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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Tue Jun 20, 2023 2:48 am
Malik awoke in a new environment, he was in a well lit room, larger than he had ever used before. Previously, the large man had used the accomodation of the Manga Town Inn as a base of operations. He had built a great rapport with Bartos, the innkeeper of the establishment, who had even given Malik a discount to stay there. Before then, he had lived the life of a nomad, wandering the land and sleeping in the wild. He would sleep on large trees, above the reach or vision of nocturnal beasts. Inside dark, dank and cold caves, accompanied by who knows what in his dreams.

Personally, he absolutely preferred this, a large and soft bed to lay one, with warm sheets to fight away the cold. This was a feeling that Malik was more than happy to get used to, one where he could feel safe and secure when he closed his eyes. That being said, this was his first morning in Hoshigakure’s Margrave Inn, he did not know any of the locals, the innkeeper had looked him suspiciously when he first entered. Even when Malik showed him his small wooden identification badge that Harold, the Guard Captain had given him upon entry.

Harold had told Malik that he would be granted free access, to a reasonable extent, within the Village hidden in the Stars as long as he wore it. What the Captain of the Guard had NOT told Malik, however, was the mistrust and disdain he would receive from the locals. It was no matter though, Malik was used to the stares and softly spoken words uttered behind his back. The man was huge, and this often intimidated people who had never even spoken to him. It would be a shame to some people, but not to the large Missing Ninja. He had wandered these lands on his own for many years, he had no need for friends or company.

Looking over to his bedside table, Malik noticed that it was only 4:30 AM, he had awoken 30 minutes before his alarm was set to go off. Sighing to himself, it was likely due to the fact that he was still not used to the new accommodation. Assumed to be safe or not, Malik’s survival instincts would not allow him to become careless here. He was a Missing Nin, carelessness meant death for people like him. He hoped that he had not made a mistake by agreeing to work for the Hogokage of this village, no matter how temporary the arrangement was.

Preemptively turning off his alarm, Malik rose from his bed and walked to the shower. Making sure that he washed himself and woke up under the warm water, he brushed his teeth and got dressed. Usually he would only wear his loose white tracksuit pant and soft white shoes, but he decided that this village would become more hospitable to him if he conformed to wearing a shirt also. Dressing himself with a loose grey tracksuit top, the large man let his long silver hair flow down past his shoulders. Satisfied with his appearance, Malik left his room and began walking downstairs to the bar of the Inn.

It was a weekend, so people were still awake and drinking. He was surprised that the sound of music, shouting and laughter had not woken him up in the middle of the night. For the best, Malik was not the most pleasant person to be around when his sleep was interrupted, and he would prefer not to get in trouble with the village for breaking the necks of some overzealous drunk fools just yet. That sort of stuff was not an issue for him in Manga Town, but then again, Manga Town was virtually run by the local crime boss, Pal Pacino, and his gang.

As he walked down the stairs, nearby patrons would go silent as he passed them, quickly whispering to their friends. They would begin speaking loudly once more when he was eventually away from them, Malik ignored these people. He made a beeline directly to the bar. The innkeeper saw him approaching and silently huffed to himself, his eyes glancing at the temporary identification card gently swinging around Malik’s large neck. He narrowed his eyes when Malik arrived at the bar, “Yes? What do you want?”

Malik was in no mood for his attitude, replying curtly, “Sake, and I want it smoking hot. Three shots of it.” He stood waiting as the man said no more, simply nodding and began to prepare the drinks for the enormous mountain of a man. The innkeeper may not have liked him, but he sure as hell would not cross Malik, at least he was not a fool. Several minutes later, the innkeeper returned with three ceramic shot glasses and a small steaming bottle. Placing the glasses horizontally in front of Malik, he poured the hot sake into each of them, emptying the bottle. In response to this, Malik paid the man, even throwing in a tip equal to the cost of the drinks. The innkeeper raised an eyebrow in surprise before taking the money and awkwardly giving his thanks.

The large man did not take his time with his drinks. One after the other, he downed each of the shots, savouring the taste and the feeling of the liquid warming him up from the inside. Malik loved fighting, but he also loved drinking almost as much. He took some time to look around the venue. It was mostly populated with drunk idiots and the staff of the Inn. Occasionally they would attempt to stealthily sneak a glance in his direction, until they noticed his own gaze and quickly looking away. This always made Malik laugh, these puny fools were brave when nobody could see them, it was why he was always so willing to ignore them.

Deciding that he had seen enough, the large man gave the innkeeper a nod, before standing up and heading to the exit. Once more, people would fall silent as he passed, but he did not waste any time, walking out of the Margrave Inn and into the crisp morning air. The sun had still not risen, but this did not matter to Malik. He was headed to the village’s famous training facility, he had decided he would take up work the next day, so he was able to get some exercise in and hone on his abilities. Taking a moment to gain his bearings and figure out which direction he needed to walk in, Malik finally set off.

After roughly 20 minutes of walking, Malik finally found the facility. It had a very modern design, which caught the man off guard, he was used to open forests and large trees to train with, not this incredible design. Realising that he was wasting his time, Malik quickly walked in and made his way to his starting position.

Malik stood in the center of the Hoshi Advanced Training Facility, his eyes scanning the room as he prepared to begin his training. The Missing Ninja had been granted permission to use the facility by the Hogokage, and he was eager to make the most of this opportunity. He was thankful that nobody else was in just yet, he wanted to train alone. He also did not want anyone else to see his abilities just yet. He had only agreed to show Harold his ability to open the first of the Eight Inner Gates so that he could gain access to the village, nobody else needed to know of his strength yet.

With a deep breath, Malik began his warm-up routine, starting with a series of stretching exercises to loosen his muscles. He knew that the training ahead would be grueling and intense, but he was determined to push himself to his limits. He ensured that his muscles felt nice and loose, massaging out any knots and aches that he felt until he was certain that he was ready.

As he finished his warm-up, Malik moved to the weights area of the facility. He selected the heaviest weights available and began lifting them with ease, his muscles bulging with each repetition. Sweat dripped down his face as he pushed himself harder, determined to increase his strength and endurance. Although he was sweating, Malik knew that this was nothing. He was capable of lifting objects far beyond any mere mercenary or even that of most Shinobi. Even still, he knew that it was important for him to keep up the hard work to get stronger, this was not the most he would be able to achieve.

Malik had been training for hours, his focus unwavering as he worked to push his body beyond its limits. He had moved beyond the weights area, focusing instead on practicing different fighting techniques. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, visualizing his opponent before launching into a series of quick strikes and powerful kicks, his movements fluid and precise. He would also use the training dummies as a way to focus on targets, taking care not to damage them to the point that he would have to pay for anything.

As he trained, Malik felt his body begin to tire. His muscles burned with the effort, and he could feel the sweat pouring down his face and back. But he refused to give up, each strike and kick bringing him closer to his goal. It got to the point that he began to actively grunt after each strike, lactic acid now beginning to burn throughout his body as he continued pushing. Deciding that it was time, Malik once again scanned the facility, making sure nobody else was there yet. Satisfied, he decided to clench his fists and focused on his body, feeling the chakra flow throughout it as he opened the first of the Eight Inner Gates: The Gate of Opening.

He felt rejuvenated once more as he continued his training, now picking up the pace and intensity as he did so. His speed and strength were amplified beyond their limits, his punches coming faster and his kicks hitting harder. He continued with this for as long as his body would allow him to, smiling to himself with each strike.

Finally, as he finished another set of punches, Malik felt a sudden burst of energy surge through his body. He opened his eyes in surprise, feeling a sensation that he had never experienced before. It was as though his body was on fire, his muscles pulsing with energy. This was not normal for him, he knew the Eight Inner Gates amplified his power, but not to this extent.

With a sudden burst of speed, Malik launched himself into the air, flipping over a nearby training dummy and landing on his feet. He felt invincible, the power coursing through his veins almost overwhelming his senses. This was not simply the Gate of Opening anymore, Malik now knew that he had opened the second of the Eight Inner Gates: The Gate of Healing. He felt his strength and stamina return to him once more, this time he felt more physically dominant than ever before.

For a moment, Malik simply stood there, feeling the power of the second gate coursing through his body. He knew that he would need to be careful, that he could only maintain this level of power for a short period of time. But for now, he was unstoppable, his body moving with a speed and power that he had never experienced before.

Malik continued pushing for as long as he possibly could, throwing strikes with incredible control and force. Relishing in the impact as he struck his targets and dashed around the training facility. Thankfully, nobody else arrived during this time, he had the entire facility to himself and he was making the most of it.

As the gate began to close, Malik felt a sense of disappointment. He knew that he would need to continue training if he wanted to master the remaining gates and unlock the true potential of his body. But for now, he was content to bask in the glow of his own power, grateful for the opportunity to push himself to his absolute limits. This joy was quickly dashed as the after effects of using the gate rushed through and hit him. He felt the searing pain of his body finally crashing back to reality, his muscles virtually screaming at him as he did his best not to cry out in pain. The highs of the Gates were indeed high, but the lows were equally, if not even more, low.

Malik took a moment regain his senses after this, deciding to himself that he would not give up on his training day just yet. When he felt like he could move once more, the large man continued with his activity. He would throw strike after strike, working on his fitness and cardio when his arms stopped moving. Running laps, jumping over obstacles and pulling out the occasional sprints. After several hours of intense training, Malik collapsed onto the mat, his body exhausted but satisfied. He knew he still had a long way to go, but he was confident that with the Advanced Training Facility and his own determination, he could become stronger than ever before. Malik planned on becoming a Shinobi that struck fear in the hearts of those who thought about wronging him, he knew that he was well on his way to this now.

As he caught his breath, Malik looked up at the ceiling of the facility and silently thanked the Hogokage for granting him access to this incredible training resource. He knew that this was just the beginning of his journey towards becoming the ultimate ninja. Finally, he was able to get off the floor once more, slowly moving over to the exit as he focused on controlling his breathing. This training session had been a good one, and he was incredibly happy with the outcome, he would definitely be returning once more. But for now, Malik needed a hot shower and some more hot sake, the Margrave Inn was calling his name once more.

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Tue Jun 20, 2023 5:32 am
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