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Senju Yukio
Senju Yukio
Stat Page : The World Tree
Mission Record : Mission Log
Ninjutsu Default
Earth Water Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 39950

Senju Yukio's Mission Log Empty Senju Yukio's Mission Log

Mon Oct 23, 2023 6:55 pm
Senju Yukio's Mission Log 01e090f9-e5e3-4dee-8779-19a425c9f7f0
  Name: Senju Yukio

   In Character Rank / Power Rank: Genin / D-rank

   Village Affiliation: Konohagakure

   Link to Stat Page: Senju Yukio's Stats

Power Rank Advancement


Senju Yukio's Mission Log ZF37G2x
Senju Yukio's Mission Log 8ZYHoIg
   Low Stakes Path: 5 E-ranks, 5 D-ranks, 4 C-ranks and 3 B-ranks
   (Character must have been approved for at least 2 months OOC)
   Standard Path: 3 E Ranks, 1 D Rank Hunter, 2 C Ranks and 1 B Rank (Character must have at least 200 stats)
   High Stakes: 1 C-Rank Hunter


Senju Yukio's Mission Log UWER5ng
Senju Yukio's Mission Log 8ZYHoIg
   Low Stakes Path: 3 D-ranks, 5 C-ranks, 4 B-ranks and 3 A-ranks
   (Character must have been approved for at least 3 months OOC and cannot have ranked up within 2 months OOC)
   Standard Path: 1 D-rank Mission, 2 C-Ranks [1 Standard, 1 Hunter], 2 B-Ranks and 1 A-Rank
   High Stakes: 1 B-Rank Hunter

  • D Rank:

  • C Rank:

  • B Rank:

  • A Rank:
    --Waking Demons

Senju Yukio's Mission Log K23NuWV
Senju Yukio's Mission Log 8ZYHoIg
   Standard Path: 1 C Rank, 3 B Ranks (2 Hunter), 2 A Ranks and 1 S Rank
   High Stakes: 1 A-Rank Hunter


Senju Yukio's Mission Log NVKppCB
Senju Yukio's Mission Log 8ZYHoIg
   Standard Path: 1 B Rank, 3 A Ranks (Hunters) and 3 S Ranks
   High Stakes: 1 S-rank Hunter Mission

  • B Rank:

  • A Rank (Hunter):

  • S Rank:

Senju Yukio's Mission Log UJDDBaG

Any mission the ninja has completed that is NOT used for a rank-up should be filled in here based on its rank.
If the mission was failed for any reason write (failed) next to the mission.
Senju Yukio's Mission Log 8ZYHoIg

   E Rank:
--Tear in the Fabric

   D Rank:

   C Rank:

   B Rank:

   A Rank:

   S Rank:


Senju Yukio's Mission Log LS9IjBV
List any milestones the ninja have completed and the bonus attached to it.
All milestones must be approved by a member of NRPG Staff before their rewards can be used.
Senju Yukio's Mission Log 8ZYHoIg

   Milestone: Hit the Ground Running
   Bonus: 500 Ryo
   Occurrence: Here

   Milestone: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
   Bonus: 500WC
   Occurrence: Here

   Milestone: Novice Ninja
   Bonus: D-Rank Jutsu Scroll
   Occurrence: Here

   Milestone: Amateur Ninja
   Bonus: C-Rank Jutsu Scroll
   Occurrence: Here

   Milestone: Journeyman Ninja
   Bonus: B-Rank Jutsu Scroll
   Occurrence: Here

   Milestone: Worker Ninja
   Bonus: A-Rank Jutsu Scroll
   Occurrence: Here

   Milestone: Professional Ninja
   Bonus: S-Rank Jutsu Scroll
   Occurrence: Here

   Milestone: Learning the Alphabet
   Bonus: 4,000 Ryo & 4,000WC
   Occurrence: Here

   Milestone: Stacks on Stacks
   Bonus: Sakura Corps Loyalty Coupon
   Occurrence: Here

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