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Shoto trains once again Empty Shoto trains once again

Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:41 pm
Shoto stepped onto the training field, feeling like he needed a good bit of more training before he was a genin, as he had a plan to learn a new jutsu and master one he already knew. He felt that while he was quite adept in utilizing jutsu which helped him bewilder and confuse there was still the concept that he could get caught in the hands of those who catch him off guard. To that respect he was prepared to learn the rope escape technique and the mastery of Genjutsu Release. He knew most ninja were so adept at the technique they could do it without having to form seals and he had the plan to do the same. He first, though, would learn how to escape if tied up with rope which sounded easy but he wasn't going to underestimate it.

He went over to a tree, while putting his hands behind his back and tying them together with rope he had brought with him, as he sat nearby it with his back to it and he made certain the rope was nice and tight. He had heard the jutsu was performed by attaching chakra strings to the ends of the rope and using your fingers to guide them so that they'd unwind from the wrists. He focused his chakra through to his fingers as he touched separate ends of the rope and could feel his chakra gripping after he touched it. He then would move his fingers in multiple directions, cursing to himself when he felt the rope tighten or when it became tight in places to where he couldn't move, as he tried to determine the best paths in order to cause the rope to come off of him. Whichever way he tried, at least for the first few initial seconds, seemed to only make his predicament worse. Furious he closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down so that he could be able to ascertain the situation from a calm and logical standpoint.

He slowly started moving his fingers in different ways as he paid closer attention to the impending results and reacting correctly to them. He would breathe slowly so as to focus more carefully at the actions he put his fingers and hands through to be able to get a better result then the last time. His patience was rewarded as he could feel the ropes becoming looser and looser from his calming efforts as he seemed to master the correct movements of his fingers in order to get the rope to move in the correct directions. It wasn't long before he could feel the rope becoming so loose that it fell off his wrists and he could move his hands back freely. Smiling he got up from his seat and felt satisfied that he had learned such a seemingly frustrating jutsu. It had now all come down to mastering the act of getting out of a trap of another kind: Genjutsu.

He felt that he needed to warm his body up before he tried this out as the act of slowing down his own chakra flow was hard enough as it was with his hands. To be able to do it without his hands was going to be more difficult than anything he'd ever tried before. He brought his hands together as he flexed and worked with his chakra to try and get it to stop as quickly as possible. He could feel his hands channeling the chakra going to work in causing the chakra flow within him and making it stop rather quicker than he remembered. After making his chakra go through this process multiple times he decided to go for it as he brought his hands down and put them in his pockets. He would keep his hands pinned in order to not be tempted to bringing them up so that he'd be able to perfect the jutsu better. To that end he closed his eyes and began to focus his chakra in slowly winding itself down for him to use Genjutsu Release.

He breathed softly and slowly, trying to keep a cool head and focus towards his objective, as he could feel his chakra raging inside him seemingly without control. He could feel agitation and frustration setting into him by the sheer difficulty of the technique coming into light. He tried his hardest to keep calm in order to be able to communicate with his network better but found that inner rage he kept within would try to force it's way into him. He decided to take a break before he exhausted himself as he went over to the field's river and drank a bit from the cool liquid. He breathed slowly as he rested for a few minutes, looking up at the sky and reminiscing everything he had gone through to get where he was today, as he shook his head to forget the sadness of the past and got back up to commence with the jutsu once more. He put his hands back into his pockets once more as he closed his eyes and focused.

Keeping his calm and cool thoughts in his mind he found that he could think of the happier times in his life and that'd help him with his ultimate task. He could feel his chakra slowly coming to a halt within him as he felt a warmth already starting to flow throughout his body. He smiled as he felt it become slower and slower in it's flow throughout his network before he felt it come to a complete stop within him. He sighed softly before opening his eyes and uttering the word which would show he had mastered the technique. "Release!" He felt his chakra suddenly burst out from within him in a sphere like aura as he could tell it had worked. Smiling to himself and keeping his hands in his pockets he decided that he'd end his day of training on that high note as he left the field to enjoy the remainder of the day.

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(Attaining 5 stats, Rope Escape Technique, and mastery over Genjutsu Release to where I won't need to use hands)
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Shoto trains once again Empty Re: Shoto trains once again

Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:44 pm
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