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Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 28970

Ghostbusters 6 Empty Ghostbusters 6

Wed Jun 26, 2024 12:52 am

Konoha was a strange and wonderous place. One could imagine someone could live their entire lifetime here and not experience everything within the village. A myriad of strange characters, creatures, and buildings, littered the village. It was entirely possible to experience something new every day, and it was hard to grow bored in such an interesting place as a result.

So when The Child was handed over an assignment to go investigate a 'haunted mansion', they were entirely unsurprised by such a request. A ghost? Sure, it was hardly the weirdest thing they'd come across so far. Between mutated rampaging animals and graverobbers, a ghost pretty much fit right in.

Now, was there any truth to the ghost story to begin with? The Child didn't know any better than to question it, but the one who assigned them the mission seemed sceptical of the truth. Ryo was ryo however, and they wouldn't turn down a request that would pay out, especially from someone as wealthy as the new owner. Still, it was a considered a minor priority, which made it a perfect sort of task for The Child to take care of on their own. "Just do what you do." They had been told, with some hint of amusement behind the words no doubt, before they had left.

Which is why The Child now stood at the edge of the village, staring up at the mansion that loomed ominously against the darkening sky. The mansion, once a grand and elegant estate, now appeared run down and shrouded in mystery. Stories of a supernatural being haunting its halls had spread throughout the village, filling the townspeople with fear and curiosity. Some derived it as nothing more than a fake story to try and draw attention to it, others weren't so convinced. Regardless, it was causing enough of stir to warrant the investigation. It was said that the being lurked within the mansion, waiting for the unwary to cross its threshold.

The Child had come fully equipped, they were unsure of how effective their equipment would be against something supernatural, but in case of it being some sort of hoax they would prove useful. That being said, it was still comforting to carry their katana even if it would provide no use for them.

Determined to uncover the truth and eliminate the threat, The Child tightened their grip on their equipment and stepped forward. They had faced many dangers in their young life, but something about this mission seemed unlike the others. The Child had a feeling that this would require something other than just the usual physical prowess they had come to rely on. It would be a tricky mission that would require them to truly see through the mystique.

As they approached the mansion, the wind whispered through the trees, it carried a sense of foreboding, and was entirely unhelpful in putting The Child at ease. The front gate creaked open with a mournful wail as The Child pushed it, the sound echoing through the empty grounds. The garden, once meticulously maintained, was now overgrown with weeds and ivy, adding to the mansion’s eerie ambiance. They wondered how long it had been abandoned, from the looks of it perhaps even longer than The Child had been alive. So why buy it now? A question that would likely never be answered, so The Child pushed it from their mind quickly and hurried through the garden.

The Child paused at the front door, taking a deep breath to steady their nerves. With a determined push, they opened the door and stepped inside. The air was thick with dust and the scent of decay, and the interior was cloaked in shadows. The mansion’s grandeur was still evident in its high ceilings and intricate woodwork, but time and neglect had taken their toll.

One of the reasons The Child had been chosen in particular was their particular set of abilities. They moved fast, and had the ability to track things alarmingly well. The moment they entered their eyes pumped with chakra their Byakugan springing into life and extending their vision throughout it's walls. The Child began to scan the mansion for any signs of the supernatural being. The enhanced vision allowed them to see through walls and detect chakra signatures, but they found nothing unusual at first. The mansion seemed devoid of life, save for the rats scurrying in the corners and the occasional creak of old wood settling.

Their immediate thought was this was an elaborate prank. They half wanted to just leave now and not return, but they likely would get scolded for such an act. With a heavy sigh they continued.

The Child decided to start their investigation on the ground floor, moving cautiously from room to room. Each step echoed in the silence, and every shadow seemed to hide a secret. They found old furniture covered in dust sheets, cobwebs hanging from chandeliers, and paintings whose eyes seemed to follow them as they moved.

In the grand foyer, The Child found a series of portraits depicting the mansion’s previous owners. One portrait, in particular, caught their eye, a stern-looking man with piercing eyes. A plaque beneath the portrait read, “Lord Naoto.” According to the village’s stories, Lord Naoto had been the mansion’s last resident before it fell into disrepair. It was said that he had dabbled in dark arts, seeking to prolong his life through forbidden means.

The Child’s instincts told them that the answers they sought lay in the mansion’s past. They continued their search, moving towards the library, where they hoped to find records or journals that might shed light on Lord Naoto’s activities. The library was a grand room, lined with shelves filled with dusty tomes. The Child scanned the room with their Byakugan and noticed a hidden compartment behind one of the bookshelves.

With careful precision, The Child activated a hidden lever, and the bookshelf swung open to reveal a small, hidden study. Inside, they found a desk cluttered with old papers, books on dark 'magic', and a journal bound in leather. The Child picked up the journal and began to read.

The journal detailed Lord Naoto’s obsession with immortality and his experiments with dark, forbidden, jutsu. He had performed rituals and summoned spirits, all in a desperate bid to escape death. The last entry in the journal was particularly chilling, it spoke of a ritual that had gone wrong, binding his spirit to the mansion and turning him into a malevolent entity.

As The Child read, they felt a chill run down their spine. The supernatural being haunting the mansion was none other than Lord Naoto himself, trapped between life and death, consumed by his own dark ambitions. Determined to free the mansion from his malevolent presence, The Child knew they had to find a way to break the binding ritual and release his spirit.

The Child searched the study for clues, eventually finding a ritual diagram and a list of ingredients needed to break the binding spell. They needed to gather specific items from different parts of the mansion: a piece of Naoto’s personal belongings, a symbol of his power, and a token of his regret.

The first item was relatively easy to find. In Lord Naoto’s former bedroom, The Child discovered an old locket that had belonged to his late wife. The locket, still holding a faded photograph, was a personal item that would serve as the first component of the ritual.

Next, The Child needed to find a symbol of Naoto’s power. Recalling the portrait in the foyer, they remembered the ring on Naoto’s finger. Returning to the foyer, The Child carefully removed the ring from the portrait’s frame. The ring, heavy and adorned with a dark gem, seemed to pulse with an unsettling energy.

The final item, a token of Naoto’s regret, was the most elusive. The Child wandered the mansion, searching for anything that might represent the former lord’s remorse. It was in a small, neglected room that they found it: a letter written by Naoto to his wife, expressing his sorrow for the choices he had made and the pain he had caused. The letter, stained with tears, was a poignant reminder of the man he had once been.

With the three items in hand, The Child returned to the hidden study and began to prepare the ritual. They arranged the items according to the diagram and began to recite the incantation written in Naoto’s journal. As they spoke the ancient words, the air in the room grew colder, and the shadows seemed to deepen.

A sudden gust of wind blew through the study, extinguishing the candles and plunging the room into darkness. The Child’s Byakugan flared, revealing the spectral form of Lord Ravenswood, his eyes filled with rage and sorrow. The spectral form of Lord Naoto seemed to flicker and waver, his presence exuding a palpable sense of anger and regret. The Child, standing firm in the centre of the hidden study, met the ghost’s piercing gaze with determination.

The Child stood silently, holding their ground as the spectral form of Lord Naoto seethed with anger and regret. The air grew colder, and the shadows seemed to dance with an unnatural life. The Child could feel the malevolent energy radiating from Naoto's spirit, but they remained focused on the task at hand.

The ritual items began to glow faintly in the dim light, their power building as the incantation continued. The Child channeled their chakra, pouring their energy into the ritual to strengthen its effect. The locket, the ring, and the letter seemed to pulse with a life of their own, resonating with the incantation's words.

Naoto's ghostly form shifted, his rage momentarily giving way to a look of sorrow. His eyes, once filled with malice, now reflected a deep well of regret. The Child could sense the struggle within him, the battle between his lingering anger and his desire for redemption.

As the incantation reached its climax, the glowing light from the ritual items intensified, casting an ethereal glow throughout the study. The Child maintained their focus, their Byakugan revealing the intricate flow of chakra and energy around them. The spectral form of Naoto began to waver, his essence being drawn into the light.

A powerful gust of wind swept through the room, swirling the dust and debris into a vortex. The Child stood firm, their determination unwavering as they continued to recite the ancient words. The light grew brighter, enveloping Naoto's spirit completely.

With a final, agonized scream, Naoto's spectral form was pulled into the light, dissolving into a cascade of shimmering particles. The oppressive atmosphere lifted, replaced by a sense of peace and tranquillity. The mansion, once shrouded in darkness, now felt lighter, as if a great burden had been lifted.

The Child let out a slow breath, their heart pounding from the intensity of the ritual. They took a moment to steady themselves, feeling a sense of accomplishment. The haunting presence of Lord Naoto was no more, and his spirit had finally been set free.

As the candles flickered back to life, The Child carefully collected the ritual items and placed them back in the hidden compartment. They knew the importance of preserving the remnants of the ritual, should anyone ever need to understand the events that had transpired.

The mansion, now quiet and serene, no longer held the air of foreboding it once had. The Child made their way through the halls, their footsteps echoing softly in the empty space. They took one last look around, ensuring that there were no lingering traces of the malevolent spirit.

Satisfied that the mansion was truly free of its haunting, The Child stepped outside into the early dawn light. The sky was beginning to brighten with the first hints of morning, casting a warm glow over the village. Walking back to the administration building a thought crossed their mind.

How are they going to explain this?



4000 Ryo
20 AP
17 Chakra (to hit max stat)
260+1240=1500/1500 Split Second
760/2750 Perfect Body
Junko Tsukiko
Junko Tsukiko
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Village Leader
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Ghostbusters 6 Empty Re: Ghostbusters 6

Wed Jun 26, 2024 5:43 am
Saku wrote:[spoiler]



4000 Ryo
20 AP
17 Chakra (to hit max stat)
260+1240=1500/1500 Split Second
760/2750 Perfect Body

Ghostbusters 6 JPYXIpT
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