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Stat Page : Starkad

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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 17000

Find the missing Puppy[Mission] Empty Find the missing Puppy[Mission]

Mon Dec 04, 2023 4:15 am
Finding The Missing Puppy:

Mission Title: Find the missing Puppy

Mission Difficulty: D-Rank

Mission Objective:
Starkad Uchiha is assigned to find a missing puppy that belongs to an old farmer named Mr. Nakamura. The puppy went missing under mysterious circumstances, and Mr. Nakamura is devastated. It is up to Starkad to solve the mystery and return the puppy safely.

Mission Briefing:

Starkad Uchiha received a mission from the Konoha Village to help Mr. Nakamura, an old farmer who had lost his beloved puppy. The puppy, named Kuro, went missing from Mr. Nakamura's farmhouse two nights ago. The elderly man is heartbroken and desperate to find his companion. The Hokage has entrusted Starkad with the mission to locate and bring Kuro back home, safe and sound.

]Mission Details:

Day 1:
Starkad starts his investigation by visiting Mr. Nakamura's farmhouse. The elderly farmer provides a description of the puppy and mentions that Kuro was last seen playing near the riverbank. Starkad examines the surrounding area, searching for any possible clues.

As dusk falls, Starkad spots a set of small tracks leading away from the farmhouse. He carefully follows the tracks through the dense forest, staying alert for any signs of danger. The trail eventually leads him to an abandoned cave.

Day 2:
Starkad cautiously enters the cave, drawing upon his Uchiha sensory abilities to sense any hidden dangers or potential enemies. The cave is dimly lit, with dripping water echoing through the narrow passageways. Starkad proceeds deeper into the cave, following the faint traces of puppy tracks.

Suddenly, he stumbles upon a hidden underground chamber, illuminated by a soft, mystical light. In the center of the chamber, Starkad finds a cozy den where Kuro seems to have taken refuge. However, the puppy is not alone; it is curled up beside a wounded and trapped wolf.

Day 3:
Starkad carefully approaches the wolf, using his medical expertise to examine the creature's injuries. He skillfully binds the wolf's wounded limb, easing its suffering. Sensing the gratitude in the wolf's eyes, Starkad realizes that this creature must have protected and sheltered Kuro during their time in the cave.

With the wolf's trust earned, Starkad attempts to communicate with it, using his ability to understand and speak to animals. The wolf reveals that it was once the Alpha of a nearby wolf pack, but it had sustained the injury while defending the cave from an aggressive group of wild boars.

Starkad forms a plan in his mind, devising a strategy to lead the wolf back to its pack and ensure Kuro's safety. He gently tends to the wolf's wounds, providing the care it needs to regain strength. Once the wolf is capable of movement, the three embark on a journey back to the wolf pack's territory.

Day 4:
Starkad, Kuro, and the recovered wolf arrive at the borders of the wolf pack's territory. The wolf howls, summoning the pack's leader, who emerges from the shadows. Starkad respectfully explains the situation, relating how the wolf had protected the puppy and deserved recognition for its bravery.

Moved by the story, the pack leader agrees to grant Kuro and the wolf safe passage and protection. Relieved, Starkad bids farewell to Kuro, who happily reunites with Mr. Nakamura, and to the grateful wolf, who finds solace within its pack once again.

Mission Conclusion:
Starkad returns to the Konoha Village, reporting the successful rescue of Kuro and the resolution of the predicament. The Hokage commends Starkad's resourcefulness, empathy, and dedication to completing the mission. Starkad's actions not only saved the puppy but also bridged the divide between humans and a misunderstood wolf pack. The village celebrates Starkad's success while Mr. Nakamura expresses his gratitude personally, forever indebted to Starkad for reuniting him with Kuro.

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