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Stat Page : The Child
Mission Record : Mission Log
Remove Taijutsu Bukijutsu Remove Jikūjutsu Default
Remove Remove Remove Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 28970

Saku Mission Log Empty Saku Mission Log

Sat Mar 02, 2024 3:22 pm
Name: Saku

In Character Rank / Power Rank: Genin B-Rank

Village Affiliation: Konohagakure

Link to Stat Page: The Child

Power Rank Advancement

Any mission to advance a ninja's Power Rank should be linked and filled into its corresponding slot. Each rank is outlined using the standard track for advancement; should a ninja use the "High Stakes" (HS) track to advance, the requirements will differ from what is listed, and their player should edit the requirements accordingly. Power rank must be claimed on a character's stat page by providing a link to the mission record page and approved by NRPG staff.

Saku Mission Log ZF37G2x
Saku Mission Log 8ZYHoIg
Standard Path: 3 E Ranks, 1 D Rank Hunter, 2 C Ranks and 1 B Rank (Character must have at least 200 stats)

Saku Mission Log UWER5ng
Saku Mission Log 8ZYHoIg
Standard Path: 1 D-rank Mission, 2 C-Ranks [1 Standard, 1 Hunter], 2 B-Ranks and 1 A-Rank

Saku Mission Log K23NuWV
Saku Mission Log 8ZYHoIg
Standard Path: 1 C Rank, 3 B Ranks (2 Hunter), 2 A Ranks and 1 S Rank
High Stakes: 1 A-Rank Hunter

  • C Rank:

  • B Rank:

  • B Rank (Hunter):

  • B Rank (Hunter):

  • A Rank:

  • A Rank:

  • S Rank:

Saku Mission Log NVKppCB
Saku Mission Log 8ZYHoIg
Standard Path: 1 B Rank, 3 A Ranks (Hunters) and 3 S Ranks
High Stakes: 1 S-rank Hunter Mission

  • B Rank:

  • A Rank (Hunter):

  • S Rank:

Saku Mission Log UJDDBaG

Any mission the ninja has completed that is NOT used for a rank-up should be filled in here based on its rank.
If the mission was failed for any reason write (failed) next to the mission.
Saku Mission Log 8ZYHoIg

E Rank:
Field Training Day
The basics of fighting
Basic Shinobi Midterms
History Lesson
Final Day before the Genin Exam

D Rank:
Genin Exam

C Rank:

B Rank:

A Rank:

S Rank:

Saku Mission Log LS9IjBV
List any milestones the ninja have completed and the bonus attached to it.
All milestones must be approved by a member of NRPG Staff before their rewards can be used.
Saku Mission Log 8ZYHoIg

Honor Student: Start as an E-rank character and complete the Genin Exam
Bonus: 1x C-rank Jutsu Scroll, 1x Honor's Student Pin
Occurrence: Here

Hit the Ground Running: Complete one mission.
Bonus: 500 Ryo
Occurrence: Here

Novice Ninja: Complete one D-Rank mission.
Bonus: D Rank Jutsu Scroll
Occurrence: Here

Amateur Ninja: Complete one C-Rank mission.
Bonus: C Rank Jutsu Scroll
Occurrence: Here

Journeyman Ninja: Complete one B-Rank mission.
Bonus: B Rank Jutsu Scroll
Occurrence: Here

Trust Me; I'm a Doctor: Complete a Professional mission.
Occurrence: Here

In the Dead of Night: Complete one Covert mission of any rank.
Occurrence: Here

Teamwork makes the Dream Work: Complete a mission in a mission group of 3 or more.
Bonus: 500 WC
Occurrence: Here

Worker Ninja: Complete one A-Rank mission.
Bonus: A Rank Jutsu Scroll
Occurrence: Here


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