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Vagabond (D-Rank)
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Grind? Yeah its still going Empty Grind? Yeah its still going

Tue Aug 15, 2023 6:44 pm
Mission Details:

A stretching figure adorn with messy hair that trailed off the bed yawned himself into the world of consciousness. Merlin had stayed out late the night prior enjoying the weather and the sights of the settlement, the world around him was in full swing of transitioning into fall. The weather was cooling and it was starting to get to that point of the year where heavier clothes were starting to be put on by the people of the world, though Merlin’s own outfit doesn’t really change from season to season with how much he naturally wears besides maybe the blistering summers but beyond that his garb stayed layered and probably a bit overkill for any climate he was actually in.
So, what was on today’s agenda for the mid-20s silver haired Sakuragakure shinobi? More missions and requests, which I guess wasn’t all that surprising to hear from anyone who knew how the daily routine went for those who were tied to a settlement or village. There wasn’t much change in that routine unless someone came knocking on your door with a heavy hand or a heavy stick, beyond that it was just the simple in and out of the common people and those who were just farmers and merchants traveling to and from.
Though he did feel like something big had happened but he had just missed it or maybe he was going to be able to experience himself, it was just a weird feeling of the settlement. Regardless Merlin needed to get ready and head on off to meet up with his good old friend Shitai, the same height only slightly heavier then himself dark short haired and green eyed tough guy that Merlin had gotten along with for quite some time and they were in the middle of knocking these requests out together to show their worth to the village and to cash in on all these easy jobs for a good chunk of money.
“I wonder if I should stop and grab some snacks for Shitai before I head to our meeting place?” Merlin wondered to himself as he exited his small home, there were plenty of places and vendors he could grab some food after all last time Shitai had shared food with him so Merlin figured he would go ahead and do the same this time around. The smell of cooked chicken drenched in delicious teriyaki sauce wafted through the air and with that scent Merlin went ahead and grabbed three for both of them. While Merlin was sure he would be pretty well off with just this he had a good feeling that Shitai would see this as a meager snack so he picked up two more meat buns for the grumpy man.
Reaching the place they were going to be meeting up similar to last time Merlin was early and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the settlement before they got deep into the work they needed to get done with today which was a handful of tasks that was a higher difficulty compared to the ones they worked on last time but after reading them it seemed more like it was a difficulty in increased time instead of physical labor.
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Shitai Orochi
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Vagabond (B-Rank)
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Grind? Yeah its still going Empty Re: Grind? Yeah its still going

Thu Aug 17, 2023 10:08 am
Another seamless morning. Things had been picking up in the more recent days with him taking on missions for money to support his rather interesting hobbies. Bodies did not come a dime a dozen, and if you wanted fresh and interesting corpses well you needed to pay a heftier price. With that being said he was notified by his friend or compatriot…whatever he had labeled Merlin, that another chain of requests had came in offering more Ryo in return for more mundane tasks and honestly if they were this easy, he would not directly complain… just yet. A long yawn escaped the bowels from his throat and out of his mouth which was par the course for him he was bored as of late. The village did not offer any kind of sustenance for his ever-racing mind and not being enshrined as a doctor of the village made it difficult for him to just go in and pick a dead body to cut open, not something he should ever say out loud but then again did he care? Strewn around his desk had been notes with various hypothesis on a poison that he could reproduce within his own body similar to a snake, but so far he was coming up with nothing…nothing special. If he was going to produce something truly foul and deadly it needed to pop. Stand out. Something that would take someone an egregious amount of time to decode and by that point they would be dead.

However, at the moment his studies were going slow, and it was almost time for him to meet up with Merlin to start the day so he would leave the tinkering for later and head out of his basement. The stairs creaked with a familiar sound that he was accustomed to almost like music to his ears as he moved up and down them, and his body would soon find its way out of the house. The door would be locked behind him as he slipped the key into the depths of his white pants and off, he was into the wild world. Slightly closed eyes would observe the world as he walked about and honestly the notion of peace and happiness reeked of this settlement. Did they not know the pains of war? The uncertainty of whether the day would be their last or if they would see their loved ones again? Most would call it a good life, but Shitai simply labeled it one word. Spoiled. There was no progress in stagnancy and there was no success in simply being idle either. Either way this was not his home to truly judge nor his place to govern. He was after all an enigma that simply existed here until his time here was set to move on. As with the prior day he would be the last to truly show up, taking his right hand out to wave at the lavender haired male with some semblance of a smile,” Will there ever be a day where I will see you not smile and have an expression on that face other than utter jovial bliss- wait is that,” he would sniff the air for a moment, allowing the smell that had been on the currents to fill his nostrils before he chuckled,” Did the flower child bring food this time? Surely you are not trying to bribe me because you are going about it the wrong way. Either way what are the requests this time,” all while making a “gimmie” motion with his right hand to get the food. Snakes gotta eat.

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