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Yusuke Inuzuka
Yusuke Inuzuka
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Village : Hoshigakure
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Find The Missing Puppy Empty Find The Missing Puppy

Sat Oct 15, 2022 7:42 pm
Find The Missing Puppy
Rank: D
Rewards: 2,000 Ryo/10 AP

Today's mission had already proved to be a difficult one and Yusuke had only just met face to face with the treacherousevil doer behind a dastardly plot to sell a puppy.

At the begining of the day things started put bad when Rudi and Yusuke trotted into the mission directory office a bit late, and recieved a stern talking to by an officer ninja. It was unlike Yusuke to be late, but his dog Rudi had taken an extra long time with his morning shit. A horrible excuse that Rudolf didn't even bring up. He stood tall while he officer screamed st him from across the room. The elder was irate that Rudis expectancy would waver when they needed him most. 

Rudi's mission came from the top. His nose was wanted bright and early, unfortunately he missed the memo.

The truth of the matter was it was important for Rudi to be healthy just like Yusuke, so Yusuke tried not to rush his best friends biologicalbusiness. On the other side of that coin, Yusuke had  also fed him something that didn't agree with his stomach. No matter the case Yusuke just accepted his scolding and carried on with his day. 

On this day he would be working for a Mr. Sarutobi; an elderly man whose prize breed Shiba inu puppy was taken captive at knife point. It was unclear where the puppy was taken to, but it was known who stole it. Mr Sarutobis neighbor hired a thief to take him somewhere and sell the the little puppy. It was obviously a mess of a situation but the higher ups figured with the Inuzuka Scent Tracking Yusuke could easily find the puppy. Plus Yusuke was known to be the fastest genin in the village, so it was expected to take him only an hour. 

Sadly that wouldn't be the case with Yusukes luck. Rudi's guts were horribly twisted and he had to take lots of extra pit stops as the mission went on throughout the day. At first everything seemed to be going fine but things quickly took a turn with a whimper from the big black hound. He told Yusuke he had to go again, and Yu stopped where he was. "Well. Go." The ninja told his ninken and then turned his back to him. Privacy was key, and despite being in an alley it was a relatively secluded area for a dog to go potty. 

They started running again from there, heading west as Yusuke had memorized the puppies scent. Mr Sarutobi had given the puppy's, Leon's, blanket over to the ninja for Yusuke's expertise. Running on all fours the duo leapt across roof tops and closer to where the puppies scent was stemming from. They were nearly there when unfortunately Rudi had to go again. Yusuke just couldn't catch a break today, but the real misfortune was on Rudi's canine shoulders.

Yusuke sighed a bit, trying to remember how much the chicken thighs he fed Rudi stunk the night before, but he couldn't remember an odor. "Damn dogs going geriatric." Yusuke jokingly scoffed as he held his back to Rudi. The dog haunched his back over, growling at Yusuke. 

Rudi was quite pissed and cussed his master put as he shit. Letting Yusuke know this was all his fault anyway.  Not only was he physically ill, he had to work with the man who had foolishly fed him old chicken scraps. Rudi would have barked had they not been so close to where the thief was holding the puppy, likely waiting to sell it to some shady individual.

WordCount: 601
Yusuke Inuzuka
Yusuke Inuzuka
Stat Page : Stat Page
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Fire Default
Clan Specialty : N/A
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 0

Find The Missing Puppy Empty Re: Find The Missing Puppy

Sun Oct 16, 2022 6:55 pm
After Rudi had spent twenty minutes trying his hand at a bowel movement Yusuke decided to leave Rudi on the ground upon seeing he would have to climb up a clock tower anyway. Yusuke thought how cliche the thief had been, but tried not to laugh as he crawled on all fours up the tower. The stone wall was easy to cling to with the tree climbing technique, and Yusuke made quick work of thebtall tower by grappling with his claws up the tower. It only took him five minutes to get to the level where the puppies scent was coming from, and Yusuke silently crept in through a window. 

Inside the building the air was real damp, and Yusuke could see all sorts of gears that presumably turned thr hands of the clock tower. Every thirty seconds it would creak and clink one gear over on the cogs. Yusuke paid it little mind, he was busy sticking to the shadows. He could smell the puppy was close but didn't want to alert the thief in case they got violent. Yusuke skinned through the shadows until he could finally see the puppy.

Yu had climbed up the scaffolding and was creeping in the ceiling when he found the puppy, and the thief who clutched the tiny Shiba inu. Yusuke grabbed a kunai out of his pocket and reached his arm out. At max speed the ninja flung the blade with a flick of his wrist, aiming for the thiefs open hand. The kunai stuck and the thief dropped the puppy, Yusuke barked suddenly, scaring the puppy right on the ground where it had been dropped. Then Yusuke jumped down and grabbed the puppy before finally roundhouse kicking the thief unconscious. 

Yusuke walked down the stairs with the puppy, quietly talking to it so that it'd be calm. Yusuke spoke canine tongue and mixed some in here and there with his self affirming words. The puppy felt like he had made a friend by the time they climbed down the thirty minute stair way. 

Rudi's stomach was feeling better by the time Yusuke got back to him, and Yusuke had Rudi hold the puppy in his jaws. The three of them casually walked the streets back home, careful not to stirnup the puppies anxiety anymore. Once they got him back to the mission office where Mr. Sarutobi was waiting for his dog, the puppy had forgotten of the horrible experience. 

WordCount: 409
Total WordCount: 1,010
+10 Vigor

Technique Proficiency:
(Past Training=1,229)+771=2,000 (Skill) Whistle Trigger
+329 (A Rank) Lariat
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 138300

Find The Missing Puppy Empty Re: Find The Missing Puppy

Mon Oct 17, 2022 1:17 am
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