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Magnet Field Training/Chakra Training [Private] Empty Magnet Field Training/Chakra Training [Private]

Fri Jun 01, 2012 3:33 pm
Rinimo was in Kumogakure, a Jounin. He had recently left Sunagakure only a few months ago. He currently had a genin squad, he was the sensei of course. He was one of the most powerful in the village, and had planned to take over the village later today. He currently was heading to the Kage's office, to inform the kage that he had completed the A ranked mission that was assigned to him yesterday, it was to hunt down a missing nin, an S ranked one. He would walk up to the door of the kae's office and walk in, soon arriving where the kage was doing some paper work for more missions, and planning on who to assign them to. He had attacked the Raikage, having already told most people what he would be doing, so they knew it was a simple challenge for Raikage. The Raikage was weak, compared to Rinimo. Rinimo had easily beaten the Raikage using Magnet Release, and then the world seemed to fade black, everything disappearing.

Rinimo awoke, as the sun's powerful rays blasted through his windows onto his eyes forcing him to wake up earlier than he had expected. He had planned a day of training, while at the same time sleeping in until twelve seeing how he had stayed up until seven, AM. He sighed, trying to remember his dream from last night's slumber, it was something he had tried to do everyday. Though some days it was easier to remember his dreams than other days. Usually he would either have a crystal clear memory of his dream, or it was a fuzzy memory, he could only remember few parts. Sometimes he remembered dreams so well that most of the tim he thought that it wasn't a dream, while others he would get up and not remember it at all. He got up, heading over to his closet where he and most likely everyone else, kept clothes. Opening the closet, he grabbed his normal every day clothes he normally wore everyday, few times he would wear something else. He always wore this outfit when he went out for training, he also wore it during his academy days when he was starting out in the shinobi academy, he also wore it his second day, and even the third day. Rinimo didn't really change his outfit much, unless it was for something important, such as a funeral, he would wear something more fancy. He would most likely wear the same clothes that he would wear for a funeral to a wedding, or maybe even to a family reunion. After putting on his shirt, which came after his pants, he put on his Sunagakure headband, which would tell anyone who would look at it he was a shinobi of Sunagakure. His age would tell most people that he is a genin of Sunagakure, however, very few could be a Jounin of a village at this age, however they would have to be very skilled shinobi to advance from being a genin to the rank of Jounin at the age twelve. He doubted anyone could make it past genin at an age younger than eight, however it may be possible, then again the shinobi would be a very young one. After he had put his head band on his forehead, and tied the back together to make sure it would stay on his head and not slip off every second he wasn't leaning his head back, he slipped on his shoes.

After getting dressed, something he did everyday, except for days he figured he wasn't going to go out side of his house anyways. He was wearing the same clothes as yesterday, and the day before that. No he did wash them, however he just had more than one of the same outfit, and it was rather his favorites. He walked over to his bed, preparing to do the second thing that he does everyday, except for days where he stays in bed all day long. He grabbed the covers of his bed, which were laying on the floor, and picked them up He pulled them on top of his bed, grabbing the bottom of the blanket and lifting it up rapidly, then letting it fall down, wrinkle free. He walked over to the side of his bed, picking up a pillow, a green pillow, he then put it at the top of the bed, where he normally laid his head at night. He put it down, placing both hands on the center of the pillow, then sliding them in opposite directions getting some of the wrinkles out. He walked over the the corner right next to his room, he bent over, downwards towards the clothes he had slept in last night. he slowly moved his left arm down towards the clothes he had slept in last night. He bent his thumb and his first two fingers, tiredly, still trying to wake up fully from a nice quick rest. He grabbed on to his dirt clothes, and turned around, his eyes half open as he glared at the clock, the same clock that had woken him up with it's tic toc tic toc, it ticced every second, it tocced every other second. The small hand of the clock was moved directly on the black square, which was, in the way Rinimo was facing, four to the left of the large hand of the clock, opening his eyes to get the blur away, he noticed it was exactly eight O'clock, well, a few seconds after. He would sigh, movign his free hand along with the arm, his right arm, and his right hand, up to his eyes at the same time. He began to rub his eyes, moving his arm gentally back and forth wiping out all the sand from his eyes. This wasn't sand as in the beach, or the desert, like in Sunagakure, this was the sand that most people awoken with, though Rinimo didn't know, or didn't care to know if they were the same, as he never though, and never will think about it.

He motioned his right arm forward, bending his fingers seemingly beginning to form a fist, however he had only reached for the door knob. He grabbed the door knob, then twisted his wrist towards the left, turning the door knob at the same time. Once it stopped he would move his right arm backwards, his right hand still grabbing the door knob, as he bent his rm back the door would travel back towards Rinimo. Rinimo released his grip on the door knob. Before releasing the door knob, he launched the door back gently to where it slightly hit the wall, as he did every morning. Walking out into his fall, he turned side ways to where his back would be facing the door, and took his right hand to seemingly grab the door knob. The knob went in between the first finger next to his thumb, and the finger in the center of his hand. He pulled the door shut as he walked out of his room and in to the hall way of upstairs in his house. His room was farthest from the stairway, his parents room, being the closest, and his brother being the second closest, his brother was clan-less, just as his mother was. His sister's room was right next to his. He walked down the hall, his foot steps making loud noises as he walked rather loudly, slamming his feet on the ground, accidentally of course, being still tired from his quick hour long rest.

As he passed his parents room, he turned left towards the staircase. It had seemed there was no one upstairs, as usually there would be everyone rushing around getting ready for their day. They would all be running around, getting ready for either a mission, or getting ready for a day full of training, very few days in a single month would anyone in the family get a nice, relaxing day off. However today, Rinimo slept in until eight AM, usually the people in his family were like that around seven to seven thirty AM. He lifted his leg, his right leg up towards the air, up towards the ceiling. He motioned it forward, towards the first step of the staircase. He hadn't noticed it until now, but he had smelled something good, food, which seemed to have been cooked not too long ago, it most likely had been sitting out a bit. He rushed down the stairs, left right left right, he continued to walk down the stairs rapidly, as a growl would begin to come from his stomach.

He turned left after getting down the stairs. He had turned right into the kitchen where he saw a large stack of pancakes, the left overs of what his family didn't finish. He went over to a closed drawer, moving his right arm towards the handle, and bending his fingers, grabbing it a bit, loosely. He pulled the drawer open, and it had silverware in it, knife, spoons, and forks. He grabbed a fork, moving his way over to where the pancakes were. He found them, they were dry as hell, he went over to where his family kept the syrup. He reached up to the top of some cabinets, and bent his fingers around a large object, grabbing it. He then took the syrup to the table, where his breakfast was, where his pancakes were. He sat in front of his pancakes, sitting in a nice chair. A fork was to the side, the left side of his plate with the pancakes on it, the fork was currently resting a nice white cloth that was folded up to make a nice perfect rectangle. He lifted both arms into the air, clapping the two hands together silently, and then praying. He moved his right arm down to his right leg, resting it there as he was told it was rather rude to eat with his arms on the table, he put his left arm up in the air, the hand pointed downwards at the fork. He picked up the fork, his mouth drooling a bit as he put the fork into the fluffiness of the pancake. He slowly, raised it up to his mouth, as the drool dripped from his mouse, to his chin, and then dripped off his chin down to his lap, it had been about a day since he had eaten. He quickly, put it in his mouth then repeated more quickly than the last time, doing it over and over more quickly until an entire pancake was in his mouth, he chewed, barely being able to move his jaw.

He quickly finished off his pancakes, and got up, moving his arm behind him and pushing on the back of the chair. The chair would be pushed in to the table to the point where it couldn't go in anymore. He then lifted up his left hand and made his way for his messy plate, which had a used fork on it. He brought it over to a sink, where he placed it in it, running a bit of water over it. He then went from the sink to the staircase, walking about ten to fifteen steps towards the door which led to the staircase. He turned to his right, and lifted his foot up, taking his first step up the stairs, he was headed for the bathroom which was located right next to his room. He continued to walk up, left, right, left, right, until he would reach the top of the staircase. He would turn down the hall way, headed towards his bed room it would seem. As he walked slowly down the hall, towards the direction of his bed room, he would lift his arm, his left arm up and wipe his eyes, still slightly tired. He would yawn, as he passed his bedroom and continued towards a door that was in the center of the hall. He slowly reached for the rather shiny door knob, it had seemed to be the shiniest door knob in the hall way, out of all the doors and their knobs. He bent his fingers to where they would begin to form a fist. Before they fully formed the fist, the fingers would be stopped by the door knob. He was grabbing on to the door knob, he would turn his wrist slowly. The door knob had turned also as he turned his wrist. He would open the door, going in to brush his teeth, it was the last thing he would do in a normal morning. He would walk over the a window. It was the only window in the room, and was rather small. It was just large enough for Rinimo to fit in though. He opened up the window, after unlocking the window. He would stick one leg out, and slowly climb out of the window.

He charged his chakra to his foot that was forced against the outside wall of his house. Rinimo was currently on the wall of his second floor of his house, on the outside. He would shut the window he had climbed out of and slowly make his way to the roof of his house. He would grab the ledge of the roof, at the same time releasing his focus in his feet, which would normally cause him to fall, if he wasn't hanging on to the ledge of his roof he would have fallen. He pulled himself up, putting his right arm up on the roof to help him pull himself up on to the roof.

It may not seem like it, but his house's roof was going to be where he would be doing his training. He would walk to the center of his roof top, a very short trip. Standing in the center of the roof, he would begin to perform hand signs, he was going to test out a new jutsu. After finishing multiple hand signs, a sphere, intangible and invisible at the same time would be created around Rinimo, it would begin to spread out, covering only ten feet. Within the ten feet of the sphere Rinimo could sense anything in between him and the sphere, however not the outside of the sphere. He had sensed a small fly, which would now be magnetized due to the sphere's effects. The sphere magnetized anything in between Rinimo. He would hold the last hand sign, trying to force the sphere to grow larger, to cover more distance. It would indeed grow, but only a few inches as he continued to hold the hand seal. He would continue holding the hand sign as it would continue to grow only slightly. He was currently trying to get it up to eighty feet, which was the max range of this jutsu. He had a feeling that he would not get the jutsu to go very far while training alone, but he was determined to do it without any help what so ever.

He currently could get the sphere up to fifteen feet, before growing tired of continuing the same jutsu over and over again. Hours passed, he continued to perform the jutsu over and over again. He could currently only get the max length up to forty, which is half of what he wanted it to be. He would sit there, leaning forward his hands on his knees, panting. He was tired due to all the chakra he had used to use the jutsu, and train it. He felt as if he were about to throw up, about to faint, about to die. Though, it was most likely a normal thing for people who had used a tad bit too much chakra, he decided to give it a quick rest and go to get some lunch, some ramen.

He jumped off the roof of his home, and turned left, headed down a street where at the end was a place that had sold some ramen. Soon enough, he had arrived. He ordered a large bowl of ramen, he used two large long sticks to eat it, grabbing the ramen in between the two and picking it up lifting it towards his mouth. He would burn his tounge due to how hot the ramen was, however he continued to eat, he was starved. He continued to shove the ramen down his throat, barely chewing. Yet some how he had survived lunch, as he did everyday. he had normally done tht everyday, since his mouth had gotten large enough for him to fit a hell lot of food in it.

He headed back to his roof, walking down the street towards his home, the home of which he spends his day every day, except for when on missions which would require him to be outside of the village for a few days or so. He would face his home, he would focus his chakra into his feet, keeping it balanced to where he wouldn't fall off, or break the side of his home due to too much chakra being in his feet. He would walk up, slowly, making sure it was the perfect amount. He continued to walk, passing his window which had rested on the level of Rinimo's house's second floor.

He grabbed on to the ledge of his house, and pulled himself up. he would walk towards the center of his house's roof, and sit down. He began to perform the hand signs for the jutsu, and the sphere would grow to fifty feet after he had performed the jutsu. He cancelled the jutsu, and then performed it again as it grew slightly larger. He had been able to sense everyone in between him and the end of the sphere. He continued to perform the jutsu, it growing larger and larger each time. The last time he had performed the jutsu, it had finally grown up to eighty feet. He would sigh, finally complete with his training, and it had taken a few hours. He would walk down to his bedroom, where he would lay in his bed and sleep the rest of the day.

[3000 words, should be 15 JP and 15 chakra, and magnet field trained to where it gets up to 80 feet, max range.]
Kino R. Kyodo
Kino R. Kyodo
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Magnet Field Training/Chakra Training [Private] Empty Re: Magnet Field Training/Chakra Training [Private]

Sun Jun 03, 2012 1:01 pm
Finished, please approve.
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Magnet Field Training/Chakra Training [Private] Empty Re: Magnet Field Training/Chakra Training [Private]

Sun Jun 03, 2012 1:11 pm
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