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Koroshi Uchiha
Koroshi Uchiha
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Why Not (P, Echo if he joins) - Page 6 Empty Re: Why Not (P, Echo if he joins)

Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:33 am
Upon hearing Aqua accept his money, and saying that he really didn't have a choice Koroshi smiles Damn right you didn't!" The young Kazekage says with a laugh, if everything that Aqua had planned to say is still said, then Koroshi frowns slightly upon hearing Aqua say that his own Kage has never done anything like this for him "But its the Kage's job to help his ninja, in both psychical training, as well as funding if they need it! Who is your Kage?! I might have to have a little talk to him" Koroshi says as he begins to think of what kind of Kage the leader of Skyscraper is like, his mind picturing a greedy man who ignores all of his ninja, leaving them weak and in poverty. The mere thought of this making Koroshi let out a slight growl and begin to speak again before Aqua has a chance to"Don't worry Aqua, I will be sure to make him a better Kage, you won't have to live like that anymore!" Koroshi says as a smile begins to form across his face.
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Why Not (P, Echo if he joins) - Page 6 Empty Re: Why Not (P, Echo if he joins)

Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:02 am
"Its fine Koroshi, It was the past and the mizukage was a fool and wimp from what I heard. He was a disgrace to the village if you ask me, he didn't care about his villagers, and his villagers returned the favor by not fighting with him. But like I said that was the past, and the mizukage, along with the village, are buried. Now I am stronger and I won't let that kind of oppression or disrespect happen again. With the weapons and the armor that you gave me, I can show any person who is boss, and if necessary I will do what I can to uphold honor. Although to be fair right now our village, including the kage, is OK. He was a former member of the mist village too, he knows the same pain i do." Aqua would say with the confidence. Koroshi's word had ended aquas train of thought right at the beginning, making it appear as though he never had thought those things about Aqua being used the first place.

"I think that I can handle anyone with just a bit more training. This water jutsu that I have been working on will be the most powerful thing in my village for sure once I'm done with it. And once I have added some designed and upgrades the great armor that you have given me I will be unstoppable. Again. Thank you for all your help." Aqua would say to the kage if he was not interrupted. After that brief time of thanking him and after a more moments he would then speak again if he was not interrupted by the kage.

"Listen I am very tired now, I think it would be best if I turned in for the night and then explored the village a bit, if that is alright with you. This journey is supposed to be an adventure across all the villages and I want to look and see everything that your village has to offer. If you need me to leave then I will leave and continue on my ways, but I don't think you will." Aqua would laugh. It had been a long time since he got some rest. He started this day early in the morning. meeting a ninja that was trying to leave the village with someone who seemed to be very powerful, which got Aqua thinking.

"Say... Who was the man that spoke to me when I entered the village. I don't really know much about him only that his chakra was horrible and fierce. I think he was in charge while you were away from the village but I'm not sure. " Not knowing exactly who he (echo) was.
Koroshi Uchiha
Koroshi Uchiha
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Why Not (P, Echo if he joins) - Page 6 Empty Re: Why Not (P, Echo if he joins)

Tue Feb 04, 2014 7:31 pm
Listening to the boy talk Koroshi holds back from growling, and begins to grind his teeth upon hearing how the Mizukage did things, and hearing how he was such a wimp. Even though Koroshi has never met this person before, or has even went to the Mist village he already has extreme anger toward him, and if he and the village wasn't already whipped out he would make sure to show him how to be a kage, or at the very least try to help the villagers fight back against him, but due to once again Koroshi not being there, and being too late, a lot of people died that shouldn't have.

While Koroshi is thinking of this he hears Aqua carry on that his resent kage isn't bad, and that he was once a part of the mist village as well, so he was sort of like Koroshi, in the sense that he is from a different land and village, but became the Kage, Koroshi must remember to ask him one day on why it is he became the Kage 'Was it power, the feeling of controlling people, to help, or was it simply he wanted money?' These thoughts race through Koroshi's mind as he tries to figure out what kind of a man the Kage of Skyscraper is. Although his thoughts come to an end when he hears his friend thanking him, and telling him that he is tired "I told you its fine, and sure we can turn in for the night, I actually lost track of time" Koroshi says with a laugh, but then he hears him mention a man with horrible and fierce chakra, and that he think that he was in charge of the village while he was away, right after hearing this Koroshi knows right away who Aqua is talking about "Oh that's my brother Echo. I had him watch over the village for me so I could handle some ugh.. well some business away from the village" Koroshi says with a slight chuckle, Koroshi thinking what the business really was and thanks Echo in his head that he looked after the village so he could stop Near.

Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Why Not (P, Echo if he joins) - Page 6 Empty Re: Why Not (P, Echo if he joins)

Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:18 am
"Alright, well I will see you tomorrow then. Or the next time that I see you." Aqua would say to korohsi. He would gather his things and then leave the facility. If he was not stopped then his actions would lead him into an inn or some other place of rest to sleep for the night. Months would go by as he spends time in the sand village learning and practicing new jutsu for his arsenal and meeting new people too. 

[Exit if not stopped by any other persons]

[The word count is 9073. 4000 will go to mastering the earth element, 2000 will go to the completion of the wood element, 2500 will go Water Heaven's convergence Level 3, and 573 will go to Water Heavens Convergence Level Four. 

I gained the following:
-13000 Ryo
-Doomhammer (Health 400)
-Thunderfury (Health/ Sharpness 400)
-Armor Set (Health 400)
-45 Stats, 90 JP

P.S. All items will be registered and approved before being used in combat.]
Koroshi Uchiha
Koroshi Uchiha
Remove Ryo : 39700

Why Not (P, Echo if he joins) - Page 6 Empty Re: Why Not (P, Echo if he joins)

Tue Feb 11, 2014 6:21 pm

Koroshi waves good bye to his friend with his right arm as he exits the building, then with a slight sigh he turns back toward the room, which is filled with scattered rocks and water form where he and Aqua were training "Well isn't this a mess" Koroshi says with a chuckle as he begins moving his arms around rhythmically in front of himself, these actions causing the left over rocks to sink back into the ground, as well as fixing any cracks that might have been made, the water also being pushed back into the area that it drops from the waterfall.

After fixing the room so that it is nice and pretty for anyone else who wishes to train here, Koroshi turns and begins walking toward the door, in hopes of reliving Echo of the duties of the Kazekage.

(Exit, end word count 5641, gaining 2800 ryo)
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