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Blaisa Sarutobi
Blaisa Sarutobi
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Find the Missing Puppy Empty Find the Missing Puppy

Wed Nov 25, 2020 11:36 pm
Find the Missing Puppy - E Rank Mission

Mission Name: Find the Missing Puppy
Rank: E
Type: Rescue
Character Requirements: Genin +
Mission Location: Konoha, Village
Word Count Requirements: 500
Repeatable? Yes

Reward: 500 Ryo

Task: A puppy was separated from it's family while walking along the streets of Konoha. It is now missing somewhere in the village and is possibly trapped. All ninja interested must find missing puppy and reunite it with it's family before it starves. Has been informed the puppy is male and responds to the name 'Mona.'

Scraping her feet across the tattered dirt road beneath her, Blaisa could not help but be on the verge of insanity as she was on her way to partake in a mission that she had deemed pointless.  No matter how hard she had fought with the lady giving out the missions today, there is only so much the young shinobi could put up with before just accepting her fate.  ‘Who cares if it is only my first mission?!’, she began to silently think, ‘That old lady should know that I’m more than capable…’.  Blaisa closed her eyes and took a deep breath before reopening them to examine the mission pamphlet that she had received earlier. ‘A dog….. Hmph!’, the carefree Sarutobi ninja began to think while crossing her arms, ‘How could they interrupt a training ninja such as myself to do a simple-minded task such as this!  This is much better suited for academy students.  Better yet – the family who lost it in the first place!’ she continued. 
After taking a more thorough look at the pamphlet, she clearly began to understand the simple details.  ‘Should be a piece of cake.’, she thought while analyzing, ‘This dog happens to be just a little puppy who responds to the name of ‘Mona’’.  Blaisa began to rewrap the pamphlet, placing it in her back pocket in case she would need it once more.  Peering up to the tallest building closest to her, she began to concentrate chakra from under her feet and immediately began to scale up the building.  About halfway up the building, Blaisa quickly leaped up, landing flat on her feet on the cold concrete of the rooftop.  Approaching the edge of the rooftop, she began to analyze street by street at a tall vantage point, giving her vision through many different roads and alleyways.  Not being able to get vision on Mona the dog, Blaisa thought it would be a good idea to get some assistance in order to start searching more thoroughly.
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu..”, Blaisa quietly whispered as she formed the clone hand seal.  Two puffs of smoke immediately appeared 2 meters from the shinobi’s left and right sides, revealing shadow clone copies that mirrored her exact appearance.  The original Blaisa kept her form while analyzing the two clones that she had created, thinking ‘Damn.  I just learned this jutsu but I’m really getting the hang of it!’.  The clone on the left began to speak, “Ughhhh.  Do NOT tell me you spawned us for the dog mission!  I couldn’t believe how boring it was when the lady first offered it…”.  As the left clone finished speaking, the right clone had a few words as well, “I know!  I seriously do not want to be here unless we are doing something… You know… Interesting?”, she finished off in an annoyed tone.  Being overcome with her own emotions of irritation, the original Blaisa began to speak in an aggressive tone, “I am NOT doing this on my own!  You want to go on more interesting missions?  Then finish this one and help me so we can go back to gaining strength!”.  Both shadow clones simply let out tired and sappy sighs before hopping down from the tall rooftop, splitting off towards both east and west directions.
Watching her shadow clones begin their search, the original could hear their shouts of “Mona!!!” in the distance coming from the two.  Letting out a tired sigh of her own, Blaisa began to regain her focus and decided to search the northern district.  Leaping down from the rooftop herself, she began looking through alleyway by alleyway in search of the lost puppy.  ‘Not here…”, Blaisa thought to herself, clearing location by location at an exponential rate.  She looked inside shops, snooped through windows of civilian’s homes, anything to gain eyes on a young puppy that fit the description from the pamphlet.  Receiving little to no luck on her own, Blaisa wanted to see how her two shadow clones were fairing in their search.  Deciding to check on them one by one, she tapped into her connection of the shadow clone that searched west and recalled her back to the original.  Instantly gaining the information that her clone had collected, her face began to perk up in excitement.  ‘Ah, I see!  You and the east clone both found the dog!  Good job guys.  It’s time to meet up.”, she thought to herself.  Knowing the exact location of her other shadow clone, she began to make her way towards the east side of the village towards the marketplace. 
As Blaisa was making her way, getting closer and closer to her clone, she squinted her eyes making out a silhouette of herself in the distance.  Her walk quickly formed to a jog, as she could see her clone with Mona the puppy resting sound asleep in her arms.  A wide, brightened smile overtook Blaisa’s face as she began to talk to her clone, “You found him.  Thank god.”.  The clone sighed as she handed Mona over to the original Blaisa, replying with “Yeah, I would say don’t worry about it but you should.  Don’t ever spawn me in for something like that EVER agai-“, before being unspawned by Blaisa immediately after she received the puppy.  ‘Ah… mission complete’, the Sarutobi ninja began to silently think to herself while gazing her eyes upon the puppies’, ‘You are kinda cute too, ya know.  I’m truly glad that you are safe.’.
Making her way back to the Mission Board station, she entered through the doors and began to approach the same lady who had doomed her with the rescue mission in the first place.  Blaisa locked eyes with the lady with a look of ferocity, although still gently placing the dog within the lady’s reach.  “Mission complete.  Please pay me my 500.  I. Am.  Starving.”, she admitted, replacing her ferocious look with a hungry and aching one.  The lady looked back at Blaisa with a soft, slightly smirking smile, replying with “Hmph.  Congratulations.  That was a lot sooner than expected.  The family will be pleased.  Your paycheck is very much well earned.”.  The lady slid the young shinobi a small pouch with ryo located within, as Blaisa eagerly grabbed it before turning around to head out of the building. 
My first mission…’, she began to ponder to herself while opening up the pouch of ryo she had just received to make sure it was the correct amount, ‘I guess this is my life…. For now.’, she finished.


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Gogyou Bushuugi
Gogyou Bushuugi
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Find the Missing Puppy Empty Re: Find the Missing Puppy

Thu Nov 26, 2020 12:33 pm
Mission approved.
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