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Yamaguchi Kouma
Yamaguchi Kouma
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Clan Specialty : Space Time
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 21250

Grabbing Some Metal Empty Grabbing Some Metal

Mon Jan 25, 2021 6:13 pm

Kouma had been working for the past week or so on his puppet, while also working on different schematics for a couple of different puppets that were in the works, but he decided to go and help the black smith that he assisted before in working with aluminum ore. Kouma was walking down the street towards the black smith's store front, and was greeting people that were walking down the street, as the people of the village were always happy and cheerful, and Kouma was glad that he could help thje village and protect it eventually so that these normal people would continue with their happy lives. Kouma made it to the blasck smith fairly quickly, and the middle aged man was the same, simply ignoring him in the early morning, taking stock of all of his inventory he would need for the day, and making sure his tools were in order before he started working. He completely ignored Kouma, and during this particular mission he had chosen, the team size was two, meaning that he would have a team mate on here, which was great. Kouma was helping this person last time when he had asked for assistance in smelting the aluminum ore into the pure metal ingots, and it was fairly laborsome, as it was far too easy for the aluminukm to have bits and pieces of leftoever slag, so they would have to smelt it down again and look for the newly found bits of refuse material that did not need to be in the finished product. Kouma would greet this other person, whoever they were, with respect, especially if they were older than he was, as he always respected his senior brothers and sisters in the ninja world. After a bit, the old man told them to each take care of a different task. Kouma would be in charge of the bellows, keeping the furnace nice and hot to melt the metal into the forge, while the other person that would be on this mission would be in charge of using a small metal scoop to grab all of the slag off of the top of the melted metal when it was all melted. It seemed like the old man had given Kouma a slightly easier task, as hge had already done the task of clearing off slag, which was annoying, because it was very hard to see the small bits and pieces while staring down into a ball of liquid metal after the obvious slag had been scooped off of the top. Aluminum was easily and rapidly melted down, however, so even if they missed some bits and pieces, it would be easy to melt it down again, it would jhust take longer and was annoying. Kouma's job was a bit easier, as he simply had to get into a rhythm with his legs pumping the bellows to keep an even distribution of air flow going through, and this was more of a test of stamina, and Kouma had quite a lot of that by goinbg through some very harsh training from a veteran ninja earlier this year. It was finished fairly quickly, Kouma bowing to the other person he had just met, and it was then time to leave the area with an ingot of Aluminum. Altogether they had created close to twenty or so aluminum ingots for around eight hours of work, as this mission was a fairly extensive and exhaustive one, but at least the pay was good.

WC: 586
Claiming 2100 ryo from mission and rank
Claiming 10 ap from mission
Claiming 10 ap from word count
Claiming 1 Aluminum
Using 500 words towards Rock Pillar Spears C rank, 500/1000
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Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Raven
Familiar : Asuran
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Grabbing Some Metal Empty Re: Grabbing Some Metal

Mon Jan 25, 2021 7:15 pm
It has been quite the week for the genin, Hatake Tsunayoshi. He's been gradually easing back into the flow of being a shinobi since his parent's death and his reinstatement to Hoshigakure military force. As the time went, he found himself growing more and more comfortable with his gifted Crusader sword, Sloth's Bane. A name that he picked out himself, for reasons that only he knew. The blade was well balanced and ever more beautiful to glance upon. Its double edge blade makes it ideal for altering the flow of the blades strikes. Unlike most katana, which is about 1 meter long, this sword is a tad shorter, but makes up for its efficiency. In the possession of the boy he can utilize this very sword in ways that would rival most shinobi with their ninjutsu. However, there was still some things that he could not use this sword for, and that is overall defense. For that, he would require armor. Armor was ideal, but for his built he wouldn't want to have just any kind of armor, he desired something a bit more unique to his built.  

Although Tsuna was against putting in much effort for just about anything, he was not against tinkering. He somewhat had an aspiration to become a well-known weapon and armor Smith. Someone that could make a living off of forging unique weapons and making a good amount of coin behind it. For that to happen, he would need to understand how it all worked, further more, he would need material for it as well. Over the last few days he's heard some murmurs about a local smelter who was in need of some assistance. He figured that he could pay them a visit and possible gain some insight on what it took to become a craftsman.  

He sported his usual in-village attire which consist of, 1 fishnet shirt, black shinobi pants and boots. Straped to his back was his sword and lower back his weapon pouch. His platinum hair would drape over his face in sections around and between his ultramarine eyes and reach to the extent of the back of his neck and shoulders. Occasionally he carried a book to read, it help with passing the time and deflecting unwanted conversation with strangers. He carried a scent of sweet berries and a tinge of spice that complimented him well, it was a fragrance that his mother enjoyed on his father and so he kept it as a means to remember them. Around his neck was a necklace that carried the Hatake brand.  

Coming to his destination he would find that someone was leaving the local place. Another Genin perhaps? It mattered not to him, he couldn't really place too much concern into the thought. He spoke with tgs smelter and even exchanged a few words. It would appear that the local smelter required help with extracting aluminum. He made it clear that he just received some, but even so if was in high demand and more couldn't really hurt. Tsuna did not see this a greed, but as a sound tactical leverage. The more you have the more money you can obtain. He smiled and agreed to the man's request. Setting out after gaining all the knowledge and information that he required for the job, the boy would follow the instructions giving to him to the word. Finding the mine that the precious metal was to be located. He would entered and it would take him some time before he found an vein within the mine that could be extracted. He spent about 3 to 5 hours within this mine obtaining the metals he needed. Storing them in a void with his displacement jutsu.   

As he found that he had quite enough he would exit the mines and return to the smelter with a bit of dirt and residue on his skin and attire. He would retrieve the metals from the void and pile it out before him and the man. With a wide eye and smile the smelter was more than please, that much was safe to say. So much so he was presented with an aluminum bar from his stock. Tsuna gratefully accept the gift and stored it in the void. After helping the smelter move the metal to a more secured location the boy would inquire about what it took to be a smelter and what advice could be shared. He was given much and some was light while the rest was heavy. Much time and dedication is put into this line of work and he could only imagine just how tedious that could be. But, he was willing to embrace it for his own personal goals. Ths man presented the boy with small pay for his work. Tsuna would smile and wave as he departed

[WC: 809]
Mission Claims -
10 AP
2,100 ryo (Mission and Bonus)
×1 Aluminum 

Character Claims -
8 Stat points 
+4 Speed, +2 Chakra and +2 Vigor
Adding 349 wc to Temple Style: Bark v7 [1151/1500] - [1500/1500]
Parry v7 - 460 [460/1000]
Roy Goka
Roy Goka
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Musu Uzumaki(RIP)
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 500

Grabbing Some Metal Empty Re: Grabbing Some Metal

Mon Jan 25, 2021 7:45 pm
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