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D Rank Mission Empty D Rank Mission

Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:20 am
Warming up the Shelters - D rank 

Mission description:
Mission Name: Warming up the Shelters
Rank: D
Type: Delivery
Character Requirements: Genin+
Mission Location: Inside Kumogakure
Word Count Requirements: 2, 000
Repeatable? Not by the same person
NPC? - None needed
Reward: 1, 000 ryo, 3 AP, a cookie from Akihana


After a recent tour of the Kumogakure shelters with Max, Akihana discovered just how underfunded and ill prepared the Kumogakure shelters were for the winter. To that end, she and Max drew up plans to engage the village Genin in helping these shelters out. Your task is to deliver blankets, food and firewood to these establishments. You are to remain respectful and efficient as you go about this task. 

Hurting the physical structure of the shelters or any of it's occupants will result in an immediate failure of the mission and will land you in a disciplinary hearing.
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D Rank Mission Empty Re: D Rank Mission

Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:20 am
Mugen stood listening to the instructions being giving by the higher ranked shinobi. There where lots of other Gennin if not all of them participating in this mission. This would be a good chance for Mugen to get to know the people of Kumo and get some Ryo in his pockets. After the instructions where giving everyone was assigned to work in groups of 4. All groups where given a wagon with blankets, crates of food and fire wood packed inside. They had to deliver to 3 shelters and help give out n distribute the supplies before coming back to refill their Wagon. Mugens group had to deliver to the shelters on the far west side of the village. There where exactly 36 shelters in the west side area of the village. Each wagon had enough supplies for 3 shelters. There where 3 groups assigned to the west side area meaning each group had to deliver to 12 shelters. It was 7 Am and all deliveries had to be made before 8 Pm. Mugens team was given their cart full supplies and instructed the possible routes to take by the Jonnin.

On Mugens team was a girl who stood 4 feet tall with black hair that falls down to her shoulders. She wore her Kumo headband on her upper right arm. She also had on a hooded poncho on that covered from her shoulders down to her waist except her right side letting here right arm hang out freely. She also wore a long sleeve shirt with a vest on top of it. She had on black pants and her weapon pouch wrapped around her right leg. Her name was Suwa.

Another member on Mugens team was a boy around the same height as him. His name was Yuma
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