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Wed May 29, 2024 9:27 am

If there was one thing that motivated The Child into action it was the promise of food. The brief hibernation that The Child had partaken in came to an end when they were alerted to the fact that a job was going around. The task seemed easy enough, do some stuff at a shop and then get paid. Normally The Child wouldn’t have bothered with such a boring task, however, the clients had specifically mentioned a cooked meal. There was no way The Child could pass up such a prize. Doubly so considering they didn’t remember the last time they had eaten… or done anything for that matter.

When the sun rose The Child was already standing outside the store ready to start the day. They were still unsure of what exactly they would be doing, but they imagined that they could simply improvise and get along just fine. An exchange of pleasantries was had, with The Child simply nodding politely as the elderly owners introduced themselves and all that other details that The Child was definitely not paying attention to.

The shop itself was quaint, filled with the nostalgic scent of old books and the warmth of well-used wooden furniture. It was the kind of place that felt timeless, as if it had always been there and always would be. The owners, a kindly couple, seemed to have been running the shop for decades. Their smiles were warm, their voices soft and welcoming.

They were tasked with sorting through a towering stack of books in the back room, a job that seemed straightforward enough. The Child picked up the first book, squinting their eyes as they gazed at the worn cover with curiosity. They couldn’t help but get a feeling that they had seen it somewhere before. However now was not the time to dwell on such things, there was work to be done.

As the afternoon sun slanted through the shop windows, casting a golden glow over the room, The Child took a moment to stretch and admire their work. The once chaotic pile of books was now neatly arranged, the shelves looking fuller and more inviting.

“Wonderful job, dear,” the elderly woman said as she appeared beside The Child, her eyes twinkling with genuine appreciation. “You’ve been such a great help today.” They had almost forgotten about the promised meal until the woman led them to a small kitchen area in the back of the shop. The smell of a hearty stew filled the air, making The Child's stomach rumble in anticipation.

The meal was enjoyable, the couple passing the time by telling stories that amused The Child while they ate. It was nice, yet the day was coming to an end. The Child gave one final nod before taking their payment and departing from the store. They had done quite little actual work overall, but as long as the clients were satisfied did it really matter? The Child wasn’t about to question it, their stomach was full after all.


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Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
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Random E-Rank Mission Empty Re: Random E-Rank Mission

Wed May 29, 2024 10:24 am
Saku wrote:1000 Ryo
5 AP
500 toward Total Concentration Breathing
5 Speed

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