shinobi who wasn't sufficient to help his group. He didn't give this a chance to get to his mind as he was a stronger shinobi who can vanquish these minors. He couldn't give envy a chance to assume control him as it would just devastate him. He was a more brilliant shinobi and he knew it. A stronger shinobi who he will be and nothing will put him down. He at that point would state two or three contemplations in his mind which he didn't say out-loud. I am a solid ninja, I am a solid ninja and I should not be vanquished. Puma secured his fingers and held up quietly as he would tune into Sal.


Day training (training, nk 4 ppl) - Page 3 Empty Re: Day training (training, nk 4 ppl)

Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:12 am
Salzem glanced back at Puma as he questioned whether or not he was too weak to take part. The elder ninja merely rolled his eyes and waited, knowing full well that this kid would get his chance to shine. Ban actually impressed him with his water techniques, throwing several water-needles at the aburame in quite an impressive display. In fact, if Salzem didn't know how tough Yen really was, he might've believed that this was where the fight ended. No, though, this man had devoted himself to enduring pain and damage and this kind of attack would hardly faze him... Now... Ban looked utterly wasted after using those attacks, the majority of his stamina used up in this one maneuver... He needed to pull back, catch his breath...

The moment those needles landed (whether on Yen or somewhere else), Salzem would speak up, stepping forward and gesturing for Puma to come with him. "Ban, step back and take a few moments to rest. It was a good attack but now it's our turn. Puma, go. Show Yen just how strong you are. I'll back you up." Salzem stood there, in front of Ban defensively should Yen decide to go after him instead of his current aggressor. He smiled somewhat, actually enjoying being in command for a change. It felt... Powerful... It felt... good... Maybe it was because he believed himself capable with these lives in his hands... Or maybe because he knew Yen wasn't going to kill them if they messed up. Whatever the reason, it was refreshing... Maybe he should look to leading his own team again after this. It had been too long!


So long...

(Ban, you gain back 10 AP every post you don't do something that requires AP (I think unless that rule changed when I wasn't looking :b))
Alister Yama
Alister Yama
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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Day training (training, nk 4 ppl) - Page 3 Empty Re: Day training (training, nk 4 ppl)

Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:40 pm
(correct sal 10 ap per post as long as they do not utilize jutsu and move at half speed. they can still defend, but not attack. all right tobi lets have some fun.)

the wind stopped and hence yen grinned as he noted the attack of ban coming straight towards him. water needles he knew it well and understood that in tandem it was an well choreographed. However, this was not a one strike end all anime. so yen took the blows as the water merely fell like rain drops on a rainy day. his body pretty much impervious of damage from a jutsu of that level. (100 health vs the water needles at a power of 20.) yen listend as sal spoke and smiled.

he must defintley be have fun here. leading will mean he will have less to worry about.

yen thought as he began to walk at a speed of 1 towards sal and spoke. hence smiling he then attempted to lock his single yellow eye with either of  sal's eyes as he spoke.

"very nice sal you positioned yourself for defensive positioning and also an amazing tactician. so i wonder what you will do if i get behind you. now im not the fastest you see. but the team works as one. just like you and me buddy! still i wonder how we should proceed. do you remember what that other place was like? ah the world i created with. shall we go there again? its been awhile since you saw the flash of light. now it is your turn to see if they have picked up a thing or two... correct?"

yen said with a smile as he glanced over at salzems right eye. Should salzem lock his eye with yens single eye yen would would activate the genjutsu shibari. (also known as the body binding genjutsu) at merely a glance sal would be frozen unable to move.  as he would be frozen with fear respectively. perhaps a nice combination of mentioning his strongest technique would jolt salzem. (genjutsu shibari: power: 80 chakra required to break free: 60)

should yen be successful yen would then weave a ram handsign at a speed of 22 and hence to the genin fade from existence. instead yen would be appearing right behind salzem by going to salzems left side in a semi circle. as sal would note. (body flicker: speed gets added to chakra stat: final speed: 122) 

upon reappearing behind sal yen would be facing  puma uchiha and smiling at the uchiha.  yen would reach behind him and touch salzem's back directly in the middle of his spine. yens left hand would glow blue as soon as it rested on salzem's back.  Triggering the ever interesting domino effect of the body pathway derangement technique. which if salzem was not resilient enough he would find that even if he broke out of the genjutsu he will be unable to move.( body pathway derangement power 75, since sal has medical this lasts 2 posts instead of 5)

speaking up as he noted their effectiveness yen would continue a slow walk towards the uchiha.

"sometimes we run into challenges. so genin your goal shall be to make it past me and also get salzem to his feet. a team without a head can fall, but shall also stand strong despite the obstacle. as he is not one to carry your backs, but you to also hold him up. Teamwork comes in many functions. but now its time uchiha to awaken..."

yen would speak as he would unleash his display of power upon the trio. the visual form of his aura would be  of a large wall that seems to by stature and standard even outclass the building's making the individuals around him seem like a trio of insects. the wall formed a face that laughed mockingly as the laughter would increase seemingly both cold and yet diminishing. an terrible sight to those whom never met yen. as he was going to push the genin to the brink of their limits and beyond. 

to be broken is to be reforged. they are no longer students but warriors, and should be pushed as much. even if i must heal them in the end... i shall assure that dread shall be felt.and understood. it is effort not gifts that drives a shinobi. so now the uchiha shall face a challenge. so i shall see if i can awaken his lanten eyte. the eye of woes, pain and sorrow, as you have shown me my dear old freind. so he could understand what even he can do. still we shall see what time unfolds.

yen would think as he stood before the uchiha. his best freind on the ground behind him and now the trio feeling the dread and hopelessness of a jouninn pushing them. (display of power: felt stats: 525, stats to resist: 393)



-60 for genjutsu shibari
-40 for body pathway derangement
-10 body flicker

(note: tobi gonna give ya a hand to awaken your sharingan)
Ban Senju
Ban Senju
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Day training (training, nk 4 ppl) - Page 3 Empty Re: Day training (training, nk 4 ppl)

Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:23 pm
Ban breathed heavily after he pulled off his attack. He had used a lot of stamina on that attack, he had hopes for it to make at least a dent. The new guy Yen had called Sal made a note to Ban that his attack was good. Ban grinned, finally some recognition. He didn't hear what Salzem had said about stepping back and taking a break. He was too caught up in his compliment. However he began resting anyways as Salzem stood in front of him protectively. Okay... Ban was starting to warm up to this guy. He seemed pretty cool and he thought Bans attack was good. 

 He watched to see the results of his attack. The needles looked as if they were going to hit him! Yes! Ban had finished the match. But wait... He looked again, and they splashed off him like rain. What?! That couldn't be! Ban watched as Yen moved towards Salzem. He couldn't take in everything, but Yen had done something to him to immobilize him. Put him under another genjutsu? Whatever it was, now only Ban and the other kid were left. He listened as Yen told them they had to get past him and get Salzem. Ban could feel Yens power.. It was way over his own, and he could hardly fathom it. Ban was astonished, shocked, fascinated, amazed, and much more. He was worried but he had to try something. 

Ban yelled to Tobi, "Listen! I'll do my best to distract him! Try to get over to that guy! We can do it!" Ban weaved a tiger hand sign and sprayed out mist everywhere, thick mist. He left part of the mist where Tobi and Salzem were, transparent so Tobi could see. Ban didn't have much left in him, but he was going to do his best. Ban formed another  tiger had sign, and summoned the two water clones from the mist again. Since the mist was thick, he thought he could trick Yen into thinking a clone was him. Ban switched places with a clone, and he and the other clone went wide, turned around and got on Yens 6. Ban made the mist between Yen and the first clone transparent trying to play off his trick. Yen could do Ninjutsu and genjutsu but could he fight in close combat? Ban and his clone leaped towards Yen attempting to grapple onto his back. If they landed, and caught hold, the front clone would rush in and deliver a barrage of punches to Yens body. 

(Water Clones 60-20= 40)
(Hidden Mist 40-10 = 30) 

WC: 424

Day training (training, nk 4 ppl) - Page 3 Empty Re: Day training (training, nk 4 ppl)

Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:19 pm
The Uchiha was satisfied with the advance as everything was going admirably. Why did Sal look at Puma? he didn't know until the point that a couple of minutes were passed. He at that point would hear the Sal saying few words to his accomplice Ban because of the present assault he utilized a considerable measure of stamina. Not until the Uchiha confront transformed from being separated from everyone else than into bliss. The delight he had was such a great amount for him on the grounds that for what Sal had said. It made him cheerful as though he was a soldier to get ready for himself. He answered with a tone of simple and quiet. " Ah." he at that point all of a sudden bounced here and there going wild. " Whoooo it's my turn." he'd chuckle and take a bright wide smile at Sal. “ I will make you proud Sal.” Yen began to talk as it troubled the Uchiha he took his position raising his correct hand forward and left leg in reverse. He looked as he went for Sal all of a sudden, everything was turning distinctive not until the point that Yen grinned and addressed the Uchiha. 

"so genin your goal shall be to make it past me and also get Salzem to his feet."

He was mistaken for a moment for what the Jonin has implied however then he figured out how to get the hang of it. In any case, why? He began to pose these inquiries yet it would just give him to what Yen has said. That is it what he was attempting to state was cooperation. Without it, nothing could be expert as it requires for his group to win. The Uchiha all of a sudden begun to be solidified when he said about Awaken. Awaken what? Was it the Sharingan that he was attempting to state or was this person a basic plain foe who was intending to take his eyes. For whatever, the reason this Puma let the words in as he thought for a long while, it hit him hard not until the point when his partner talked. 

At the point when Ban completed his speech, he would answer while holding his hands tight. " Got it." The Uchiha moved as quick he can with the speed of 20 attempting to reach and go for Salzem feet. Afterall, he would thank his accomplice for setting up the Jutsu. If the Aburame connected with the Uchiha and they were in short proximity Uchiha Puma at that point would raise his right leg sending a thunder high kick towards his face. (25 Strength + 35 Speed) the kick would be sufficient to send Aburame no less than 3 meters far from the Uchiha not doing as much harm.


100-12=88 AP
Leaf Whirlwind

Day training (training, nk 4 ppl) - Page 3 Empty Re: Day training (training, nk 4 ppl)

Wed Jul 19, 2017 7:12 pm
It seemed Salzem's prediction rang true as Ban's water needles merely bounced off of Yen's tank-of-a-hide, leading only to a mere splash of rain rather than the drilling-effect it was meant to do. Yen seemed to compliment him, telling Salzem a very general outline of his plan to get behind him, a plan the lycan smirked at. Yen? Get behind him? That little turtle? BAH! Sal would have to be immobilized or dead for that to happen!

"Do you always announce your plans to your enemies?" Salzem asked somewhat cockily. Of course, as one would trying to display their confidence, the lycanthrope made the mistake of looking into Yen's eye, leading to him suddenly feel his muscles tighten and cramp, pinning him in place.

Wh-what...? He thought, unable to even move his jaw or tongue with Yen's chakra in control... Only his eyes. He glared at the aburame, frustrated he got this one-over on him. Slowly, but definitely surely, he began to work his way out of Yen's paralysis, growling and snorting as he forced his chakra throughout his body once more to circulate, and purging the invasive nature of Yen's. His muscles began to relax, his tendons began to twitch, regaining control...

Too late though as Salzem watched Yen zip across the battle-field past Puma, placing his hand on his back, sending another pulse of chakra go through him... From one paralysis to another, Salzem fell to the ground in a crumpled, heap, his muscles twitching and falling limp randomly as he struggled for control. WHAT HAD HE DONE TO HIM!? DID HE INFECT HIS ENTIRE NERVOUS SYSTEM!?

"RRRGGGH.... Yen...." Salzem growled, about the only muscles he had consistant control over being his jaws and eyes. The aburame then slowly began to walk towards his students, his aura of fear obvious, growing several times his size... This was an illusion but it was no genjutsu.... the poor kids didn't have a chance.

"DAMMIT YEN!" Salzem growled, twitching and convulsing as he slowly figured out how his body worked again. "AT LEAST GIVE THEM INSTRUCTIONS IN A LANGUAGE THEY UNDERSTAND!"

AP +20 because I did nothing for 2 posts X3

AP: 997
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