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Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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Satoru's Introduction Empty Satoru's Introduction

Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:35 pm

After hours of roaming around the house, Satoru places himself on the couch in the living room. Atop the coffee table in front of him, his books lay open. They were effective at occupying him for a time but the information is nothing new. The books explain the subjects of physics, chemistry, and mathematics (topics that Satoru enjoys) in considerable depth. But the parts that they cover in particular are nothing new to him, he’s read these books cover to cover before. On a stool in the corner of the room sits another book. Satoru walks up to it, picks it up, and reads the title to himself in a whisper.
“‘An Introduction to the Sealing Arts’. This is a book about fuinjutsu techniques.” He thinks for a moment about reading the literature but decides against it. “Right now, I’m not particularly interested.” He sighs.
The door to the house opens and a woman walks in. She wears the attire of the village’s ninja forces and a Kumogakure headband around her forehead. For the most part, Satoru wears the same clothing as this woman does, the same flak jacket and the same headband which is tied loosely around his neck. The woman has a mixed skin tone, black hair, and brown eyes. She is shorter than Satoru is but not by much, she stands at five feet and eleven inches whereas Satoru is six feet and two inches.
“Good evening, Sato.” She greets him with an abbreviation of his first name and with a friendly smile. She is middle aged though she has yet to tell Satoru exactly how old she is. He is able to guess based on observation that she is between twenty-five and twenty-nine years old.
He places the book down onto the stool from which he picked it up and turns to her. “Hey.” His response is minimalist, he doesn’t feel like engaging in conversation.
Before this woman, named Yuri, closes the door, Satoru can see that it has become night. All of the windows in the house are draped and Satoru has not cared to look outside since morning. Now, he gets a sense for exactly what time it is.
Yuri continues to speak as she walks further into the house. In response, Satoru gives short answers to her questions of what he’s done today and what he will eat for dinner. She notices that he is acting more conserved than he often does.
“Is something the matter? You usually eat to your heart’s content when I’m not home. The pantry has barely been touched.” He answers with a monotone “I wasn’t hungry”.
After a moment of Satoru continuing to wander around the living room with Yuri observing his actions, she approaches the platform next to the stoves. Upon this surface, she places a scroll and unravels it to reveal a fuinjutsu seal. Her hands for the ram seal and a puff of smoke emerges from the scroll. This quickly dissipates and in its place are stacks of bowls within which instant ramen is contained. These are of the brand of ramen which Satoru favorites. He looks towards Yuri then towards the sealed bowls.
“Thanks.” Satoru says, approaching the bowls and reaching to pick one up.
Yuri places an arm between Satoru’s hand and the pile of instant ramen. “I want you to go meet a few guys who are leaving for another village as a group. Join them and make some friends.” Her arm remains where it is until Satoru answers. His ability to eat his favorite ramen is on the line.



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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Satoru's Introduction Empty Re: Satoru's Introduction

Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:22 pm
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