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Kino R. Kyodo
Kino R. Kyodo
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Wind Release Training [PRIVATE] Empty Wind Release Training [PRIVATE]

Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:53 pm
was in his office, looking over some papers. He was thinking, thinking
about Kumogakure’s defenses, were they good enough if a high ranked
shinobi would invade? Or a group of high ranked shinobi would invade? Or
maybe if Kumogakure went to war, would it be strong enough to win? To
survive? It most likely was, but it would have a greater chance of
survival if he also gotten stronger, instead of letting Kumogakure’s
shinobi handling everything while Kino remained in his office handing
out orders. He began thinking, how would he get stronger? He already had
the third tomoe of the sharingan, his kekkei genkai. He already
possessed two element releases. Maybe just some more training? He had
been doing it often now, so perhaps not. He stopped thinking for a bit,
and went back to work. He would begin looking at the papers again,
taking a single sheet of paper that was stacked on top of the rather
large stack of papers on his desk towards his right a little over. It
was a quick read, just a paragraph. The next paper he would pick up was
multiple papers stapled together, a large stack of papers, each page
seeming to have three or four paragraphs on them. He sighed out of
boredom, and began reading.

about an hour of reading over the large stack of paper, he had decided
to go on a quick break and think of things that would make him stronger.
Perhaps another element release, maybe wind release, or water release,
or possibly earth release. He had quickly decided on a third element
release. Now he needed to decide on which element release. He was
thinking earth release; it may become useful, being in the mountains. He
didn’t see any use of water release, or wind. He decided to study up on
element release a bit before deciding so quickly. He would walk out of
his office, wearing his favorite black cloak, and a black shirt with
black pants and black shirt. He would keep his hood up as he would begin
to walk into the streets of Kumogakure, heading for the village shops.
He would walk into a shop that sold scrolls, mostly on jutsu. He would
pick up a scroll on element releases. He would open the scroll, and
begin to read yet again. Seemed he wasn’t going to be done with reading
today anytime soon, even on his break he was reading. He was currently
reading on the element of fire, his first basic element. He was born
with the element release of fire, as many, many Uchiha were. Fire
Release seemed to have an advantage over wind release, fire jutsu’s
power would be boosted when hit by a wind technique, which may come to
Kino’s advantage in more than one way. Fire Release was also weaker
against water release. Kino hadn’t seen or fought too many shinobi who
had water release, so it may be a good thing seeing few have it. He then
would look at lightning release; instead of looking over it he had
quickly decided it for an element release seeing as many shinobi of
Kumogakure had been known to have lightning release. Lightning Release
was also powerful, had few powerful jutsu, which Kino had known of
anyways. It was weak against wind, yet strong against water release.
Kino didn’t really see any good uses, besides the powerful techniques it

he was done reviewing the element releases he already obtained. He began
to look over the other element releases, he had few choices. His
choices were water release, earth release, or wind release. Kino had
already known their weakness by looking at his own elements. He still
had no decision made, wind.. water.. or maybe earth.. he couldn’t decide
yet. He continued to look over, and actually read it. He had learned of
some extra stuff that involved element releases. Advanced Element
Releases. By mixing two basic element release together it could result
in a new, advanced element. He noticed that fire and lightning would
most likely make plasma, perhaps it could result in something else. Few
clans had an advanced element involved, such as Uchiha and the blaze
element. It was quite powerful; having all access to the Uchiha clan
information and all clans’ information located in Kumogakure he had
learned this. Now, he needed the add one more thing to the list, an
advanced element release, water release, or perhaps earth release. Water
Release and earth release, just didn’t give Kino any good idea for any
advantages. He crossed the two element release off the list, he crossed
out earth and water release. Now he needed to decide on one of two options, wind release, or an advanced release.

considered it, thinking that he could get many results if he would pick
the advanced release, however with wind he could start planning right
now. He decided to think about it a bit, and get back to work for now.
He returned the scroll, and made his way for his kage chambers. He would
walk outside; the streets seemed to be completely abandoned. He let out
a sigh. The people were most likely at their jobs, or at home resting
up. It was currently noon; the sun was shining right above the village.
He would make his way by the shops, most of them selling weapons or
other items. He would stop by a certain store, and walk inside. He would
pick up a large stack of paper, and make his way towards his chambers

had arrived at his chambers, still holding the large stack of paper.
Some would think Kino would use these for working reasons, they were
wrong. He put them on the corner of his desk for later, and went over to
his seat. There were now two large stacks of paper, one larger than the
other. The larger stack of paper was Kino’s work; he would take off a
few pieces of paper that was stapled together. He would begin reading.

a few hours, he had finished all his work for the day. He let out a
large sigh, bored and tired. He stood up, and made his way to the front
of his desk. He would pick up a single sheet of paper that was on top of
the large stack of papers he had gotten earlier. There were quite a few
pieces of paper, would give Kino plenty of time to do what he was going
to do. He would take the sheet of paper, and put it in between his
first two fingers. He would charge his chakra in it, attempting to cut
it. This was how one would train the wind release. Yes, he had decided
on the wind release. The wind release could be helpful when in battle,
and perhaps even out of battle, though it was unlikely it would help
outside of battle. He would continue to focus his chakra in between his
first two fingers, into the piece of chakra paper. The chakra paper was
used by most when training an element release, or just finding out what
their first element release was. He would continue to focus his chakra
into the piece of paper; he was currently sitting down, his legs crossed
as he was acting as if he were meditating. The piece of paper was
currently in front of his face as he would focus his chakra into it and
try to cut it in half. Nothing happened. Nothing had happened for quite
some time. About half an hour would pass when he had finally done
something to the paper; it was cut, just slightly. Only a small little
cut, barely two inches of the paper was cut. He was currently just
trying to cut it in half; it seemed he was far from doing that. He would
let out a sigh, and put the piece of paper down. He motioned his hand
over the large stack of paper, and picked up the sheet of paper that was
on top of the large stack. He would put the piece of paper in between
his fingers once more, and charged his chakra into the piece of paper
once more, trying to cut it in half. It would begin to cut, however it
wasn’t right in half, only a bit of it got cut again, about an inch more
but still not cut in half. He would let out another sigh, as he was
bored and would make his way over for his chair. As he sat in his chair,
he would turn around towards the window and look out at Kumogakure. He
would begin to think, think on what would happen to it once a high
ranked missing nin would attack, not just missing nin, any ninja that
was high ranked. He had thought about this earlier, now he was thinking
of this again. What would happen to Kumogakure? What would happen to the
people of Kumogakure? What would happen to the shinobi of Kumogakure?
What would happen to the Raikage of Kumogakure, himself? He wasn’t so
worried about himself; he was more worried about the people in this
village. He needed to gain more strength to protect them, after he would
obtain his new element release, what should he aim for next? He
wondered, what else would need to be added to Kino before he would
become stronger than all the shinobi, all the people of Kumogakure and
from Kumogakure. He needed the power to protect them all, as it was his
job. Though some kage may take advantage of their power over their
village, political or just pure strength power and use it to protect
themselves and themselves only, instead of protecting those from his
village, the one he would be protecting. Kino hadn’t seen a kage like
that. Kino could become a kage like that, but had not planned to, ever.

would continue to look outside at Kumogakure as the sun would set. The
day was ending; he let out yet another sigh and rose from his chair,
pushing it back into the desk. He would make way towards his room,
towards his bed. He would lie down in his bed, closing his eyes and once
more sighing out of boredom.

As he
would awaken, he would move his arm towards both of his eyes and begin
to rub them. He would wipe out all of the sand of his eyes, the sand
people would normally wake up with after sleeping after a few hours,
usually three to five hours for Kino. Kino would sigh, first time of the
day. He normally let out a sigh or a yawn when he would awaken in the
morning. He would make his way for his chambers, expecting to see a
rather large stack of papers ready for Kino to look at. He had a feeling
that today would be a lot of work. As he opened his door to his
chambers, he had noticed a large stack of papers on his desk, as he had
expected. He went over to his desk, grabbing the sheet of paper that was
on top of the large stack of paper. As he would wipe his eyes once
more, still a slight bit tired he would look down at the piece of paper,
and notice there was no words on the paper. Not a normal day at work,
he would flip the paper over, it was also blank. He set it to the side,
and picked up the next piece of paper. The paper was also blank, on both
sides. He would stop to think, he couldn’t remember much from yesterday
as he was still slightly tired. He would begin to remember, he was
training for wind release. He would let out a sigh; he needed to get his
work done before doing any training. He put both piece of paper back on
top of the stack and look for his work. After a bit he would notice
there was no work. He put a small smile on his face, then quickly got
rid of it and picked up a piece of paper on the stack, the piece of
paper he had picked up first. He would charge chakra into his paper.
After a few hours, he had successfully trained wind release. He had used
all the paper, and was tired again. As he would sit down, thinking he
was done with everything today, someone came into his chambers and
delivered his work for the day. He would let out a sigh, and get to

[Wind Release Trained. Should be ten chakra and ten JP, and Wind Release.]
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Wind Release Training [PRIVATE] Empty Re: Wind Release Training [PRIVATE]

Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:54 pm

10 AP etc you know XDDD
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