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Prims Training Thread 2[P] Empty Prims Training Thread 2[P]

Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:23 am
Prim had not trained properly in some time. And she really hadn't done much since taking on a team of academy students who seemed to be wanting her to train them. She wouldn't be a very good trainer if she didn't train herself now would she? Even the bijuu inside her seems to taunt her. It had been looking at her memories and for some reason made a huge point. "You know, you have been a pretty spoiled brat. No wonder you are weak and so taken advantage of. I don't respect you either, though mine is for different reasons." The Nibi said to her.

"I was weak, I see where I have gone wrong now. Things are going to change." Prim stated firmly as she walked to the training grounds. Her favorite time to train is at three in the morning. It's peaceful, it's a cross between late at night and early in the morning. What better time to train? As she arrived the light from the huge round moon illuminated the training grounds giving everything a nearly ghostly effect. She could see in the dark at this point because of the moonlight. She moved out into the center of the training field and decided now was the best time to practice her jutsus.
It suddenly occurred to her, she had never trained with the bijuu. "OK kitty, do you want to train?" Prim asked it sarcastically. If it was upset with her she didn't care, it annoyed her all day everyday with its constant taunting and insults. "You always complain I never train so I figured why not let you do it with me?" Prim said with a huge smirk on her face. She was rather proud of herself for using sarcasm back at the monster.
"How about I let you train and decide whether or not training with you is worth my time." It hissed back at her. Clearly it did not like being taunted by its host. Prim felt taunting it back, showed she could be just as taunting as he could be. "I may be in your body, but keep in mind, I am in charge, whether or not you think I am." The Nibi added making sure to assert it's dominance. Even though Prim doubted it's dominance she found its unhappiness satisfying to her.

"Suit yourself, I am only working on jutsus anyways. Gonna use you eventually in this training whether or not you like it, since you are 'part of me', may as well train with you to." Prim warned him as she decided to train herself first and then would train with the Nibi after words. The large beast made a growling noise inside her and Prim developed a weird burning sensation almost like that of being scratched. She knew it wasn't possible for the beast to do it, it was a chakra beast, it couldn't possibly scratch her internally. Shrugging, she prepared to practice her jutsus.

Focusing her chakra and turning her deep crimson three tomoe sharingan eyes on. Looking in front of her and holding her hands up she followed the process of doing a fireball technique. One Prim knew very well. Although her mind wondered whether or not she could make it a blue fire ball. She chuckled at the thought as she spit out a large fireball burning a shrub as it hit the ground a few feet in front of her. Smiling she blew on her fingers. A little blue flame came out and she laughed a dark giggle.

She did the hand sign again using her fire chakra in order to see if she could make the fireball larger. Focusing past the burning shrub that was almost completely burned, she exhaled another larger fireball! This time the fireball was a little larger in diameter than the last one and it went past the spot of the last one. Smirking she watched the large glowing fireball. It moved at a good speed. Although she exceeded her own expectations with this one, it made her wonder if she could do more with her katon chakra than the others. Of course it was the element she was born with.

"Hey, you wanna play?" She asked the Nibi who seemed to be making weird noise that seemed to be a growl or maybe a purr. Focusing her chakra she could feel the Nibis chakra moving through her. The first cloak seemed to be bubbling around her in its unique red chakra as a tail formed. "Very well, took you long enough to convince me, you should work on your manners Primrose." The Nibi snapped. Since when did it care how she spoke to it? It never complained before. For some reason she felt powerful with it, despite the negative emotions that leaked out of it. Prim could feel its power. Smiling she took a deep breathe and let it go causing a large amount of blue flames to shoot out of her mouth. "That's not bad, I must say I think I could get use to this!" Prim said being cocky. At least she was learning when she could and could not be cocky, and she definitely would not run her mouth anymore about being able to take on anyone. This power should be used when necessary and not to just be cocky with her spoiled brat attitude. Maybe she should train more often, she felt more sure of herself when she did.
Maybe training these other shinobi would be a good idea. Prim needed to show everyone she could be more mature, and this was definitely the way to go in this case. Prim needed to show she was a wiser more mature person and she had not been doing much of this lately. A matter of fact, Prim seed to be doing a good job of being more of a botch, or spoiled brat, since all this happened to her. Did she blame her problems and reason on her background? Did she really act like a snotty immature brat? Viper was lenient on her, and Echo was the one who seemed to sit there and make Prim face her problems. And When Navi and her dated, he seemed to always be the one to bail her out of trouble. Maybe she was a little ignorant in some areas. After all she went straight to complain to Viper after she got the bijuu. After she healed herself first. Come to think of it she almost died, and instead of learning from it, she let it pull her down. She became rude hateful and developed more of a bratty attitude. What the hell? Holy Shit! Prim suddenly realized maybe she had been a brat this entire time.

Sighing Prim decided to continue thinking as she trained. "You can't change your past, although you have been a brat from what I had seen." The Nibi purred to her. Maybe the worse she felt the more she would use him.

Prims anger and sadness began to increase. "What have I been doing? What was I thinking? Did I really put everyone in that much danger?" Prim wondered as she felt the chakra increases even more and a second tail forming and ears forming on her head. She felt horrible because of what she had done. If only, if only she could change what she had done in the past. Focusing on a tree off in the distance Prim once again exhaled the blue fire. It traveled the distance and caught the tree on fire decimating it and turning it into ash.

"The only thing I can do from here on is change the way I do things, prove I have learned from past and my mistakes." Prim said taking a deep breathe and fighting the Bijuu back. "Let me take over I can take care of all your problem for you." The Nibi said to her as she as pushed back the chakra. Prim realized that what she had done was wrong in the past, but now the only thing she can do is try to show her worth in the future. "Look, I am not letting you take me over, what you are not realizing is this is MY body, not yours. I am not letting you take over." Prim firmly said. She focused her energy and kept working with all the different fire jutsus. The main one was the fireball technique which she repeatedly did over and over until she had relieved enough stress. The final time she did it the large fireball traveled fast and looked as though she had done it with little effort and was practically the perfect fireball. Exhausted and seeing how the night had turned into twelve in the afternoon. Prim knew she had been practicing a while and decided it was time to go home and then to eat and relax a while.

Wordcount: 1500
(Katon Mastery Level 3, +7 Stats +15 JP)
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Prims Training Thread 2[P] Empty Re: Prims Training Thread 2[P]

Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:32 am
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