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Taichi Yamamoto
Taichi Yamamoto
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 500

Patrol training Empty Patrol training

Sun Apr 30, 2023 7:33 pm
Mission Name: Patrol Training
Rank: E
Mission Location: Any Major/Minor Village

Challenges: N/A
Task: Village ninja must undergo a basic training exercise on patrolling before being tasked to do so themselves. Complete the exercise and start completing patrolling missions. It's also paid training, so Win-Win.

Word Count Requirement: 500
Reward: 1000 Ryo / 5 AP

Character Requirements: Must be a Village Ninja
Character Exclusive: -

Link to Legacy Mission: -

The morning cool air was creeping through the dark room of the sleeping Kirigakure shinobi. He was an Uchiha, but his family had abandoned the village of Konohagakure to avoid persecution. Doing so they had to change their last name. Taichi groggily rolled out of his bed and had to take stock of his environment. He looked around the room he kept all of his stuff in, he called this place home, but he always wondered what would have happened if he grew up in his homeland. He kept his identity a secret from everyone keeping them at arm’s length. He was careless as a child, and one of his friends almost blew the identity of his family. Taichi was able to convince his friend to keep his secret, and now they’re Genin together. Taichi would ponder for a few moments before walking into the bathroom that was connected to his room and turning on the shower to maximum heat. Taichi let the almost boiling water run over his skin and fall to the floor. He thought about the life he wanted to live, he has a duty to his family’s new village and the people that live in it. It may not be home home, but it was good enough. Taichi swore his fealty to Kirigakure and he knew that he would one day lay down his life to protect it. As he turned off the shower and dried up, he grabbed his outfit which was a black shirt and black cargo pants, and his headband. As he got dressed, he thought about the mission he had been a part of. The day before he had gone to the administration building and was handed a small scroll explaining he would be shadowing a Jounin on patrol around the village. This would serve as training and a way to help protect the village. He knew the Jounin he would be shadowing was named Ichigo Takanoka. Ichigo had earned a reputation for how stoic he is, there’s a story about how he had fought a team of rogue shinobi single-handedly even though he was outnumbered he showed no fear in the face of adversity. Taichi was excited to learn from him and hoped for a chance to hear more stories from his senior. It was a twelve-hour shift and then a quick test to see if Taichi was able to apply the training he’d be receiving.
Taichi leaped out of the door to his house and headed in the direction of where he was to be dispatched from. His destination was the guard tower on the west end of town. He had been by that building multiple times before and finally, he’d be getting the shift brief and quick introduction to the patrol unit for the west end guard tower. When he arrived at the tower it was still dark, the shift was starting at three oh clock in the morning. The dew hadn’t even settled on the grass below Taichi’s feet as he was trampling over it. Taichi had a lot on his mind, he was worried about awakening his Sharingan in front of his peers or his leaders. He knew his family was probably safe and he would be seen as even more of an asset, but he couldn’t get his mother’s warnings out of his head. As he bounded closer to the guard tower, he slowed his pace. No point in showing up out of breath and sweaty if I don’t have to. Taichi would think to himself as he slowed to a walk as he neared the door to the guard tower. As he arrived two shinobi greeted him and welcomed him to his new duty station. He would be starting a lot of missions from this tower and he was okay with that. He entered the tower quickly he couldn’t help the excitement pouring out of him, but he was able to keep his outward appearance aloof and cold. He analyzed the guard tower, there were five rooms on the first floor that looked like offices, and in the middle of the building was a set of spiral stairs and a big room with a couple of blackboards and chalk lined up with names and dates scribbled on the wall. Taichi was pleased to find his name next to Ichigo’s name in the three-oh clock box, but something that almost ruined his day was the fact that there were two other genin’s names next to the newly appointed genin’s name. Of course, I’m going to have to share my tutelage with others. I guess I’ll have to cope. He found himself wandering around the first floor until he acquainted himself with every nook and cranny. He had arrived fifteen minutes early thinking everyone would. He was a little disappointed his mentor wouldn’t arrive until five minutes before it was time to be briefed. He looked busy so Taichi watched as the other genin he’d be shadowing with and a few more teams filed in. Taichi noted the two other genin were about his age, but they didn’t seem like they had any sense.
Taichi and everyone else approached the unit leader when she arrived. “Alright you guys, we have some new Genin here who will be shadowing you. You all know they get one shadow and then they’ll be paired off and will do patrols on their own, so teach them what they need to know. I know we’ve all been through this before, but we need a new group so we can start taking days off.” When she mentioned days off the crowd consisted of veteran patrol personnel and they all cheered. “It appears you all know what’s on the line, train these new recruits and we’ll start days off!” She finished and the shinobi all started calling out for their new genin crew. Taichi was quick to find his squad leader and was already standing there by the time he called for his genin.
“Ah, I see you’re already here, where are my other two?” He said shouting for two more genin in a sea of people. Taichi had already figured out who needed to join the squad so he grabbed the two of them and maneuvered them through the crowd to Ichigo’s side.
“We’re here sir, ready to start patrol,” Taichi said as he gestured to the other two genin that was standing tall looking at him with a curt nod.
“Alright squad, let’s go out on the town and I’ll teach you all that you need to know.” Ichigo said as he headed out of the guard tower with the three genin behind him. Their patrol was on the Western side of Kirigakure next to the shops that would be closed at night. “This is the easiest part to patrol, no one is supposed to be in the shops right now. If they are in the shops they need to be removed. Easy, right?” Ichigo said to the three genin following behind him. “We’ll circle around our area for our twelve-hour shift, and make sure there are no unauthorized people in the shops. You don’t want to subdue the wrong people though, make sure they have identification, but once you’ve done enough shifts you get to know who’s who.” He finished as they rounded a corner and saw someone in one of the shops. Ichigo waved at him and showed the three genin what he meant. “Mr. Taeko comes in early every day to get his shop ready. Our shift ends at three in the afternoon, so we just keep the peace and break up disputes in the area after the shop employees start their day.” Taichi would listen to every word Ichigo was relaying to the squad. He made sure he remembered the face of Mister Taeko so that when it was his turn to patrol, he would be able to just wave and not waste the man’s time.
The three genin and their jonin squad leader patrolled the area which took fifteen minutes to make a lap several times before most of the shop owners and employees were in their shops. The city was coming alive and now the streets were chaotic. People from the village go to pick up the supplies they need, and tourists pick up some trinkets to remember Kirigakure. Taichi was aware of just how busy his village became when the shops started opening up having grown up there. Maneuvering through the crowd was more challenging, but Taichi was observing his surroundings to make sure there was no one disturbing the peace.
During the last bit of the patrol, Taichi and the squad had to stop a mugging. Taichi had noticed two men standing in an alley that seemed a little odd. One of the men seemed like they were pleading with the other. Taichi pointed it out to Ichigo, and the squad quickly headed over to the pair. When the squad rolled up on them the man that was pleading was quick to run away. “Put down the weapon and we’ll take you in gently, resist and we’ll make sure it hurts.” Ichigo said as he pulled out his handcuffs and got them ready to adjust onto the man’s wrists. The man was quick to drop his knife and hold his hands above his head. “That’s my boy. I don’t know why you decided to break the law, but you’ll have your chance in court to be heard.” Ichigo finished as he placed the cuffs on the man and then the squad took him to the jail to be processed. “Alright squad, we just need to return to the guard tower and we’ll debrief and then you can take your test. I think we covered everything today.” Ichigo said as he released the man to the processing shinobi and turned to leave. Taichi looked around at the room which was empty except for a shinobi standing guard at the door that leads into the jail. As he left, he realized that this part was just where people could drop people off and then continue with their day.
As the squad headed back Taichi noticed a few more shinobi starting their day patrolling the area they just finished patrolling, so there were groups that would be able to back up each other. Taichi was hoping he could perform his duty as a shinobi.  He felt like his keen eye and ability to use critical thinking would be an asset to his job as a patrol shinobi. Learning the ropes of patrolling the city with Ichigo was amazing for Taichi, he appreciated the Jonin and his wisdom. They had made their way to the patrol tower and Taichi made a quick observation of the village before he entered. He had a duty to this village and he would put his service of the city over his own self-needs if he needed to.
When the squad arrived inside the guard tower, they were the last to arrive. “Nice of someone to finally show up. We’re ready to go home.” Said a Jonin with a smile on his face, “I’m joking you probably had to help some lady across the street right before coming here.” He said laughing at the idea of the squad helping some lady cross the street. “Okay everyone, now that we’re all here let’s debrief what happened to us on our patrols.” He finished as he pointed out each group and they were to explain what had happened to them on patrol. When it got to Taichi’s squad’s turn Ichigo spoke for them. “It was uneventful until the last bit, we found someone trying to mug someone and apprehended him without an incident.” He said as he looked over in approval at Taichi and then went back to listen to the rest of the squad’s answers. Taichi waited to take the test, he had listened to Ichigo and retained everything. The test was easy peasy.

WC: 2000

Ryo: 1000
AP: 5

Stats 20 chakra

Cat Genjutsu 589-2000= 1411 proof
Time dilation 1411-2500= 1089
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Stat Page :

Mission Record :
Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Legendary Equipment : Raiment of Eternal Fortune
Stone of Gelel
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Village : Hoshigakure
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Patrol training Empty Re: Patrol training

Mon May 01, 2023 5:07 am
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