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Makashi Nara
Makashi Nara
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Ohana Means Family (Open, Funeral) Empty Ohana Means Family (Open, Funeral)

Tue Jun 07, 2016 1:06 pm
Makashi Nara
Makashi Nara
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Ohana Means Family (Open, Funeral) Empty Re: Ohana Means Family (Open, Funeral)

Tue Jun 07, 2016 1:08 pm
Having been found dead in his sleep, just one day after the exam Mako Sarutobi would be found in his house in the Sarutobi district.  A presumed heart attack being the cause, it occured while he slept the night following the exams.  The following morning his father came by to visit congratulating him on his success to offer him a gift for the parting voyage that he would be taking with his fellow chuunin as they would depart to Suna.  The aged man with the salt and pepper beard and similarly colored hair would instead only find grief behind the doors of his only son's door.  The body ay peacefully upon the bed his sword collection still dangling from the wall untouched. 
So now today, the members of the village and friends of Mako Sarutobi would be invited to the burial site.  The clouds in the sky were dark and overcast blocking out the sun warning of impending rain, there were many people in the streets standing in all black, the body of Mako Sarutobi displayed in his casket surrounded by flowers and within the casket was the tanto he had carried with him since he was a genin, and the konoha army katana he received when he graduated to a chuunin, and the konoha headband wrapped around the weapons.  His eyes were closed and he appeared to be sleeping peacefully.   A smile on his face and a cigarette hanging from his mouth.
The woman who sat beside it was his mother, a woman of the Nara line she had brown hair and was in her late 40's, she had green eyes and wore a black dress, tears rolled down her cheeks as people came up to see the body, her sadness and grief making speaking impossible despite many of their attempts to offer comfort.  His father stood behind her remaining strong and stern faced though occasionally a tear would come to his eyes when the thought of losing his only son would manage itself into the fore front of his mind.   Nearby there sat a group of Monkeys, 4 in total, the Sarutobi summons that Mako had spent nearly 6 months with following his graduation.  There was a small spider monkey, red in color wearing a headband, with a signature cigarette hanginf from his mouth,  he would be crying uncontrollably.  There was an old baboon who wore a black robe and carried a staff.  A large orangutan with fire red fur heavily muscled whose shoulders carried the weight of the groups sadness as well as the obviously emotionally distraught spider monkey.  And behind these three stood the great Genma current King of the monkey summons who had dedicated there service to this current Sarutobi.  He stood taller than the rest a stern look on his face, as if he had been there in the fight, and knew what had actually happened, though he did not say a single word to anyone, whether asked or not.
Mako's father would stand forward and deliver the eulogy for the man.  He would stand in front of the crowd of Konoha nin. 
"Mako, my son, was raised in the military mind set of our family, and though as a youth he fought hard to swim against that current and that kept him from being great, the moment he allowed himself to swim with it and meet so any great friends I watched him become one of the finest shinobi I have ever seen, both as a father and as leader of the village.  His heart showed a man willing to give his life for that which he loved, and a man who cared deeply for those around him.  Those he knew him would know he could be hard to be around, and somewhat abrasive, but anyone who spent much time around him would know he was a friend worth having.  For those of you who are about to travel for the remainder of the exams, I'm going to tell you what he would tell you. "Go out there and kick some ass". "  Mako's father would not be able to continue having been choked up.  Those last words being the epitome of how his son handled all issues. "Anyone is welcome to come up and share words about Mako, and their experiences with him, and one last thing, a Mrs. Risako Akara, Me and my wife would like you to have this weapon, one that he spent months toiling over to create, it is a fine weapon and one that it would be a shame not being used in defense of the village."  With those words he would back down off of the pedestal and walk back to where his crying wife sat next to the casket that held The Smoking Monkey Sage of the Leaf.
Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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Ohana Means Family (Open, Funeral) Empty Re: Ohana Means Family (Open, Funeral)

Wed Jun 08, 2016 5:49 pm
The figure under the covers stirred with even less life than usual. Most days, the alarm clock that had been incessantly buzzing would have been smashed to pieces, but on this day, her usual anger was replaced with a helpless longing. So for what seemed like hours, the little machine got a pass on life, free to beep as annoyingly as it had wished to.

Even when Risako finally drug the covers from her body with a heavy hand, the clock was of no concern to her. Her lazy morning staggering was replaced with a wobbling gait that seemed as if she was carrying the weight of the man on her shoulders. From her bed to her bathroom, she practically crawled at a snail’s pace, until she found the shower and managed to get the water running. Still dressed in her night clothes, she hopped under the stream not because of her regular laziness, but because she genuinely couldn’t be bothered to undress.

After she cleaned up, the raven haired girl went on to dress herself, slipping into a black pair of pants, sandals, and a long sleeved kimono styled top over a regular black shirt. Up until this point no words had been spoken as her apartment was left and the road to the funeral was traversed. Before leaving the dwelling, she would grab a small rubber ball, clutching it the entire way.

Upon arrival, Risako failed to notice most of the other similarly dressed participants, of which she paid little attention to. The only group that she had really acknowledged to any extent at this point, happened to be Mako’s summons. While she didn’t know them, she was a Sage belonging to a different group, and she would feel more comfortable with them. Standing behind the red sobbing one, her hand would reach over and pat the distraught ape on the back. The memory of their first actual spar had flashed quickly through her mind when she recognized the orangutang, reminding her of the time when the rubber ball was discipline. Then of the mission, where the two cousins from Tanzaku Town tracked a couple of foreigners. The memories stopped as the funeral proceeded.

From behind her bangs, which dangled just over her eyebrows and over her silvery eyes, she would watch as the man, who was assumed a relative to the fellow Sage, would begin to say a few words. Normally she wasn’t one to cry in public, and so far her composure had been held fairly well, biting her tongue occasionally to hold back the tears that were weighing her eyelids down. As his father acknowledged his son’s own faults, Ris almost chuckled, as Mako was summed up to a T. She contained the sound, however, she was a stranger to most of his family, along with the other people unmet to her.

As he began to wrap things up, starting with a Mako-esque quote, it was all almost too much. Jason’s death was tolerable. He was more of a guiding figure, or a brotherly type of friend. There was sadness to be found there, yes, but the girl wasn’t in control of the Hokage’s development like she was with Mako’s. Early on, he was her genin, alongside Zennal Senju and Ryugia Uchiha. The thought lingered on her mind for a moment, and she couldn’t begin to imagine what Mako’s parents were going through, but the feelings collecting in her head were similar. Her eyes had witnessed the man’s transformation from nothing into a Sage. It wasn’t until now that she had ever acknowledged him as an equal, let alone a superior. When her name was called, her ears almost blocked it out, thinking it was someone trying to console her. Upon realization of who said it, slowly, she trudged her way to Mako’s father, and gripping the weapon within her left hand. The first tear to fall from her face in public did so on the sheathe, leaving a small reflective pool along its surface.

With a simple, “Thank you,” she would make her way over to the casket, holding the blade in her left hand. Her right would lay itself flat against Mako’s chest, letting go of the little rubber ball that had pinged against his head on more than one occasion. The worst student, though she never admitted it, was in fact her favorite. The second tear to ever escape her in public did so at her feet beside the coffin. It was one of her regrets, coupled with the tie breaker the two never got to finish. If it had been prior knowledge, that he would have passed before her, the match would have been forfeit to give him the victory. A few more memories flashed through her mind. More recently, the two had taken down an S-rank beast, and were tasked by an ANBU with escorting Kiranomo from the village.

Before returning to her spot, the girl turned to the people gathered around, opening her mouth as if she had something to say. No words came out however. This is where her lack of skills in the art of speaking bit her in the ass, for despite her attempt, the words wouldn’t come to her. Lowering her head, Risako bit her tongue and returned to the monkeys, where she would linger. Her thoughts weren’t focused on if people cared about her lack of words for the man, but instead of the memories the two shared.
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Ohana Means Family (Open, Funeral) Empty Re: Ohana Means Family (Open, Funeral)

Wed Jun 08, 2016 6:19 pm
Although she had no attachment to Mako's funeral, Ari knew there were people attending it that both she and he knew. Seeking to gain some insight on his character and also pay her respects was the only reason she attended. Ari had no right to speak up and say anything about him as she knew nothing about him, but she did recognize Risako. Waiting towards the back of the crowd until the girl approached some monkeys, Ari approached carefully to avoid disturbing anyone by circling around the long way. The silence expressed by Risako was something Ari related to, when Kurisu and Kasuga first left her behind she was unable to speak to anyone for months. Wearing a black suit and plain expression, she reached for Risako's right shoulder from behind with her left hand. "I'm sorry." With a reassuring and gentle shake of Risako's shoulder, Ari let go and continued to stand silently paying her respects.

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Brooke Uchiha
Brooke Uchiha
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Ohana Means Family (Open, Funeral) Empty Re: Ohana Means Family (Open, Funeral)

Wed Jun 08, 2016 6:20 pm
It was a big topic in the village that day Mako Sarutobi had died in his sleep. There was a funeral that day, for people to pay their respects. Kirino put on the black kimono she used for funerals and headed out of the door. Whilst walking down the street she thought of the man she had gone onto a couple of missions with. When I met the guy, I thought he was rude. Blowing smoke into Risako’s face like that. Over the course of the mission though, that all changed. I learned more about him and realized he was a very kind and noble warrior. He had fought against the summon with his friend Genma. After that we both took to the sewers to stop a man who was doing experiments with DNA. He remained sturdy even then… Hmm.

Kirino recalled every detail of the two’s time together before arriving where a flock of robbed men and women stood to honor Mako Sarutobi. It seemed many were only there out of respect as they left almost immediately after offering condolences. When it finally had come down to the Kaguya’s turn she looked at the face of the man in the casket. ”The will of fire, burns brightly for you.” The girl knelt before the casket and said a quick prayer before walking over to the man’s parents and once more offered her condolences.

With that done the girl remained and approached the monkey king Genma and the other monkey summons, along with her squad leader Risako. Who moments prior had shed a couple of tears though. Even though the moment was sad the Kaguya’s expression was blank. Even though the proof of death was there, the reality had not sunk in quite yet. The girl placed her hands onto her leader’s and the lord of monkey’s shoulders trying to sooth them both. After that she would wait until the end of the funeral. The girl would suffer through rain, snow, or any other weather condition to see that the man was honored completely.
Alister Yama
Alister Yama
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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Ohana Means Family (Open, Funeral) Empty Re: Ohana Means Family (Open, Funeral)

Thu Jun 09, 2016 7:37 pm
Yen appeared  in a rushle of a black cloak billowing in the wind as it revealed a set of matching black leggings and a black kimono and his eyepach resting over his left eye.  It was saddening And sudden news that the one known as mako had died in such a manner. Even he had to waiver a bit emotionally as he noted the loss of the family. A father proud of his aspiring son. And one who's loss burned a heavy hit in the joninn test. Mako... the highest score and surely one to be a grand leader one day. Gone in a single night. And such peace. It cannot be helped. He could've been a great leader and despite not knowing him well. I'll make sure to redouble my efforts for him. That I can assure the family to my heart and soul.  To mako of the sarutobi clan know that even if it's by a ghost of the chance. We as the village will not let your will fade away.

Yen thought as he  said a little prayer while taking off his hat. "Noble blood of the sarutobi I may have never known him personally. But his will and heart lives in within us all. We will do as he would say and give it our all. To mako may the rest in peace, we will carry on your will and legacy as not only individuals but as your village we will carry it on." 

Kneeling and bowing his head yen  would continue in silent prayer to mako afor a peaceful rest in the world beyond mortal grasp. And a prayer to the mother and father for recovery. Yet as he looked up at  the figure of risako and with a decision to not adress her his thoughts went out to her as well for eventual recovery  as this hit not only  her but by the looks  it a few others as well. By this quick look yen figured it was thoes who worked rather close with him from missions, to personal training with him. It only made yen regret to not knowing the guy. With the end of the funeral at its end yen would pay the family his final condolences as he bid them a good bye head bowed and only placing on his hat as he left the premisis of the funeral. A few stars falling from the right side of his face  as he exited were the only proof of the tears he held back for the remainder of the walk home.

A life extinguished in our village. A young life to the boot. But one that stood at ready and acted upon our duty as shinobi. May the heaven's treat you kindly mako the monkey sage. For you will be missed.
Kanshi Surēbu
Kanshi Surēbu
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Ohana Means Family (Open, Funeral) Empty Re: Ohana Means Family (Open, Funeral)

Sat Jun 11, 2016 1:45 am
(I apologize for somehow thinking that something as significant as a character's funeral could be joked about with IC. Honestly, I am happy that post was deleted off this thread and hope this post can somehow make up for it. Sometimes I really do get too carried away and taking a figurative dump on your character's funeral is ignorant of me. This isn't just a funeral, but more so the entire legacy, meaning your character has, and a key point at the least in your story. Will be sure to think twice next time, sorry Mako.)

Kanshi had always worn black, but today was different. It was a day to be reminded of the will of fire within a fellow Chuunin's sudden death. Whether it was how much free time he had or how much he truly wanted to understand death, Kanshi couldn't say; however, he did know, for whatever reason, going to funerals just felt like the right thing to do. Look upon the graves and the sorrows of others and try to fathom what kind of impact death could have upon this world. It was almost a bit numbing to remember that nothing could make this Shinobi of the leaf smile once more or even say a simple goodbye to those he knew. Death was scary and too sudden for anyone to probably understand within their lifetime, that was Kanshi's belief.

10 meters from the burial site, it was the drop of the a roller coaster the instant he saw the scene from a distance. Monkeys, Risako, men, and women, all gathered at the scene with the melancholy of the funeral almost radiating off of it. He had been to more funerals than he could count, but this one in particular made Kanshi feel a stronger sense of sympathy. He had just taken the Jounin exams with the guy and the next morning he is gone. Kanshi leaned against a tree dressed for the occasion in a tux, but wasn't going to even think of steeping foot into the scene. It felt immoral to do such an event with someone he had just only seen a glimpse of. It was rude to stare, but his eyes laid locked on the scene. Mako Sarutobi, the smoking monkey sage, was dead and that was the sick truth. Whatever he was going to do next, whether it was good or bad, isn't going to happen. Kanshi thought about all of this with an empty stare, then he got off the tree and began to walk back home to change to something a bit more casual. He then paused to reach into his pocket and unfold the speech he was going to give about Mako. While he knew he wasn't going to step foot in the funeral, it just always felt right to have one written. The new human glanced over the speech on his way home before throwing it out and thinking about the will of fire once more. Kanshi could only put on a frown as he imagined what the others must have been feeling in that moment.
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