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Kasuke's Academy Training (Training Thread Private Empty Kasuke's Academy Training (Training Thread Private

Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:44 am
"I plan on studying chakra today mom." The cute boy smiled as he ate his cereal. It was his favourite. His mom always added a small dose of cinammon for flavouring before he would even get a spoonful in his mouth.
"Ah, Chakra is very important. It could very well determine a battle from the start"
Kasuke chuckled as he shook his head. "I won't hurt anybody, I just want to heal people."
His mother would sigh knowing the outcome. "Sweetie, you know you're a ninja now, and you wanted to become one. There's gonna come a time where you WILL need to harm someone, to save the ones you love."
It would seem the boy stopped talking and only ate through the rest of the time here.

"Bye." He said with a smile before rushing out of the house. He hated when topics like these were brought up. His parents were skilled shinobi anyways...perhaps they knew what was best.
Jogging through the village, the boy''s legs would take him towards the academy where he would set out and train. Everyone seemed to be doing their daily routine, running stores, cleaning gardens and looking after children. Upon making it to the academy, he would admire the presence of the great school that trained some of the most powerful ninja. Maybe he would be like them someday. Running his fingers through his pink soft hair, he made sure almost every strand was in place. It was time.

He entered the classroom where one of the Academy instructors would be.

"Hello Kasuke" The Academy Instructor had decided to volunteer his time to help Kasuke catch up. Graduation was important to Kasuke.

"If you have any questions, I'm here. I've got to correct exams anyways." He chuckled as he stayed with his work.

Kasuke placed himself near the front where the Instructor had left some paper and a book for Kasuke to take notes in.

Opening the text book he would begin his studying. Chakra was the moulding of your spiritual energy and physical energy, to be channeled through the chakra circulatory system. Through this, one can power up and tap into their natural affinity, such as Wind or Fire. Even perform things such as speed running, or walking up trees. There is even such a thing as moulding two affinities together like mixing fire and lightning and more of the advanced bloodline stuff that ninja were born with.

The pink haired boy continued to copy key points about chakra. When Kasuke would have the knowledge of it, he would be at better understanding.

Continuing through the book he read about releasing you chakra through your tenketsu will generate techniques and how chakra is not visible to the normal eye. Taijutsu is the form of jutsu where it does not need chakra, it moreso relies on stamina.

Chakra control was important too. During a fight, one cannot rest so easily to regain their chakra. To use it perfectly, one must have perfect control and manipulation of their chakra, to let out just the right amount to perform techniques within their arsenal. Through the use of handseals, this increases the efficiency in using chakra. This would help Kasuke learn his true element, whether it be Fire, Wind, Lightning, Water, or Earth.

Closing the book and finishing some reading, he would add a few notes about channeling chakra. "I have to figure out my affinity, by doing this, and this." He began to doodle a body indicating some tenketsu. "I'm sure I'll have to feel it inside me."

Standing up, he would shyly approach his sensei. "I'd like to try and channel my chakra, I want to feel the power inside me."

The Sensei would smirk and stand up as he would guide Kasuke to the front and middle.
"Alright, I want you to hold the ram seal and close your eyes."

Kasuke would take a deep breath and place his hands in the correct position. The Ram seal, both of his hands connected.

"Think about your spiritual energy and physical energy merging into one, flowing through your body. It follows your blood stream. Feel the energy combined move through you." The Sensei instructed

The cute boy would grit his teeth, as he imagined his spirtual body and physical body mixing together. All of his spiritual force combined with his physical force. Like a serpent, the chakra flowing through each of his tenketsu, filling them with power. From head to toe the boy was feeling his channeled chakra.

"Feel it? Good. Hold onto the feeling. With a burst, I want you to release it from your tenketsu points. From here, you will feel your affinity rush.

Kasuke would channel it to his tenketsu as he filled with power. Three, two, one...."HA!" Kasuke yelled expelling his chakra out of his body.

Smiling his sensei nodded. "Good but you expelled way too much. Chakra control will come through time, but more importantly....what did you feel?" He asked the student.

"I felt....a spark almost...I felt it deep down inside." The pink haired boy pressed on of his own hands to his chest.

"We'll assume it is lightning then for now." The sensei nodded.

"I actually did it." Kasuke smiled as he returned to his seat. As he sat there, he would try it one more time this time without the preoocupied teacher. He had his book open and read some excersizes. Doing the ram seal one more time, to channel his chakra easier, he did what it told him. Spirit merges with physical, that is the only way to obtain power. From here on he would channel his chakra throughout his body meeting with different tenketsu, filling them with chakra as it travelled through the circulatory system like a river.

This time he would dig down deep. He wouldn't release it, but now study the power he was feeling inside. The boy could feel the sparks within him, tapping into his natural affinity. Instead of releasing, the boy would stop the flow. The sparks, river and power coming to an end. Kasuke had searched and found his answer to his main question....

What was his element? Lightning.

[OOC: Word Count 1034. Training Chakra]
Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Kasuke's Academy Training (Training Thread Private Empty Re: Kasuke's Academy Training (Training Thread Private

Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:50 am
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Kasuke's Academy Training (Training Thread Private Empty Re: Kasuke's Academy Training (Training Thread Private

Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:39 pm
Leaving the classroom, saying his goodbye, his destination would be the race track. It was where the Academy students would practice all sorts of drills to improve their skill. What that skill may be? There were all sorts. However, Kasuke would be working on his Stamina.

Stamina was how long a ninja could last without getting tired out. This was important in combat. If you're too tired to throw a punch at an opponent, then the battle would be lost. A key strategy is to last out your opponent, tire them out, and win.

The flamboyant one did not know why he was doing this. Perhaps it was to make his parents feel proud of him. Yet at first they wanted to hide the whole fact he had "talents" and now they want him to be some sort of war machine. Life was so difficult. All Kasuke wanted to do was work at the hospital as a medic ninja.

His feet arrived at the race track where he noticed a few others running as well. Some were racing as to speed, others were working out, and some like Kasuke would be training stamina.

From here, the boy would start off with a few upper body stretches making sure his arms, neck and torso were circulating. He would mainly focus on the legs. Rolling ankles, to stretching thighs and warming up his calves. From here on he would give himself a countdown. Three two one....

He pushed up on his back leg and would begin to start at a jogging pace. Feet kept pushing the ground back as he moved forward, keeping his pace steady. The boy would continue to remain this pace until one lap was completed. He would recall to himself that breathing was important. Focusing on his breath, he would breath in through his nose, and out his mouth, keeping his lungs filled with air.

Completing the lap, he would increase his speed a little bit. He woudld already be able to feel a tiny burn sensation in his legs. All the more reason to keep his jog up. Increasing the speed would make him have to fight harder to run. Some students stopped, others continued to push themselves.

Sweat was beginning to run down his forward showing the limits he was pushing. Afterall, Kasuke was not much of an active kid. A smart one, but not very fit.

Wind blew against him giving him some sort of cooling unit, trees rustled as they stood in place to watch the runners race. Leaves passed by the pink haired boy as he continued his trek, attempting to maintain the increased speed.

As the second lap went by he would increase his speed a tiny bit more and try to maintain that. Like the other students, his breathing was rather audible. His speed was starting to get a bit shaky. He would slow down, then speed up then stumble, then speed up.

"Come on...don't give up." He would remind himself to breathe in and out, not to hold his breath. He imagined his lungs being filled with the surrounding air, helping him to breathe.

At this point, from running, the boy was already pushing his limits. He had done a few laps and was picking up speed. His eyes closed, ready to just speed to the finish line. Upon reaching it, he would stumble, trip and fall rolling to the ground as he gasped for air.

In and out in and out, the boy wiped sweat off his head. Standing up, he would being to walk it off as he headed for water. The water crossed his lips as he tossed it back as if it was a cure to a death poison. Figuring he did enough endurance training, he would head back to the classroom.

[WC: 637.

Traning Endurance]
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Kasuke's Academy Training (Training Thread Private Empty Re: Kasuke's Academy Training (Training Thread Private

Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:56 pm
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Kasuke's Academy Training (Training Thread Private Empty Re: Kasuke's Academy Training (Training Thread Private

Wed May 15, 2013 1:15 pm
Silence overwhelmed the almost empty classroom as the boy relaxed on a chair. It was a tiring morning for him! He had studied chakra, learning about manipulation and the way it works. Afterwards, he had trained in speed. After all, what is a ninja without speed? It had been a work out.

Now Kasuke was eating his lunch that he had packed, taking a nice break. This provided a time for Kasuke to reflect on not only training but his life. After his lunch what would he train? His mom seemed frightened about him entering the ninja world, however he did train speed to assure her he could dodge an assault against him! However, his dad would not be so easy with convincing. Sure he SEEMED accepting, but he knew his dad well. He hadn't been as close to as Kasuke as he used to be. Perhaps, if Kasuke trained his strength enough, he could prove to his father he was physically strong. After all, being a lithe boy, his father probably lacked confidence in him.

It was solved. Finishing his lunch, Kasuke would be to the academy training area outside. There stood a dummy made of straw, taunting the boy and some limb weights. The feminine boy would approach the weights, picking them up and equipping them for the strength training purposes. One on each leg, and one on each forearm. "Jeez, these are heavy to begin with...This is gonna be tough..."

Standing across from the straw dummy, Kasuke bent his knees for sturdiness, and straighten his arms outwards from his sides. Here he would hold his stance and move his arms up and down. Obviously the weights were creating more of a difficult time for Kasuke. If it was not that, it was the nice and slow pace he was going which made his arms feel heavier. Up and down the moved as sweat began to drip already from this forehead. "I have to keep going...For my father...I" Having little strength to begin with, this task was already being difficult for Kasuke. However, his focus would be hard to break. Keeping a consistent pace, he would keep pushing his muscles, training them in strength. After a few more rounds of lifting his own arms, (which were lifting weights of course) he would drop them, almost falling over. "Gah.." Stumbling, he would recover his ground, feet planting themselves on the ground.

Next would be his legs. "Uhm...this is gonna be a weird warm up..." Taking a seat on the ground, he would lay his back down, staring up at the sky. "And...Go!" Kasuke would alternate his legs, raising them up to the sky, and back down to the ground. In doing so, he would make sure he would keep his legs as straight as he could. Repetition in his consistency would be needed in order to get a workout from this training. He could not just slack. What if he were to slack during a real life situation? If someone's life is in his hands, he could not just let them go from the one strand that's keeping them alive. He was sure his dad never slacked off. He had to impress him. He had to prove to his parents he would be okay in the ninja world. After all, Kasuke only seeked to help, not harm. If that was the case then, where was his motivation? Why was he training his strength, if he did not feel the need for it? "Left...Right...Left...Right..." His legs both dropped to the ground as Kasuke quickly sat up. It was a gasp for air. " legs..." He winced feeling sore from the strength warm up.

After a few stuggles, he would stand up looking at the straw dummy that just stood there. It's purpose? To help others become better. "I guess I can proceed with the final part." Here, Kasuke would move into a simple fighting stance. "Go!" Aiming for the dummy's head, his fist would make contact, moving it a little as it shook back into place. Next fist...on the mark. Third its stomach. He kept punching, unfortunately already tired from the warmup. Fist after fist, he would keep trying to put as much strength as he could behind the punch.....Perhaps his motivation was passing the Academy Test? He would be nothing if he had not reached at least Genin level, he would make it no where. After all, the ninja who worked at the hospital were skilled medical ninja. Yea....that would be his motivation.

His foot would meet the side of the straw-made dummy. Next was his kicks. He would alternate legs, and targets on the dummy. Same thing with his fists, he would keep trying to push as much strength out of him. "Ngh..C'mon can do it...I believe in you.." Did his parents believe in him? This was a roadblock in his motivation. Kasuke read many stories where people believed in the hero, and that's where their strength came from. Kasuke believed in his parents...they did everything for him. He was ashamed they hid the fact that he had talent to become a ninja, but now they were helping him. Now that was another factor to his motivation. "Kick!" The dummy was succumbing to Kasuke's strength. Impressing his parents...Yea...that was it! The kicks sped up as one after the other would become heavier, more stronger.

Making one last heavy kick to the dummy, the boy would fall to the ground. He was out of his energy. Sitting on his behind, his tired arms supporting him, he stared up at the dummy. "This isn't over yet..."

With thus, the boy unstrapped himself from the weights, feeling magically light again! He slowly made his way back to the academy, panting in tiredness. Would he be able to continue on his next lesson?

His motivation was big...but his heart bigger.

[OOC: Word count: 1003 Training Strength]

[OOC: Im back!!! <3]
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Kasuke's Academy Training (Training Thread Private Empty Re: Kasuke's Academy Training (Training Thread Private

Wed May 15, 2013 10:20 pm
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