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The Revival Of Kino M. Uchiha {PRIVATE} - Page 2 Empty Re: The Revival Of Kino M. Uchiha {PRIVATE}

Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:36 pm
MS is a go!
Kashou Terumi
Kashou Terumi
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The Revival Of Kino M. Uchiha {PRIVATE} - Page 2 Empty Re: The Revival Of Kino M. Uchiha {PRIVATE}

Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:49 pm
He closed his eyes, deactivating the Mangekyou Sharingan for the first time in his life, old life and his new one. He sighed, listening to the Raikage ask if Kino had any questions. "Only one.. Is my killer still alive?" He asked, planning to pay a visit soon enough if he was still alive, though there was the problem of Kino feeling slightly weaker than the day he had died, then again he was just revived, he was taking his second chance's first breathes, first steps he decided to do some training first "So, I see they have named a new Raikage. How long has it been since my death?" He asked, rather curious, wondering how long he had been in the afterlife, wondering what adventures he had done there. {SHORT}
Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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The Revival Of Kino M. Uchiha {PRIVATE} - Page 2 Empty Re: The Revival Of Kino M. Uchiha {PRIVATE}

Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:14 pm
The sensation of chakra that Kino had created seemed tofade away returning his chakra to normal. The question of Kino's killer was somewhat a mystery, there few two main reports, and he decided to explain both. "The Deputy Raikage died during his attack that killed you, but I've heard rumors that it was a Yamanaka by the name of Kai that was controlling the Raikage. Rumors persist though that Kai died, or at the very least is nowhere to be found at this time. I wouldn't worry about it though, you can rest assured that they are both dead." he finished speaking, wondering how Kino would handle that knowledge.

His sensory skill was becoming more keen and adapt without his vision to guide him, the presence of chakra was more easier to identify the movement of the chakra signature. He could tell that Kino was taking some steps within the office and it was probably strange to be revived and start walking again, it might have felt like someone just starting to walk for the first time. "Take it easy, you'll regain your strength." he said, trying to let Kino know that it was not a good idea to become too active so soon after coming back from the dead. "Its been over half a year since you died. I, Kurisu Ametsuchi, was named as the next Raikage. I wish my status of Raikage had not come from your death though, it was not a great way to gain the position, but I've done my best to lead this village towards the path to greatness it once had." he said, clarifying that he didn't want to become Raikage via Kino's death, but that was just how things turned out.
Kashou Terumi
Kashou Terumi
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The Revival Of Kino M. Uchiha {PRIVATE} - Page 2 Empty Re: The Revival Of Kino M. Uchiha {PRIVATE}

Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:31 am
Kino listened, as the Deputy Raikage had apparently already
been killed. He would finish listening to the current Raikage, as he mentioned
another by the name of Kai, of the Yamanaka clan. The Yamanaka clan was rather
unknown to Kino, he didn't know much about it. After that he had heard that
apparently his 'other' killer was supposedly dead as well, hearing this
resulted in a rather large sigh from Kino, he wondered, what would he do now?
He had nothing to do at the moment, his rank of Kage was replaced to another
upon his death, and he couldn't hunt down his killers now. "Alright, thank
you. He said, replying to the current Raikage.

He would begin to move around, while thinking. He had heard the Raikage telling Kino to take it easy. He simply sighed, thinking. He remembered the whole reason he had died was due to Konohagakure coming to Kumogakure, he blamed them for his death, he promised a revenge and he would soon get one. He would listen as the Raikage would tell him that Kino had died nearly half a year ago, and that he, Kurisu had taken over as Raikage due to Kino's death. He had also heard him mention that he didn't want to get the rank that way. "I see.. thank you for telling me how long it had been. Now, I must leave." He said, walking out the door, planning to go do some training to get used to being back.

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