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Find the lost puppy  Empty Find the lost puppy

Sat May 16, 2020 10:19 pm
[url=Find]]Find the missing puppy[/url]

Soma shin woke up early today and he knew he had a little bit of a hike in order to get to the place where his mission was to start.  He knew it was some sort of tracking mission that would be new to him.  He wondered what he would be tracking down.  He also wondered who hired him out in the farm country for a tracking mission.  Was he going to be looking for a thief, a lost child, or a beloved pet?  He wondered what he would be looking for imagining all the possibilities made him excited and eager to start the day.  He packed himself lunch and headed out to talk to the farmer that had hired a shinobi to be a tracker.  He started to walk down the streets of Hoshigakure towards the agreed spin spot where they had decided to meet for the first time so Soma Shin could get a description and find out what it was he would be looking for.  He walked to the restaurant where the farmer offered to buy him some breakfast and sat down to talk about what the mission would be.  We sat and ate together and then we started to talk about what he had lost. 
 I sat down and politely said “Hello sir, I am Soma Shin Misaki and I am here to help you with whatever you might need help with today.  May I ask what it is you are looking for today? Did you need me to find someone or something for you today?”  Soma Shin looked at the farmer who obviously looked distressed and wondered what was giving him so much stress.  Soma Shin started to wonder if this was going to be a very serious mission.  By the look of the farmer he had obviously lost something very precious to him or his family.  “Yes I need someone to track down a member of my family. Our family puppy had run away while my daughter and I were visiting the village.  I was selling some of my wares and my daughter came up to me crying uncontrollably.  Once I got her to settle down she told me what had happened.”   Soma Shin sat there and thought for a minute what would be the best course of action to take from here.  He thought for a minute and asked this farmer “first off can you describe this puppy to me?”  He replied “it is a golden retriever named Baku”. “Ok where did you first notice that he was missing and approximately how long ago was it?”  Soma shin continued with his questioning.  “ I was selling some herbs we had grown last night near closing time when my daughter came in and told me.”  Soma Shin sat there for a moment thinking about what his next move will be.  He stood up “ I will do my best to find Baku for you and bring him back to you safe and sound.”  Soma Shin bows respectfully and heads straight for the market.  
Soma Shin finally arrives at the market and heads straight to the herb shop to talk to the shopkeepers in the area.   He would go up to each of them in the area asking “have you seen a golden retriever puppy in the area?”  A few said yes but not since yesterday but more said that they had not seen it at all. Soma Shin was not sure what to do.  He followed this line of questioning though hoping someone would have an answer for him.  Finally at the butchers he hopes to get an answer. 
Soma Shin walks in and asks the butcher “Have you seen a golden retriever puppy anywhere around here?  Please sir if you have seen anything it would be a great help and it would make a little girl very happy to have her puppy back.” Soma Shin bows respectfully and hopes he has some good news.  The butcher looks at him and says “I have seen a little pup in the back by where I throw out the scraps.  You can go back there and see if he is still out there. Just be careful there are a lot of crows and other birds out there.  I do not know if he has run away but he was there this morning.  He would just run back into a small hole like a den he made. He must have used it for shelter to survive the night.”
Soma Shin heads towards the back to look around. He is looking under boxes and bone carcasses but no luck when all of a sudden he hears a whimper and a little bark.  It was obvious that the dog was very scared and trying to hide.  There were a ton of crows around where he was hiding under a little box.  That was all that was protecting this little dog from crows that were just waiting for him to die.  Soma Shin sprang into action scaring all the birds away.  As the crows fly away Soma Shin backs away slowly saying in a soft voice “Come here Baku come here boy”. But it was obvious that this puppy was petrified.  What was soma Shin going to do.  He kept his cool.  He tried to think what can I do to get this puppy to trust me.  He looked around at what was around him when he saw his lunch.  He packed ham today dogs love ham let’s try to lure him out.   He started by placing ham in front of the box and started to put little pieces of ham coming out in a straight line all the way to Soma Shin.  Soma Shin was holding a big piece of ham. He thought this might help convince the puppy to come out. 
Baku sticks his little head out of the box smelling then picking up a piece of ham and then on to the next one and the next one.  Eventually after a little bit of time Baku was eating right out of Soma Shin’s hands. Soma Shin moves quickly and picks up the puppy.  He meets the farmer back at the restaurant and hands over the puppy to a very thankful little girl. 


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Find the lost puppy  Empty Re: Find the lost puppy

Mon May 18, 2020 1:39 pm
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