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Shoto Makes a Forest Empty Shoto Makes a Forest

Sun Jan 21, 2018 1:18 am
Shoto woke up, looking at the ceiling as the sun outside shone brightly through his windows, as he sat up in his bed and stretched his limbs while trying to shake the kinks he had developed over the night out. He was feeling well rested today which made him feel good over the fact that he was now ready to learn some more jutsu utilizing his Wood Style. He had just learned to control the element just yesterday, after all, and he was in need of growing more and channeling his Wood nature into making it a weapon. Only then could he consider himself stronger amongst his ninja peers as pretty much Wood Style was the only thing Senju were known for nowadays.
He made his way out of bed, his body feeling sluggish as his new affinity to wood seemed to help him be able to see just how weak he was, as he cracked his knuckles and got to his feet. He would need to throw in a little extra training to his exercise regiment but, with the jutsu he planned to train with today, he knew it was something that was going to be needed anyway. He decided he'd make himself a bowl of cereal to start off his day as he went to grab himself a bowl and grabbed some regular corn flakes and poured himself a bowl. He slowly ate in the silence and darkness of his home, his thoughts circling around inside his head and making him reflect among his life, until he finished his meal and went to wash it in the sink. He took in a deep breath as he got his clothes on and walked over to the door of his house to exit. He reached for his door, rubbing his neck in order to get it loose, as he opened it and walked out to lock the door behind him. He had then seen in the distance that clouds were coming over, looking pretty stormy, as he had a feeling his training session may be interrupted by rain soon. He didn't particularly mind, though, as he felt it might motivate him to grow stronger faster.

Thus he stepped off his houses porch and began to hop along the village's rooftops on the way to the village's gate in order to exit to the training field. As he made his way to the field he felt tiny droplets of water beginning to already hit him from above. He cursed to this as he could still see that the clouds hadn't quite reached the village of the training field yet. At least the sun was now gone, dropping the air's temperature rapidly, as he ran along the branches of the trees as well as the stumps themselves. He landed in the middle of the training field before long as he looked at his surroundings and thought he may as well get his physical workout in before the rain became too much of a nuisance. He thus beat his fist into his hand as he decided to start his training with a run around the field.

He took off in a circle of laps, his arms hanging behind him as he ran, all while keeping himself from growing too tired too early. He ran across the water, his feet infused with a constant flow of chakra going through the soles of his feet, as he ran around and kept his pace up for as long as he could. He was delighted to find he was faster than he was just a couple of days ago as he seemed capable of gaining even further strength in his legs to be able to run even faster. He kept up his pace, his once slow and controlled breathing growing more rapid, for as long as he could all while keeping his momentum going as he ran until he stopped by the edge of the river. He was panting furiously as he tried to keep his breathing steady though found it was easier said than to do. He sat by the edge of the river in order to give his legs a bit more of a rest as he looked out over the running waters of the river. He cracked his knuckles as he could feel the droplets of water starting to pick up in number and weight as he decided his short break was over and it was time for more exercise.
He got on his hands and began doing push ups in order to get himself stronger. He felt that his strength in his chakra was good but he knew he'd need to be stronger in his taijutsu as well if he really wanted to be efficient. He thus did push up after push up all while keeping to a cadence in his mind in order to help crank them out even after the point of becoming tired. He was going through them at a pretty good and even pace as he kept the rhythm and beat that went through his mind all while keeping his mind focused on the finer aspects of his training. He slowly felt the rain droplets that were steadily increasing in frequency and weight as he kept his push ups steadily going and tried to push the rain from his mind. He kept going as he felt the air around him slowly dropping in temperature even more, pleasing him greatly, as he continued with his steady stream of push ups. It was around his 30th rep that he started feeling his arms and chest protesting against him as he started to quickly lose his strength and breath as he continued to crank as many push ups as he could. He panted through his reps as his eyes closed and he tried to put his focus completely on the push ups and the cadence as the rain was now truly pounding down on the field and him. He finally couldn't take it anymore as his arms gave out from under him and he ended up falling onto his gut, mud already starting to form around the field, as he laid on the ground and tried to catch as much of his breath as he could.

He felt he had put his body through enough abuse as he could feel his body was looser as he stood back up to his feet. The rain had caused his hair to sop down past his eyes as he wiped it out of his face as he took in deep breaths and felt it was time to try out this technique he heard was essential to a Senju's arsenal. He knew, however, that while his chakra was ready to commence with his training he knew it probably wasn't going to be able to do it as he was. He knew it was going to take a large amount of everything within him to do this and he felt that the only way he'd be able to accomplish doing the jutsu would've been if he activated the sage cells he contained within him. He knew it'd give him just the right boost in order to perform the technique. He did need to, however, try to gather into him as much chakra as he could before he'd try it out as he went over to a tree that had leaves that covered the ground pretty well from the rain as he placed his back to it and sat on the ground. He then brought his legs in to cross them with each other as he sat and he then brought his hands up to form the tiger seal in order to call upon his chakra and then he set his hands into fists and brought them down together into his lap. He closed his eyes and set his mind into a deep meditation as he concentrated his chakra into regulating it's flow and gathering it's strength for what would be coming next.

As he meditated under the protection of the tree his ears picked up the sounds of the rain as it came down and hit the ground. The sound relaxed him and aided in his meditation which pleased him as it showed that there was a benefit coming to the field on a rainy day. His mind picked up every sound that occupied the field along with the rain such as the frogs that came out of the river in order to croak at the rain or the leaves that steadily gathered water only to release it to the ground after gathering so much. These sounds served as benefits to his meditation as he actually liked the sound of nature at one of it's most beautiful points and his mind could only envision the woods and the trees and the forests as the true essences of beauty that they were at this moment. He therefore could feel his chakra growing within him and flowing through his body at it's most efficient as he felt that he had done enough necessary meditating and opened his eyes to look at the surroundings. He could see the field being drenched in the rain and the river churning from the many heavy droplets that fell from the sky as he couldn't help but take in how pretty it all was and how it reacted to the rain. He felt it was time to go as he got up to his feet and put his hands in his pockets and gave the field one last look before turning around and walking into the woods that connected with the field.

He knew that the jutsu he was going to attempt would turn his immediate area that he was in into a small forest and possibly stay there for a very long time before the trees died away by themselves. Therefore it didn't feel right for him to practice using the jutsu on the training field as it would've ruined it for other ninjas who liked to use it for their daily training sessions as well. He found a good spot somewhere in the middle of the expansive forest he was within as he looked up to see some rain droplets able to get through the leaves high in the trees and fall upon him and the ground. He stopped in a small clearing, his shoes sopping with mud and hair still sopping around his head and face, as he closed his eyes and called upon the sage cells he held within. His tattoo that ran along his arm turned from black to red as his hair also changed color to white. He opened his eyes as he felt his chakra increase within him and he brought his hands up just as it all began to surge within him, ready for him to commence with the jutsu. He tried to remember the hand seals which were required for commencing the jutsu as he then remembered that it only required one hand seal to commence. He then took in a deep breath as he brought his hands up to form the seal of the Snake.

"Wood Style: Nativity of a Sea of Trees!" He felt his chakra surge through his body to the point where it all burst out from within him as he could feel it travel in a radius around him before he started to notice any changes. As he kept the Snake seal intact he noticed a small sprig of wood pop out of the ground from the corner of his eye as little leaves were starting to form along the sprig of wood. He then noticed another pop up with leaves along it as well as he couldn't help but feel a bit screwed from the outcome as it was supposed to make large trees appear instead of only sprigs of trees. He thought about quitting before he decided to put in another surge of his chakra into the jutsu as a sort of last ditch effort to get any kind of better result. He was rewarded, this time, as even more sprigs popped out and some even popped up bigger than others. He was starting to get frustrated now as he kept the snake seal intact and he closed his eyes in order to meditate a bit more of his chakra out in order to access it. He felt his sage cells were helping in providing him with the necessary boost to even be able to commence with the jutsu but he concentrated on trying to make it into more in order to get the jutsu to not only work but be successful with the amount of trees he could make.

He thus kept the jutsu going as he gathered his chakra, feeling the connection he had to the tiny sprigs that were forming thanks to his chakra, as he started to feel drained and tired from his constant expulsion of chakra. He found within himself a second wind of chakra as he opened his eyes and focused all of his concentration on the jutsu as he decided to give the current one a break. He dropped his hands from the Snake seal as he hopped in place and felt his chakra ready for some action as he could feel the effects of the previous jutsu dissipating as he panted and kept himself from getting too relaxed in order to keep his chakra from going away. He panted as he got his stance back up, sinking his shoes into the mud and taking a deep breath, as he smacked his hands back into a Snake seal and concentrated all of his remaining chakra. "Wood Style Jutsu: Nativity of a Sea of Trees!!" He could feel the chakra within him renew and redouble it's efforts within himself and it expanded out from within him as it expanded outwards from within him and he felt the chakra connect with the ground as he opened his eyes to watch the results.

And what results they were as instead of sprigs he got full blown trees as the ground broke away and large logs of wood and trees came up from the holes of the ground as they extended upwards high into the sky. He smirked as the trees he created extended around his body and protected him from the rain even more as he continued to channel his chakra into the jutsu as he watched everything unfold before his eyes. After a full minute of the jutsu he could feel the last of his chakra leaving him as he panted and brought his arms down as his hair and tattoo turned back to their original colors. He panted as he held himself up by supporting his upper body on his legs and he looked around to check the damages. He could see that the small expanse he was within was now fully covered in trees as they all had circled around other trees as he couldn't help but feel accomplishment at his achievement as he couldn't help but take a knee as he needed to get off his feet for a moment. He reached out to one of the new trees he had just made as he leaned against it and felt that it was strong in his grasp. He sat beside it as he looked up to see the rain falling on his newly made trees as the leaves that they had sprouted along with them protected him from the falling water droplets. He watched with satisfaction as the rumors he had heard about the jutsu were indeed correct as he could feel no chakra within the trees and that meant that they were more than likely going to be in that area for a very long time.

He put a hand over the wood of the tree as he pushed himself up to his feet and he panted and felt sore all over from the fact that he was almost completely out of chakra. This caused him to take a more limping walk as he made his way to the exit of the woods that led straight to the leaf village. He walked slowly, using the trees as ways of supporting his weight from time to time, as he tried so hard to make certain that he wouldn't collapse on the ground and be left in the middle of those woods. Upon arriving to the hidden leaf village he made his way straight to his house, his body and clothes once again covered by the pouring rain, as he willed himself to stand up on his feet fully as he tried to act calm and collected while walking along the streets of the village. He ended up heading straight to his house as he unlocked his door and went inside only to kick off his shoes and lock the door behind him as he finally reached his bed and collapsed on top of it with wet clothes and all. He knew he'd be cleaning his sheets the next day but for now his body was begging for him to sleep and thus he closed his eyes and fell unconscious. The rain continued to pour down outside as he slept on the bed, finally protected from it all, and would remain asleep until the next day.

(WC 2,899)

(Claiming 14 stats and fully completing Nativity of a Sea of Trees {1,124/4,000 = 2,876})
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Shoto Makes a Forest Empty Re: Shoto Makes a Forest

Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:59 pm
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