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Taikeo Shen
Taikeo Shen
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Next(Training Thread) - Page 2 Empty Re: Next(Training Thread)

Sat May 28, 2016 6:26 pm
Taike watched as the two boys spoke and recalling one of them supposedly liked her she giggled at both of them. “Why would I be scared of you?” She said towards Tentei “You just seem like you need people to talk to rather than a fight. Oh and Pein if you do like me I am flattered but we just met.” She pulled out the kunai that was stuck in the bench and handed it to Tentai “I’m not that strong but if you want to train then I’m all for it.” Taike stated once again with her familiar smile “A team doesn’t sound half bad and I want to get to know you two how about Pein?” she said she walked over to the bench and pulled her silver hair back exposing her scar over her eye without noticing “Just remember I am stronger than I look so don’t hold back because I won’t.”  

She squatted next to the two boys and stared at them both while her eyes glowed yellow as she stared into their chakra streams seeing how strong they were. Her glowing eyes faded because Taike already saw how strong they were based on their chakra strength “You two are strong huh but Pein are you okay your body temperature is colder than the average human and that worries me?” Not knowing about other clan Taike had no idea that clans could do that because she has barely met any ninjas until these past few weeks. She then saw Tentai stick his tongue at her in a playful way and she chuckled “Just get out of the academy or were you always like this?” she chuckled some more she looked back at Pein and gave him another heartwarming smile someone had told her that her smile could bring even the saddest person to be happy. Which had made her day so she tries to smile at everyone so they can be just as happy as her. After all one wrong move and Taike could have been like the people that tried to cut her eyes out. Started to frown from thinking about her past and all that hatred and suffering until she snapped back at stared at them again “So how about it want to spar we could make it a three way battle?”

Pein Yuki
Pein Yuki
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Next(Training Thread) - Page 2 Empty Re: Next(Training Thread)

Sat May 28, 2016 8:47 pm
Pein considered what he had said to the boy, regarding being an outsider. It was something that he had been facing every day since he had made his way to Hoshigakure. The stares from people, mean words and overall negativity didn’t really offend him but nevertheless Pein just wanted to be somewhere where he could be, if that made any sense. His words to the shinobi were more along the lines of Pein trying to start conversation, although he was awful with it. He fully did not expect the shinobi to understand what he meant by that, since he had made the assumption that the blonde haired short stuff was nothing more than a snobby, rich person born in Hoshi. But it seemed as if that was not the case. The boy Pein had just met seemed to relate to Pein, stating that he would rather be an outsider and rejected by the village. This was a thought that Pein was accustomed to, for he was completely fine with being an outsider but just wished he had a home. This was the struggles of a shinobi whose village was destroyed. His village, that consisted of water release users and his father, the other Yuki. Pein shortly thought back on the water jutsu that he had been thinking of and meditating on early, then quickly diverted his attention back to the boy who made a reference to them believe in the wrong God. Such a statement made Pein smile slightly, just with the corner of his mouth. He knew not which God was the “right” God to believe in, but the way that he figured was as long as a shinobi was right with his or her God, they would be fine in life. Still, Pein slightly smiled but his own personal reason. This shinobi whom he thought would be nothing but a nuisance turned out to not be as bad as he thought.

“Hm…you have a point” Pein agreed without hesitation. His tone was light, yet voice deep.

It didn’t require much of a thought process for him to see and approve of the stance that the younger shinobi had made to him. He shifted his weight slightly, focusing it upon his right leg as his hips shifted in the process. With his arms now folded and his right hand on his chin, Pein was again locked in thought. He wondered where the other shinobi had been from to be able to relate to Pein. Where he was from, he was likely rich, which was something Pein could not understand but still, they weren’t so different it seemed.

After Pein had been indirectly warned by the girl that had approached the two guys, he took his two steps to the side simply to create distance between the two. The other shinobi seemed unpredictable and his tone indicated him being an aggressor, so Pein did the smart decision and attempted to temporarily avoid combat. He was not the close quarters type of fighter, but still could brawl if need be. He would just have to rely on his strength. He created the separation so that he would have time to use his hand seals to formulate a jutsu if he were to be attacked. But he was not, instead it seemed as if the shinobi was attempting to play nice by tossing his kunai into the bench, leaving it in an upright position with the handle facing the sky. The shinobi then seemed to make a slight jocular remark regarding the kunai, saying that they were all friends. Friends? Pein had none of those, and he likely wouldn’t after today anyway. So he just scoffed at the remark made.

Pein’s eyes shifted back towards the girl, who at this point had already revealed her identity. In turn, Pein gave out his name and nothing more. He did not want either of them knowing his last name for it would be too indicative of his past. So he just kept quiet. He was more observant at this point, listening to the loud mouthed shinobi quickly call Pein out for gazing at the girl. He made yet another joke, only this time it was more personalized and aimed at Pein. How could Pein give off the signs of being “in love” with Taike. Not only did he just meet her, but he was not even too fond of the human race as it was. It would take a lot for Pein to fall in love, let alone become friends with someone, but he had to admit, she was attractive. He quickly shook off this thought and had the mature reaction of just not responding to the joke made by the shinobi. But at his expense, Taike responded, saying she was flattered but the two had just met. Of course she could not have been seriously considering the comment made by the other shinobi. Could she? Why would she? She just met the two and Pein gave no obvious signs that he was attracted to her, so where would this come from? He shook off the thought again, gave a brief chuckle to Taike’s response and then was forced to listen to the loud mouthed shinobi introduce himself.

The boy’s name was Tentei. Pein would remember that.

However he continued to go on his own rant again joking about the knife which Pein again did not pay attention to. His mind was too entertained by a daydream he would have consisting of him performing the hand seals required to generate the water prison, water needles and hiding in the water jutsu. They had been things that Pein was far more interested in than speaking with the two shinobi he had just met, but then a thought came to him. What if the Tentei and Taike were interested in helping Pein train, or perhaps they knew the jutsu themselves and could prove themselves useful to Pein.

Taike’s movement quickly broke off Pein’s thought process as she approached the bench he was just sitting upon. She grasped the handle of the kunai and removed it from the bench, then handed it to Tentei. Doing so, she mentioned her willingness to train with himself and Tentei. It seemed as if every shinobi had the intentions of sparring or training with each other, but that was a good thing, it reflected the universal importance each ninja had to furthering their abilities. At least it was a good thing for Pein, who had just been considering training with Tentei and Taike. Then it seemed as if Tentei took it a step further, which was not outside his character. He went on to call Pein his “best friend” which made Pein cringe slightly. He did not want to be “best friends” with anyone, however he did not have the desire to speak up about it. It was not something of importance to him, so instead he did what he did best and just ignored it. Tentei made an intriguing offer though: an extension for the three to form a genin level team. Taike seemed to agree with it, stating that she wanted to get to know the two shinobi before they actually became a team. He sighed and stroked his hand upon his chin then brought it back down by his other hand and folded it back in with it. It seemed as if the ball was in his court now.

Pein was not sure how long he planned on being in Hoshigakure, for he may want to flee the village for his own reason in the future, but he wasn’t sure when. But a team would be something slight to entertain himself with for the time being, allowing himself to better and learn more jutsu while still completing missions and earing ryo. Hey, perhaps he would even get that provisionary shinobi off his back and maybe even be recognized by Hoshi as a chunin later on. Pein’s mind wandered but his excitement did not. He had low standards for Hoshi so that he would not get disappointed, thus he had had low expectations for the team. But still, they seemed different, not like the other shinobi he met. It was almost…pleasant.

“Seems like I don’t have much of a choice…” Pein said in response to the idea proposed by Tentei and supported by Taike.

Then Taike began to notice something with Pein, his chakra signature. Then it occurred to him, she mentioned healing and could see his chakra? She likely was the wielder of some sort of dojutstu which could be a problem to him. She saw his coldness within, but he would not reveal anything of his identity to her, at least not yet.

“Yeah…I’m sick.” He lied, but would not give much more of an explanation than that.

She sent another smile Pein’s way, one that seemed contagious. As Pein’s eyes were warmed by her smile, he could feel himself with the urge to smile, something he hadn’t done in years. His lips beginning to break their black expression, Pein realized this and turned his head from her gaze and reverted his almost smile back into its natural nothingness. It seemed as if the two shinobi wanted a spar, thus not giving Pein much of a choice to disagree. So he simply sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

“I actually came here to learn jutsu today to better prepare myself for a spar….so I won’t be much of a threat as of right now.” 

Pein was selling himself short, but still telling the truth in the process. He was not opposed to a spar, but not for it either. Instead he wanted to continue his progress with the water jutsu that he had been set on learning today. 

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Keita Akiyama
Keita Akiyama
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Next(Training Thread) - Page 2 Empty Re: Next(Training Thread)

Sat May 28, 2016 9:45 pm
Still toying with his kunai while time passed, he would think of how this random girl came out of no where, introduced herself and was filled with kind intent, and even went as far as to come beside Tentei and hand him her kunai. What the hell was wrong with this girl? Nobody he's ever met was this nice before, then again he's had quite the warped mind recently to kindness being present in the world. But this much kindness? That's ludicrous. Maybe she was some spy to watch him, in fear of him causing more destruction in the village then could be handled. He was fully aware his presence in the village was a gamble to the higher ups. Sure, his special condition could be proved useful to the village, however it could backfire due to his knowable rampant personality. Though for now, he would just keep an eye on Taike and not say much about her.

She had quite the smart comment though, questioning Tentei's maturity. Of course it would be questioned though, he was the only one talking all high and mighty. He respected the fact she wasn't afraid of him like many people, and even talked back to him. Smiling cheerfully at her, he remarked,

"Actually, I infact just got out of the academy. What was it...A day or two ago? It was the most obnoxious week or two of my experience at this village actually. Glad to be out."

He would then stare over at Pein, fully observing his actions of looking away in the heat of the moment. From the position Tentei could see him, it looked almost as if he was blushing. Or at least the way he turned his face. Oh how hysterical really, Tentei was actually right! Catching the hilt of the kunai into his palm with a final swing of it on his index finger, he would grin faintly.

"It seems like our friend over there is blushing over your gaze, Taike. How heart warming it is to see the quiet one express emotion!"

As he was speaking he would point his kunai weakly at the boy. He may have been caught red handed, or maybe it was just a coincidence. Either way Tentei would take this time to dish out his terror. At this time he had no ill feelings towards Pein whatsoever, he just truthfully enjoyed antagonizing others. Now having a so called Genin Team here and now made, it was seen as they all were supposed to know each other a bit more and become friendly. This was a good way of Tentei expressing his freindly nature, if he had the intent to do the opposite he would of been much more brutal and grim about the whole situation. Currently however, it was all just light banter. A game.

But the boy was sick. Oh what a shame. Maybe he was shivering due to his so called cold body temperature, and the sight of Taike sent him boiling and now he wasn't aware of how to handle himself. No matter, it seemed like he was over it now. He also assumed the boy wouldn't say anything, just like the other attempts Tentei has given on the boys equilibrium. He was interested really to see how far he could go on him. Brinkmanship, the best word for it known from history. He wanted to test and see how far he could go before setting Pein ablaze, and watching as his cold temperatures would skyrocket out of pure rage. He seemed like a tough cookie to break. Though maybe that only showed he's been through much hell from his past, to where he now cared little about others and wasn't fazed by much. Well only by a cute face and kind words, shown by Taike. 

He was a puzzle indeed, Tentei enjoyed solving intellectual puzzles like this. Therefore his interest in the boy would continue to bloom, not in any other way but wishing to break him down and see why he is how he is. Why he doesn't break easily. The past he's had. And also why he just lied about his body temperature. It probably wasn't obvious to Taike he lied, however it was to Tentei. For one, who in the right mind if having below average body temperatures would be outside, meditating. Such a situation without any sort of bloodline meaning or anything would result in much worse consequences for him, and he would most likely  be in considerate pain. Also he's moving around normally like he wouldn't be sick at all, at least for what Taike's explanation was. She seemed like a smart lady, no way in hell was she idiotic. No, she knew what she was talking about. She also has some affiliation with medical ninjutsu and the hospital, so something here isn't right.

However, though Tentei's interest ate at him, he would not show his suspicions and instead after finishing his antagonizing words, got up from his bench and put away his kunai where it was. The girl as far as he was aware was still squatting, and Pein now talking about how he rather not have a spar. What a shame really. Tentei was so excited to have one, however Pein wished to op out and it wouldn't be as interesting if it was a one on one battle. 

"Jeez Pein, always having to take the fun out of a good day. Well then you got some jutsu you want to learn? Fine, we can all train together as a supposed "team." I suppose I should learn some jutsu as well, rather then just aimlessly walking around and antagonizing people. However, I would of thought it be best to practice jutsu whilst in the heat of a battle, but it seems like you rather do it the safe route. Sigh."

Tentei would follow saying the word sigh, with the actual action of the word. He's adopted the practice of actually saying words he means to do, out of sheer randomness. He would walk beside Taike, and stand beside her as she was still squatting on the ground, with his left hand on his hip, and leaning on his left leg. Tentei's been told he acts like some model consistently, this action currently wasn't helping his case of trying to reject said accusations. 

"Well. If you rather not practice the jutsu while we're in the heat of the moment, then how the hell should we? And please don't tell me we have to do that thing you were doing earlier, the day has already been boring enough."

Tentei surveyed the area around them. Sand, sand....and more sand. How spectacular. Well, their wasn't much they could of done with trees, other then use them as target practice. However, Tentei enjoyed nature, of course due to the fact he can never defeat it given his many attempts. He was prone to failure a lot it seemed. The boy supposed it was the ultimate gift being tortured and converted to Jashinism, and actually becoming one of the very few successes of the rituals. He could live on and constantly better himself until he reached perfection. Maybe that should be a goal of his. As Tentei looked around, their would be a few trees about 20 meters out or so, but quite some time away before reaching whilst walking. The benches scattered across the field weren't necessary to even think of. And the hot sun beamed down on this day, being about noon. What was to happen now?

He would let out another sigh at the disappointment of no action happening around. Especially due to how Pein wished to kill any fun brought up. He would then begin to squat beside Taike, and then have his arms resting on his knees as he tried to mimic Taike's actions.

"I would hope you cared enough for Taike and I to where you won't allow us to die from boredom. Well baba, what is it we can do for fun? Or more so, to train or whatever."

Tentei now would lift his right hand up to his cheek, and allow his head to rest on it as he gazed up at Pein with a bored expression. Hopefully he had a good plan. Or maybe even Taike brainstormed something good. Such a buzzkill. 

Taikeo Shen
Taikeo Shen
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Next(Training Thread) - Page 2 Empty Re: Next(Training Thread)

Sat May 28, 2016 10:24 pm
Taike listened to Pein and Tentei speak once again and automatically knew that Pein was lying but she thought nothing of it until she heard him say that he was fine on the sparing and Taike was sad at first but got over it “Aw come on Pein you know you want to spar.” She then realized that she didn’t properly scan Tentei her eyes glowed yellow again as she stared right at Tentei there seemed different but she couldn’t tell how different she decided not to say anything because looking at them without their permission was violating privacy but asking about their past is way too much for Taike to ask. As Tentei egged on Pein to battle Taike thought she might try it because the best way to learn about someone is through a battle so Taike tried something that she wouldn’t normally do but she wanted to have fun and get to know them so she got up from her positon and stood right next to Pein and tapped his shoulder “Come on don’t you want to get to know us?” Taike said scooting closer to Pein playfully while turning her head secretly to Tentei and winking she turned her head back to stare at Pein “It will be fun.” She said trying to persuade him to get up she then goes on to say “It’s okay if you get hurt I’ll be sure to heal you.” She once again gave him a beautiful smile this time she stared at him like she has known him for years after all maybe they could be best friends it depends on what lay ahead in the future. Taike tried with all of her feminine powers to make Pein get up for she really wanted them to get to know each other. After a bit Taike had noticed that her scar was visible she quickly got up as her eyes widened and she put her long silver hair back down and tried to cover it so they would not see after all if they asked they could send Taike back to that horrible time she covered her eye with a part of her hair and walked back over “So how about it you ready?”

Pein Yuki
Pein Yuki
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Next(Training Thread) - Page 2 Empty Re: Next(Training Thread)

Sun May 29, 2016 12:17 am
Apparently the shinobi he initially met, by the name of Tentei, had just graduated from the academy. He literally had just graduated from what Taike referenced as the academy. The academy, something that Pein had never heard of. There was no academy in his small village just outside of Yurigakure, children that were deemed to have potential were the ones selected to receive training from the village elders. Pein was one of those select few, likely because of his bloodline permitting him to be able to utilize the advanced element that his father used so well, ice. Pein did not know what the academy was, but he could infer what it potentially was like. It was probably something along the lines of all of the children of the village with ninja potential in one place, all working to learn the fundamentals of being a ninja and whatever village they were from. It seemed like it was nothing of notable prowess, but instead likely a sign of immaturity. That immaturity was probably what Taike was hinting too, which was quite evident in Tentei’s demeanor and speech. He didn’t seem to be as capable as a shinobi as what he thought he was. He was recently graduated, so he probably knew a handful of jutsu but nothing too powerful. Pein was the same though, he barely knew many jutsu, however he was not boisterous and portraying of himself as overly confident. Instead, he kept to himself. There was no need in flaunting his ability or inability in combat. But every shinobi had their own personality, not all would be like Pein. And to be truthful, he did not care of another shinobi’s personality. Not Tentei’s. Not Taike’s. No one’s.

Then it seemed as if Tentei’s attempted ridicule continued as Pein moved his face. He truly seemed to be trying to get underneath Pein’s skin, almost as if his goal was to piss off Pein. But Pein’s degree of tolerance was high. It would take a lot to truly bother him, and pure immaturity and pestilence would not be the tipping factor. Pein gave Tentei no leverage or satisfaction of a response. It seemed quite like he didn’t even put any effort in his comment before saying it, for it was poorly put together. The delivery was off, content lacked and the quality of the joke was a joke in itself.

“You’re quick to open your mouth before you think, aren’t you?”

Pein asked in a rhetoric sense. His tone was still light, voice still deep and lacking interest in the process. Tentei seemed to lack any depth, almost as if his entire persona was modeled after some bully he met in the academy who tormented the lad into giving him his lunch on a daily basis. But Pein did not express these thoughts and assumptions of the boy, instead he seemed to just ignore his comments and let them phase right through him. Tentei seemed like the type of person to put forth a hard, pressing exterior because he didn’t want to let himself vulnerable. Either that or he was a sadist, gaining some type of weird, sick pleasure from hackling other people. Almost like a fetish. Tentei did not scare Pein, instead he just kind of weirded Pein out. He was talkative, brash and what Pein would call a fool. Nothing Pein was interested in. These thoughts began to tickle him, even to the point of Pein cracking a half smile and letting out a single yet genuine laugh. It was short lived though.
Pein then directed his attention at Taike once more. Why was she smiling so much? She seemed to be so happy and entertained by the situation. Was she really enjoy Tentei’s personality and his comments? Why else would she be smiling? Her gaze seemed to shift from Pein to Tentei, and although her ocular focus changed her smile did not. Why the fuck was she still smiling? As his frustration with the two seemed to increase, he continued to show no signs of it and repress it. He brushed off these thoughts from, realizing that there were worse people he could be paired up with to train, and so he counted his blessings. Plus, at least Taike was pleasant to look at. Just as he began to dismiss his thoughts, once more Tentei opened up his mouth. He seemed against the fact that Pein was not pressed to spar with the two. Perhaps that was why he constantly sought to bother Pein. If that were his goal, he would need some luck and a half with it, for his degree of pettiness would not bother Pein.

All Pein would give was a quick, “Hmph.”

Then Taike seemed to interject, suggesting that Pein knew he wanted to spar with the two. Why would he want to spar with two shinobi that he didn’t care for? It was a funny thought actually, funnier than any of Tentei’s obvious attempts at his own style of crude humor. She then started to approach Pein with some sort of glimmer in her eye. Pein laughed. A temptress. Attempting to be provocative. Well good luck with that. Sure she was attractive and she had that going for her, but looks alone would not be convinced enough to win Pein over. She placed her hand on his shoulder and continued, trying to sway Pein to agree with their decision.

Before, Pein had been attracted to Taike. She was a cute girl and seemed to be smart. She made witty responses. But now, it was different. Within minutes, Pein’s impression on the girl flipped. She lost that alluring sense she had initially and now was nothing but a copy of the person she was working with: Tentei. Did they really think that Pein would give so easily all from an attempt that consisted solely on telling Pein he wanted to spar with them while flashing her looks at him? Immature. Petty. Foolish. That’s what this was. As her hand still rested on his shoulder, he shrugged his shoulder and swatted her hand away and off of his shoulder. He then took a step away from Taike to clearly create distance from her.

“I wouldn’t dream of the likes of you healing me” he said coldly, sharply.. just like the chakra that Taike would be able to see flowing through Pein’s body.

Before, he had thought something of Taike. She seemed to be a breath of fresh air in comparison to Tentei. But now at this point, Tentei was better than her in Pein’s eyes. At least he was direct and himself. Taike seemed to just be working in cahoots with Tentei to sway Pein. At least Pein could relate to Tentei to the smallest degree. Taike…he couldn’t at all, nor did he want to based off of her pathetic demonstration of what seemed to be her version of temptation and seduction. She was nothing but a girl.

There had been a brief pause in the conversation after Pein made his comment to Taike. In that pause, Tentei made another comment, asking Pein what they could do for fun. Fun? Ha. Pein was not interested in having fun with the two shinobi which stood near him, for their idea of fun was likely trying to ridicule Pein and ultimately work on his nerves but never break through.

“Truth be told…” Pein began in response to Tentei, “…I couldn’t care less about either of you, let alone what you do for fun.”

Pein had come to the training grounds alone, just as he came to Hoshigakure alone. He didn’t need anyone, especially not the likes of Tentei and Taike. So he was confused as to why they made it seem that way. But perhaps Sakaiza had been too cold to them, maybe he was being harsh. Truthfully, it did not matter and he felt as if they deserved it, but he would seek to appease them to shut them up. As he stood there, facing the two shinobi with some distance in between then, he turned his head slightly to look away, arms still crossed upon his chest.

“If it will keep you quiet then we can spar. But only under the condition of neither of you opening up your mouths throughout it. I’m over hearing you speak.” 

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Keita Akiyama
Keita Akiyama
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Next(Training Thread) - Page 2 Empty Re: Next(Training Thread)

Sun May 29, 2016 4:13 am
As Tentei would squatted besides Taike in the attempts to sway Pein to battle them, he let out a significant scowl at the sheer stubbornness of the boy. Christ, was he difficult to get too. He wouldn't even accept their battle for fun and to test each others abilities. Some teammate he was turning out to be. Tentei was assuming he would be the most uncooperative teammate apart of this group, however at this very second he was being proven wrong. Feeling as if it was time to throw in the towel, he was surprised to see Taike take matters into her own hands and try to sway the boy.

It was obvious she wished to see the abilities of one another as well, and tried to use her charming physique to get Pein to cooperate. Hm. Well it seemed more and more Tentei was beginning to like the girl. She was turning out to be the exact opposite Tentei assumed her to be prior to their first meeting. A nuisance. Wow. She was actually attempting to do something and get him to go with the plan. Bravo to Taike, trying to save the way. He would watch in awe as she attempted to get Pein to spar with them both. He was taking in the approach she was making in order to do so, smirking at how skilled it seemed she was. A persuasive individual it seemed, using what her maker gave her. He liked that.

However, once again Pein proved to be an interesting individual. He just wished to distance himself more and more, and not cooperate. It was obvious he was also filled with extreme pride, unwilling to fall for Taike's seduction with her charm and much rather single himself out from the group. He even went as far as to step away from her, further defining the fine line between them all. Jeez, was he a stubborn mule. Sighing, Tentei would rise from his squat after he distanced himself and spoke of wishing to not see her heal him. He now had a troubled expression resting upon his face, and looked towards Pein.

"Christ. Even I know that's not how you treat a lady, and I would assume you both believe me to be the most idiotic of us all. Why don't you just play nice and train with your new team in this sense? Doesn't look like you have any better ideas."

He was now a bit taken aback by Pein's recent outburst. There was something wrong with this kid, some dark force or thoughts clouding him. Not like Tentei had the right to talk, he most likely had far worst thoughts and mentality to him. However, it seemed Pein and Tentei were similar. It was as if Pein was Yin, and Tentei was Yang. Pein was the more introverted, quiet person who held hatred filled thoughts. While Tentei was the more louder and direct hate. Different, but one and the same. Though this realization didn't give Tentei a chuckle whatsoever, when usually it did. He wasn't playing nice, and even though he could see himself very much so going against being seduced when aware of the attempt, Tentei would at least agree with the terms however making it aware he was not to be seduced. A pickle this truly was.

Now, it was an awkward situation. It seems direct disrespect didn't bother Pein as much as the subliminal ones. Which also proved he was intelligent, to what Tentei wouldn't have known earlier due to the whole sick shenanigan. Or it could be he just isn't into crap like that. No matter, now he would walk to be beside Taike, wishing to show the difference between the conflicting team. One wishing to not train with the others. Tentei didn't have a clue of the meaning behind "team" or at least not fully. He had a good idea of it, and was aware this was not the usual act of such. Shaking his head as he made his walk beside Taike, he would lift his right hand up to his neck and begin to rub it thoroughly, showing how difficult this situation was to cause stress. When truthfully, it wasn't necessary.

So. It seems the team involved a sadistic fuck, a loner, and a succubus. What a oh so righteous combination for Jashin to witness. Tentei supposed it was to happen, though unaware of that feeling he had earlier, due to subsiding, this was all to happen for a reason. And of course, the comment of Pein not caring for neither of us made it even worse for them all. Tentei shook his head even more in disapproval, now beside Taike.

"Such a shame. The charisma of the once jolly team now being sunken like a ship due to one, single outlier and it's preferences."

Tentei would then look up to meet eyes with this outlier, wishing to cause havoc upon the group. Havoc which was intruding on Tentei causing his own much loved havoc. However he was no fool. Instead of fighting this with fire, he knew better to go with a different approach. It wouldn't be smart to allow this fire to gain more and more size until unmanageable to contain. The quiet atmosphere from all that has happened was enriching to Tentei, finding it oddly satisfying and correct. This correct, or right feeling could be from his Lord, telling him that this is all going accordingly to plan for the meaning behind Tentei Nakizato. Tentei, though disliking conflict which couldn't be handled with more conflict, was aware of how to handle it. Diplomatic affairs, though Tentei hated such a route.

Attempting to come up with a conclusion for such a way to end all of this, Pein had a change of heart which supposed Tentei for sure. He actually was willing to work with him and Taike, in the hopes that everyone stayed quiet and said nothing at all. Hm, an intriguing way to get to know each other, but of course historic and respectable. Allow your fist to do the talking. Tentei liked that. He let out a small chuckle at his proposal.

"That's more like it, working to find a conclusion. I would hope laughter is allowed, I will be enjoying this."

Tentei would laugh again, happy that the mood has now shifted and gone towards a way Tentei deemed worthy. Combat. Oh how he loved inflicting pain on others, and especially if they ask for it! However he liked Taike, so he wouldn't do any cheap tricks on her since they were side by side. Instead he walked to his right, seeing as the whole time she was on his left and created distance between her and Pein. As he walked to his right, he would retrieve two kunais, one for his left hand and one for his right. Pein was 4 feet ahead of Tentei when he found his final destination, and Taike was 4 feet away as well now. From what Tentei could see, it seemed they were all formed into an equilateral triangle, perfect lengths for each side. Perfection for a battlefield. Tentei was already beginning to feel the butterflies enter his stomach through the overriding happiness he would mask with a clean smirk. 

The boy now was on the balls of his feet, and twirling the kunai on his left hand whilst having the kunai 6 inches from his face. The right kunai now being held up with his right arm bent, it seemed to be diagonal and pointing towards the direction of Taike, though upward. Surveying both of his opponents, he continued to play his little game with his left kunai, while his right kunai stayed up. Before turning to now face the 2 feet between Taike and Pein in order to have full view of their movements, he took note of the previous bench that they all interacted with being 3 meters away. No more talking was necessary in this battle. No rules. No restrictions. Just weapons, jutsu, and blood as far as Tentei was aware of. This day was actually turning out to now be interesting. Well it was already beginning to become interesting when he saw Pein, but now it was even better. Damn, turned out being a Shinobi was better then expected. Where else could you find this type of trio? A medical succubus. An ice cold loner. And an undead psychopath. Oh, what a team.

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Sun May 29, 2016 5:00 pm
What seemed like a joke before now turned into something that wasn’t at all funny she thought they would have fun and joke around but she was wrong.  After many years of hatred Taike had learned to keep in her emotions and keep smiling but slowly over time her emotions sort of slip out and after hearing Pein say those rude remarks Taike nervously laughs for a few minutes and her eye starts to twitch as she finishes laughing her once cheerful smile faded into an expressionless anger. Her lifeless silver eyes turned to a dull black and she relaxed her body making it look like she gave up until it spoke “Say that again and I will drain every aspect of your life into nothing!”  Taike said but it wasn’t Taike’s voice it was something much darker her lovely voice slipped into a depressing tone. 

She lifter her head to stare at Pein revealing her scar over her black void of an eye “You’re the one to talk just because you are so pitiful doesn’t mean you spread your disgusting sorrow all over us.” She then turns to Tentei “And you stop making your idiotic remarks and be useful for once OKAY?!” You could hear her rage as she seemed to be boiling up this was not Taike she was gone now all that was left was the girl that was born in a town of ungodly nature the nature of disgust, sorrow, anger, torture, and loneliness. This was the true Taike and she made it her duty to show them that the Taike they knew in the beginning was slipping away at that very moment because the hatred wouldn’t let her be nice any more but if only they knew what was behind her beautiful smile lay a beast clawing to get out and destroy all happiness that Taike had created.

“You better wipe that smile off you Tentei or I will do it for you.” She chuckled but it wasn’t Taike’s chuckle it was like looking at a different person entirely nothing of that creature in Taikes body was her. She then turns back to Pein when she heard him say he didn’t want to hear them speak “I’m glad we are not talking Taike couldn’t stand another second listening to you being a whiny asshole. Now are we going to get this over with I rather die than look at you two again.”

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Sun May 29, 2016 8:57 pm
Shortly after Pein’s lashing against Taike for trying to seduce him, it clicked to him that he should not have done so. Although Pein lacked common social sense, he knew better than to mistreat a woman, and that’s exactly what he did by slapping her hand away and saying his harsh comment. He knew it had been uncalled for, yet it was too late for him to take it back. And that was made quite evident by the remarks of Tentei. As much as he did not want to hear Tentei’s comment and agree with him, Tentei was right. It was not how he should treat a lady. But between the constant annoying comments made by Tentei and Taike’s attempt to coerce Pein seductively to do their will, Pein was frustrated. It was not an acceptable reason however, it was only an excuse. But Pein’s pride and introvert personality would not allow him to admit that. Well at least it had just been Tentei’s comments responding to Pein. His eyes then flickered from Tentei to Taike.

When they would finally fall upon the girl who was once so appealing to Pein, they would also widen in pure surprise. She was laughing. But why? What could be so funny? Nothing, nothing was funny at all. Maybe that’s why she was laughing, out of sheer nerves. Maybe she was so annoyed by Pein and Tentei that she could only laugh. Pein simply watched in confusion as she continued laughing, but what would happen next would truly puzzle him. Her eye began twitching and she looked as if she had been seriously ticked off by Pein. As terrifying as the sight was, Pein couldn’t help but think her whole reaction was kind of cute. From the laugh to the twitch to the immediate threat upon his life. Maybe Pein did have a slight crush on her, maybe Tentei was right, but Pein didn’t know it.

As she continued to lash out at Pein and the two took their turns at scolding Pein, his eyes began to wander until they were focused on the clouds. He could hear the two’s yelling turn into a fuzzy mesh of dialogue that he could not decipher. He was once again focused on one thing. Take a guess. If you thought it would be ice release jutsu, then you’d be right on the money.  He could not wait until he knew the jutsu, for he had so many plans with it. Plans that could scare away even the toughest of shinobi. Then it seemed as if he clicked back in when Taike yelled so loud she was practically in his face, stating that she was fine with the spar and its conditions as long as she didn’t have to see Pein and Tentei again. Rather harsh. Hearing someone and seeing someone were too different things. To be honest, Pein would have been fine hanging out with Taike and Tentei in complete silence. As weird as the trio were, he kind of began to take a likening to them. However, when they were all speaking it was rather a sour feeling in his gut. It would have been a lot nicer if the three could sit in silence, enjoying each other’s quiet company. But that would never be the case, and he knew it.

Pein shrugged his shoulders at whatever it was that the pair had been saying to him then when they both ultimately agreed to the terms of the spar, he smiled. It was the first time he had genuinely smiled since the three had met up.

“Thank you.” Pein let out.

Since the three had already been in a triangular formation, the battle could commence at any moment, but Pein was not wishing to begin it. To be honest, he only agreed to spar so that he could not have to listen to the childish banter the three partook in. He aligned his body so that his back, right foot was facing away from the two in front of him and his front, left foot was lined up with an imaginary bisector between Tentei and Taike. His left shoulder was hunched up, covering his chin slightly and his left hand gripped his right side. His right hand, from Tentei and Taike’s perspective would appear to be in his pocket, but instead it had been positioned up and rather close to his other hand. This was his subtle fighting stance, as ineffective as it looked, it would prove to be rather tricky in an actual fight.

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Mon May 30, 2016 5:20 am
The many situations that were going down at this very moment truthfully intrigued Tentei, while also shocking him. He wasn't exactly prepared for it all to go down, the unexpected truthfully able to take a toll on him. As he was making his journey some feet to the right he was being told off by Taike. What the bloody fuck? He never knew the girl had such a fire about her, willing to suddenly turn out this way and spiteful! To be honest... It was kinda hot. He always thought rampant and chaotic actions were sexy, and this situation proved to show as much when it came to Tentei. Something else as well, the type of person she was.

It was becoming more aware to Tentei she wasn't going to be the heroine bore you see so frequently in stories. She had some bite behind her, was smart on her feet, sarcastic, and knew how to use what she had. Every thing she had. Damn, what a woman for Pein to have. A true shame he had to fuck it up to be real, but hopefully the psychotic relationship advice giver could come to the rescue and save the day. Peering over at Pein as she gave her shit storm of rude comments that Tentei would of never believed to have came from her mouth, he would just be in true disbelief as his head was to the clouds. God damn. Really man? You take this time, when a girl is chewing you out, to not even pay attention to them, or at least seem like it?! From this point on, Tentei let out a small prayer within his head:

Dear Jashin. Please guide this lost idiot to the correct direction when it came to women. It seems as if he lost his way from birth, and would much rather stare into the skies that you rested upon, seeking your advice. I know he is a sinner to your cause most likely, not wishing to cause chaos and destruction. Therefore you've most likely ignored his pleads to gain some game when it came to the ladies, or whatever the hell was wrong with the kid. But please, Lord. Have some restraint on this one. Allow him salvation, and a means for your forgiving nature, and acceptance just this once. Thank you Jashin. Amen.

During his prayer, Tentei would make no showcase as to how he was secretly praying for the boy in his mind. He was some damn case, willing to keep his eyes off the prize at such a crucial moment. Anyone here could assassinate him easily and be done with it, however Tentei wouldn't role that way just yet. Well ever really. He was the more louder variation when it came to executing a plan. One of his favorite thoughts was "Go loud." Which indicated the activity and preference he should take when it came to battles. When the banter was coming to an end for the poor soul Pein,( at least he was a poor soul in Tentei's eyes. He had some common sense, a lot actually. Supposedly it was also seeable in social settings, and dealing with the opposite sex.) Tentei believed it was all over. The spar would begin and they could all begin the battle and fight with their complaints with their fist. However, it was time for the roast of Tentei Nakizato, something else he wasn't expecting.

It was obvious Taike had a lot of pint up rage. Damn, was she a ferocious girl. Out of no where really. It had a lot of evil and hateful intent behind it, and seriously it was so attractive. No way in hell someone of Tentei's nature couldn't see it any other way. He liked that type of shit. Chaos and everything of the likes. And Taike was bringing that arsenal, therefore Tentei liked. It wasn't an attempt for the author of Tentei Nakizato to hit on Taike at all, or was it? Nonetheless, he was taken aback by how she went out on Tentei as well, though truthfully he seemed content with it. If she was down to do it to Pein, why not Tentei? The more asshole one deserved it more, though to be quite frank he was beginning to lose the thought of who was the bigger asshole in the whole picture. Tentei. Pein. Or dare he think Taike? He would listen ear filled to Taike's dagger like words, and then think how something like that was to hurt him. 

He was for sure no fool, and he was thinking he was attempting to be useful to Taike and her and his cause. Though it seemed her own actions were more useless then Tentei's, the space cadet taking off from the mother base far quicker then Taike had the chance to mouth one word. Once she had her say towards Tentei, he would look at her with a "Did you really just say that?!" look, out of the sheer disbelief he had of her actually believing what she said. Tentei didn't want to now assume she actually wasn't as smart as she seemed to be earlier, maybe her emotions just got the best of her. She could find it difficult to think before acting really. That making more sense, and causing Tentei to keep the respect he had for her. On the note of it being hot, well either way Tentei would have to keep up his promise of getting the loner and the succubus together, so that mattered little. Though he would always get a laugh out of upsetting her with his sadistic manners. Maybe he'll go off to burn the hospital one day, just for her.

Once he gave off his signal of disapproval, throwing his hands up in the air while doing so, he would point towards the possibly still aloof boy staring up at the clouds, and simply mouth the words "Really?" without making sound. From then he would allow his hands to drop, before throwing them up to his shoulders as if he was flipping a table, and looking up to the same sky his lonely friend was looking at to emphasize his discontent with Taike's beliefs. This is what he asked for... Was it really worth it? He will have to deal with this every day. Just think about it. The pride filled introvert who keeps to himself and only has ill mannered words to say, the short fused succubus who had a pretty face, and the sadist, prick who thinks he has everything figured out. Though maybe he did, maybe he didn't. Either way he had a passion for figuring things out, and solving life dilemmas. But this was different.

He would quickly picture the scenario of them all together in public taking place.  Maybe at a diner for instance. They wouldn't even be able to sit in the same parlor together, without faking some sickness and bursting out of no where with anger, while you just hear smartass remarks from some rich kid. Seriously, they were all a bunch of immature, kids when it came down to it. Tentei was willing to face the fact, though he had to admit Taike had the best reasoning to do what she did, the brute force and how she did such a thing made it noticeable she had a lot bottled up, very quickly. And let's all just think about how its only been a few minutes.

This is just going to be the perfect team. He couldn't wait but share the stories he will have towards the end of his journey with some poor souls he is torturing, about how they all came together and were already down to kill one another. Jeez, what an amazing day actually. At least Tentei got what he was craving.

However, now was the time to kick into high gear. Their was enough thinking and fighting verbally to all of this. It was really time to get a move on, and kick some ass. The girl was most likely still on her fit a bit to be of- Wait pause. Did she just talk in third person?... Bruh. What the actual fuck was he dealing with. No.. What was Pein AND Tentei gonna have to deal with? This must be it. She is controlled by a demon. The out of no where temper, the third person talking, sounding like she was being taken over by a supernatural being....The eyes. Breh. That was so fucking cool. But at the same time Tentei admired the demon controlled succubus, he wasn't exactly trying to lose his own control over his body. He liked his undead body, more then a succubus that was for sure. Either way though, this girl had something wrong with her, and either she was a little too open about it, or she was actually crazy( worse then Tentei is for sure; Maybe back when he just got done being tortured) orrr... She was actually controlled by a demon.

'Well. Sorry Pein my man. It seemed as if I unintentionally got you with a demon. You'll be fine though' Tentei thought to himself. If their was still any Taike in there, she sure as hell would hear and be even more pissed off by Tentei's comment. Though this was getting even more interesting and fun, at the end of the day the girl was probably insane. You know, for a moment. Tentei actually considered giving out a prayer to his God, to help her as well. The to be couple he thought. But no, he realized after having the thought. You can't saved an already tainted soul being possessed, or escaped it's sexy wrath. Now he was pit up against some crazy ass people. Well to be fair, one- No, two were crazy. Being Tentei and Taike, though one crazier then the other in ways. And the third just an antisocial asshole. Perfect. Seemed just so wonderful Jashin, thank you. Fuck my undead life sideways.

Well on the bright side, at least it was pinpointed towards Pein, rather then himself. He wasn't trying to be possessed, he was the one who was able to possess others. And to be quite frank,he wasn't in the mood to have someone else wipe off his own smirk. Christ man, he really got himself a crew. Now though, Tentei would have a change of heart. Rethinking this whole idiotic situation, he came to terms and realized this wouldn't be a smart idea to go out and do. The spar he meant. Due to the simple reasons tensions were just A BIT higher then necessary, and somebody may be killed or significantly hurt in the process. And no way in hell was Tentei going down for that, he felt as if his time in Hoshi would need to be extended drastically then just the lifespan of an academy student to genin. If any kunais were out at this very moment, he would have put them away with care realizing the mistakes he has made. He didn't want to see them killed anytime soon, or his head cut off or whatever may happen. 

Tentei would put his hands in his pockets, expressing his cool gaze on the other two just as he avoided a situation he rather not deal with. Good thinking to whoever in the right mind gave him such a realization last minute. Or else it would of been a bad situation. From then, he would exercise the humility he learned ever so slightly back at the academy when he met Kenshin, with an emphasized sigh and looking up at the two with quick glances.

"I apologize for my comments, to the both of you. Now, to be fair it wouldn't exactly be smart for a newly formed team to already kill one another, so how about we ditch the idea for a spar just this once. Instead, we can settle it at the Chuunin Exams we can hopefully make in the near future. Very near I personally hope. For now, let's go do a mission, it'll mark off one of the necessary requirements we need for the Chuunins, and cool our heads off probably knocking out other people's teeth."

His proposal was fair and artificially sincere, he trying his best to sound kind with a certain bite to his breath. He now had a cool gaze, with his newly founded forgiving mentality when it came to the two. He was trying his best to act a bit more kindly, realizing it is best to act kind when it comes to your teammates if anything was wished to get done. It honestly made him feel odd, will he always have to be kind now? It was such an overwhelming feeling to dish out. He would ponder his new thoughts and question his own motives where to if he really wants to kill his teammates, or it all being some act. Surprising himself, he actually had more reasoning then he even thought he had. It for sure was now just awkward due to the sheer change of heart he was expressing.


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Mon May 30, 2016 5:23 am

(Just so you guys know, Hoshi nin seriously hurting each other will not be tolerated. So if you guys dont want the topic voided and all your words gone, this had best remain a training session at most. <3)
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