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Raizuko Akari
Raizuko Akari
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Training purgatory (p) Empty Training purgatory (p)

Sat May 06, 2017 11:17 am
The day was quiet as Raizuko stood on the roof on his family’s mansion. Well mansion was really an overstatement, seeing as it was a really large house with over a few couple bedrooms. As he stood on the roof he actually realized how quiet it really was. Probably due to it being so early in the morning. From his place on the roof of the large house he would see the sun slowly rising in the distance signalling that the day was only started. Being so early in the morning however still did not mean nothing. The heat of the sun could still be felt as if an everlasting veil of heat had been casted around the village. But Raizuko did not care. He had been living in the sand village for all of his life so the heat was not new to him. He himself was dressed in a simple white jacket like shirt that was torn at the body, showing his well made body behind it. A large black circle was on his chest. A tattoo he had gotten with his arrival back to suna signalling a new coming for himself when he had left Purgatory. He had on a basic pair of black jeans that stopped a little over his low cut shoes. Running his hand through his deep midnight black hair he would see that his skin was still pale. Something he had never quite figured out. Unlike the other people within the village who skin was golden as if it had been kissed by the sun, his own was almost a white color. It had gotten even whiter when he had learned the Creation Rebirth jutsu. So maybe it would just his chakra interrupting the cells in his skin. If so why were they doing that? Getting his mind off of his own skin he would think back to why he had found himself resting on the roof.

It had been roughly 3 months and he had still not know the whereabouts of his father. Well he thought it was 3 months. The time stream of Purgatory was quite crazy so he had forgotten. He still remembered the day when he had been told he had been labeled Missing In Action. Apparently his father and a group of other village ninja were out on a mission along the borders to confront a mysterious signature of large chakra. A bad battle had occurred with some Sunagakure ninja resulting in the the destruction of limbs and in a near death like state. Apparently while the battling had been going on his father had disappeared or something along those lines. But from what he learned from the Akari he wondered if his father had actually ran away when the battle was at the climax. Apparently his father was a known fugitive of the Akari clan being in hiding for 19 years. Maybe they had finally caught on to his whereabouts and he had needed to escape. Though that still did not explain why he did not tell Raizuko, his own son that he was leaving. Again Raizuko could feel the emotions building up in his body, but he did not dare to release them. The painful emotions had come to him everyday and he couldn’t just let some sadness take over him, even more when he had manipulated Space Time to the point of creating his own world. He would not turn out like those cursed people who held grudges. He would sigh, he had not seen his "son" in a long time, Mokushiroku was his name and he was actually a Living Clone. He had actually began to wonder where the bluenette was. Every since Raizuko had created him he had been out exploring the lands. Hopefully just hopefully he was somewhere training to become a strong ninja.

Though the living clone Raizuko had created would not be alone anymore. As some time ago he had met a ninja that attempted to trap him into a Genjutsu. Which has led to him making a dimension. A wanderer who he assumed sought shelter within the village hidden in sand. Raizuko's left hand as white as chalk would come to rub his chin. He had achieved what he wanted, but he couldn't fully manipulate it. Space Time was quite a interesting and unique specialty, so he was sure that only manipulating Purgatory wasn't the only thing he was able to do. Rubbing his chin, he would look up at the village of Suna. It was now apart of Kumogakure's War Empire. Something that had to happen due to the lives of the villages. He had vowed to the villagers when the treaty was made that he would free them in the future. He didn't know if that time was coming soon or later.

Removing his hand from his chin, he would feel the area around him morph as he instantly teleported to Purgatory. He would appear in the throne room of the dimension and to say the least it was quite cheesy. Holding back a laugh he would look around. Dimensions were such unique Jutsu to the point where they weren't even listed in the history books. So that meant even if you had one you didn't fully know the abilities of it. He would look at his hand. How did he come to obtain a power as such in only a short time. Was it due to his strive to protect Suna. Only the gods knew as they were the ones who gifted him this power.

With the thought of this, he would teleport back to the place from which he had came. Looking at the village once again he would be filled with anger. His anger would cause him to punch a hole in the rooftop of his home. As he pulled his hand out and looked down he would realize that the roof barely had a mark on it, but it had felt like he destroyed it. Shrugging his shoulders, he would begin to walk, but his feet would fall through the black tiles as he fell through the roof. As he fell he tried to redirect his falling to land safely, but he kept falling and landed in the cement floor of basement. He would feel his arm and ribs break under the pressure. This would cause him to perform the Ram handseal, thus repairing his broken bones.

Getting up he would dust off of his closing. What the hell was going on? The way he moved through solid objects was like he was intangible. Looking at his hand, he would actually realize what this was. A sub ability gifted to him from Purgatory. Able to manipulate the flow of Space Time to the point where he could shift his physical body to a whole new domain. He would begin to smile, such a strong ability indeed. But he would realize that he had done it sub consciously, so how was he suppose to do it again. Biting his bottom lip, he would begin to think.

It was dangerous to try and control the flow of Space Time without actually knowing how to do it exactly. It was like messing with time. If you someone traveled to the past and removed a brick from a random building, you could go back to the future and literally almost everything would be changed. He didn't want to create an anomaly by fucking with the continuum. Looking around in the dark and damp basement, he would go and sit in the corner. Closing his eyes, he would begin to focus his chakra. Meditation was the key to everything. It was the starting point for all chakra. After meditating for about five minutes, he would open his eyes and begin focusing chakra around his left hand and forearm. Looking at it, he would begin to see it shift as if it was moving from one place to another. Like a hologram. As it did this he felt sharp pain. Squinting his eyes, he would begin to see the ripple of the space stream moving from his arm. For some reason he felt like he should exert chakra into it. Opening his eyes and staring at his arm, he would cause the ripples that were moving away from his arm into his arm. The force of the ripples moving in would cause his arm to be overtaken with near endless pain, but he would endure it and thrust his arms through the wall. However, it didn't come out as expected. His hand moving at full speed would impact with the wall this all of his bones breaking. He would shriek in pain as tears welled up in the soles of his eyes. "Fucking training" he would say as he would once again perform the ram handseal even with his broken fingers.

He had forgotten how much painful training really was, but he needed to get stronger in order to investigate the chakra in the desert and free Suna from the reigns of Kumo. Repeating what he was doing, but at a more easier pace. He would feel as if his body had gotten more lighter. Looking at his hand, he would see that it was still there, but at the same time it felt like it wasn't. Moving his hand towards the wall, he would see it go through it slowly. The ninja world was quite amazing. Disobeying the laws of physics was quite unreal. Getting up from his spot on the floor, he would realize that he was another step closer. Now the only thing he needed to do was master the art of teleporting. Yes, he could teleport back and forth to Purgatory, but he wanted to see if he could do Short range teleporting as well as teleporting to other countries. A ability as such would be more useful then anything thinks. Moving from his sitting position on the floor. He would begin to navigate his way out of the maze of the basement and into the blazing light outside.

While moving out of the basement he had teleported himself to Purgatory to continue "decorating" it. That was it, Raizuko thought as he with to sit in the obsidian black throne. This world, this dimension, it was his to his own manipulation. The name Purgatory was quite fitting for it. He searched around activating his Golden Eye as he looked around. There was no sign of life anywhere. He was alone in this place. He could use this place to his own advantage. Back on the real world he wouldn’t have been able to activate his curse seal to train it. But here he could do that without the continuous thoughts of mistakenly hurting other people. He was mentally ill chakra wise. He knew he could control his own body, but why did he chose not to. Was his mind so different from others? Or did he simply enjoy the hurting of other people. He didn’t take pleasure in to hurting other people, he wasn’t sadistic. Purgatory, A place where he could learn how to harness and create any power he could without hurting other people in the process.

After finally walking out of the door and rise from the throne and staring into the bright sky a thought would come to his head. He had total control of this dimension. So could he change the weather at his own manipulation? Raizuko would raise his right hand into the air and slowly move it to the left side of his body in an attempt to summon a small rain cloud in the sky. But what he thought would happen did not. Instead of a small rain cloud he could see rolling, black cloud of thunder quickly racing to the giant tree where he stood. If he was correct it seemed to be an hurricane. He would frown, he was not yet in tune with the dimension to manipulate it like he thought. He would raise both of his hands in an attempt to dispel the now category 4 hurricane. Luckily it worked but not at a cost. In the distance where the storm was he would see multiple forests with trees lying on the ground with the beautiful terrain now torn up. He had destroyed such a beautiful place in an instant. Frowning once again he would turn around and head back into the throne room. Throne room? The name had come so naturally to him. Yes, this would be the name of such a large room with only a single throne. Smiling he would go back to sit in the throne. Even though it was quite cheesy he had come to like it.

Now he needed a name for the tree itself. It was such a force of chakra and from just sitting in it he knew that it was his chakra. This tree was the first thing that sprung in this dimension so it received almost all if not all of his chakra. The World Tree. This was the tree that shaped the area around it. Raizuko was sure that the white trees in the distance were not exactly trees but the branches of the World Tree that had slowly begun shifting underground to rise in a newly mangled form. Now with a blank face expression he wondered how long he would be here. A whole lifetime? No, he still needed to find his father and continue his duties as a ninja of the Sand Village to free it from Kumogakure. This place would need to become his home, his second home. He would wave his left hand in front of him as several pieces of furniture appeared. All matching the color of the throne, his throne. Black carpet lined with gold made its way from the door of the tree to the foot of the throne. Golden candle plates lined the wall of the tree going all the way up to the top of the tree where even Raizuko ciould not see. Atop of the plates were black candles that had a pure Golden flame made purely of chakra. The Golden Light would seem to bring a power of wisdom around the room.

Chairs and Tables of gold dipped wood were lined everywhere. This was only the main room of the World Tree. The throne room. He would still need to create more. Maybe in the future when he could get his power under control he could be an messiah of some sort. He could go around the world saving people and allowing them sanctuary in his own home, his Purgatory, a place after life and before death. Yes, now he had a new life goal. To become a messiah for the world. To make this place a holy sanctuary for all. Looking into the distance, he would know that his time was come sooner rather than later. He just needed to wait for the gods to give him the command.

WC: 2508 going towards Purgatory
Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Training purgatory (p) Empty Re: Training purgatory (p)

Sat May 06, 2017 12:05 pm
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