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Metal thingies with da me Empty Metal thingies with da me

Wed Aug 19, 2015 1:23 pm
Kasai stood in the field that he had trained upon so many times before. It felt as if it had been ages since the last time, and yet, it also felt like yesterday.
His eyes lazily drifted around it, seeing the different areas, and remembering the different events that had occurred there.
“Sharingan sensei, I must not forget,” his own voice came to him, looking at the place where he had met his first teacher. His eyes followed the vivid images, as him and Tatsuya jumped around. They had been so young, and so unexperienced. It brought a small smile to his lips, remembering this.
He moved to stand on the spot where it had first been proven that he and Tatsuya were a good team. Tatsuya had lifted him up into the air through an earth jutsu, and Kasai had jumped down upon their teacher with two clones. It had been a sound tactic, Kasai now knew. It was flawed, yet, everything was. That was the way of life; nothing could be perfect. Even the fire, which provided warmth and light; it burned one if they were to get too close, and Kasai himself used it for the destructive purposes it had. It simply consumed, and put out heat, without knowledge of its own doing. That was the user’s job, of course, knowing how to use a jutsu properly.
Kasai shook his head, continuing his walking. It seemed that few in this life knew how to properly use jutsu at all. No… Few knew how to live at all. Even Kasai was just understanding. He had disobeyed the Hokage twice now, and any authority within the village as well. Yet, it had been right. His own judgement had stood above theirs, and he knew this to be true. So why then, was it such a crime? Was the world so blind? Each day that passed made him wonder if, ultimately, his option would have been the better for the village. Yet, he knew that in the perfect world, none of the options would be good.
If the village were to live and grow up with children, and have overseers, that would be the world. The overseers would remove the harm and violence from the children, but allow them to know what it was. They would not break those younger than themselves, for to destroy someone, for what? Only to rebuild them? That was no way to make a soldier. Kasai was disgusted truly that it was thought so often that was the proper way. He knew that doing so would make a weapon, but human bodies were meant to remain humans, not weapons. There was a reason they were built with opinions and reasoning. And emotions… If humans could ever life with one thing only, it would be emotions. It nearly built them.
He had heard that such was the way that ANBU were made, and anger brewed inside of him at the thought. If the ANBU were meant to be the most elite of forces, then they would not be broken, but enlightened. They would not lack emotions, but have an understanding of all of them. The ANBU were not meant to be machines, but the strongest of Shinobi, and any wise man would know that true strength did not come from what you lacked, but what you understood. If truly these ANBU were broken, then they were no longer ninja, and if such was the truth, then Kasai would never become one. He knew the ways of humans too much. He felt their fear, their hate. He laughed as they did, and knew when they cried, and knew why. Destroying a human… the person whom thought such was a good idea, they were truly punishable for murders, and were likely responsible for murders themselves.
Power… True power, like that of which could conquer the earth a thousand times over, came from emotion, and emotion alone. However, to conquer the world, it would take a specific emotion; that of passion and love. Yet, these two emotions were not the only, for there are many more, and each equally as potent. Vengeance, anger, joy, sadness. These emotions, and all the rest, that is were true power stems from. Nowhere else. They are the basis of life, and of strength. Without them, one may become a deadly weapon, unlike any which the world had seen. However, a weapon is a piece of steel; it may be of use, but ultimately, those with the strength of an emotion behind them, are unbreakable in their resolve. They have tools within themselves which a weapon never will. The mind and heart are these tools, and they allow many things. From outsmarting the weapon, to having a thing known as friends, a human being, full with emotion, will always overcome a weapon.
There were, and are emotions that drag humans down, of course. Greed, arrogance, ignorance. Yet, these were the ill children of sick humans. Kasai himself knew he was sick with some of these diseases. However, he was also filled with some of the strongest emotions. Peace, and passion, friendship and joy. Regret too, was a powerful thing. The want to be protective. The vengeance to make it possible.
Kasai calmed himself, and released the fire around him. He had activated his immolation on instinct. It was part of him now, along with the rest of fire. He knew that while the fire was something he would be able to master beyond anyone else, it limited him, because it was only one out of the five jutsu. It was the way he was though.
Yet, there was another art that Kasai favored. Genjutsu; because as if knowing one’s emotions weren’t enough, he knew the minds’ of humans as well. He had a single strong jutsu within his mind already, but there was no harm in understanding more.
There was one, no, two in fact, which he wanted to know. One involving steam and smoke, to manipulate the images one would see in the already distraught visions. The other, however, seemed a necessity if he was going to hold valuable information; which he deemed most of his life. It was a way to block those who attempt to get inside of one’s head. That was truly a defense.
Kasai paused, and thought. In the end, he decided to train them in the order that he had thought of them; the smoke and steam first, and then the barricades. He had ideas for both, so it didn’t truly matter.
He would stand in a field of tall glasses, looking around him. This would suffice, he supposed. The grasses around him would provide enough smoke when he lit them on fire that he would be able to attempt this jutsu. After the fire had been light, and Kasai walked through the flames, he knew that indeed, yes, they provided the smoke he needed to begin to ponder.
Thinking was something Kasai did often and with deep and true intent. There was never a moment when he didn’t think things through, because to do so was… well, ill thought, he said to himself, chuckling. It was true, though redundant. Redundancy could be good in certain situations though, and in conversation especially, when one is trying to get a point across. It could be used in many methods, however, this was not a literature class.
He studied the smoke as he walked. The ways in which it twisted and turned, the difficulty to see through it. By simply waving his hand, he was able to make recognizable swirls, and knew that doing so through jutsu would not be a trouble at all. However, adding color, and then animation of the terror. This, he knew, was where the Genjutsu truly came into effect. He began to focus, at first without the hand seals. Through this method, it was truly impossible for him to do anything.
Yet, this focus which he applied allowed him to see things, though he did not manipulate anything as of then. He was able to imagine how to transfer an image along a pillar of smoke. Perhaps this would give it the illusion of walking. The color would have to be completely within the victim’s mind, he knew. Yet, knowing what he was aiming for was an improvement.
Here, Kasai implemented the hand signs. He could feel the drain, however it was nothing like his more powerful fire jutsu. Quickly, he could see just how the jutsu worked. The smoke was the substance, as he suspected. Yet, it did not form as quickly, looking at the mirror image of himself that he had formed. He could cause it to move, and walk. The movements were fluid enough for his liking, however, there was no noise. This upset him slightly, because it was almost a complete give away for any genjutsu. Something moved and seemed normal, but with no noise, it was clearly not there. Dispelling this jutsu would be too simple with no noise.
He stopped and thought about this for a moment, before remembering, of course, he could make noise, as little as he actually did. He began to speak, but then remembered, there was no use. Of course he sounded like himself, there was no doubt about that.
The real challenge, Kasai thought, as he summoned up another illusion, was making his voice match the monsters he made. Before him was a four foot tall mask, identical to the one he wore on his neck, but it was alive. He had to take another moment to think - you see, thinking: a very good thing to do - before deciding how this would sound. It would have a more booming voice, but raspy. He tried it.
Kasai soon found himself laughing harder than he had in a long time. Oh, how ridiculous he must have looked. Standing, and nearly yelling at smoke, as if it were speaking to him. The illusion had dispelled, because he didn’t want the strain of keeping it up as he figured this out, yet, that did not help in his situation. Glancing quickly around, Kasai checked to see if anyone was near or looking. Thankfully, no one was, and his dignity was saved.
Next, Kasai would move onto the second jutsu, having assumed that he had that one down. It was not so very difficult after all; only a manipulation of what was there. This second one, however, would require something more. He had heard of the many different ways that one could succeeded in this, and all sounded intriguing to him.
Some had used large metal crates, others: safes. There were many ways to do it. So many, in fact, that if Kasai didn’t know what he wanted, he would be very unsure of where to start. Yet, there was a way that intrigued him. A maze. A maze was a difficult thing to pass through, yet it was possible, because he needed to make it through himself in order to find the information. He thought it a good way to succeed in this jutsu.
He was used to delving into his mind; it was something he did often. He would go there when he needed to meditate. In fact, he had built a whole temple inside his mind, which he often visited when he needed a place to be alone. It was a good thing to practice. He went there now.
He walked through the large halls, and the many libraries there. Every place that he went, he was looking for an area to build a maze. A maze so large that he could store his memories. Jutsu, events, secrets. It would have to be massive. He looked and looked for what felt like hours; though he knew it to only be minutes. Yet, after the time had passed, he came up short. The temple was large enough as is, and he could not find any room to expand onto, or convert. It was perfect as it already was.
Kasai paused then, in the center of the eighth library. It was perfect. The temple itself was a perfect maze. Rooms connected to many others, but only he knew the order. Each library had thousands upon thousands of books, each filled with strange things. He would only have to pick one book to store his information in. Then, any intruder would be stuck, searching for decades for the right book.
“Fire in the night: volume eighty three” Kasai decided sounded right, seeing as it went up to 200. And of course, there were so many more with so many similar titles. This was a fire temple, after all, there were many places that the information could be. Hell, one of the benches could have a door in which it was stored. 

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Metal thingies with da me Empty Re: Metal thingies with da me

Wed Aug 19, 2015 2:00 pm

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