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Tea Time Empty Tea Time

Sat Jun 08, 2024 5:07 pm

As the sun began to set, casting a golden hue over the sprawling gardens of the daimyō’s mansion, the air was filled with the delicate scent of blooming cherry blossoms. The prestigious tea ceremony, a tradition deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of our village, was about to commence. This evening was particularly significant, as dignitaries from allied villages were in attendance, an opportunity to strengthen bonds and foster alliances. However, with the potential for discord always present.

The daimyō, known for his hospitality and keen sense of tradition, had spared no effort in preparing for the ceremony. The garden paths were meticulously swept, and lanterns hung from the branches of ancient trees, casting a soft, warm glow. The tea room itself was a masterpiece of simplicity and elegance, a testament to the refined aesthetic that the ceremony demanded.

And so The Child arrived at the mansion, their mission was clear: to discreetly patrol the venue, vigilant for any potential disruptions or threats. The presence of various dignitaries meant that the stakes were high; any incident could estrange relations and tarnish our village’s reputation. This was the first mission that The Child had undertaken of this magnitude. The importance of the task had been drilled into their brain repeatedly when they had been assigned. 'Do not mess this up.' Had been the mantra replaying in their mind for the last week as they had prepared for this day.

They entered the mansion grounds through a side entrance, avoiding the main gate where the guests were arriving. This allowed them to blend into the background, unnoticed by the dignitaries and their entourages. The first task was to become familiar with the layout of the venue. They moved silently through the corridors and gardens, noting potential hiding spots and points of entry that could be exploited by saboteurs.

As the ceremony began, the guests were led into the tea room by the daimyō’s attendants. The atmosphere was serene, with the gentle sound of music playing in the background. The Child took to patrolling the perimeter of the garden. Their senses were heightened, every rustle of leaves and distant footfall scrutinized for signs of danger. The lanterns swayed gently in the breeze, casting flickering shadows that danced across the manicured lawns. The Child noted the positions of the guards stationed discreetly around the perimeter, their presence a subtle reassurance amidst the tranquil setting. They exchanged brief nods with a few, a silent acknowledgment of shared purpose and vigilance.

Inside the tea room, the ceremony was unfolding with all the grace and precision expected of such an occasion. The guests sat in a respectful semicircle, their expressions a mix of curiosity and reverence. The daimyō himself was overseeing the proceedings, his calm demeanour a reflection of his confidence in the evening's success. Yet, The Child knew that even the most carefully planned events could unravel in an instant.

Their patrol took them to the edge of the garden. It was here they stopped for a time. With guards posted at every entrance, and others patrolling the perimeter, it seemed unlikely there would be anyway someone could sneak in. However The Child couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. As The Child stood at the edge of the garden, a subtle unease crept over them, like a whisper of warning in the evening breeze. It hadn't even been half an hour yet, and already the apprehension was getting to them. The importance of the task was getting to them it seemed. Why else would such a vital thing been forgotten by them. Well, apart from the fact that it had been a recent discovery. Finding the situation funny, almost, they shook their head and went to work for real this time.

The veins on their temples bulged visibly, the Byakugan awakening to grant them what they needed.

With the activation of the Byakugan, The Child's vision expanded dramatically. The world transformed into a landscape of intricate detail, every object and individual outlined with a clarity that no ordinary sight could match. They could now see through walls, their perception encompassing the entire mansion and its grounds. This powerful tool, inherited through their bloodline, was a double-edged sword. It bestowed great advantage but also required immense focus, something The Child lacked. They had yet to fully get a handle on it's usage, so had to make use of it sparsely. Already they felt the strain, and had to take a moment to refocus.

The Child’s eyes scanned the vicinity, peering through the walls of the tea room where the ceremony was in progress. They observed the dignitaries, noting their positions and the subtle nuances of their interactions. Each guest’s demeanour was scrutinized, searching for any sign of concealed intent. The guards, positioned strategically around the garden and mansion, appeared alert but calm.

As they continued their vigil, a flicker of movement caught The Child’s attention. It was near the farthest edge of the garden, where the shadows were deepest and the lanterns’ light barely reached. Narrowing their vision, they focused on the source of the disturbance. A small group of figures, cloaked and moving with a practiced stealth, was making their way toward the mansion. Their presence was too deliberate to be mere wanderers. The Child’s heart quickened, the mantra ‘Do not mess this up’ echoing louder in their mind.

When the mission had been assigned The Child had never imagined the possibility that an incident may occur. Looking back on it, it was foolish to ever dismiss the possibility. The Child's thoughts were moving at a hundred miles an hour. What was the best way to deal with this? Alert the guards? Put the place on high alert? No, that would cause the scene that they were trying to avoid. Uncertainty had wrapped it's claws around The Child, refusing to let go and clouding their judgement. A myriad of questions arose, an endless amount of possible scenarios blurring through their mind. Yet one thing stood out, the voice in the back of their mind yelling out through the sea of noise.

They cannot reach the mansion.

The Child's pulse quickened as the figures in the shadows drew nearer. Drawing a deep breath to steady their nerves, The Child activated their Byakugan once more, focusing on the group. They counted three figures, each moving with the precision and silence of seasoned infiltrators. There was no time to lose. They took off, keeping to the shadows to avoid causing any panic by their movements. As The Child closed the distance, they assessed their options. They needed to disrupt the intruders' advance without alerting the guests inside.

With their Byakugan fully engaged, The Child navigated the shadows with a predator's grace, determined to intercept the intruders before they could disrupt the ceremony. They could feel the pulse of their heartbeat in their temples, each thud a reminder of the high stakes.

The infiltrators moved with a confidence that suggested familiarity with their target. They approached a less guarded section of the mansion's perimeter, likely a result of careful reconnaissance. The Child noted their formation: one in the lead, two following close behind, all cloaked in dark attire that blended seamlessly with the encroaching night. In a swift, calculated motion, The Child darted forward, using their enhanced vision to anticipate and navigate around obstacles with ease. They needed to act quickly and decisively. The tension in the air was palpable, the stakes higher than ever as the intruders neared the mansion’s vulnerable spot. The Child had only moments to devise a plan.

As they closed in on the intruders, The Child assessed their surroundings. They noticed a cluster of thick shrubbery nearby, which could serve as temporary cover. With a silent, fluid movement, The Child positioned themselves behind the foliage, keeping a close eye on the approaching figures. They knew they had to confront the infiltrators before they reached the perimeter. Their vision pierced through the darkness, revealing the precise movements and positions of the intruders. The Child’s mind raced through the options: a direct confrontation could cause noise and alert the guests, but stealthy takedowns would be riskier and required precision.

Deciding to combine both tactics, The Child crept closer to the lead infiltrator. Timing their movements with the swaying lanterns and rustling leaves, they waited for the perfect moment. As the leader paused to survey the area, The Child struck. With a swift, silent move, they immobilized the leader with a pressure point technique, rendering them unconscious before they could react. The body crumpled silently to the ground.

The two remaining intruders noticed the sudden absence of their leader and hesitated. This was The Child’s chance. Moving like a shadow, they quickly advanced towards the second infiltrator. A well-placed strike to the neck sent the second figure collapsing to the ground, unconscious.

The third infiltrator, now aware of the danger, drew a weapon and scanned the area nervously. The Child knew they had to act quickly to prevent an alarm. Using their Byakugan, they tracked the intruder’s movements and waited for an opportune moment. With a burst of speed, The Child closed the distance and disarmed the intruder, delivering a precise strike to disable them without causing a disturbance.

The garden fell silent once more, the infiltrators neutralized without a sound. The Child exhaled slowly, feeling the adrenaline still coursing through their veins. They had succeeded in preventing a potential disaster, but there was no time for complacency. The ceremony was still ongoing, and they needed to ensure no other threats were present.

Dragging the unconscious intruders into the thick shrubbery, The Child secured them with makeshift bindings and returned to their patrol. They made a mental note to inform the guards discreetly to remove the intruders later. As they resumed their watchful vigilance, The Child’s Byakugan scanned the perimeter and the interior of the mansion, ensuring that everything remained peaceful.

Inside the tea room, the ceremony continued undisturbed. The daimyō and the dignitaries were unaware of the danger that had just been averted. The Child’s heart began to steady as they reassured themselves that the immediate threat had been neutralized. They continued their patrol, ever watchful, knowing that the evening was not over yet and their mission was far from complete. As the lanterns cast their warm glow over the garden and the delicate scent of cherry blossoms filled the air, The Child remained vigilant, ready to protect the peace and honor of their village. The mantra in their mind, once a source of pressure, now became a source of resolve: ‘Do not mess this up.’ They would not.

Feeling a mixture of relief and vigilance, The Child resumed their patrol. The garden was now eerily quiet, the earlier tension having dissipated with the neutralization of the threats. The Child knew they had to remain alert until the ceremony concluded, but they allowed themselves a brief moment of satisfaction. They had prevented potential chaos and preserved the peace of the evening.

Inside the tea room, the daimyō continued to oversee the ceremony with a calm and serene demeanour. The dignitaries were engaged in the ritual, their focus unwavering. The Child observed from a distance, ensuring that everything remained in order. As the ceremony drew to a close, the guests began to rise, their expressions a blend of reverence and satisfaction. The daimyō, ever the gracious host, exchanged pleasantries with the dignitaries, solidifying the bonds of alliance and friendship. The Child watched as the guests were escorted out of the tea room and back into the mansion grounds.

With the ceremony successfully concluded, The Child allowed themselves a moment of relaxation. With one last report handed over to the head guard they left the vicinity and to return to their newly rented apartment. While a rooftop had previously been the only thing they needed, they had picked up a few sentimental possessions as of late that required more safekeeping. They couldn't after all just lug around a stuffed doll that was nearly their size after all.


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Tea Time Empty Re: Tea Time

Mon Jun 10, 2024 1:12 pm
Saku wrote:2010 wordcount
6000 Ryo
30 AP
20 Speed
1750/1750 Earth Shaker B-Rank
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