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Why am I still here!?[Private training thread.] Empty Why am I still here!?[Private training thread.]

Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:48 am
Animals flee from sight and the smarter ones flee from the area altogether as a malovolent dark aura floods the area, the presence would cause one to feel short of breath and slightly queasy along with causing an involuntary tensing of their muscles from one emotion...True Fear, the fear of a predators approach.
The cause of this fear would be the young Hakai Hanshu, the Tiny Master of Evil as proclaimed in the Chuunin Exams by a few admirers of his young looks and silver colored hair along with the crimson eyes. The Child seems to be glaring forward resolutely his rage simmering just under the surface as he walks forward tiny fists clad in a pair of ornate gauntlets underneath a pair of gold colored bracers that wrap around the entirety of his wrist and the top of his tiny hands. Around his neck is his signature red muffler the front end of this muffler displaying the Black Hand of the Village hidden in the Volcano. A black make cheongsam covers the childs torso wrapped tightly around his defined frame...well defined for a boy of five anyway..the sleeves are non-existent showing thin but slightly muscled arms..they bulge a bit more for a child of five. His lower wear is a simple pair of black shinobi pants wrapped around the ankles with a red cord that keeps the hems tucked inside the pair of red sneakers with zippers on the top...he has yet to learn this skill, but the Scarf strangely enough is teaching him how to do so...considering one of it's large skills it wrapping itself around things this does make a bit of a weird way.
The child is glaring forward his lips curved into a menacing frown...that because of his age and stature comes off more as a sulky pout, his eyes gleam a deep crimson as he walks resolutely forward into the training grounds of the Leaf Village thoughts burning into his mind about the results of the Chuunin Exams..
'I lost! To a human no less!! ...I'm not sure how...I can't seem to recall the match....BUT WHATEVER!! IT HAPPENED!!!! And then I can't even redeem myself..this was a hollow victory! I achieved a higher rank in that worthless village but what does that mean to me!? I have yet to find tru power befitting someone of my standing....' The child pauses in front of three logs as he ponders this development...his only true jumps in power came after fighting and losing to the Fruitloop and Cupcake....even after he trained vigorously for hours the only tim he saw a true jump in strength was when he much as it pains him to admit it, soundly beaten...So...The new plan is....Fight strong people so he can be strong as well!

...Still he doesn't like the thought of being beaten....maybe more training wouldn't hurt? It's not helping but surely it wouldn't harm either...
Nodding to this thought he turns swiftly his knee's bending slightly and his right leg spreading outwards a bit his arms bent at the elbows spreading outwards behind him his fingers curved into claws like the ones at the ends of his fingertips sharp enough to rend through steel..and even stronger then that particular substance..
His scarf raises up behind him and thrashes as it's Master concentrates his Youki seven balls of immense power are formed in front of the child all three feet apart and set in a random pattern as they pulsate with wicked barely restrained chaotic energy.
The Demonic Child grins ferally revealing venom covered fangs before his left hands index and middle fingers are suddenly aimed towards the tree trunks of the thick tree's surrounding the area...the balls of power shoot forward and ram into the trunks exploding and spraying shrapnel all over the training field, the boys scarf covers the boys front shielding him from harm the shrapnel bouncing uselessly off the Scarfs toughened hide.
A chuckle escapes the child as he raises his right hand and slowly strokes the scarf like one would see another more normal child pet their beloved pet, the scarf gives a happy shudder and returns to it's normal place as the Devil Child dashes forward leaving a red streak behind him as his frame blurs to most normal eyes and he vanishes while kicking and punching apart tree's with a long echoing roar of exertion...One would be strangely reminded of a Movie with a couple of Lion summons in a Lion summon roaring at a nearby lizard...just before a massive stampeed rushes down a hill...
Palm strikes formed instead of fists so the boys claws do not puncture the skin smash through tree after tree in a spiralling charge of destruction, the movements are brutally the sense that they flow from one after another flawlessly in a dance of sort....that's the elegeant part...the brutal part comes from how much violence and anger is channeled into this fighting style and the image of what this child would due to a live target if allowed to hit..So much power packed into such a small frame, the crater the boy had to leap over is proof of that...the physical strength and speed is also something to marvel at...while most civilians would mark this as a simple Shinobi...Shinobi would know the level of muscle and chakra the boy is outputting would make this display simply unhuman...something that should be impossible unless a Bijuu were involved...the higher then that would know that this isn't a Jinchuuriki nor is it Human...this is a young Destruction Lord..who legends tell is a being destined to destroy and conquer the world if allowed to reach full maturity...However he is from an allied village and is thus not to be public eye.
The Hakai Hanshu child continues now switching it up and slashing through tree's with precise spiralling kicks a straight line of destruction forming from one end, until the boy see's the end of the training ground and he makes a sort of U turn by cleaving through the tree's and switching his stance. A taijutsu practitioner would recognize the stance as a combination of Piguaquan from his wild lashing arm movements and the pretense that he's almost flying when he goes from target to target and from when he pauses and his stance appears more solid and his strikes more focused his palms suddenly opening and striking downwards with his razor sharp claws..Bajiquan...from a dear deceased instructor.
It only took the demon a month to learn the styles something the dead instructor praised as completely remarkable progress for one so young, he called the boy a genius of combat...just before the boy killed him with his own two hands. The boy pauses as another tree topples over towards the Demonic boy before he casually palms it to the side his head tilting towards the pond back in front of those three wooden logs...the demon boy ponders why they have so much rope marks on matter probably some training exercises.
His feet stop in front of the pond and he lowers his head into it taking a large drink before whipping his head upwards with a gasp of air coming from the refreshingly cold water, his scarf comes up and wraps around the boys head and face drying and ruffling the boys face and hair respectively to prevent the boy from looking like a drowned cat. The boy pats his scarf lightly in a thankful manner and it then returns back to it's position after patting the boy as well atop his head. The demonic childs gaze turns across the training grounds and he blinks at the craters and uprooted trees, he finds himself curious...surely he's not the only one in this village to trash this area so thoroughly..? How do they repair it...? His brow furrows in thought before he remembers his first opponent in the chuunin exams the one who uprooted the terrain with her magical wolf powers...maybe they have more people like that fixing it..? Except with wood....Maybe he should ask Cupcake about that...Nah, he should ask the Cupcakes sister, she's less likely to withhold the information for bribes..he wonders if he can have more stew...? He's getting's been almost an hour and a half since he last ate! What if he starves!? All the wildlife is getting wise to his presence...He supposes there is the human populace...but he's pretty sure the other humans wouldn't like him eating them...Whatever, he'll ask for food from his Rival again...the exam is over and it's a week long trip back to Volcano.....or...maybe somewhere else....Fruitloop doesn't seem to be too keen on teaching him..and his Onee-chan won't be much help in training him either since she's all puny and stuff...the puppet thing was kinda cool...but it broke easy too.
Standing and dusting himself off he begins walking from the grounds towards the district he knows his Rival and his Rivals sister to live in...what was her name again? Aussie? Ariel..? Beth? Catherine? Umm....
tilding his head downwards and crossing his arms he ponders this as he strolls out of the decimated training ground and through the streets of Konoha...and few stray Shinobi looking at the destruction and groaning in annoyance before walking off at a much quicker rate to hire a cleaning team.
The Hakai Hanshu continues onward his scarf trailing behind him while curved upwards to prevent it from dragging on the ground..the way he wears it is meant to give the illusion that he's bigger then he actually is...of course that doesn't work very well..No matter, food and maybe another 'friendly spar' with his rival await him when he arrives at his destination..Surely his rival will be dissappointed over his lack of a showing as well, the Cupcake loves to show off after all...the show boater....granted the Demon child loves Showing off as well....BUT IT'S TOTALLY DIFFERENT!! He's better then everyone so it's only natural he should be praised as such! He's gonna rule the world one day! Be the Overlord of the entirety of the continent...them he'll spread his evil throughout the entire world....across Oceans...through forests...through Tundras...cleaving through Tornadoes, smashing through Rocks, uncovering Leaves, splitting Lightning, crossing Deserts, crushing Volcanoes and Waterfalls and subjugating all to his wicked and terrible reign! His evil devilish lordship! ....Where is he? He ponders as he looks around blinking his eyes turning wide as he looks around the area and finds himself turned around...completely lost...
He frowns slightly and leaps upwards to the roof of the nearest building to get a better bearing of his surroundings, his eyes narrow and his lips thin as he cups his fingers over his eyes so he can see farther...the Hakai Hanshu is still five after's only when they reach maturity that they will actually be a huge threat..especially this one considering how frightfully dim he is in terms of common sense and scholastic skills...
The demon growls slightly as he tries to find the right path that he missed...he sighs after a few minutes and leaps from roof to roof to the center of the village to begin searching all over again and retracing his steps back towards the Uchiha District where is Rival and his Rivals Sister live. Stopping in front of a large building he begins walking through the streets again which seem slightly busy as merchants and shoppers and even a few shinobi are seen dashing from here and there...truly a wealthy will be last on hus list when he starts to conquer the world...
A smirk makes it's way on the boys face as he wanders towards his Rivals house...only to be stopped by a group of Motherly looking elder women who begin to question of he's lost or not...

This might take a bit longer then he thought....
[Final WC; 2,053 10 stats 20 JP]
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Why am I still here!?[Private training thread.] Empty Re: Why am I still here!?[Private training thread.]

Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:49 am
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