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Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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In means of self defense. [training] Empty In means of self defense. [training]

Thu Aug 27, 2015 4:06 pm
Wuark still wanted to maintain peak physical condition. Even though he was not a ninja anymore he still had to make sure that he was healthy and ready to fight in hand to hand combat if he had to. He had nothing against the taijutsu techniques that were taught to him at the acadmeny in the leaf village but he just didn’t want to use chakra. That was not his goal; his goal now was to master the leaf gale technique. A technique that was used for centuries before in the leaf village it was relatively simple to learn in foresight. All he had to do was make sure he didn’t fall over himself when he was doing it. Wuark knew that sometimes his balance wasn’t the best.
Laughing at the current state of affairs in the village Wuark felt that just training in his small home with komi was the best way to train. Komi was tired however; they both were tired to be fair because they hadn’t eaten much recently. It was hard to be so poor and useless anywhere but especially in a village of knowledge and royalty. He of course had some odd jobs that he could do from time to time but pay was not consistant and he still had to earn the trust of the villagers still.
Even though Wuark told them that he had no chakra and only left the village to move to a more neutral village he still felt that they knew he had chakra and therefore was feared by some of the villagers. He had been there for almost two years and still they felt as though he was either on a spy mission for the leaf village, going to use some massively devastating move to destroy the village, or kill the queen and become a dictator of their people. Turning Hoshi into a war like state wasn’t Wuarks’ plan however. He just wanted to live the rest of his life in peace.
Still it was time to train. Wuark started but taking some his money and buying him and komi some food. He couldn’t afford much, just some bread and a little bit of meat, but it was food nonetheless. When komi and wuark got home they began eating. Komi was cooing and crying however, she wanted to be out and fetch mice or do some sort of hunt. So Wuark let Komi out for the time being. She could be gone for hours until she satisfied her appetite. She was big bird but she was also silent and magnificent as fuck. She would probably catch more than 15 mice that night, using her senses and her ability to take them down, eat them up, and refuel her energy. She was just a really good owl, a great friend, and the only real friend that wuark had in the village.
After Wuark as done eating he took out his workbook and worked on learning the technique that would be needed to master the leaf gale technique. Like it was said earlier it was a simple technique overall but still wuark tried his best not to go lazy about it. He learned the technique like it was a super tough s rank technique; he drew out the steps, went about learning what muscles were involved, and what force he would have to work in order to achieve the goal of sweeping somebody or anybody off of their feet.
So wuark put his hair into a ponytail and went to work. He changed into a tank top and some sweat pants that he had, drank some water from the nearby well, and began his training. To outsiders it would look like he was just doing regular aerobics but he was actually training a technique.
Wuark would begin by learning how to crunch his body small enough and low enough so that he could perform the kick. Wuark realized just how weak he had gotten since he left the ninja school in konoha, his muscled had gone through much decay. So he began by doing almost 100 squats while carring a 50 pound water jug. He couldn’t afford to go to a gym or buy weights of his known; the water jug could harm his back in the end and he could be sore after the workout but for now it was what he had to do. His squats were hard; doing 100 of them was almost an impossible task in his position. After about ten of these squats wuark had to take a break from it. He needed more water and he was already sweating bullets. He went out to the water well and got some more water, fashioning a water bottle out of the old food container he got from the guy that sold him food earlier. He did of course wash it before he used it but without soap. He couldn’t afford that kind of luxury.
After his small break he tried again. He laughed off most of the pain as his body heaved up and down. Panting and trying his best it would take him almost 2 hours for him to complete the task. After about 35 of the squats his legs had given up on him and he collapsed onto the floor, he made a large bang, and after the initial impact Wuark wept a bit. He was angry that he let his body decay the way it did. He was at the best physical condition he was ever at the leaf village and he didn’t want to lose that when he got to the village hidden the stars. Still it happened, not because he was lazy, arrogant, or didn’t want to, but because it was at the back of his mind; he had other things that he had to worry about: money, food, shelter. These things he couldn’t get when he was at the village by himself but he wouldn’t have to worry about in konoha. Often times he wondered about going back and taking the easy road but that wasn’t him. He knew that he had to finish the life he was given. HE stopped crying and he lifted himself off of the ground. With the rest of his will he took his time finishing the exercise.
When he finished he realized that if he hadn’t given up so many times he might have gained more out of the exercise. However he would just have to accept that this was his starting point. All he could do from here was grow and get better again. Wuark was still young and he could still practice hard enough for him to get back to the point that he was at when was still in the leaf village. He knew that if he had spent time taking training as a priority he might just do it. He would have to wake up earlier, get more jobs, or do something that would allow him to train more. But for now that was all in the future and there was nothing that he could do to change that at this very moment.
When wuark was done with his break after finishing the exercise komi had some back. She, for once, was happy with herself and appeared to eaten several of the small vermin before returning home. Wuark would pet komi and she would coo and hoot when he did. The really both did have a strong bond for each other. After a little bit however komi was tired from her hunt. She needed to rest her body and rejuvenate her self before she went out again. Wuark had built her a small enclave within his small home for her. Komi would fly around, dropping a few feathers and spitting up two balls before she went to sleep. Wuark didn’t know everything about owls but he assumed that komi thought that it was a sign of appreciation and love when she dropped them for him.
When Komi was fast asleep, probably thinking and dreaming about all the mice she has yet to kill, Wuark went back to work training his body the leaf gale technique. The technique was easy: all he had to do was squat and kick, but getting the power that he needed was going to be the challenge. Wuark set up a night stand just within his leg range that would give him something to use to train on. Wuark didn’t want to break the nightstand but just flip it over on its side to prove to himself that he was ready to say that he conquered the technique.
The training was hard on his feet and his legs. He used his legs a lot when he was in the work force. Often he would run to fetch things for people or be a mover for somebody that was moving to a different area of the village. All of this would help his body stay in shape but none of this ever challenged him. He needed to be lifting large objects to actually do that; he needed to be lifting like he was in the leaf village because that actually challenged him. They were always pushing him to the limits of his power, but that was only for their benefit; he knew that they only would use this power that he had inside of him to destroy things, either a village, structure, or kill some other ninja. He would die using the power that they gave him the common torture of man. He didn’t want that and that is part of the reason he left the ninja world. Interestingly now he was using these exact techniques to defend himself against the oncoming use of chakra in this city. He figured that he would be asked eventually to show them chakra and he would be taken to the palace, both things that he didn’t want to do, but he would eventually have to with the way things were going. However the work that Wuark had done sometimes did take its toll on the body and on the mind. He was always tired and he was always going to be hungry but it was work nonetheless. It did come with some perks and pluses though.  The calices that he had from all the work he did outside helped out though; they would give him some support and help with the balance and ease the pain from standing on them all day. Well that is what they would have to do.
They definitely helped with making sure that he learned the technique faster and better though. It meant that he could hit the chairs without himself bleeding or hurting himself to a point. It was almost two hours more of training for him to get the technique down pat. He spent a lot of time squatting and falling down on the floor, a few times he saw that his friend komi had woken up to see what was going on outside. She probably thought that all of this was crazy and rather uneventful; she probably just wanted Wuark to stop making so much fucking noise and go to sleep, perhaps she knew that tomorrow was going to be a big day and they were going to need their sleep.
Wuark would eventually take his time, until about 3 in the morning that day to get the technique down. He spent a lot of time during that trying to figure out to translate his notes and drawings into actual technique parts. Maybe if he had some teacher that could show him how to do things then maybe he would know how to easier, but for now he would just have to try as hard as he could to learn it and all other techniques on his own. He learned this one rather easy however. He knew that it was something that he could do if he had to do sweep some guard or something off his feet to make an escape. But for now he would just be proud of the achievement.
A few hours later Komi would wake up and see that Wuark was laying on the ground in the fetal position. Komi probably rolled her eyes in her head when she saw him. At that point she would swoop down to him and lightly peck him on the cheek.
“Whazztimmmmeeeizzzzeeeet” Wuark would say. Komi would hoot in response and Wuark would just wake up. Petting Komi he would go to the well and get some water, take a shower, and go see if somebody could give him work. When he finally took the shower he saw he was sweaty and disgusting but he didn’t have any soap to make him smell good. Who knows maybe today he would find something or someone that would give him enough money to buy soap. When he got out of the shower he saw that komi had pecked a hole in his tank top; he wasn’t mad but just had to patch it up later. Putting his regular clothes on Wuark would go into the village looking for work, and komi would fly high above him scouting for anything suspicious.
[WC: 2207, requesting 11 stats, 11 stats for Komi, and learning of the Leaf Gale Technique.]
Saladin Pendragon
Saladin Pendragon
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In means of self defense. [training] Empty Re: In means of self defense. [training]

Thu Aug 27, 2015 4:11 pm
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