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Keita Akiyama
Keita Akiyama
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Next(Training Thread) - Page 3 Empty Re: Next(Training Thread)

Mon May 30, 2016 5:39 am
Made edits my peoples, you can post now. No lethal attacks or things that can seriously injure others. But normal injuries are good, yay yay <3
Taikeo Shen
Taikeo Shen
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Next(Training Thread) - Page 3 Empty Re: Next(Training Thread)

Mon May 30, 2016 5:58 pm
Taike’s rage started to build as the conversation went on until suddenly Tentei said the she was a demon which inflamed her anger even more and she wanted to hurt him with all her might but then he apologized and she started to slowly become herself again.  After a bit Taike calmed down when she heard the phrase “Thank you” come out of Pein’s mouth why was he thanking her she had just been really rude.  When Taike returned to her normal self she just realized that she had tried to hurt Tentei and called the two boys names “I am sorry I don’t know what happened?” Taike’s eyes went back to the bright white of her regular eyes and she put her hair over her scar being embarrassed in all her face went a little red. She put her hand over her mouth because the memories of when she said all those mean things came to her “I am sorry can you forgive me?”
Pein Yuki
Pein Yuki
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Next(Training Thread) - Page 3 Empty Re: Next(Training Thread)

Mon May 30, 2016 8:42 pm
Pein had stood there awaiting for one of the other two shinobi to make their move. It was obvious that tensions were high between all three of the newly formed, already falling apart, ego inflated, genin level team. Some of the fault could have been placed upon Tentei. Some of the fault could have been placed upon Pein. And some of the fault could have been placed upon Taike. It was not a single man effort, as everyone seemed to be holding some degree of animosity towards each of the other two in this triumvirate. However, deep down Pein was slightly enjoying this entire encounter. Tentei, the narcissistic, sadistic ninja straight out of the academy who kept conversations going with his constant, childish remarks. As much as Pein lacked communication skills, he could only guess that he would eventually get better at them from constantly having to deal with Tentei. And then there was Taike. The semi sweet, alluring medical ninja that had a fierce, evil side to her that seemed to be triggered whenever someone said something rude to her. If Pein wanted to stay alive and in one piece, he would have to watch his tongue around the girl. But even Pein could tell that it wasn’t all stemming from Pein and Tentei’s personalities. Although he was quite the introvert, Pein was quite the analytical thinking. The smallest amount of disrespect to Taike triggered something within her. Someone so sweet wouldn’t naturally get so upset over something so minor. No. It had to have been more than that. But Pein wasn’t quite sure how to inquire about her past, but he was sure that she probably would not appreciate being asked about it. He could tell she was at least a little bit like him, whether she wanted to admit it or not.

Nevertheless, it was too late for Pein to try to strike up a question and get close to her. It seemed as if he had already played a key role in pissing her off, causing her to want to spar. Tentei seemed quite interesting in sparring too. So Pein naturally had no choice and had assumed his stance. As he stood there, ready and awaiting for one of the two to make their moves, neither of them did. Instead they both kind of just stood there, almost as if they had been reflecting on the situation at hand.

But now it seemed like Taike had been calming down slowly. Perhaps she just needed to release some anger built up and wanted to do so on Pein and Tentei. Pein loosened his stance lightly as Taike started to apologize. But for what? She had every right to be upset with the two, especially Pein. I mean, he slapped her hand and blatantly disrespected her and all because he was being pressured by the two. If Pein were to ever function well in a group atmosphere, he would have to learn how to communicate better. As much as it pained him, he knew that he had to suck up his pride and his typical role in a conversation and try to better himself. If not for his own, then at least for Taike and Tentei’s sakes.

“Uh…it’s…” he began, trying to think of the words to say next.

“I think it’s my….” continuing to struggle with his first apology ever.

“I’m sorry” finally just spitting it out.

After he said that, he felt a weird sensation surge throughout his body. Almost as if some burden was being removed from his shoulders. He wasn’t sure exactly what this feeling was but it was relieving, satisfying. However, he refrained from showing too much emotion during this. He had already shown enough awkwardness by trying to learn how to apologize.

Next, Tentei began to go on his own apology. He was obviously better at this type of thing, perhaps he had to apologize in the past. But his was more sincere, notably blowing Pein’s out the water. Pein felt overshadowed, and thus showed the slightest amount of disappointment in himself upon his face. But still he felt accepted by Tentei if he valued him enough to apologize. He suggested that instead of destroying each other, they work on doing something productive like completing a mission. Well, it really seemed as if the team dynamics had shifted dramatically, almost as if everyone on the team were hormonal, bipolar, angsty teenagers with huge egos. Oh wait…that’s what the team was.

But a thought came to Pein, when he had passed by the mission forum earlier on his way to the training grounds, a flier caught his eye. He couldn’t recall exactly in detail what the flier said but it dealt with the Royal Emissary regarding Hoshigakure’s borders, bandits and a royal being lost. So, Pein tried to be helpful for once.

“I actually saw something earlier about a retrieval mission. Some lost noble around the borders. Apparently there’s a threat of bandits, so maybe we could take our frustrations out on them? But to be honest, I don’t know much about the mission but it’s a lead…”

Pein considered what the reactions from his team would be, realizing that the information he provided wasn’t all that helpful but at least they had some idea on where they could start for a mission.

(WC: 890; TWC: 6387)
Keita Akiyama
Keita Akiyama
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Next(Training Thread) - Page 3 Empty Re: Next(Training Thread)

Mon May 30, 2016 10:19 pm
That was a better sight indeed. To see his teammates beginning to work together. First came Taike of course, he was caught off guard by the utter bipolar acts she was showcasing, and how the demon relinquished it's clutches from her. Holy shit, they could do that? He had already assumed she was gone forever, never to return again. Though luckily it seemed the demon had decided to give us one last chance, and to be freed of the wrath it was soon to take.

Taike was now back to her more caring and sweet side, claiming innocence and apologies for the both of them. Tentei reminded himself never to piss that girl off again, or else it would be a shit storm to deal with. And he might not have his neck any longer of course.

Then came himself, Tentei. He still had his speech ready for lift off, and wasn't afraid to let it fly. He may have caught the attention of both of them for his random act, but still catching eyes was a good thing. It also caused others to look towards that thing and listen more. He would also add onto his speech.

"Good to have you back Taike. Would of sucked to have lost you."

Tentei let out a short chuckle, his own sarcastic tone getting the best of him. Finally, to follow the trend, Pein finished it off with his own short apology. Like how he would usually do it. Quiet and straight to the point. Though he was a bit weary of Pein, due to his statement from before not caring about their well being. He was unsure whether he was just in the moment or actually felt that way. A shame really, but good to know everyone apologized and was feeling better.

Seriously, this team was something else. So bipolar and odd, the oncoming missions will surely be something to deal with. Annoying as hell too. But, he slowly grew attached to this crew, slowly but surely. And luckily, Pein had a plan already for the team. Or more so a mission, getting the tip off some time ago to do it. He heard of some bandit mission revolving around some dumbass royalty. Tentei never considered himself royalty, or even rich for that matter. He was just some lunatic is all. However, back to the subject, with hearing what Pein had to say, Tentei would turn around and lead the pack to this new mission. He was ready to get a move on quickly, and didn't want to waste any time becoming a Chuunin, and getting more money on top of his already present wealth.

"Alright Squad, time to head out. Glad to know we're all buddy buddy for now, and have the chance to punch out some bandits. Let's head to the mission board and figure out the specs, then after go rescue some royalty."

And with that, Tentei turned and started heading towards the designated area, learning more about his team ever so slightly. To recap on the day, it has been filled with excitement, and conflict time and time again. Well first, it started with him becoming a Genin a few days ago, and walking around the village with utter boredom, hoping to find at least something to do and enjoy. Until one day, yes this day. He met what looked to be the most lonesome son a bitch he's ever seen before in the village, Pein. He was off by himself meditating in THE HOT ASS SUN, like seriously dude even though it's a desert. their is shade to be found. About 20 meters behind you to be exact.

Anyway, him and Pein had a rough bump at first, at each others necks and willing to fight.  But then, Taike, the subliminal bipolar, demon possesse succubus who came out and was rather kind to him and Pein. At first, Tentei thought she was just cannon fodder to be honest, but slowly she proved herself and was now labeled a "Bad Bitch" in Tentei's books, which might he add has the extension "Possessed by a demon." Being at each others necks, they now decided to be friends and work together. Acting like Stinkmeaner's crew "The Hateocracy" from The Boondocks, they got together and became friends though already at each other's necks, just to do what they liked and wished to accomplish. 

Damn. That was Tentei's day. He got out of the house, after taking a shower and doing all he had to do, and now found himself in this situation with these people. To be perfectly honest... Tentei actually liked them. He enjoyed the bite they had to them, and how Pein wasn't easy to crack while Taike would go crazy at mild disrespect. Truthfully, these would be two of the very few people he actually liked a bit after years of expressing no such feelings, the final person being Kenshin. Maybe Shinobi's and Kunoichi's had those things in common, which made them like each other. 

Tentei was beginning to grow a bit more it seemed... He was actually beginning to grow fond of others. Or maybe he was mistaking that feeling? The one thing he, or really any human fears is changed unconditionally. Tentei was afraid of what he may become if he followed down this line, and started to acquire friends. As he walked towards the mission board, he thought about this idea. What exactly is a friend? A loved one? What's the difference between a lover and a loved one. It was all so odd and foreign, but it felt oddly right. Hm. He couldn't complain though, he wouldn't see any other team as more suitable for him to be apart of.

He also began to think back on some jutsus he had practiced over the day after he became Genin. Yeah, as far as he can remember he mastered every one of jutsus. It seemed he had a knack for jutsus, well specifically taijutsu and weaponry for some odd reason. Nin and the other likes he was ass in. Lets see...Oh yes. The taijutsu body flicker, something he used to further his speed and moving distances. A useful jutsu. Tentei also went on to learn several other taijutsu that will aide in his skill regarding battle.


WC: 1040

Total: 8279

Claiming 41 Stats, Taijutsu Body Flicker, Dynamic Entry, heavenly foot of pain, leaf rising wind, Arhat fist gangeki
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Next(Training Thread) - Page 3 Empty Re: Next(Training Thread)

Tue May 31, 2016 2:45 am

Approving Tentei unless interrupted <3
Pein Yuki
Pein Yuki
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Next(Training Thread) - Page 3 Empty Re: Next(Training Thread)

Tue May 31, 2016 7:34 pm
As Pein had suggested the team complete the one mission that he saw upon the mission board, it seemed as if Tentei had jumped to his feet and was already rallied behind the cause.  He did state earlier his desire to take the chunin exams and become a chunin in the process, so perhaps he was just very eager to grow as a shinobi. It was something actually admirable from the person who Pein thought he would despise. But despite the initial negative feelings he had for Tentei, they seemed to retract a bit. He wasn’t as bad as he seemed. In a way, it also motivated Pein. He knew he had wanted to learn water jutsu and ice jutsu since he woke up in the morning, and by the evening he knew he wanted to become a chunin. Or at least rank up if he ultimately decided to leave the village. But for now, Pein was slightly more comfortable with Hoshigakure. He had a team, regardless of how dysfunctional they may have been.
“I’ll see you there,” Pein let out as Tentei made his way away from the group.
As Tentei walked away, it had just been Pein and Taike left standing there. Pein knew he was the reason why Taike was so upset, and he also knew this was his time to try to amend things. His eyes were focused on the ground before he raised his head and shifted his eyes to Taike.
“Hey…I didn’t mean that stuff…” was all he could let out, not too sure of how to express the sincerity of his apology.
Nevertheless, he couldn’t think of anything else to say. Either that or he didn’t want to. He didn’t want Taike having some sort of emotional hold on him, being able to exploit that vulnerability. That was the exact reason he had rejected her advance earlier. Sure, she was attractive, but he wouldn’t let her know he thought so. After he finished his second attempt at an apology, he simply turned around and began walking. He would have to retrace his steps to the mission board, being unfamiliar with the whole layout of hoshigakure. He wasn’t exactly sure if he remembered the whereabouts of the mission board, but he figured Tentei knew his way. As Pein left the training grounds, he could still see Tentei off in the distance walking somewhere. And so Pein would follow. It wasn’t necessarily creepy right? I mean the two had the same location to meet up at, so Pein was just using his resources. Right? Right.
As he had made his way back to the mission boards, his body seemed to function on its own and his mind again trailed off to the jutsu he had been reflecting on. Water prison, water needles, hiding in the water and the hidden mist technique. All of which could put him on the roads of becoming an exceptional shinobi. However, he did not wish to be a guns blazing type of shinobi, quick to jump into combat. No. He sought a different route. He wanted to stalk his prey, almost like a wolf does from afar. Then utilize his speed, chakra and jutsu to disorient and dispatch of them. Yes that’s right. He smiled to himself, a rather cynical one. He wanted to be a shinobi trained in the ways of an assassin. It was funny how an encounter with two shinobi from Hoshigakure led him to this conclusion, but at the same time it was refreshing. Not being the anxious one to hop into battle opened his eyes. Pein knew that he wanted to rely more on stealth and striking from the shadows quickly, killing an enemy before they even knew they were dead. But Pein was thinking too far into the future. For now, he just kept walking in the direction he thought led to the mission boards.

(WC: 651; TWC: 7038)

Claiming 35 Stat Points
Hidden Mist Technique (1000/1000)

Water Release: Water Prison Technique (2000/2000)

Hiding in the Water (2000/2000)
Water Release: Water Needles  (2000/2000)
Ashie Uchiha
Ashie Uchiha
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Next(Training Thread) - Page 3 Empty Re: Next(Training Thread)

Tue May 31, 2016 8:41 pm
Approved Pein Yuki
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