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Saizou Uchiha
Saizou Uchiha
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Finding lost puppy(MISSION) Empty Finding lost puppy(MISSION)

Wed Feb 05, 2020 10:26 am

It was a bright and sunny morning and Sai was feeling good. He been knocking out missions left and right, and was starting to feel accomplish about all the work around the village he had put in. Sai was taking on another mission today, a mission that was more relax than some of the ones he had taken recently but still important none the less. Today he would be taking on the mission of finding a lost puppy for some family. Sai never had a pet before so he couldnt really understand the bond between and person and their pet but he could understand how it feels to lose a friend. Sai got out of bed and proceeded to do his normal routine once out of bed, shower and brush his teeth. He didnt eat much before he left his home, he was going to treat himself to a good meal after he had found the animal and returned it safely to its family. As he left out he pulled out a piece of paper from out of his pocket, it was the mission detail. He looked at the puppy which couldnt of been no older than a month or two at the time of the photo, the dog was beautiful. It had a all white coat, with grayish type eyes and had ears to were pointing toward the sky. With a dog like this walking around Sai was surprised it hadent been found by a stranger wandering around. At the bottom of the page it says that his name is Mona and he will respond if called. Sai knew most dogs were trained around the village and wouldnt approach strangers, but with Sai calling its name maybe the dog would feel more comfterbal and would walk over to Sai.

Sai went to the store and bought some dog treats so that he could try and lure the dog over to him with them. He had spoken to the shop owner and some of the other stores around have they seen a dog that looked like Mona, but they all told him no. Sai had walked to 6 different stores all in the last area the dog was seen and all were no help in finding him. As he was leaving the last store a boy and his mother had approached Sai. The mother had told Sai that she had seen her son playing with the dog no to many days ago a couple minuets from the shop. The women had also said that it looked like Mona was sleeping somewhere around where she had seen her son playing with him at. Sai thanked the women and her son for the help they were and made his way to the location she told him about. Just his luck when he had arrived he found Mona taking a nap in the nice warm sun. Sai made a shadow clone of himself and was able to get the jump on it before it run away. he immediately took it back to its owner and was thanked for returning  their family member. 

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Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Finding lost puppy(MISSION) Empty Re: Finding lost puppy(MISSION)

Wed Feb 05, 2020 6:52 pm
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