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Shoto's Quickie (Training) Empty Shoto's Quickie (Training)

Sat Jun 09, 2018 10:55 am
Shoto woke up from his slumber, thanks to the sun's rays outside making their way into his bedroom, as he opened his eyes slowly and blinkingly while trying to shake his head in order to get the cobwebs out of his head. He sat up while placing his hand on his knee in order to support his body as he slowly blinked his eyes in order to get the sleep out of them. He took in a deep breath while looking at the blinds of his window as he laid his head back down on his pillow since he still felt as though he needed a little bit more sleep. He looked at the alarm clock beside his bed on the pedestal as he reached over and pressed down on the snooze button and the alarm placed a timer for fifteen minutes. He closed his eyes before taking a deep breath and allowing his senses to relax once again as he began to breathe easily throughout his snooze time. He had thoughts of what he would do for the day as he had wanted to get in another good day of training so that he would prepared for the Chuunin exams once they came along in the next few days. He felt woefully underprepared as he wanted to get in a very good amount of training in before the dreaded day.

The alarm went off fifteen minutes later as he reached over and pressed the button to stop his alarm as he took in another deep breath in annoyance and sat up while wiping his eyes in order to get the crust out of them while blinking them repeatedly to get them to adjust to his dim surroundings. He took a few minutes as he opened his blinds and looked outside to take in the beautiful surroundings of the Leaf Village while allowing the sunlight to make his eyes accustomed to the light outside. He opened his mouth and closed it as he could feel how dry it was as he knew he needed to get himself a quick shower and brush his teeth as well so that he could get into the training spirit. Thinking this he gave a deep sigh before swinging his legs over the side of his bed and standing up to allow himself room to stretch his whole body as tired bones creaked and cracked into place while he did so. He would then go over to his washer, transfer his training clothes from there into his dryer, before closing it up and turning it on while making his way to his bathroom to cut on the shower.

He sighed as he put his hand in to test if the water was cold or hot as he could tell it needed little bit more time to warm up before he could enter as he would allow it a few minutes to get itself ready for him to enter. He would meditate as it did so, allowing the chakra within him to wake up as well, as he closed his eyes and took deep breaths over and over again in order to get himself in the right mindset. He used the sounds of the running water to calm him down a bit better and faster as he opened his eyes for a moment and reached into the shower to find that the water was now hot and ready for him to use as he stepped inside upon removing his nightwear and he allowed the waters to cascade down onto him while he sat down and once more closed his eyes. He would sit there and meditate as the water continued to fall upon him while he kept his breathing under control.

He would envision himself in the forest under a waterfall doing this as he felt that it provided his mind with the quiet and serenity necessary to allow one to meditate their mind. He would feel the chakra within him take in his meditation with great fervor as he felt the chakra within him swell and rise to the occasion in order to allow itself to grow bigger and stronger. He smiled upon feeling this change within him as he opened his eyes back up and stood up to grab himself some soap and a rag as he rubbed the suds upon the rag and his body while scrubbing himself all over in order to get everything clean and ready to begin his day. He scrubbed shampoo over his head as his thoughts went back to the day of training he had planned for the day as he thought about what he was going to go and do for the day in order to make himself stronger. He only had so much more precious time left in order to get ready for the exams coming and he was actually a little scared after seeing who all the opponents entering the tournament were.

He took in a breath as he cracked his knuckles before reaching down and turning the handle of the shower head to turn the water off as he grabbed himself a towel and dried off his hair and skin. He stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around his waist as he went to the mirror in order to get himself a toothbrush ready as he put toothpaste on it and began to brush his teeth while keeping the sound of his dryer droning on in the background of his bedroom. He would brush his teeth for a few minutes before leaning down and rinsing his mouth of the toothpaste within it before cleaning his toothbrush and returning it into the holder beside the mirror. He brushed his hair a little bit to make it a bit more manageable as he would leave it to dry itself naturally while he went about his day. He walked out of the bathroom to the kitchen as he grabbed himself a bowl and some milk while reaching for one of his cereal boxes that he kept above the refrigerator.

He looked over to the calendar that he kept on his wall as he looked groggily to see that a very special day had an X over it as he took a closer look and immediately began to feel stupid as he started to eat his cereal quickly in order to finish and get out of the door to the training field. Today was the day! The day of the exams. And he wasn't at all ready for them. He thus got up from his table and went to the dryer that held his clothes, which was still in mid drying, as he took the clothes out and began to put them on, shakily, as he would up putting them all on sloppily and he started getting his shoes on. He would get the day started off right by doing a few warm up pushups on the ground, getting himself ready for the day of training he had before him, as he closed his eyes and continued thinking of how to get by things quickly so that he didn't wind up late for his examination. He took a deep breath before pushing himself back up to his feet and looked outside at the bright day that awaited him as he stepped out of the house and outside into the village.

Shoto quickly locked the door to his house as he began to run along the streets of the village towards the village gates as he looked to the sky to see the sun rising from the horizon as morning fell upon the leaf village. He had to make it to the field pronto if he hoped to make it to the exams on time after his training session though, with his current speed, he wasn't going as fast as he would've liked. He made it to the training field eventually though as he looked around the field to see that there wasn't anyone there. What did he expect? They were all going to the Chuunin Exam stadium! He cursed to himself as he thought about what best way to go about his day would be as he looked around into the forest and thought the best way to do things were to go for the roots. He thus ran into the forest and made way to his custom made arena where he usually always trained and ran into the center where all the trees he and his clone had made still stood. It was time to learn some advanced techniques and the time to do so was now. He would need help, though, to allow things to go by quickly, as he clapped his hands together and focused his chakra on the trees surrounding him.

A clone would walk out of the woodwork of one of them and look at Shoto with a worried expression. "Don't give me that look. Just help me out here." The clone nodded as he got down into a stance and Shoto thought of how to best go about things. Going against his clone willy nilly wasn't going to get anyone anywhere though he knew he'd get to become stronger if he went for such things. He thus closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself in order to get his mind in the right place: He was here for training purposes. Nothing more nothing less. The Chuunin exams didn't start for quite some time so he had a little bit of time to act accordingly and grow stronger before he made his way over there. He looked at his clone and nodded before getting into a stance himself and became ready to go.

Shoto than launched himself towards his doppelganger, his creation also doing the same at exactly the same time, as the two brought one of their hands up while forming the half tiger seal and their other hands went to get kunai, as the two clashed into each other in the air and their kunais created sparks between the two before they hopped off of each other and landed on the ground below. As soon as Shoto landed he descended into the earth using his Hiding Like a Mole technique as the clone jumped up and landed on the trunk of a tree as not to be detected. He kept his attention on the ground below him, the clone's feet using a fine control of chakra to create a suction for it to stand upon, as he focused on the ground that was in front of it instead of the ground behind it. That proved a mistake as Shoto slowly ascended from the ground directly behind the clone and jumped up in order to get close as he let loose a kunai towards it.

The clone could hear the whoosh of the kunai leaving hands with Shoto as it turned to see it coming at him from the side as it formed the Snake seal and a branch came off the tree he was attached to and extended it's way into the hole of the kunai before using it's skill with the tree branch to spin the kunai and toss it back. Shoto watched this action as he formed the Snake seal himself and a large branch extended out of one of his trees and he hopped off it to catch his kunai and clash with the clone again. The clone had other plans as it hopped off the trunk in order to avoid him as it ran up a nearby tree to get to the top. Shoto landed on the tree the clone had hopped off of, his feet glowing softly with his own chakra, as he began to run as fast as he could up that tree to follow the clone. As soon as the two reached the top they stood apart from each other on the top of their respective trees.

Shoto was the first to charge again, his feet churning as he hopped from treetop to treetop, before coming over and delivering a kick to the clone's side. It was ready however as he caught the kick with his arm and repelled Shoto so that it could follow with a kunai aimed at Shoto's cheek. With his own kunai Shoto deflected the blow and went for a gut punch as the clone jumped out of the way and jumped back as he began running around Shoto as Shoto followed suit and ran around the trees, making certain his feet was touching all the treetops so as to not fall like an idiot, as he ran around the field and immediately jumped at each other, their fists drawn back and ready to attack before they both landed a blow on each other's cheek. Shoto was repelled back from the blow, his clone repelled as well, as they both had to take steps back in order to regain their headings before they would both go back into things and just rely on their taijutsu in order to get things going. They both used expert ninja technique and skill in their punches and kicks as blow after blow after blow was either landed or repelled.

Shoto was getting tired but he could tell so, too, was his clone as he landed a punch that stunned his clone for a bit and then he decided to take things back to the ground as he drew his hands over his head and brought them down upon the clone hard. The clone had gotten his hands up just in time but it wound up falling down from the force as he broke through multiple branches before reaching down to the ground and smashing into the earth. Shoto was falling with it as he saw the smoke billowing from the crater that the clone had formed as Shoto then noticed that the clone was nowhere to be seen as he knew that the clone had used the Hiding Like a Mole technique. Shoto brought his hands up to form the Snake seal as a branch came to his rescue and caught him as he landed on the branch and watched out for the clone. He didn't have to wait long as he had done the smart thing for the clone was suddenly upon Shoto from behind him with a kunai as Shoto turned and caught it full force with his own.

He jumped up and away from his tree to get away from the clone as he put his kunai away and formed the Snake seal once more as he started run along appearing branch after appearing branch in order to get away. He looked back to see his clone following using his own custom made branches as he chuckled. This was proving to be fun for him. It had been a long time since he had a fun spar and this was proving to be a fun one. Even if it was against a clone, a variant of himself that contained all the strength and weaknesses that he held, it was still coming to be quite the fun match for him. He felt that it would be more fun if they had a bit more of a better place to fight if he could just figure out... Wait. He certainly did know of a way. He hopped high into the air as he brought up his hands and started to form seals as he descended down to the ground.

Upon forming the Snake seal Shoto landed on the ground just as his clone was in the process of landing itself before him as Shoto focused all his chakra into a certain point and thought of himself as becoming lighter and faster as he panted and felt his chakra actually help him out a little bit. He could feel himself becoming lighter and faster as he hopped up and down and watched his clone coming after him. He nodded upon seeing this as he ended up getting around the clone's blind side and striking it with one of his cutting branches as he caught the clone in the side and smiled wide upon seeing the clone dying before him. He had done it! He learned a very advanced technique and he had every intention of making use of it in the exams. He thus allowed himself to rest a bit as he looked up and saw the sun over him as it was noon and he panicked! His match was set to start and he wasn't nowhere near the examination arena yet! He got up to his feet, his stamina slightly winded due to the hard battle he had had with his clone, as he began to hop out of his custom made field and made his way towards the arena in question.

He hopped along tree branch to tree branch in order to get to his intended location as his newly acquired jutsu helped out in his endeavors. He chuckled as he couldn't help but feel ready for what was coming his way as he looked ahead of him and could see the arena in the distance. He stopped short in order to allow himself a bit more time to rest before stretching his limbs out and getting them warmed up and unlocked to allow for more to happen. After everything was set and done Shoto looked at himself and rubbed his hands over his clothes in order to straighten them out, along with his hair, so he didn't look as though he had just got out of a training session to get here. He took in one more deep breath as he thus made his way to the arena. He cracked his knuckles along the way, his eyes focused solely at the task before him as he felt ready for the day he was about to have. At least as ready as he'd ever be.


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Shoto's Quickie (Training) Empty Re: Shoto's Quickie (Training)

Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:29 am
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