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Amikiri Guhin
Amikiri Guhin
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Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 199950

A Quick Bite Empty A Quick Bite

Sun Jul 07, 2024 2:20 pm
Amikiri was taking a stroll through the market, looking for a quick snack. He’d spent the last month or so taking a break from his shinobi life and relaxing. The Hyuuga certainly hadn’t stopped working altogether, that would impossible to imagine. However he had requested and been approved for a temporary transition to less intensive jobs, like paperwork, orginization, and a bit of mission management. Luckily, Amikiri only had a couple more days of it before he was to return to his normal duties. However, that short break had still caused him to slip backwards a little and after only a short training session today he was already quite tired.

The Hyuuga walked through the market, enjoying the wonderful weather. The glare of the high sun was weakened as the vibrant stall roofs and awnings blocked it’s light. The trees were stirred by a light breeze, taking the hot temperature down a notch, making it much more enjoyable. As the dark haired man passed by a stall selling all sorts of breads and baked goods, it reminded him that the harvest would be coming soon. His family wrote to him last year that it was more difficult without his help, but they still managed. Maybe he would return home this year to help out.

The Hyuuga stopped at another shop, selling all sorts of cheeses. He would grab a small portion of cheddar and handed over the required ryo to the woman behind the counter. Amikiri grabbed some venison jerky from another store and then continued his walk through the market. Eventually, he would make his way to a plaza of sorts and sat down at a bench under a tall looming oak tree. He started to slowly break off chunks of his meat and cheese, eating away while doing some nice people watching.

WC: 304
Shiru Iyasu
Shiru Iyasu
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Clan Specialty : Sealing
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 500

A Quick Bite Empty Re: A Quick Bite

Sun Jul 14, 2024 2:42 pm
Step after step Shiru slowly made his way through the market. His hands were nestled firmly in the pockets of his white hoodie. Sweat started to bead down his forehead as he strolled past all the villagers. The sun was more powerful today than he was originally expecting. If he had known it was going to be this hot he would have left his sweater back at his house. The sweat caused his headband to start to drop and he was forced to adjust it to keep it from falling off.

The young genin wasn't really sure where he was going. He found himself strolling along with the crowd aimlessly. Even though it had been some time since he moved to the village, he still felt like a tourist most days. He was constantly discovering new shops and hidden nooks that he never knew existed. Today's new discovery was a ramen shop that was serving Miso soup as their daily special. Shiru's stomach rumbled as the smell wafted through the air. The rumbling it caused in his stomach reminded him that he had not eaten breakfast yet. Shiru couldn't resist grabbing a bowl to eat.

Once his meal was ready, Shiru started to make his way to the nearest plaza to find a place to eat. The plaza was busier than expected so the sitting room was scarce. He looked around for a moment while observing the many different people who were coming and going. He quickly noticed a gentleman eating his own meal on a bench under a tall oak tree. The man looked to be a handful of years older than himself. Shiru noticed the same unique colored eyes that the girl Mizaki had during one of his first missions. Shiru couldn't help but wonder if they were possibly related. The genetic similarities between the two were striking! Shiru pushed his curiosity to the side and approached the older ninja calmly.

Hey I'm Shiru, would it be cool with you if I ate next to you?

Shiru didn't wait for an answer before he took a seat at the furthest edge of the bench. He set his bowl of food down between them so that his hands were free to remove his sweater. Under his sweater was a plain white shirt that made his ruby red hair and eyes look even brighter. He picked his bowl back up and began eating the delicious soup.

WC: 404
Ciel Uchiha
Ciel Uchiha
Stat Page : Stat Page
Summoning Contract : Nightmare Demons
Familiar : Sebastian
Genjutsu Ninjutsu Remove Jikūjutsu Default
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Clan Specialty : Sharingan
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 46000

A Quick Bite Empty Re: A Quick Bite

Today at 5:43 am
As the sun wailed down on the poor citizens of Hoshi it was today out of all days Ciel had chosen to skip training and decided it would be best if he would go out and enjoyed the day doing some walking around or trying out new food spots he had never been to before. As he walked through the streets of the city he had run across a few people here and there that he had known from encounters on previous missions across the village, thankfully he was met with nothing but smiles and warm hello. It was one of the main reasons why he always felt that people should treat regular civilians with respect because nothing is worse than being around a bunch of people who don't like or respect you.

As he wandered thru the village he just so happens to catch a glimpse of Shiro and decided to go say hi . “Yo Shiro how it going man” , he would say as he walked inside next to him. Without waiting he would take a seat two chairs down from Shiro and his companion.
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