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Raizuko Akari
Raizuko Akari
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Mastering Purgatory (p)  Empty Mastering Purgatory (p)

Sun May 07, 2017 4:25 am
Raizuko slowly walked through the large plains of Purgatory. He had manipulated to the point where he had given it a whole new design. Now the only thing he needed to do was master the form of Teleporting. He had attempted to use it before, but afterwards his stomach was hurting quite bad. As if he had been punched in the gut by someone who's punch was enhanced with copious amounts of chakra. As he walked he would begin to make stairs in the air. These stairs would lead him to a large island like structure in the sky that was composed of a mountain range and a raging hurricane that was tearing the mountain to pieces. It was best if he trained his Space-Time in a uncontrolled place so that he could better learn how to use it.

Short Range teleporting would be the most useful to use as he could go anywhere within his eyesight. He just needed to figure out how to do it both fast and silently. After about thirty minutes of walking, he would arrive on the island. If he had used teleportation he could have been there in an instant, but of course he didn't know how to. Stepping onto the ground of the island he would look around. Already he could feel the harsh winds of the hurricane attempting to push his body over the edge of the mountain. However he would endure the strength of the winds and begin running towards the heart of the island. In myths, Purgatory was a island those of the dead go to before they are judged by the gods to go to the Heavens or to Hell. This island was Raizuko's own imagination of what he pictured the Purgatory to be. Here was where he would cast all of his enemies when he got his hands on them literally.

As he ran he felt the force of his chakra hitting the ground as large bolts of lightning. You see, manipulating this dimension didn't take much affect from his stamina. However, the stronger his chakra was the stronger the manipulation would be. At the moment he was pretty sure he was one of the highest wielders of chakra within Suna which was quite pleasant seeing as he was the only mastered Medical Ninja within the village. Over the years Raizuko had achieved many feats that not any regular ninja could do. Smiling as he ran, he would feel the air around him be heated up. This would cause him to roll to the left as a bolt of lighting would hit the spot where he last was. "Fucking dimension." said Raizuko as he would once again take off running. As he ran he would feel the force of the dimension even mkre. It was as if the closee he got towards the core of rhe island ths more the island would try to send him flying.

As he ran towards the core of the island he realized that he would have to go back to the basics of controlling chakra if he wanted to actually master the art of teleportation. As he arrived in the heart of the island, he would come to take a seat on the wet and mushy ground as the hard rain hit his skin with the force of needles. He would frown only a little, but he knew that in order for him to master his dimension he first needed to master the art of teleportation. As he sat on the ground he would keep his eyes open. He would try to focus on the ripples of Space Time but couldn't see any solely due to the physical manifestations of his chakra being literally everywhere around him. This would cause him to speak out loud saying "How should I go about doing this."

Using the chakra around him instead of in him was the key to Space-Time Jutsu and if he couldn't control the chakra around him then using any space time techniques would be mute. With his eyes open, he could see lightning striking the ground everywhere and raindrops so powerful that they somehow tore through the ground uprooting trees, or was it the lighting that did that. Rubbing his chin, he realized he didn't quite know the answer. Laughing silently at himself he would go back training. He would release his chakra into waves of power, trying to infuse it with the chakra that was moving about around his body. It seemed stupid, but it was actually quite smart. You see when your chakra fuses with a outer source, it is much more easier to control. As he released his chakra with different small waves, he would begin to see the ripples of Space Time moving about. Manipulating his chakra, he would attempt to pull the ripples towards and move them throughout his body.

He knew this part of the training had been successful when he had begun to feel the familiar tug in his gut. The feeling gave him a sense as if he was about to throw up. Ignoring the feeling, he would continue with what he was doing previously. With the space time chakra now in his body, he would attempt to move it around. This would cause his body to flicker from one spot to another as if he was moving very fast. The same thing had happened when he was learning how to become intangible actually. Ignoring the flickering, he would continue to move the chakra throughout his body. In his eyesight, he would see a lake about 40 meters in front of him. He would attempt to remove he Space Time chakra from his body quickly and as hard as he could towards the lake. This would allow him to teleport. Moving the space Time chakra as fast as he could within his body, Raizuko would release it in a burst, his thoughts aiming for the lake being pounded like rain. And as predicted, when he released the chakra he would appear about 3 meters above the lake. Falling very fast towards the surface of the water.

The impact would be softened by the pounding of the rain, but do to the overall speed of his fall, he would plummet about 30 meters deep into the water. Seeing as he had lost his breath. This would cause him to attempt to use his long Range teleporting. Manipulating the chakra around him, he would think of the throne room. A place he had become familiar with and a place that had been tagged with his chakra. His body would react to this, causing his whatchama call it to separate and appear back together within the throne room of Purgatory. Looking down Raizuko would see that he was quite wet and the throne room of the place was quite wet as well. He would sigh, snapping his fingers all of the water would disappear thus drying the area he had affected. Plopping himself down in the throne he would say "Well I got the hang of it, now I just need to master it." The Jounin of only 20 years of age already had much pressure built on him. He was attempting to free a village from war and he had to go investigate a chakra signature that was above all. What was he suppose to do and how would he go about doing it.

Rubbing his chin, he would see the sun sprout out from behind the clouds as night would end. He was pretty sure that it was daytime when he had started training, the dimension was really weird. The way the time stream slowed and moved at a quick pace was quite interesting, which would lead him to wonder if he could increase or decrease his own age. If this was the case then he could somehow obtain eternal youth which meant that this place would be a even more sanctuary for the people of the world. Smiling, he would stop rubbing his chin as he would rest the back of his head within the creaks and crevices of the throne. Now he just needed to master his Curse Seal before he went to the desert. It may be the hardest thing he has ever attempted to do. However the seal Ganki had placed on him was actually a key part of his fighting style. Without it he couldn't stand a chance against most enemies even if it had a toll on his body. He might need to find a training part this round. The sun would release heat within the throne room, drying the place even more than it already was. This place was unique and he intended to keep it unique which meant that he had to preserve it like he took care of his own home. Purgatory, such a find name and such a really find place.

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Claiming Purgatory
Raizuko Akari
Raizuko Akari
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Mastering Purgatory (p)  Empty Re: Mastering Purgatory (p)

Sun May 07, 2017 9:09 am
Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Mastering Purgatory (p)  Empty Re: Mastering Purgatory (p)

Sun May 07, 2017 4:52 pm
Sure, approved
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