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Kalix Terumi (Wuwu)
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Metal Creation Empty Metal Creation

Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:48 am
Vretyel went back to the location where he knew that he could find the metal that he could use to make a more advanced version of the armor that he just got. After his encounter with the three S ranked missing ninja he had lost his other two types of armor that he was once wearing. The two armors were destroyed due to all the weapons that were put inside of it, piercing it to the point of no repair. He realized that he should get some armor that would be strong but lightweight. Thankfully during his recovery he heard that someone in the leaf village had made some new armor for the fire nation that would fulfill all of the things that he needed in armor. It allowed for the user to move faster without compromising integrity, making the user have more security than either of the two armors while seals were placed on the armors to recycle chakra so that he did not use it as wastefully. All of these items were good in some armor that would be for the user’s pants and chest, but Vretyel knew that he could do more with it. He knew that people could use this armor modification and if people wanted to look at it and they liked he could make some money for the creation. He would be able to make this modification free for himself because he would be able to make the armor with metal plating. Once he had learned to go over the metal elements and learn how he could use different types he realized that the metal plating could significantly increase the power and efficiency of the armor. By putting plates under the armor it would mean the user would be free from some harm of metal weapons, making a tool that would save many ninjas lives while they were in battle, and this proved to be one of the armor modifications greatest feats. Not only that but by using seals and metal that could absorb waste chakra the user would be able to store more chakra inside of them so they don’t use to hastily, making the armor the best weapon for any ninjutsu user. It was fit for not only the specialties of Vretyel but also that of many other ninjas in the world at the time.
Once he realized all of the modifications that he could do with the armor he made that he could make them with relative ease not just for him but for other people had he given the time to make all of the materials into the armor that he needed to make. The night before he was able to finish the blue print that he needed he was excited all the night before about it. Before he had not realized all the advantages to having metal as an element, realizing that not only could he make weapons for it, but he would be able to drastically advance his armor and other materials without much effort, meaning that almost anything metal wise, with enough time of course, could be his to control for not only himself but for the leaf village as well. Ever since one of the higher ranking sand ninja went rouge and tried to destroy everything that the fire nation had the entire village was on high alert and everyone had to do their part. Vretyel was able to contribute his part by making the armor that he got stronger and showing it off to world, he was able to get more money to the fire nation for defense. Vretyel never knew when there could be trouble and that meant that he had to help by getting the village money just in case of an attack. This meant that one day Vretyel would be able to say that his money would be able to contribute to the safety and well-being of the village, something that he knew he had to do as a ninja. He wanted to give his gift of metal release, armor and weapon creation, to the leaf village and the fire nation. With Vretyel in the land of fire the nation became much more deadly, proving that even the youngest of ninjas could make the biggest difference in the entire fire nation. .

That was the dream the Vretyel had when he was waking up for his first day of armor training, nothing else was on his mind except his inner self, whom had no control over the joy that Vretyel had at this time. HE woke up early in the morning before the sun came up, which was the best time to get the materials necessary for the armor, and it the only time where he would disturb anyone too much for getting the materials out of the ground. He woke up and got all of his materials necessary for the operation and went to the training grounds, the area were the metal could be found easy and close to the location of Vretyel’s home. Thankfully Vretyel had just dug up a mine of the metal just a few days ago for the creation of his staff so it was easy to get the materials that he needed. IT only took him an hour to do so and once completed he went back to his house to mold it to his will and put it on his armor. The procedure was the first time that he was doing it, so he was scared that he would mess up, though thankfully he had control over his element and the armor, completing the creation in a matter of hours. Once he was finished he put his armor on for the first time, he could feel the energy pulsate through him from the seals and such, realizing that the armor was a success, he went back to the quarry to further create more sets of the modification of other fire nation armors. A success in the making.

[1002, 10000/10000 (Little over) Words for Soul Amethyst Completion, Vretyel’s armor modification completed]
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Metal Creation Empty Re: Metal Creation

Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:55 pm
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